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15:00:23 <bswartz> .o/
15:00:38 <gouthamr> o/
15:00:40 <erlon_> hey
15:00:41 <ganso> hello
15:00:52 <zhongjun_> hello
15:00:53 <tbarron> manila courtesy ping:  gouthamr zhongjun xyang markstur toabctl bswartz ganso erlon tpsilva vkmc vgreen
15:01:16 <xyang> hi
15:01:21 <tbarron> Hi all!
15:01:59 <tbarron> #info agenda here: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Manila/Meetings#Weekly_Manila_team_meeting
15:02:17 <vgreen> hello
15:02:29 <tbarron> At erlon's prompting I put the courtesy ping list
15:02:36 <tbarron> at the top of the meeting wiki
15:02:45 <erlon_> tbarron, thanks1!
15:02:56 <tbarron> Please add (or remove) yourself as you deem fit.
15:03:11 <tbarron> #topic announcements
15:03:30 <tbarron> last week was milestone 2 so we cut an M2 relase for manila
15:03:48 <tbarron> and updated corresponding releases for python-manilaclient and manila-ui
15:04:12 <tbarron> MileStone 3 is July 26
15:04:28 <tbarron> Anyone have any other announcements?
15:04:59 <tbarron> #topic feature spec work
15:05:14 <tbarron> This should be our first priority for reviews now!
15:05:27 <tbarron> But we don't have much action atm.
15:05:50 <tbarron> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/572283/
15:06:17 <tbarron> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/563429/
15:06:54 <tbarron> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/570708
15:07:11 <tbarron> ok, enough scolding :)
15:07:35 <tbarron> #topic China Bug Smash
15:08:03 <tbarron> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OpenSource-Hackathon-8-beijing
15:08:13 <bswartz> These 3 changes are not too huge
15:08:21 <tbarron> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OpenSource-Hackathon-Rocky-Beijing-Bugs-List
15:08:35 <tbarron> bswartz: agree, let's all spend some time on them soon
15:08:48 <tbarron> gouthamr: you had this topic
15:09:36 * tbarron passes gouthamr coffee
15:10:13 <tbarron> it's quite early in Seattle, but please take a look at the links above and
15:10:16 <gouthamr> hello.. this would probably need zhongjun's intro more than mine, but i can give it a shot
15:10:57 <gouthamr> there's a bugsmash in China soon, and we should be looking to target bugs that attendees can smash for us
15:11:13 <bswartz> zhongjun needs coffee more than gouthamr does
15:11:17 <tbarron> gouthamr: quite right, you added the topic, and zhongjun_ please step in as appropriate
15:11:22 <zhongjun_> :D
15:11:41 <zhongjun_> I will attend remote bug smash
15:11:42 <gouthamr> as you're aware, last year's Wuhan bugsmash did bring in quite a few new contributors to manila (thanks zhongjun_)
15:11:57 <tbarron> gouthamr: so we can add our favorite bugs to the list posted above?
15:11:59 <zhongjun_> Hope we could targe more bugs in bugsmash
15:12:32 <gouthamr> #LINK: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OpenSource-Hackathon-Rocky-Beijing-Bugs-List
15:13:09 <tbarron> and when is the bug smash exactly?
15:13:19 * amito sneaks in
15:13:20 <gouthamr> our bug-liaison is away on some important business
15:13:51 <tbarron> hey amito!
15:14:06 <gouthamr> so the rest of us slackers should do the hard work of identifying actionable bugs
15:14:14 * gouthamr grr disconnects
15:14:29 <amito> hey tbarron
15:14:42 <zhongjun_> 19  June  ~ 20 June
15:14:55 <tbarron> zhongjun_: thanks, I see it in the first link now :D
15:15:20 <tbarron> so we should populate that list by the end of this week
15:15:49 <tbarron> so that people attending the bug smash can look in advance and
15:16:18 <tbarron> so that we don't have to figure out exactly when next Tuesday and Wednesday are Beijing-timezone
15:16:37 <tbarron> I will add my favorites and encourage others to do so as well.
15:16:59 <tbarron> zhongjun_: thank you for making the wuhan smash such a success!
15:17:11 <gouthamr> zhongjun_++
15:17:20 <zhongjun_> tbarron: It's my pleasure
15:17:36 <gouthamr> tbarron zhongjun_: were 99cloud the guys with the out-of-tree GlusterFS driver?
15:17:56 <tbarron> China Mobile
15:18:16 <tbarron> not sure what domain reviews show up under though
15:18:26 <tbarron> zhongjun_: ?
15:19:41 <tbarron> Well we can take that one offline to this meeting.
15:19:52 <tbarron> Anything thing else on the upcoming bug smash?
