15:00:50 <gouthamr> #startmeeting manila
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15:00:54 <felipe_rodrigues> o/
15:00:57 <ecsantos> o/
15:01:01 <kafilat> o/
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15:01:16 <simondodsley> o/
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15:01:58 <vkmc> o/
15:01:58 <gouthamr> courtesy ping: ganso vkmc dviroel tbarron vhari
15:02:10 <vhari> o/
15:02:21 <gouthamr> (a couple of red hatter regulars are off this week)
15:02:27 <gouthamr> hello everyone o/
15:02:43 <fabiooliveira> o/
15:02:52 <gouthamr> thanks for joining - here's our agenda for today: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Manila/Meetings#Next_meeting
15:03:07 <gouthamr> lets begin
15:03:12 <gouthamr> #topic Announcements
15:04:13 <gouthamr> we're three weeks away from the feature freeze deadline
15:04:21 <gouthamr> #link https://releases.openstack.org/xena/schedule.html (Xena release schedule)
15:04:26 <dviroel|ruck> o/
15:04:54 <gouthamr> there's a number of items we're chasing
15:04:56 <gouthamr> #link https://launchpad.net/manila/+milestone/xena-3
15:05:50 <gouthamr> please keep these trackers updated as best as you can
15:06:54 <gouthamr> in about a week, you can nominate yourself to be part of the TC or manila PTL
15:07:01 <gouthamr> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2021-August/024093.html ([all][elections][ptl][tc] Combined PTL/TC Election Season)
15:08:44 <gouthamr> there's a new core maintainer proposal on the mailing list
15:08:51 <gouthamr> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2021-August/024107.html ([manila] Propose haixin to manila-core)
15:09:07 <vkmc> \o/
15:09:12 <vkmc> huge +1 for that
15:09:21 <gouthamr> please take a look - i am looking for feedback from each of you, core or not :)
15:10:43 <gouthamr> haixin has come a long way since he first started engaging with us
15:12:18 <gouthamr> one thing i forgot to mention is that its going to be very beneficial for us to again have a maintainer in UTC+7/8 timezone
15:13:29 <gouthamr> so please do check out the ML post, vet him out, and respond
15:13:45 <gouthamr> that's all i had for announcements today
15:13:48 <gouthamr> anyone else got any?
15:14:50 <gouthamr> #topic OSC Hack-a-thon
15:15:40 <gouthamr> this has been brewing for some time now, and i'm excited to put a date on it :)
15:16:08 <gouthamr> we'll be having our first ever Manila/OSC hack-a-thon next week!
15:16:36 <gouthamr> now what is it? :P
15:16:54 <felipe_rodrigues> let's code! :)
15:17:10 <gouthamr> for the past three cycles we've been chipping away at the OSC implementation in python-manilaclient
15:17:43 <gouthamr> maaritamm has been fearlessly forging ahead and we've implemented support for a huge number of manila APIs
15:18:39 * gouthamr links are slow to load today for some reason
15:19:09 <gouthamr> #link https://tree.taiga.io/project/gouthampacha-openstack-manila-osc-integration-with-python-manilaclient/kanban
15:19:55 <gouthamr> we still have ways to go to achieve complete parity with the existing manila v2 shell client implementation
15:20:21 <gouthamr> and that's where the hack-a-thon comes in
15:21:40 <gouthamr> maaritamm has put together a contributor document
15:22:15 <gouthamr> that provides info about implementing a new OSC subcommand, targeting a resource
15:22:46 <gouthamr> #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kc02fO_ei-6NxPm_b6mnFbf-6MVdjMk71mFqX1aeEIs/edit (How to write a manila OSC command)
15:23:14 <gouthamr> and on https://tree.taiga.io/project/gouthampacha-openstack-manila-osc-integration-with-python-manilaclient/kanban, she has also curated the list of items that are "ready" to be implemented
15:23:20 <carloss> felipe_rodrigues++!
15:23:23 <carloss> maaritamm++!
15:24:05 <gouthamr> so, all of us can claim or edit Taiga cards for the implementation we're chasing
15:24:21 <gouthamr> i highly recommended that you pick only one card, and don't claim something someone else already has
15:24:30 <vkmc> maaritamm++
15:24:46 <gouthamr> if you don't have permissions to make changes to that board, please let me know so i can add you
15:25:02 <gouthamr> You can submit code between Aug 18th 1200 UTC and Aug 21st 1200 UTC to count towards this hack-a-thon
15:25:17 <gouthamr> You can work in teams as well: min size: 1, max size: 3 :)
15:26:05 <vkmc> are there prizes?
