16:07:53 <kgriffs> #startmeeting marconi
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16:07:59 <flaper87> <o/
16:08:27 <kgriffs> #topic review actions from last time
16:08:29 <malini> \o
16:08:36 <kgriffs> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/marconi/2013/marconi.2013-08-19-16.03.html
16:09:07 * kgriffs cppcabrera and flaper87 to turn apiclient-marconi etherpad into bps/bugs
16:09:31 <flaper87> kgriffs: ish
16:09:40 <cppcabrera> No bugs were produced. However, we decided to roll-back the common apiclient code.
16:09:44 <cppcabrera> That change is still pending.
16:09:48 <flaper87> kgriffs: what cppcabrera said
16:09:49 <flaper87> :D
16:09:55 <cppcabrera> That would set us at 0 bugs. ;)
16:09:56 <flaper87> cppcabrera: you're faster than me, sir
16:10:07 <cppcabrera> flaper87: hehe. :D
16:10:18 <kgriffs> #ACTION cppcabrera and flaper87 to turn apiclient-marconi etherpad into bps/bugs
16:10:36 <kgriffs> 2.c. malini to work with flaper87 on TOXifying the tests
16:10:51 <malini> I submitted https://review.openstack.org/#/c/43388/ to refactor tests
16:10:57 <malini> Tox is still pending
16:11:12 <malini> need the patch reviewed & merged to add tox
16:11:14 <flaper87> kgriffs: I'm working on splitting tests
16:11:21 <kgriffs> OK, let's swarm on the pending patches and get those taken care of
16:11:22 <flaper87> and getting there out of marconi
16:11:38 <kgriffs> #action malini to work with flaper87 on TOXifying the tests
16:11:57 <kgriffs> #action flaper87 to refactor tests
16:12:17 <kgriffs> #action kgriffs to back-fill "Expected" release on bps
16:12:30 <kgriffs> so, I didn't get around to doing that. :p
16:12:46 <kgriffs> try again this week
16:12:55 <kgriffs> 2.g. team to finalize placement service architecture (high-level) (http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/marconi/2013/marconi.2013-08-19-16.03.log.html#l-100,
16:13:04 <cppcabrera> Finalized and in progress
16:13:11 <flaper87> cppcabrera: +1
16:13:13 <cppcabrera> I've been prototyping and testing since Thursday
16:13:17 * kgriffs is a happy panda
16:13:21 <megan_w_> awesome
16:13:40 * flaper87 needs to read that wiki page
16:13:42 <kgriffs> it will some awesome caching
16:14:15 <kgriffs> I'd like to use flaper87's caching patch, but waiting for it to land and we need to benchmark it
16:14:24 <oz_akan_> cppcabrera: can we test it against current marconi on test environment?
16:14:26 <kgriffs> I was planning on writing LRU and redis drivers
16:14:41 <flaper87> kgriffs: +1
16:14:49 <kgriffs> (LRU would be used in a hierarchy with 1-2 other drivers)
16:14:56 <cppcabrera> oz_akan: Needs a touch more implementation, then yes.
16:15:03 <oz_akan_> cppcabrera: ok
16:15:14 <zyuan_> what's the redis driver for?
16:15:23 <zyuan_> placement?
16:15:28 <kgriffs> flaper87: were you going to do a memcached driver?
16:15:40 <flaper87> kgriffs: done, it's up and waiting for review
16:15:46 <kgriffs> oic
16:15:47 <flaper87> kgriffs: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/42878/
16:15:55 <cppcabrera> zyuan_: I think they're talking about oslo.cache drivers.
16:16:15 <kgriffs> ok
16:16:28 <cppcabrera> If you get a redis driver into oslo.cache, kgriffs, I can move that logic out of marconi-proxy. :)
16:16:37 <kgriffs> anyway, I just wanted to call that out as an important dep. for the proxy
16:17:00 <kgriffs> moving on
16:17:12 <kgriffs> 3.e megan_w_ to apply for incubation this week and invite everyone to the TC meeting
16:17:24 <megan_w_> the first part is done
16:17:26 <flaper87> w000t w000t w0000000000t w0000000000000000000000t
16:17:29 <flaper87> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/TechnicalCommittee
16:17:43 <flaper87> FYI, It'll be discussed in the next TC meeting
16:17:49 <flaper87> it's already in the agenda
16:17:52 <megan_w_> oh good, i was wondering when we'd fall
16:18:04 <megan_w_> flaper87: do you know the time?