15:20:05 <zhongjun_> Maybe they just use it
15:20:25 <tbarron> yeah
15:20:27 <tbarron> OK
15:20:38 <tbarron> #topic Change Review guide
15:20:48 <tbarron> gouthamr you added this one :)
15:21:05 <tbarron> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/574888
15:21:13 <gouthamr> thanks tbarron.. i did, just as an FYI to all of us
15:21:55 <tbarron> It's a followup on the "culture shift" aspect that we touched on in the Summit recap last week
15:22:08 <gouthamr> that addendum to the project team guide is an interesting/educating read
15:22:37 <gouthamr> to newcomers and openstack veterans alike, imo :)
15:24:01 <tbarron> yeah, if your management wants you to get great stackalytics review stats with a big -1 count refer them to this review :D
15:24:37 <gouthamr> bswartz sharpens his sword
15:24:58 <tbarron> Nothing here is about relaxation of standards, it's about *how* we keep quality in the product and encourage participation at the same time
15:25:31 <erlon_> tbarron, +1
15:25:40 <bswartz> If your management cares about stackalytics it's time to get new management
15:25:41 <tbarron> I was impressed by the author's reasoning and appeal to actual experience working in OpenStack
15:25:54 <bswartz> Just sayin
15:25:57 <gouthamr> :D
15:25:58 <tbarron> :D
15:26:00 <erlon_> haha
15:26:17 <zhongjun_> lol
15:26:35 <tbarron> Please read it over if you are reviewing, and everyone here should be reviewing :D
15:26:57 <tbarron> We can talk about aspects of it on #openstack-manila, honest discussion.
15:27:09 <tbarron> You don't have to agree with every point to participate :D
15:27:54 <tbarron> Anything else on this topic?
15:28:34 <tbarron> #topic storyboard again
15:29:00 <tbarron> Some time ago diablorojo came to our meeting and gave us the pitch for storyboard.
15:29:13 <tbarron> She did a test migration launchpad to storyboard.
15:29:34 <tbarron> At the time there were a number of rough edges that we noted and that were noted by, e.g.
15:29:40 <tbarron> the cinder community.
15:30:14 <tbarron> They have made some progress and there has been a useful discussion of storyboard vs launchpad on the openstack-dev list
15:30:43 <tbarron> One thing that became clearer to me is that storyboard is a lower level tool than launchpad.
15:30:54 <tbarron> It is less prescriptive, structured.
15:31:14 <tbarron> That is a virtue for people who want to do stuff that launchpad won't let them do but
15:31:38 <tbarron> it means that we would need to build our own "worklists", "boards", tag conventions, etc. and
15:32:01 <tbarron> post these publicly to have some canned procedures, as it were, that
15:32:05 <bswartz> How much help is infra offering on those activities?
15:32:12 <tbarron> would give us the same capabilities as launchpad.
15:32:33 <tbarron> infra is pretty busy and believes each project should figure out what it wants and do it
15:32:37 <tbarron> SO
15:32:37 <bswartz> Is there good documentation/samples on how to do these things w/ storyboard?
15:33:13 <tbarron> diablo_rojo is going to make a manila storyboard sandbox with our existing launchpad bugs migrated
15:34:01 <tbarron> I will see if I can make some "worklists" and "boards" that give us basic bugs targeted at milestone and blueprints targeted at milestone capability
15:34:23 <tbarron> and some templates for making "stories" that are bugs or that are blueprints
15:34:33 <tbarron> Others are welcome to join.
15:34:47 <tbarron> What other basic launchpad capability do we not want to lose?
15:35:34 <tbarron> bswartz: I think we can look at the way infra team and release team are using storyboard today and may get some good samples that way
15:36:38 <tbarron> I'd like eventually to make Boards (like Trello boards for those familiar with that tool) that
15:37:03 <tbarron> gather inputs automatically (storboard integrates well with gerrit)
15:37:35 <tbarron> that will give us dashboards that can replace many of the ad-hoc etherpads we use for tracking e.g.
15:37:51 <tbarron> specs for M1 deadline
15:37:59 <tbarron> feature work for M3
15:38:09 <tbarron> drivers for M2 submission cutoff
15:38:35 <tbarron> Let's talk about bugs! for our meeting
15:38:53 <gouthamr> i think it'll be a long drawn issue reorienting our users to report bugs on Storyboard
15:39:16 <gouthamr> i.e, create stories
15:39:26 <tbarron> Well there will be a redirect on the launchpad page to storyboard but
15:39:42 <tbarron> I'd like it to point to a bug report template
15:40:21 <gouthamr> tbarron: yes, and i don't see an option to upload logs
15:41:16 <tbarron> gouthamr: so we'll need that, or a way to link to some other upload log solution
15:41:27 <bswartz> There's just not a lot of good selling points for making this switch
15:41:35 <gouthamr> which may be a bummer ... but we might discover other issues with the sandbox
15:42:03 <bswartz> I'm in favor of continuing to send feedback about making storyboard better, with an eye to using it someday
15:42:05 <tbarron> bswartz: the main selling point for me will be if we can do stuff we want to do that we can't do with launchpad but
15:42:34 <tbarron> before getting there we have to show that we aren't missing anything essential that we can do with launchpad
15:42:49 <bswartz> But if it's an obvious step backwards, why would we choose to do it this cycle?
15:43:08 <tbarron> I didn't say this cycle.  I said let's get a sandbox.
15:43:26 <tbarron> And see if it's an obvious step back or not.
