19:04:57 <kgriffs> #startmeeting marconi
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19:05:10 <flaper87> o/
19:05:53 <kgriffs> ok, before we get rolling, any items folks want to add to the agenda?
19:06:21 <kgriffs> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Marconi
19:07:39 <kgriffs> #topic sate of the projects
19:07:52 <kgriffs> #topic state of the project
19:08:33 <kgriffs> so, any questions or should I just give a summary?
19:09:09 <flaper87> kgriffs: summary sounds good
19:09:25 <flaper87> some questions might come out of there
19:09:40 <kgriffs> OK, so we have queue management mostly done
19:09:58 <kgriffs> This week we started working on message CRUD
19:10:26 <kgriffs> We are trying to get closure on the v1 API, but I think it's stable enough to implement on
19:10:44 <kgriffs> Doubtless there will be tweaks in the coming months, esp. at the summit
19:11:29 <kgriffs> We are close to getting python-marconiclient on stackforge, etc.
19:11:52 <flaper87> kgriffs: +2 storage drivers in good progress
19:12:05 <kgriffs> (the foundational stuff is in a different repo)
19:12:20 <kgriffs> yes, so we have sqlite and mongo drivers in progress
19:12:38 <kgriffs> sqlite is pretty much for testing, demos, and stuff like that
19:12:47 <flaper87> kgriffs: perhaps we should send an email to openstack-dev requesting reviews for the python-marconiclient
19:13:48 <jdprax> flaper87: Yeah, I just got some additional feedback and a -1. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/24807/
19:14:28 <jdprax> They want me to add pypi configs before merging.
19:14:33 <jdprax> :-/
19:14:52 <jdprax> Doesn't look like a big deal.
19:15:00 <flaper87> jdprax: cool
19:15:37 <kgriffs> A few more things I just wanted to mention real quick FYI.  We have 3 core contributors now handling code reviews through Gerrit: Jamie (jdprax), Flavio (flaper87), and myself (Kurt).
19:16:14 <kgriffs> We've also been busy adding blueprints, and updating the wiki.
19:16:40 <kgriffs> Also, our code is now pep8-friendly, and we have a pretty good HACKING file (still needs a few tweaks)
19:16:56 <kgriffs> so, there's never been a better time to become a Marconi contributor (hint, hint)
19:17:18 <kgriffs> Our first big milestone is a demo at the Portland summit
19:17:41 <kgriffs> (our talk was accepted)
19:17:54 <flaper87> w000000t
19:18:02 <kgriffs> so, if you have any cool ideas for a demo give us a shout out in #openstack-marconi
19:18:20 <kgriffs> OK, any questions before we move on?
19:19:23 * kgriffs listens to crickets chirping
19:19:33 <kgriffs> #topic API - Maximum queues/page
19:20:01 <kgriffs> OK, so as the blueprints are currently written, Marconi limits queue metadata to 4 KiB.
19:21:17 <kgriffs> So, if we allow clients to list 100 queues at a time, that's not a ton of data - should be doable even if you buffer in memory, although we'll likely code such that everything is streamed.
19:21:46 <kgriffs> Questions/concerns? https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Marconi/specs/api/v1#List_Queues
19:22:09 <flaper87> sounds good to me!
19:22:57 <jdprax> +1
19:23:01 <kgriffs> irc://card.freenode.net:7000/#topicĀ API - Maximum queues/page
19:23:36 <kgriffs> same deal. 4 KiB per message body, 100 messages per request returned
19:23:53 <kgriffs> #topic API - Maximum queues/page
19:24:55 <kgriffs> OK, so I'll take that as a "+1"
19:25:24 <kgriffs> :D
19:25:30 <flaper87> :D
19:25:41 <jdprax> Anyone have a good ascii art cricket?
19:25:51 <kgriffs> #topic API - Claim Messages
19:26:07 <kgriffs> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Marconi/specs/api/v1#Claim_Messages
19:26:38 <kgriffs> so, it would be cool if everyone could read over that real quick and share your thoughts
19:29:16 <kgriffs> any concerns there?
19:29:37 <flaper87> kgriffs: just re-read it and seems ok so far
19:29:50 <bryansd-home> The WARNING under Claim Messages, can you explain that a little more?
19:29:53 <flaper87> I'm still a bit worried about the ttl thing
19:30:03 <kgriffs> sure
19:30:13 <bryansd-home> I don't see how you can ever know that the TTL of the claim will be less than that of the messages
19:30:43 <kgriffs> typically your application would agree on something reasonable.