16:18:04 <kgriffs> cool
16:18:39 <cppcabrera> sweet
16:19:07 <flaper87> megan_w_: TC meetings are on Tuesday (20:00 UTC)
16:19:23 <megan_w_> cool.  i'll send out an invite for everyone
16:19:47 <flaper87> We should check if there'll be one this week, I don't recall seeing the reminder in the M-L
16:20:10 <megan_w_> i can ask anne
16:20:13 <cppcabrera> According to the page, the next TC meeting is in TBD status.
16:20:24 <flaper87> ah, never mind, I think they never send a reminder for it
16:20:27 <flaper87> just for project meetings
16:20:47 <kgriffs> #action megan_w_ to send out mtg invite for TC meeting
16:21:10 <kgriffs> #info TC meetings are on Tuesday (20:00 UTC)
16:21:35 <kgriffs> 5a. bot for #openstack-marconi
16:22:19 <flaper87> cppcabrera: ^
16:22:21 <cppcabrera> What kind of bot - meeting bot? We did get gerritbot in last week, thanks to Alex_Gaynor. :)
16:22:25 <flaper87> I recall seeing a patch of it!
16:22:53 <flaper87> kgriffs: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/42956/
16:23:05 <flaper87> eavesdrop ^
16:23:09 <cppcabrera> Ahhh, eavesdrop.
16:23:29 <cppcabrera> I'll ping infra on that one.
16:23:37 <cppcabrera> Actionize me ^^
16:24:45 <kgriffs> yeah, so, everyone feel free to +1 the eavesdrop patch
16:25:04 <cppcabrera> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/42956/
16:25:04 <kgriffs> #action cppcabrera to follow up with infra on eavesdrop
16:25:53 <kgriffs> Alex_Gaynor to take point on python-marconiclient under flaper87's direction
16:25:58 <zyuan_> +1
16:26:02 <kgriffs> did we make any progress on client stuff?
16:26:18 <cppcabrera> Minor progress.
16:26:25 <flaper87> kgriffs: not much, cppcabrera updated one of his patches and I'll work on that this week
16:26:26 <cppcabrera> The message controller is good to merge.
16:26:32 <cppcabrera> The rollback is good to merge.
16:26:35 <cppcabrera> That's the gist of it.
16:26:51 <kgriffs> #action flaper87 to crack the whip this week on client development
16:26:52 <kgriffs> :p
16:26:52 <cppcabrera> (good to merge - IMO. :D )
16:27:01 <flaper87> LOL
16:27:08 <kgriffs> final thing from last time
16:27:12 <kgriffs> 7a. Voted on "require claim_id in all cases when deleting a message that is claimed?" Results are, Yes: 5, No: 3
16:27:33 <kgriffs> forgot to put an action item on that, but zyuan_'s been working on it (thanks, btw!)
16:27:45 <zyuan_> the patch is there
16:27:54 <zyuan_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/43339/
16:29:56 <kgriffs> while we are on the topic, I wanted to mention that it was decided that bulk delete will *not* support claim_id as a query param
16:30:07 <kgriffs> zyuan_: am I correct in that?
16:30:23 <kgriffs> s/in/on
16:30:25 <zyuan_> addressed in commit msg
16:30:53 <kgriffs> ok
16:31:03 <kgriffs> let's get that sucker reviewed and merged
16:31:12 <kgriffs> I can update the spec
16:31:34 <kgriffs> moving on...
16:31:52 <kgriffs> #topic 	•	Proposal: Add another core reviewer, designate domain experts
16:32:19 <kgriffs> since we are still a relatively small team, I thought it would be best just to do this over IRC rather than via the list
16:34:02 <kgriffs> #info I would like to formally propose that Alejandro Cabrera be added to Marconi core
16:34:24 <flaper87> kgriffs: +1 for me
16:34:26 <kgriffs> I have discussed this proposal with Flavio (flaper87) as well as Alejandro's supervisor
16:34:51 <cppcabrera> so that explains the background discussions, heh. :P
16:35:25 <kgriffs> so, Alej has proven himself as a consistent, constructive reviewer
16:35:49 <kgriffs> also, he has demonstrated thought-leadership and a servant-leader attitude
16:36:19 <flaper87> +1
16:36:32 <kgriffs> if this proposal is ratified, we will move to a 2 x +2 requirement for approving all future patches
16:36:52 <kgriffs> this will put us in line with core OpenStack projects
16:37:03 * ametts thought we were already doing that
16:37:04 * flaper87 can't wait for that to happen
16:37:17 <cppcabrera> I'm happy to be working on the marconi project, so to get official backing on my involvement is an honor.
