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15:00:48 <erlon_> hey
15:00:49 <markstur> hi
15:00:50 <bswartz> .o/
15:00:51 <tbarron> manila courtesy ping:  gouthamr zhongjun xyang markstur toabctl bswartz ganso
15:00:58 <vgreen> here
15:01:01 <tpsilva> hey
15:01:06 <scorcoran_mtg> o/
15:01:06 <zhongjun_> hi
15:01:08 <ganso> hello
15:01:13 <xyang> hi
15:01:23 <erlon_> tbarron, where do you get the courtesy  ping list from?
15:01:49 <tbarron> erlon_: just manila cores at the moment but I'll set up soemthing like in cinder where anyone can add ....
15:01:53 <tbarron> Hi all
15:01:57 * bswartz guesses tbarron uses a text file on his laptop
15:01:59 <erlon_> ok
15:02:01 <erlon_> nice
15:02:05 <dustins> \o
15:02:41 <tbarron> This is our first meeting in three weeks given Summit and recovery from same.
15:02:48 <tbarron> So good to "see" everyone here.
15:02:58 <bswartz> :-D
15:02:59 <tbarron> Today's agenda:
15:03:07 <gouthamr> o/
15:03:22 <tbarron> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/w/index.php?title=Manila/Meetings&section=2
15:03:31 <tbarron> #topic announcements
15:03:42 <tbarron> We have hit the Rocky-2 milestone
15:04:01 <tbarron> #link https://releases.openstack.org/rocky/schedule.html
15:04:18 <tbarron> manila is a cycle-with-milestones OpenStack project
15:04:29 <vkmc> o/
15:04:42 <tbarron> #link https://releases.openstack.org/reference/release_models.html#cycle-with-milestones
15:05:02 * tbarron pretends not to see vkmc and gouthamr sneaking in
15:05:30 <tbarron> so I will be posting patches today for the corresponding b2 release
15:05:34 * vgreen gives vkmc and gouthamr hall-way passes
15:05:40 * gouthamr what, i'm awake.. i'm awake
15:05:58 <tbarron> and doing admin work to retarget bugs, blueprints, etc from milesone 2
15:06:20 <tbarron> For manila this week was the new driver submission deadline
15:06:43 <tbarron> #link https://releases.openstack.org/rocky/schedule.html#r-manila-driver-deadline
15:07:04 <tbarron> New drivers had to be substantially complete, with unit tests, and
15:07:11 <tbarron> passing 3rd party CI.
15:07:28 <bswartz> Did anyone miss the deadline?
15:07:37 <tbarron> We had Inspur and Pure drivers under consideration.
15:07:46 <tbarron> Inspur is in good shape.
15:08:08 <tbarron> Pure is going to resubmit in Stein.
15:08:35 <tbarron> I talked with some of the Pure folks at Summit and this isn't a surprise.
15:09:06 <tbarron> oh I guess were were on to
15:09:12 <tbarron> #topic New Drivers
15:09:14 <tbarron> :)
15:09:38 <tbarron> for the record: Inspur made the deadline and Pure will resubmit for Stein.
15:09:57 <bswartz> Is the Pure driver in good shape?
15:10:06 <bswartz> Was it just the CI system that holds it back?
15:10:18 <tbarron> simondodsley has noted in the review that the Pure driver will be available out of tree in the mean time
15:10:49 <tbarron> bswartz: we hadn't had any response to outstanding review comments for six weeks
15:11:03 <tbarron> until today, after I applied the -2 for this release
15:11:34 <tbarron> Anything else on this subject?
15:11:57 <tbarron> #topic Feature Spec work
15:12:27 <tbarron> New feature work must be merged by Feature Freeze at milestone 3
15:12:30 <tbarron> July 26
15:12:48 <tbarron> #link https://releases.openstack.org/rocky/schedule.html#r-3
15:13:14 <tbarron> We have the following reviews implementing specs that we approved for Rocky.
15:13:27 <tbarron> Add priority for access rules.