19:30:58 <kgriffs> So producers would always set ttl of messages to X or at minimum X
19:31:29 <flaper87> kgriffs: so, here's an idea
19:31:40 <kgriffs> and workers would set claims to some percentage of X, depending on average time to process a given message
19:32:05 <kgriffs> typically you'd just set the ttl for messages to something like 5 days and the ttl for a claim to 5 minutes
19:32:31 <kgriffs> flaper87: shoot
19:34:52 <flaper87> since clients don't know, as bryansd-home also pointed out, what the reasonable ttl would be and we won't be able to "make sure" that messages being claimed wont expire before the claim expires, what if don't make claimed messages expire until the claim expires as well
19:35:32 <flaper87> so, if the message would expire before the claim expires we would extend the message expiration / ttl 'til the claim expires
19:35:54 <jdprax> Sounds reasonable to me.
19:36:00 <bryansd-home> +1
19:36:06 <kgriffs> so, adjust the claim ttl to be min(requested_ttl, max(claimed_messages_ttl))
19:36:14 <kgriffs> sory
19:36:16 <kgriffs> max
19:37:22 <flaper87> kind of. So, if a message expires in 30s and it was claimed and the claim ttl is 60, the message's ttl would be 60s
19:37:32 <flaper87> we give it a 30s life coupon
19:37:35 <flaper87> :)
19:37:58 <kgriffs> oic
19:37:59 <kgriffs> sure
19:38:07 <kgriffs> +1
19:38:17 <flaper87> cool, place an agreed there
19:38:19 <flaper87> :P
19:38:27 <bryansd-home> I like this. Then a consumer can have some confidence it'll have enough processing time to get through the message.
19:38:36 <jdprax> Yep.
19:38:45 <flaper87> bryansd-home: correct, were processing time == claim ttl
19:38:46 <bryansd-home> Whereas before it may "claim" a message with only 1s ttl... chaos
19:38:53 <flaper87> bryansd-home: lol
19:39:40 <kgriffs> #agreed claim ttls should be adjusted for 30s past the largest age of the messages at claim time
19:39:49 <kgriffs> #note use age of messages not ttl
19:40:17 <flaper87> no wait, that's not the idea
19:40:19 <flaper87> :P
19:40:24 <bryansd-home> kgriffs: I think we're talking about extending the age of messages, not claims
19:40:31 <flaper87> bryansd-home: correct
19:40:39 <kgriffs> oh, oops. got it backwards
19:41:42 <kgriffs> so, extend age of messages to 30s past expiration of the claim?
19:41:53 <kgriffs> (if needed)
19:42:09 <kgriffs> actually, seems like you want more fudge room than that
19:42:09 <flaper87> if (msg_ttl - msg_age) < claims_ttl: msg_ttl += claim_ttl - msg_ttl
19:43:02 <kgriffs> well, consider that if workers poll once every, say, 5 minutes for work
19:43:10 <kgriffs> but a worker dies.
19:43:24 <kgriffs> the claim must expire and the messages still need to live long enough for another worker to pick them up
19:43:53 <flaper87> kgriffs: nope, because the would expire with the claim (if their life was extended)
19:44:08 <kgriffs> but I don't want them to expire with the claim
19:44:28 <flaper87> kgriffs: they would have expire anyway
19:44:38 <flaper87> expired*
19:44:40 <kgriffs> isn't the whole point of having a ttl on claims is so if a worker dies another can pick up the slack?
19:45:29 <flaper87> kgriffs: sure
19:46:03 <flaper87> so, the suggestion is:
19:47:14 <flaper87> Extend messages' expiration time to the claim's expiration time for messages that would expire before the claim does
19:47:28 <bryansd-home> flaper87: +1
19:47:30 <kgriffs> no fudge factor?
19:47:52 <kgriffs> so, clients would still be responsible for doing that themselves if they need it
19:48:14 <flaper87> kgriffs: clients would set claim's ttl
19:49:12 <kgriffs> yes, but if a worker client dies and you want a different worker to pick up the unprocessed messages, those messages will need long enough TTLs that they don't expire before another worker picks them up and claims them, thereby extending their lifetimes again.
19:50:32 <kgriffs> so, setting messages to expire along with a claim only solves the issue of them expiring while a claim is active, not what happens when an agent crashes.