16:37:22 <kgriffs> we have been doing it implicitly for a while, but this will make it official
16:37:45 <flaper87> cppcabrera: +1000
16:37:47 <kgriffs> cppcabrera: this will require a long-term commitment from you to contribute to Marconi, at least on a part-time, regular basis
16:37:53 * flaper87 is giving numbers away
16:38:11 <kgriffs> Without further ado…
16:38:11 <kgriffs> #startvote Add cppcabrera to Marconi core? Yes, No
16:38:12 <openstack> Begin voting on: Add cppcabrera to Marconi core? Valid vote options are Yes, No.
16:38:13 <openstack> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
16:38:19 <kgriffs> #vote Yes
16:38:20 <zyuan_> #vote Yes
16:38:23 <flaper87> #vote Yes
16:38:23 <amitgandhi> #vote Yes
16:38:26 <megan_w_> #vote Yes
16:38:29 <malini> #vote Yes
16:38:29 <ametts> #vote Yes
16:38:38 <cppcabrera> #vote Yes
16:38:42 <kgriffs> :)
16:38:43 <flaper87> cppcabrera: :P
16:38:45 <malini> cppcabrera :D
16:38:55 * amitgandhi wouldve been weird if alej voted no lol
16:38:57 <cppcabrera> I'm giving my commitment with '#vote Yes' :D
16:39:03 <kgriffs> +1
16:39:04 <kgriffs> #endvote
16:39:05 <zyuan_> active is important
16:39:05 <openstack> Voted on "Add cppcabrera to Marconi core?" Results are
16:39:06 <openstack> Yes (8): kgriffs, ametts, malini, cppcabrera, zyuan_, amitgandhi, megan_w_, flaper87
16:39:09 <oz_akan_> #vote Yes
16:39:12 <oz_akan_> ah
16:39:17 <zyuan_> tooo late!
16:39:20 <megan_w_> haha
16:39:24 <oz_akan_> :)
16:39:39 <kgriffs> #note oz_akan_ also voted "Yes" for adding cppcabrera to Marconi core
16:39:51 <kgriffs> ok, I'll take care of that after the meeting
16:39:55 <kgriffs> related:
16:40:27 <kgriffs> flaper87: has proposed that we assign each core team member one or more subject matter areas to oversea wrt Marconi
16:40:38 <cppcabrera> +1
16:41:04 <cppcabrera> It'll make the review process easier to manage as we grow, knowing what we're each especially responsible for catching.
16:41:23 <megan_w_> does that make if more difficult to review items that are outside your subject matter area?
16:41:27 <megan_w_> it*
16:41:43 <malini> But we might get back to the waiting for core reviewer to get back, for certain areas
16:41:44 <kgriffs> yes, but let's all continue to resist the urge not to perform a thorough review just because we know someone else has/will look at it. :D
16:42:03 <flaper87> That doesn't mean people is not expected (allowed) to review all patches, what that means is that some people comments in certain patches may be required before approval
16:42:45 <ametts> Does this requirement re-introduce a potential bottleneck for getting patches approved?
16:43:07 <ametts> Oh. "In certain patches". So maybe not.
16:43:07 <flaper87> ametts: nope, it's not a strong requirement
16:43:22 <kgriffs> ametts: also, we've been doing it for non-trivial patches already
16:43:26 <malini> what is the advantage for having designated experts?
16:43:34 <kgriffs> so, having one more reviewer should actually speed things up
16:43:43 * kgriffs is hoping
16:44:06 <cppcabrera> malini: For new contributors, it makes it easier (in theory) for someone commiting, say, a patch on mongodb optimizations to know that they should request flaper87's attention.
16:44:18 <flaper87> malini: I'd call them maintainers, responsible
16:44:24 <ametts> Speaking of speeding things up, is there time for a performance discussion on the agenda?
16:44:27 <flaper87> or something along those terms
16:44:46 <flaper87> ametts: Open Discussion time, I'd say
16:44:49 <cppcabrera> ametts: It's on the agenda, three items after thsi.
16:44:50 <malini> tht will make us too person-dependent
16:44:52 <cppcabrera> *this
16:44:55 <flaper87> but we've got 15mins left
16:45:07 <kgriffs> ok, real quick
16:45:26 <kgriffs> here is my thinking on assigned areas:
16:45:27 <kgriffs> Kurt Griffiths (kgriffs) - API, Security, Performance
16:45:27 <kgriffs> Flavio Percoco (flaper87) - Storage, Client Libs, Oslo
16:45:27 <kgriffs> Alejandro Cabrera (cpp-cabrera) - Scaling, Transport, Py3K
16:45:56 <flaper87> malini: it's not a strong requirement, patches shouldn't be blocked
16:46:14 <flaper87> however, if there's a performance issue, I'd definitely love to hear what kurt thinks
16:46:23 <kgriffs> I will update the wiki per the above, let's try it for a couple weeks and then we can adjust as needed
16:46:27 <ametts> Why not kgriffs on Transport, since he wrote Falcon and the WSGI stuff?