15:13:43 <tbarron> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/572283/
15:13:59 <tbarron> Thanks for your work on this Jun and thanks to Amit for reviewing.
15:14:03 <tbarron> We need more eyes.
15:14:14 <zhongjun_> Thanks for listing that
15:14:18 <tbarron> JSON schema validation
15:14:50 <tbarron> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/563429/
15:15:03 <tbarron> looks pretty good to me but needs review attention
15:15:16 <tbarron> metadata for access rules
15:15:36 <tbarron> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/570708/
15:16:01 <tbarron> thanks for working on this one too Jun; we need review attention to it
15:16:15 <tbarron> These are all passing CI.
15:16:37 <tbarron> Lets review and get them merged!
15:16:41 <zhongjun_> and  this:  link: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/571366/
15:17:23 <tbarron> zhongjun_: ah yes, thanks, there's a corresponding client side patch for the access-rule metadata work
15:17:52 <tbarron> zhongjun_: I just rechecked that one :)
15:18:02 <tbarron> Anything else on this topic?
15:18:17 <zhongjun_> tbarron: yeah, The function test fail because of the part of the service code doesn't merge
15:19:00 <tbarron> zhongjun_: do you mean that the client side patch has a dependency?
15:19:43 <tbarron> if so, can we express it with a Depends-on tag and get gerrit to test with it?
15:19:45 <zhongjun_> dependency on  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/570708/
15:20:07 <zhongjun_> tbarron:  oh ,  yes , it should be
15:20:30 <tbarron> zhongjun_: ok, cool, I assume you will update the tag then
15:20:40 <tbarron> moving along ...
15:20:54 <tbarron> #topic Summit roundup
15:21:12 <tbarron> Manila-related summit sessions:
15:21:37 <tbarron> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/vancouver-2018/summit-schedule/global-search?t=manila
15:21:40 <tbarron> check them out
15:22:09 <tbarron> Do any who attended Summit want to share remarks?
15:22:46 <tbarron> crickets
15:23:00 <bswartz> I wanted to point out an email thread that came out of the forum
15:23:03 <tpsilva> just want to say that it was cool to finally meet some of you :D
15:23:07 <bswartz> Which resonated with me
15:23:15 <tbarron> tpsilva: yes!
15:23:19 <bswartz> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2018-May/130802.html
15:23:38 <tbarron> bswartz: +1000
15:23:39 <bswartz> The thread got very long
15:24:27 <bswartz> I recommend reading it, so I won't offer the cliff notes version of it
15:25:10 <tbarron> But yes, please read it and let's make sure manila is a leader in evolving our culture along the lines that the community as a whole has decided to go.
15:25:27 <tbarron> I'm doing a lot more non-voting reviews now.
15:25:45 <tbarron> Making suggestions, wording changes, etc. w/o voting -1.
15:26:03 <tbarron> and still voting -1 when I think it's the right thing to do :)
15:26:04 <erlon_> tbarron, +1
15:26:19 <tbarron> Thanks for bringing this up bswartz
15:26:53 <ganso> I had observed in the past that sometimes people don't the review updates see if you don't vote anything
15:27:09 <ganso> so I had the habit of -1 just because I'm waiting for an answer
15:27:28 <tbarron> ganso: that may have been an issue but I think we can shift that behavior as well..
15:27:30 <tpsilva> don't see the review updates**
15:27:33 <tpsilva> just kidding :P
15:27:49 <ganso> lol
15:27:55 <tbarron> in the end patch submitters need positive votes to merge
15:28:10 <bswartz> One of the suggestions in the ML thread was that reviewers can simply push their own patchsets if they have a bunch of uncontroversial small nitpicks
15:28:11 <tbarron> but not every suggestion or nit requires a -1
15:28:26 <bswartz> It's more efficient for everyone
15:28:41 <tpsilva> and if it's such a minor suggestion, the patch can be merged without it being fixed
15:28:53 <tpsilva> no big deal if an English typo is merged
15:28:54 <ganso> bswartz: I'd personnaly prefer that but some people think that's rude
15:28:55 <bswartz> The only risk is colliding with other changes the submitter is working on
15:29:09 <bswartz> ganso: that's exactly the part of the culture *I'd* like to change
15:29:16 <tbarron> The idea is that we ask: is this patch making manila better rather than insisting on perfection
15:30:21 <tbarron> Let's take this one up again next week or the next after everyoone has had a chance to read the thread.
