14:59:32 <tbarron> #startmeeting manila
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14:59:45 <tbarron> Hello all!
14:59:49 <dustins> \o
15:00:03 <ganso> hello
15:00:05 <tbarron> courtesy ping:  gouthamr zhongjun xyang markstur vponomaryov cknight toabctl bswartz ganso
15:00:17 <xyang> hi
15:00:17 <zhongjun> Hi
15:00:34 <bswartz> .o/
15:00:53 <bswartz> tbarron: you started it a minute early!
15:01:14 <xyang> new PTL in charge:)
15:01:23 <tbarron> bswartz: ? it says 10:01:06 on my timestamp
15:01:46 <vkmc> o/
15:01:47 <bswartz> 09:59:32 AM for me
15:02:00 <bswartz> hehe
15:02:01 <tbarron> what's up with ntp these days?
15:02:17 <zhongjun> 22:59 for me:)
15:02:44 <tbarron> I guess I better run ntpdate manually and see time go backwards
15:02:59 * bswartz plans to buy tbarron a cesium clock
15:03:11 <tbarron> bswartz: just jump in if I start going into the weeds here, but
15:03:15 <tbarron> #announcements
15:03:24 <bswartz> #topic announcements
15:03:30 <tbarron> ty
15:03:36 <tbarron> There will be no meeting on 1 Mar, 2018 due to PTG
15:03:55 <tbarron> we tagged rc2 and rc3
15:04:05 <bswartz> (you have to type the commands for the meetbot to recognize them)
15:04:20 <tbarron> rc2 for a db migration issue with mariadb >= 10.2.8
15:04:26 <tbarron> which SUSE uses
15:04:41 <bswartz> Unless you give someone else powers with the #chair command
15:04:41 <toabctl> hi
15:05:01 <tbarron> rc3 for a security issue wherein the rabbitmq password was exposed in manila-scheduler debug logs
15:05:09 <tbarron> thanks to dustins for that fix
15:05:33 <tbarron> any remarks/questions about the rc tagging?
15:05:44 <amito> (hi)
15:06:30 <tbarron> I'll send an email out later today or tomorrow w.r.t. our first PTG item: a "retrospective"
15:06:32 <bswartz> Just that 3 RCs is unusual for us, and hopefully RC3 is the last one because the release team says they won't allow any more after today
15:07:03 <dustins> tbarron: always happy to help :D
15:07:15 <tbarron> bswartz: ack, and if the last one wasn't a security issue with a risk-free (crosses fingers) fix we wouldn't have done it
15:07:16 <bswartz> I think the issues fixed in the RCs were definitely worth fixing though
15:07:57 <tbarron> W.r.t. the "retrospective" you may have seen some other projects doing this.  It's an etherpad that can be filled out
15:08:21 <tbarron> in advance with items in "Good", "Bad", etc. columns
15:08:47 <tbarron> We'll discuss them at the PTG and can come back to them afterwards as needed too.
15:09:02 <tbarron> Please enter stuff even if you aren't physically attending.
15:09:46 <tbarron> Since the discussion will be quite early for folks staying in the US, we'll take note and return to some stuff later as appropriate.
15:10:07 <tbarron> bswartz: any more on Announcements?
15:10:41 <bswartz> don't think so, we can cover more PTG stuff in the next topic
15:10:49 <tbarron> #agenda https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Manila/Meetings#Next_meeting
15:11:17 <tbarron> #topic Let's Go Over New Bugs (dustins)
15:11:23 <bswartz> gah
15:11:34 <bswartz> you skipped the first topic
15:11:55 <tbarron> I didn't refresh I guess :)
15:12:08 <tbarron> #topic Rocky PTG
15:12:09 <bswartz> you can type #undo
15:12:12 <bswartz> or that
15:12:19 <bswartz> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/manila-rocky-ptg
15:12:24 <tbarron> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/manila-rocky-ptg
15:12:39 <tbarron> jinx
15:12:43 <bswartz> The team dinner is planned for Tuesday
15:13:12 <bswartz> For those that don't know yet, Manila will have sessions on Tuesday and Friday
15:13:18 <bswartz> There is a tentative schedule posted on the etherpad
15:13:49 <bswartz> The goal was to put topics that remote attendees in the US will be interested in in the afternoons
15:14:25 <bswartz> It looks like we have time for more topics, so feel free to propose more in that area of the etherpad
15:14:35 <tbarron> I see ganso has added some new topics that we'll need to put on the schedule
15:14:46 <tbarron> ganso++
15:15:10 <ganso> tbarron: =)
15:15:11 <tbarron> Some folks pinged me expressing interest in a team photo
15:15:24 <tbarron> So I scheduled that with diablorojo
15:15:31 <amito> +1
15:15:42 <tbarron> We'll do it at afternoon break time on Tuesday afternoon.