16:46:33 <flaper87> and I personally, won't approve a patch I'm not sure about
16:46:54 <kgriffs> ametts: good question… mainly because we are lumping proxy and transport together
16:46:58 <kgriffs> but we could break those out
16:47:13 <ametts> Ok
16:47:18 <kgriffs> #action kgriffs to update core team section on the wiki
16:47:29 <amitgandhi> should we really have assigned areas?  I mean everyone should be cross functional across those area's and over time become experts in other areas
16:47:38 <malini> amitgandhi: +1
16:47:49 <malini> you put my thought better in words ;)
16:47:58 <flaper87> again, that doesn't mean people shouldn't review other patches
16:48:11 <amitgandhi> flaper87: +1
16:48:15 <flaper87> everyone should review whatever patch he could
16:48:32 <flaper87> but, when tons of patches start comming in, I'd like to focus on things I've been working on lately
16:48:35 <flaper87> (meaning storage)
16:48:42 <cppcabrera> assigned areas - they're the first person you should look for, but certainly not the last. ;)
16:48:47 <flaper87> than things others have focused on (like transport)
16:49:07 <flaper87> so, it's just a "logical" (implicit) split
16:49:12 <amitgandhi> and that will build up the expertise.  i guess what i mean is that if you feel comfortable with the area a LGTM should be fine.  but if its an area you are uncomfortable with, give the +1 but refer back to the expert
16:49:14 <flaper87> but not a requirement for a patch to get approved
16:49:50 <ametts> It sounds like we're all agreed that these are informal areas of expertise, and the "favorite" area for core devs to zero in on when there are a bunch of patches to review.
16:49:57 <amitgandhi> in the interest of time, i would like to +1 ametts comment to chat about performance
16:50:00 <ametts> "Sold".  What's next?
16:50:04 <flaper87> any core developer should feel free to approva a patch but in doubt, lets just +2 / +1 and let others do that
16:50:16 <amitgandhi> +2
16:50:19 <amitgandhi> ;-)
16:50:27 <kgriffs> ok, just a few secs on the next topic
16:50:34 <kgriffs> #topic Incubation feedback
16:50:37 <ametts> (that's what he said last time :) )
16:50:42 <flaper87> ametts: LOL
16:50:48 <kgriffs> I didn't notice any further email on the list over the weekend
16:51:28 <kgriffs> notmyname hung out with us in #openstack-marconi last week for a bit and we chatted about a few things
16:52:00 <kgriffs> one of his suggestions was to not get carried away implementing lots of different drivers, but to focus more on the semantics/use cases
16:52:18 <kgriffs> …and let 3rd-parties write the extra drivers
16:52:19 <amitgandhi> +1
16:52:24 <flaper87> +1
16:52:43 <flaper87> I'd like to get the zmq transport in, though
16:52:48 <kgriffs> so, we need to decide what core drivers we want and then not worry about the rest
16:53:00 <kgriffs> flaper87: kk
16:53:03 <flaper87> kgriffs: ah ok, sorry, didn't want to anticipate
16:53:04 <flaper87> :D
16:53:14 <kgriffs> we will discuss in a future mtg or something
16:53:16 <flaper87> kgriffs: and I'd also like to get proton in the storage side
16:53:18 <flaper87> ok
16:53:26 <flaper87> lets put it in the agenda
16:53:29 <flaper87> for next week
16:53:37 <kgriffs> ok
16:53:42 <kgriffs> will do
16:53:52 <flaper87> (mmh, or lets discuss it over #openstack-marconi since I think they'll ask about this in the TC meeting)
16:53:55 <kgriffs> #action kgriffs to add driver scope to agenda for next time
16:54:01 <kgriffs> ah
16:54:03 <kgriffs> good point
16:54:15 <zyuan_> i worry about how hard it is to specify the API for zmq transport
16:54:17 <kgriffs> breakout after this meeting
16:54:18 <zyuan_> if the API does not change, zmq is not better than wsgi
16:54:21 <flaper87> kk, moving on!