15:30:58 <tbarron> I'll mention that Vicky and I attended the China Mobile presentation on
15:31:06 <tbarron> glusterfs in public cloud
15:31:11 <tbarron> Very impressive.
15:31:34 <tbarron> But (as I noted publicly) it's a private fork of upstream manila.
15:31:41 <ganso> tbarron: I watched that, I hope they contribute and interact with us so we can make manila better
15:31:56 <tbarron> We talked with the presenters afterwards informally as well and
15:32:10 <tbarron> there's a lot of good will and individual interest in
15:32:17 <tbarron> contributing the work back to manila.
15:32:21 <tbarron> So we'll see.
15:32:24 <ganso> tbarron: and also help them improve as well, not only us
15:32:34 <tbarron> ganso: yes
15:32:52 <tbarron> so if you see reviews from these guys let's help shepherd them
15:32:58 <ganso> =)
15:32:59 <tbarron> through the process
15:33:21 <tbarron> This is somewhat related to the thread bswartz pointe to because
15:33:42 <tbarron> you'll see there anecdotes of potential contributors giving up because of
15:33:54 <tbarron> perceived negative feedback about nitpicks.
15:34:22 <tbarron> We of course need to maintain quality, no one is saying that we retrench on that front.
15:34:48 <tbarron> But that may mean that reviewers take an active role in helping fix up patches where
15:35:01 <tbarron> there is basically a good idea being proposed.
15:35:25 <tbarron> Thiago, Erlon, and Dustin did a nice job on their IPv6 preso
15:35:35 <tbarron> which was well attended and well received.
15:36:00 <erlon_> tbarron, Thanks
15:36:17 <tbarron> In the above link of manila-related presos there is a cool one from CERN that gives manila lots of credit.
15:36:46 <bswartz> I'm thrilled about the progress on IPv6 support -- it's a personal crusade of mine
15:36:57 <bswartz> I with other projects considered IPv6 as important
15:37:03 <tbarron> Patrick Donnelly presented our work and plans w.r.t. multi-tenancy, oerformance and scale our of CephNFS back end.
15:37:04 <bswartz> s/with/wish/
15:37:26 <tbarron> bswartz: thanks to you and Jun for driving the IPv6 foundationbal stuff in manila
15:37:54 <tbarron> In John Griffith's standalonne cinder session manila came up as well.
15:38:15 <tbarron> It was observed that manila can stand alone wherever cinder can and
15:38:31 <tbarron> is actually free-er to handle non traditionoal consumers
15:38:45 <tbarron> (consumers other than nova instances) since it serves up
15:38:57 <tbarron> storage over network rather than through hypervisor.
15:39:15 <tbarron> We did the usual project update and onboarding sessions.
15:39:55 <tbarron> Thanks to vkmc and dustins for the onboarding and to ganso and gouthamr an vkmc for previous summit sessions/slides that we could crib from
15:40:24 <tbarron> Our forum session turned out to be attended mostly by
15:40:38 <erlon_> worth to note too that the CFP for presentations to Stein is already open, and closes in the end of the month
15:40:49 <tbarron> HPC/scientific folks, on the one hand, and product managers, on the other
15:41:01 <tbarron> erlon_: yes, though they are considering extending that deadline
15:41:14 <tbarron> and forum sessions will be settled later
15:41:37 <erlon_> good, I though it was too early given the summit date
15:41:39 <tbarron> We ran overtime in the forum session, or rather had to quit before
15:41:53 <tbarron> finishing everything on the etherpad, mostly because I
15:42:02 <tbarron> (and I hope others) wanted to hear more about
15:42:31 <tbarron> how Minnesota SuperComputing Center, Square Kilometer Arrray, and Cern
15:42:43 <tbarron> are or are planning to use manila
15:43:25 <tbarron> We agreed to bring some of the etherpad and off-etherpad feature requests into future sessions of this meeting.