19:51:08 <flaper87> kgriffs: yes but consider that if those message wouldn't have been claimed they would have expired anyway
19:51:39 <kgriffs> I agree that it is useful to do, and avoids surprises.
19:51:58 <kgriffs> My point is just that the latter problem needs to be addressed somehow as well.
19:52:34 <kgriffs> basically you need some grace period
19:52:44 <kgriffs> to ensure messages aren't dropped
19:52:57 <kgriffs> I wonder if a claim could have a "grace" field?
19:53:18 <bryansd-home> Or should message TTLs be renewed when they get claimed?
19:53:18 <kgriffs> the the formula would become:
19:53:32 <flaper87> kgriffs: what I don't understand of your concern is: Why should a claimed message have a grace period and a not claimed message shouldn't ?
19:53:47 <kgriffs> claims_ttl: msg_ttl += claim_ttl - msg_ttl + grace
19:54:13 <flaper87> kgriffs: I'm ok with the "after_claim_grace"
19:54:57 <flaper87> kgriffs: well, you are right actually. the claimed messages deserve a grace period because the were hold from being processed by the stupid, suicide, worker
19:55:11 <bryansd-home> hah!
19:55:16 <flaper87> :)
19:55:32 <kgriffs> so everyone was right!
19:55:33 <flaper87> so, +1 for extending and +1 for grace_post_claim
19:56:24 <kgriffs> #agreed Extend lifetime of claimed messages to be at least as long as the lifetime of the claim itself, plus a specified grace period to deal with crashed workers
19:56:30 <kgriffs> <phew>
19:56:46 <kgriffs> OK folks.
19:56:47 <flaper87> w00000t
19:56:58 <kgriffs> we have 4 mins
19:57:03 <kgriffs> open discussion
19:57:27 <flaper87> o/
19:58:29 <flaper87> so, we created now a new milestone series (havana) and a new milestone (havana-1). Marconi is not part of core projects so we're not expected to follow upstream release cycles but it seems to be that it would be good to start "fitting" into those release cycles since now
19:58:47 <flaper87> so that we're a step ahead when the time will come for marconi to be evaluated
19:58:55 <flaper87> as a project, organization and blah blah blah
19:59:21 <kgriffs> +1
19:59:32 <flaper87> there are some upstream milestones we're following (havana-1) and some marconi's milestones (trello) and I think they both can work together
19:59:42 <flaper87> actually, they would make everything better
20:00:12 <flaper87> so, for anyone with new ideas, proposals or whatsoever, pls, write a blueprint and lets set a milestone to that blueprint based on the workload
20:00:14 <kgriffs> I guess we could make the summit demo "grizzly-1"
20:00:19 <flaper87> (which is huge, btw)
20:00:40 <kgriffs> then everything after that would be havana milestones
20:01:19 <ametts-atl> Want to propose Marconi sessions at summit.openstack.org, but there doesn't seem to be a suitable option in the "Topics" drop-down.  (https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Marconi)
20:01:49 <ametts-atl> Anyone know who can help us get an option added to the drop-down?  Or at least a "Incubated Projects" option?
20:01:57 <flaper87> also, I think it'd be good to get as much feedback as possible from other people
20:02:09 <flaper87> ametts-atl: mmh, ttx ?
20:02:19 <flaper87> ametts-atl: Thierry
20:02:35 <ametts-atl> Thierry == ttx?
20:02:38 <flaper87> ametts-atl: yep
20:02:45 <flaper87> you'll find him in #openstack-dev
20:03:03 <flaper87> ametts-atl: at least he can point us to the right direction
20:03:18 <ametts-atl> Yeah, I just posted there.  No response yet.  Maybe I'll try an old fashioned email.
20:03:29 <flaper87> ametts-atl: sounds better
20:03:39 <kgriffs> OK folks, anything else?
20:03:48 <flaper87> ametts-atl: he's based in France, IIRC, so most likely he's doing something else now
20:03:57 <flaper87> kgriffs: not from me! Great meeting folks
20:04:06 <ametts-atl> But you're in Italia, no?!
20:04:19 <flaper87> ametts-atl: yep, but I'm lifeless and workaholic :P
20:04:23 <ametts-atl> :)
20:04:45 <kgriffs> OK, so next community meeting is 4 April
20:05:17 <kgriffs> in the meantime, folks can catch us in #openstack-marconi
20:05:23 <kgriffs> #endmeeting