16:54:28 <kgriffs> #topic performance
16:54:42 <cppcabrera> 5 minutes for performance.
16:54:46 <zyuan_> ...
16:55:08 <ametts> Performance deteriorates when message count grows.  Who's working this issue?
16:55:08 <flaper87> ametts: ?
16:55:14 <malini> https://bugs.launchpad.net/marconi/+bug/1216950
16:55:19 <flaper87> ametts: me, oz_akan_ and zyuan_ (?)
16:55:23 <cppcabrera> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/marconi/+bug/1216950
16:55:35 <zyuan_> my suggestion is to simply use another storage backend...
16:56:10 <kgriffs> flaper87: do you have time to tackle that today? If not, I can take it.
16:56:11 <ametts> Any preliminary thoughts on the resolution?  Is this something we can fix in code?
16:56:15 <oz_akan_> zyuan_: which is the last option at this time
16:56:23 <zyuan_> oz_akan_: yea
16:56:35 <kgriffs> ametts: smells like a query isn't using an index
16:56:38 <amitgandhi> did we run the profiler on mongo?
16:56:42 <flaper87> kgriffs: mmh, not sure, so, I'd prefer you taking it!
16:56:47 <kgriffs> (or it is, but not for the entire operation)
16:56:51 <flaper87> so, mms is down
16:56:52 <zyuan_> flaper87: thinks a .count() is reached by tsung
16:57:03 <flaper87> zyuan_: nope
16:57:09 <oz_akan_> kgriffs: needs to fix mms, I can't make it work
16:57:12 <cppcabrera> Some thoughts I've seen mentioned are: avoid counts in storage, bad/unused indices, tests use a .count() that production wouldn't use
16:57:14 <zyuan_> flaper87: then?
16:57:17 <kgriffs> flaper87: ok, I'll take it
16:57:17 <oz_akan_> profiling is enabled on mongo
16:57:26 <oz_akan_> kgriffs: has access to DB
16:57:33 <oz_akan_> kgriffs: were you able to verify that?
16:57:37 <flaper87> oz_akan_: sent a queue query and said it was slow. We need to figure out where it's being called but it seems weird.
16:57:45 <malini> we have another one open for a while too
16:57:46 <malini> we also have https://bugs.launchpad.net/marconi/+bug/1213099
16:57:53 <cppcabrera> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/marconi/+bug/1213099
16:57:54 <flaper87> kgriffs: indexes should be covering all queries
16:57:57 <flaper87> AFAICT
16:58:19 <malini> can we take the trouble shooting to #openstack-marconi & assign we also have https://bugs.launchpad.net/marconi/+bug/1213099 ?
16:58:21 <kgriffs> oz_akan_: yes, I can ssh in
16:58:26 <kgriffs> (at least to the primary)
16:58:37 <oz_akan_> ok
16:58:42 <kgriffs> ok
16:58:44 <flaper87> I'd suggest fixing mms, cleaning up the profiling queue
16:58:49 <kgriffs> flaper87: you are assigned to this - https://bugs.launchpad.net/marconi/+bug/1213099
16:58:49 <flaper87> and then running tsung again
16:59:07 <ametts> kgriffs:  Please keep us posted on your progress, latest thoughts, etc. -- lots of people are asking about performance these days....
16:59:21 <kgriffs> i bet
16:59:23 <flaper87> also
16:59:28 <zyuan_> cppcabrera: there is no count() reached by tests (afaict from oz_akan_ 's sheet)
16:59:32 <flaper87> GC should be executed
16:59:41 <amitgandhi> kgriffs: regardless of performance, at the moment we need scale lol...
16:59:45 <flaper87> if we don't run it, we'll have a lot of expired messages and the index will be huge
17:00:08 <flaper87> which means mongodb will have to scan more records in the index
17:00:16 <cppcabrera> scaling - it's the next topic, but we won't have time to discuss it this meeting. :P (amitgandhi)
17:00:17 <kgriffs> flaper87: as long as the index fits in RAM, it shouldn't matter a lot, should it?
17:00:33 <kgriffs> flaper87: or are you saying that some scanning is still required given our current indexes?
17:00:43 <kgriffs> (we need to wrap up)
17:01:04 <flaper87> kgriffs: nope, Indexes should be covering all queries now (expect counts which are really slow)
17:01:08 <amitgandhi> cppcabrera: scaling in the sense of handling the load we are giving it (ie not slowing down under load)
17:01:42 <kgriffs> ok
17:01:58 <kgriffs> #action kgriffs to work on slowdown caused  by large collections
17:02:04 <kgriffs> #endmeeting