15:43:38 <bswartz> Okay I thought the sandbox was step 1 to actually migrating
15:43:45 <tbarron> It's not obvious to me that it's a step backwards if we can build the stuff we need.
15:43:50 <bswartz> I'm +1 on evaulating and offering feedback
15:44:03 * bswartz fails at spelling
15:44:18 <tbarron> +1 on evolvulating
15:44:57 <tbarron> Anyone have any other concerns with the sandbox and evaluating?
15:46:00 <tbarron> OK, once we get the sandbox going we can have something concrete to point to next time we put this topic on the agenda.
15:46:08 <gouthamr> +1
15:46:10 <tbarron> #topic Bugs
15:46:56 <tbarron> It looks like a nice wizard updated the etherpad while our bug czar is out
15:47:07 <tbarron> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/manila-bug-triage-pad
15:47:19 <vgreen> three of those bugs are still new and usassigned
15:47:36 * tbarron thinks vgreen is the wizard
15:47:41 <tbarron> vgreen take it away
15:47:46 * vgreen things otherwise
15:48:15 <vgreen> umm...
15:48:18 <vgreen> https://bugs.launchpad.net/manila/+bug/1699856
15:48:19 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1699856 in Manila "Tempest tests missing adding Security service to share-network" [Undecided,New]
15:48:41 <bswartz> "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger." --Tolkien
15:48:56 <tbarron> :D
15:49:33 <gouthamr> i vaguely recall 1699856
15:49:36 <bswartz> This is kind of a test RFE
15:49:52 <tbarron> so 1699856 has been around a year now
15:49:53 <bswartz> I suspect the test works as written in some cases but not others
15:49:54 <gouthamr> i think the issue here is we're not testing security services with DHSS=True in the right way
15:50:04 <bswartz> gouthamr: +1
15:50:22 <bswartz> The security service may be optional for the generic driver, but it shouldn't be
15:50:24 <vgreen> gouthamr, qe doesn't usually set our tests to true
15:50:46 <gouthamr> we can't really do this in the gate yet, because none of the open source drivers support security services
15:50:48 <ganso> bswartz: right, because it runs (or should run) CIFS tests
15:51:16 <ganso> gouthamr: what about the generic driver ?
15:51:31 <gouthamr> ganso: no support for security services in the generic driver
15:52:07 <tbarron> How do we get this discussion into the launchpad but and get it triaged?
15:52:08 <gouthamr> there was something proposed last cycle, but we didn't review it yet
15:52:16 <tbarron> launchpad bug
15:52:24 <gouthamr> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/498490/
15:52:58 <ganso> I mean, what's the point of saying a driver supports CIFS if it doesn't test with security services? we can conclude that the generic driver doesn't really support CIFS
15:53:58 <ganso> gouthamr: that's a great work-in-progress patch
15:54:18 <tbarron> So right now the bug is NEW state, has none of this info (including reference to that patch), and is a year old
15:54:48 <tbarron> We don't have to have the solution to get the next step done, to triage it
15:55:12 <tbarron> Volunteer to capture the above discussion, WIP patch, etc?
15:55:38 <bswartz> I'll do it
15:55:44 <tbarron> bswartz: thanks much!
15:55:53 <vgreen> ok, next one https://bugs.launchpad.net/manila/+bug/1705087
15:55:54 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1705087 in Manila "manila-ui crashes dashboard" [Undecided,New]
15:56:43 <tbarron> OK the quota infra in horizon changed on us since then.
15:57:06 <tbarron> I'll take this one and ask if he can repro the problem in queens or later.
15:57:24 <vgreen> ok, sounds good... https://bugs.launchpad.net/manila/+bug/1772647
15:57:25 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1772647 in Manila "ensure_shares cannot check hash" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Rodrigo Barbieri (rodrigo-barbieri2010)
15:57:44 <ganso> hmm why is that bug in the list?
15:57:44 <tbarron> It's not clear that we have any resources to fix old manila-ui issues though if someone wants to volunteer that would be awesome.
15:57:57 <tbarron> ganso: b/c it has your name on it
15:58:17 <ganso> no I mean, I thought only bugs that nobody is working on should be on the list
15:58:22 <gouthamr> ganso: my bad, i didn't see it was assigned
15:58:24 <zhongjun_> bswartz already fix it in his patch, right?
15:58:33 <bswartz> what?
15:58:43 <bswartz> Sorry I was typing in LP
15:58:56 <zhongjun_> fix ensure_shares cannot check hash
15:59:07 * gouthamr thinks "what?" is a reasonable response to an LP
15:59:15 <tbarron> time check
15:59:29 <bswartz> This is a new bug
15:59:47 <bswartz> ganso is working on it
15:59:52 <ganso> yup
15:59:54 <tbarron> yup
15:59:58 <tbarron> jinx
16:00:01 <ganso> ll
16:00:05 <tbarron> ok, time's up for today
16:00:06 <ganso> s/ll/lol
16:00:07 <bswartz> Take it off the list
16:00:10 <tbarron> Thanks all!!!
16:00:12 <zhongjun_> oh
16:00:15 <tbarron> #endmeeting