15:44:01 <tbarron> Some related HPC presentations where manila was discussed:
15:44:26 <tbarron> https://www.openstack.org/videos/vancouver-2018/containers-on-baremetal-and-preemptible-vms-at-cern-and-ska
15:44:48 <tbarron> #link https://www.openstack.org/videos/vancouver-2018/lessons-learned-in-deploying-openstack-for-hpc-users
15:45:05 <tbarron> #link https://www.openstack.org/videos/vancouver-2018/ceph-and-the-cern-hpc-infrastructure
15:45:32 <tbarron> Anything else on Summit?
15:45:49 <tbarron> #topic bugs
15:45:58 <tbarron> dustin do you have anything for us today?
15:46:36 * tbarron thinks dustin has been plenty busy on other fronts downstream
15:46:59 <gouthamr> hey tbarron: thanks for doing the great/painstaking job for summarizing this for those of us who didn't attend in person :)
15:47:22 <bswartz> gouthamr: +1
15:47:32 <zhongjun_> tbarron: Thank you so much
15:47:32 <markstur> ++
15:47:43 <tbarron> np, i was worried I might be boring folks ....
15:47:50 * dustins peaks head in
15:48:06 <dustins> I've been heads down in downstream stuff, so I haven't looked at bugs :(
15:48:13 <bswartz> dustins: it's bug time, if you have any
15:48:33 <dustins> And I'm out the next two weeks on PTO, so y'all are on your own for bug scrubs :D
15:48:38 <tbarron> ok, we can skip this one for today
15:48:54 <tbarron> dustin will be with dennis rodman next week I hear
15:48:57 <bswartz> Do we need to worry about summer vacation affecting the release?
15:48:58 * tbarron jokes
15:49:15 <bswartz> LOL
15:49:38 <tbarron> bswartz: if you are on summer vaction then you won't worry and if not you just get the release done
15:49:53 <tbarron> #topic Open Discussion
15:49:56 * bswartz hunts down release schedule
15:50:34 <bswartz> Okay feature freeze is towards the end of July and RC1 early august
15:50:40 <tbarron> #link https://releases.openstack.org/rocky/schedule.html
15:50:42 <bswartz> Not terrible from a vacation perspective
15:51:07 <tbarron> everyone in europe will be on vacation in August I think
15:51:14 <bswartz> There was one year when the summer feature freeze hit right in the middle of the European vacation season
15:51:50 <bswartz> It looks like this time August will be mostly quiet time leading up to the release
15:53:25 <tbarron> One thing I'll mention was that python3 readiness may well be a Stein or T cross-project goal.
15:53:34 <tbarron> So it's good that we are working on it.
15:54:00 <tbarron> Also there was talk of openstack-client integration as a cross-project goal.
15:54:30 <tbarron> Not settled but it is an area (and the SDK in general, and ansible integration) where we in manila
15:54:34 <tbarron> are behind.
15:55:15 <tbarron> And the general tenor of this Summit was less *OpenStack* per se than
15:55:24 <tbarron> Open Infrastructure (stack or not)
15:55:45 <tbarron> so we really need to get our SDK story in order.
15:55:54 <tbarron> Comments?  Grenades?
15:56:06 * bswartz throws a grenade
15:56:22 * tbarron wonders where he aimed it?
15:56:53 <bswartz> I just like grenades
15:57:01 <tbarron> OK, it looks like we're done for this week :)
15:57:05 <gouthamr> and he has TSA-pre!
15:57:06 <bswartz> thanks
15:57:14 <tbarron> Thanks everyone!!
15:57:27 <tbarron> #endmeeting