15:16:34 <zhongjun> lol
15:16:45 <tbarron> We still need to figure where and exactly when we'll meet for dinner Tuesday night.
15:17:18 <bswartz> O
15:17:20 <ganso> tbarron: +1
15:17:28 <tbarron> Anything else on the PTG?
15:17:29 <bswartz> I'm sure we can use Sunday/Monday to plan that out
15:17:32 <ganso> tbarron: it is better to decide this before hand
15:17:50 <tbarron> ganso: did you just volunteer?  Thanks!
15:18:05 <ganso> lol
15:18:22 <tbarron> So watch your email ...
15:18:43 <tbarron> If anyone knows Dublin well and has ideas then help us out.
15:18:44 <ganso> I like looking places to eat/drink out =)
15:19:07 <amito> I can check on yelp or some equivalent
15:19:10 <bswartz> I've never been to Ireland
15:19:10 <tbarron> Wherever we are will be a good looking place.
15:19:29 <amito> There's the Temple Bar area
15:19:51 <amito> But I think we should look for some place close, it's gonna be freezing
15:20:26 <tbarron> amito: I will agree to keeping it close an convenient.
15:20:50 <amito> I'll be there Sunday, I'll try to look around
15:20:50 <tbarron> So let's continue with suggestions, etc. out of band to this meeting.
15:20:58 * ganso will have to buy new clothes tonight to face freezing temperatures
15:21:00 <tbarron> Anything else w.r.t. PTG?
15:21:23 <bswartz> Actually the weather forecast for Dublin is slightly above freezing
15:21:50 <tbarron> #topic New Bugs (dustins)
15:21:53 <ganso> bswartz: it is still the coldest I have ever seen personally
15:22:05 <tbarron> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/manila-bug-triage-pad
15:22:08 <amito> 0-10 c
15:22:36 <bswartz> more like +2C to +5C
15:22:36 <tbarron> dustins: looks like we didn't have any new bugs?
15:22:42 <dustins> good news, there are actually no new bugs that aren't complete or in progress
15:22:56 <dustins> tbarron: Indeed, there was that rabbitmq one but that's been taken care of
15:23:03 <bswartz> dustins: huzzah!
15:23:12 <tbarron> dustins: nice
15:23:16 <bswartz> dustins: thanks for jumping on that one btw
15:23:30 <tbarron> any old bugs we should talk about?
15:23:38 <dustins> bswartz: It was infinitely more fun than punching in test cases ;)
15:24:20 <dustins> tbarron: I don't have anything off hand, but I can go digging if need be
15:24:33 <tbarron> dustins: I think we're good then.
15:24:45 <tbarron> #topic Open Discussion
15:25:25 <bswartz> I'm looking forward to seeing you all (or more of you) in Dublin next week
15:25:46 <tbarron> Happy New Year zhongjun!
15:25:51 <zhongjun> see you soon
15:26:08 <zhongjun> Thank you
15:26:33 <tbarron> OK, looks like we can have a short meeting today.  Please look over the PTG topics and respond to the email
15:26:47 <tbarron> I'll send about retrospective etherpad.
15:26:52 <tbarron> Rather, fill out the etherpad
15:27:02 <tbarron> Anything else today?
15:27:15 <dustins> Safe travels, everyone!
15:27:18 <bswartz> not from me
15:27:32 <tbarron> #endmeeting