15:26:33 <gouthamr> we foresee that we can go down that list pretty quickly if the regular participants of this meeting take this up
15:27:34 <gouthamr> vkmc: great question :D i'm still working on that; i'm thinking we'll definitely be able to get some swag
15:27:43 <vkmc> xD
15:27:48 <vkmc> gouthamr, I can help with that
15:28:07 <vhari> maaritamm++   vkmc++ :D
15:28:27 <gouthamr> but, what's more fun about this is that we get to challenge ourselves as a team, and see how far down the list we can get
15:29:02 <gouthamr> i'll be sending out more information to the mailing list
15:30:22 <gouthamr> the window's pretty wide, but we do hope to have a persistent chat room to discuss things - on our irc channel: #openstack-manila as well as on meetpad: https://meetpad.opendev.org/manila-xena-hackathon
15:30:31 <gouthamr> We'll have a half-hour kick-off session (Aug 18th, 1400 UTC)
15:30:48 <gouthamr> and we'll use the manila community meeting hour next week as a mid-point status check (Aug 19th, 1500 UTC)
15:31:04 <gouthamr> we'll have a half-hour close out meeting to discuss reviews, AIs and futures (grab your beers) (Aug 20th, 1500 UTC)
15:31:18 <gouthamr> ^ all of this happening on the meetpad room
15:32:46 <gouthamr> does anyone have any questions/concerns?
15:34:11 <gouthamr> if anyone's not keen on creating a taiga.io account; feel free to let me know and i can make the card changes for you
15:34:27 * gouthamr hands people the trouts
15:38:05 <gouthamr> awesome, please do review the taiga board and the upcoming ML post on the topic
15:38:25 <gouthamr> and reach out to me/vkmc/maaritamm on #openstack-manila
15:38:41 <gouthamr> am excited for this M-3 team event :)
15:39:13 <gouthamr> #topic AIso from Last Week
15:39:14 <vkmc> me too :)
15:39:19 <gouthamr> vkmc++
15:39:58 <gouthamr> External network access issues with devstack
15:40:01 <gouthamr> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2021-July/023631.html
15:40:44 <gouthamr> its still a bit of radio silence on this one; i didn't pop into #openstack-qa at an opportune time either - #timezones
15:41:21 <gouthamr> but, i created a new environment and started posting some more debug information on a bug tracker
15:41:28 <gouthamr> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/devstack/+bug/1939627 (Nova instances on devstack cannot access the external network / the internet)
15:42:16 <simondodsley> this is going to stop my patch for the Pure driver getting through, so we may need to discuss an exception for this patch. https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/manila/+/804393/
15:42:46 <gouthamr> simondodsley: ack
15:44:41 <gouthamr> the gateway configuration seems suspect, this could be more obvious to the neutron folks
15:45:23 <gouthamr> simondodsley: we'll ignore those test failures like we did with the driver - i'm using this bug to ping folks again and offering my environment for debug
15:46:56 <gouthamr> so we'll bring this up again, next week
15:47:26 <gouthamr> #topic Reviews needing attention
15:47:29 <gouthamr> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/manila-xena-review-focus
15:48:06 <gouthamr> several new patches on this etherpad
15:48:46 <gouthamr> carloss: ty for adding them here
15:49:06 <carloss> yw :)
15:50:32 <gouthamr> dviroel|ruck - can i volunteer you to look at the migration patches with me?
15:51:30 <gouthamr> (and ganso)
15:53:06 <dviroel|ruck> gouthamr: sure
15:53:11 <gouthamr> it'd help to get folks familiar with netapp storage to review the driver specific patches
15:53:50 <gouthamr> felipe_rodrigues nahimsouza ecsantos fabiooliveira caiquemello ^ if you haven't submitted the patches, please sign up to review :)
15:54:05 <gouthamr> dviroel|ruck: thanks!
15:54:35 <fabiooliveira> ok :)
15:54:58 <gouthamr> carloss vkmc: poke regarding https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/manila/+/734041
15:55:05 <felipe_rodrigues> my patches for this release are already there.. reviews are welcome!
15:55:20 <carloss> :o! will take a look this afternoon
15:55:24 <carloss> thanks for the reminder
15:55:26 <vkmc> same here, completely forgot
15:56:05 <gouthamr> no problem and thank you! :) getting these moving early will help us avoid merge conflicts in upcoming weeks
15:56:40 <gouthamr> alright, anything further about reviews?
15:57:43 <gouthamr> vhari: sorry we're out of time to discuss bugs, and we'll have to go with your plan of bringing up stale bugs in our Aug 26th Meeting
15:57:59 <vhari> gouthamr, np
15:58:53 <gouthamr> #topic Open Discussion
15:58:57 <gouthamr> vhari: thank you, as an alternative, we can post about this to the ML so folks have an idea before hand about your plan with the stale bugs and can help out
15:59:32 <gouthamr> carloss felipe_rodrigues: did you folks plan to host a collab-review?
15:59:38 <vhari> gouthamr, ty, np we can cover it at 8/26
15:59:44 <vhari> lpt
16:00:08 <gouthamr> life pro tip? :P
16:00:14 <vhari> :D
16:00:18 <carloss> yeah, that would help reviewers... we can schedule it
16:00:31 <gouthamr> carloss: great, thanks - lets talk about that on #openstack-manila
16:00:32 <felipe_rodrigues> carloss++
16:00:56 <gouthamr> thank you all for attending - excited to see you all at the hack-a-thon next week
16:01:01 <vhari> gouthamr, will be good to bring it up with the community here and answer any questions
16:01:11 <gouthamr> vhari: makes sense
16:01:24 <gouthamr> lets wrap up here.. and move to #openstack-manila
16:01:32 <gouthamr> #endmeeting