15:01:06 <kgriffs> #startmeeting marconi
15:01:06 <mpanetta> wee
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15:01:10 <alcabrera> haha
15:01:11 <kgriffs> #topic roll call
15:01:11 <openstack> The meeting name has been set to 'marconi'
15:01:12 <cpallares> o/
15:01:14 <kgriffs> o/
15:01:15 <flaper87> o/
15:01:17 <flaper87> o/
15:01:19 <flaper87> o/
15:01:19 <mpanetta> o/
15:01:19 <sriram> o/
15:01:21 <flaper87> o/
15:01:22 <alcabrera> \x -> x
15:01:23 <balajiiyer> o/
15:01:23 <cpallares> o/
15:02:27 <kgriffs> looks like flaper87 brought all his clones today
15:02:36 <alcabrera> highly-available flaper87
15:02:37 <flaper87> kgriffs: some of them :D
15:02:48 <flwang> o/
15:03:22 <kgriffs> #topic actions from last time
15:03:27 <flwang> guys, I have booked the air ticket and hotel, so...
15:03:38 <flaper87> flwang: w00000000000000t
15:03:43 <alcabrera> hurray, flwang!
15:03:46 <kgriffs> flwang: when do you arrive?
15:03:51 <malini> flwang: looking forward to meeting you for real :)
15:04:02 <flwang> 10th May 15:35
15:04:25 <flwang> haha, a typical chinese guy :)
15:04:38 <flaper87> flwang: w00t
15:04:40 <kgriffs> cool, a few of us will be in Saturday as well. we should go get some food or something
15:04:42 <flwang> kgriffs: sorry, pls go on :D
15:04:59 <kgriffs> moving on... :D
15:05:05 <kgriffs> action: malini will document pop in v1.1 api 2x's, once with each param (pop & ids)
15:05:20 <malini> I did not do that :-$
15:05:31 <malini> will get it done right after the meeting
15:05:38 <kgriffs> #action malini will document pop in v1.1 api 2x's, once with each param (pop & ids), for realz this time
15:05:44 <alcabrera> lol
15:06:00 <flaper87> :P
15:06:06 <alcabrera> you can do it lazily. we encourag elazy queues, malini
15:06:09 <alcabrera> *encourage
15:06:15 <kgriffs> ok, I don't see any other action items from the log. Anything else people want to report on real quick?
15:06:24 <alcabrera> I'll make a small report
15:06:35 <malini> I do it in JIT -in case we dont need tht :-P
15:06:37 <alcabrera> I started looking at oslo.messaging this morning
15:06:44 <alcabrera> very briefly
15:06:50 <alcabrera> I can see the source of confusion
15:06:57 <alcabrera> interestingly, there's much shared terminology
15:07:08 <alcabrera> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Oslo/Messaging#Current_State
15:07:22 <alcabrera> I'll wrap up the FAQ on that by the end of the week
15:07:35 <flaper87> alcabrera: awesome, thanks!
15:07:40 <alcabrera> np. :)
15:07:42 <alcabrera> that's all
15:07:49 * flaper87 was going to bring the FAQ thing up again this week
15:07:56 <flaper87> we need to get that done by EOW
15:08:09 <flaper87> I'd like to have it all on the wiki before the summit
15:08:22 <flaper87> anyway, lets move on. Lots of things to discuss today
15:08:44 <kgriffs> ok. I have started working on restructuring our wiki. It will take some time to get it right, but please let's keep eachother in the loop and find a nice home for all these FAQs.
15:08:56 <malini> FYI..sriram & me will get some basic benchmark numbers ready this week
15:09:02 <sriram> yes
15:09:08 <malini> tht will be our primary focus
15:09:21 <flaper87> kgriffs: I already created a page for our general FAQ
15:09:27 <kgriffs> rock on. Wiki work in general is my #1 priority this week
15:09:28 <flaper87> it's at the top of the etherpad
15:09:39 <flaper87> we can move it
15:09:51 <flaper87> I was just letting you know there's one to avoid duplicates
15:09:53 <flaper87> :D
15:10:36 <kgriffs> flaper87: thanks, gtk. Content is king; we can move things around as needed.
15:10:48 <kgriffs> moving on...
15:11:17 <kgriffs> #action everyone to work on getting the wiki ready for the summit
15:12:06 <kgriffs> obligatory inspirational quote:
15:12:07 <kgriffs> https://twitter.com/kgriffs/status/460864298856620032
15:12:23 <kgriffs> #link https://twitter.com/kgriffs/status/460864298856620032
15:12:43 <kgriffs> #topic feature toggles
15:13:19 <kgriffs> so, I've been keeping an ear to the ground when other teams bring up the idea of using marconi for a new feature
15:13:38 <kgriffs> the biggest blocker for them is that we aren't yet graduated
15:14:03 <kgriffs> I talked to heat about this and they are thinking they could make the feature optional, like you can toggle it in the config
15:14:38 <flwang> kgriffs: so who will contribute it? us or the heat team?
15:14:43 <kgriffs> so, just something to keep in mind when we engage other teams about integrating with Marconi. We need to help solve the chicken-and-egg problem.
15:14:48 <flwang> kgriffs: you know, it would be a reference
15:15:19 <kgriffs> flwang: i think there is a design session about this feature; some of us should attend that and volunteer to help
15:15:34 <flaper87> TBH, I don't think graduation should be a requirement
15:15:40 <flaper87> but that's a topic for another meeting
15:15:47 <flwang> kgriffs: +1, so should we actively interlock with the potential interested team to make it happen and make it as a reference?
15:15:53 * flaper87 doesn't want to randomly rant
15:16:13 <flaper87> flwang: we are our own marketing team
15:16:25 <flaper87> we need to think how other projects could benefit from marconi
15:16:26 <kgriffs> flwang: yes. Let's pick 2-3 teams. I think heat should be one.
15:16:46 <flwang> kgriffs:  and Ceilometer , Barbican
15:16:56 <flaper87> and chase them down if necesary to get things donw
15:17:04 <flwang> flaper87: +1
15:17:05 <flaper87> and horizon
15:17:28 <flaper87> anyway, kgriffs thanks for that reminder. it's a good point
15:17:58 <flwang> kgriffs: flaper87: i think Horizon is a good candidate
15:18:10 <kgriffs> kk. Just wanted to get everyone thinking about removing perceptual barriers to integration
15:18:17 <flwang> given RAX has already implemented the GUI
15:19:05 <flaper87> moving on ?
15:19:19 * flaper87 is freaking out for the many topics to discuss
15:19:23 <flaper87> :P
15:19:27 <kgriffs> #agreed heat and horizon are good candidates for partnering
15:19:41 <kgriffs> #topic Finalize details for giveaway, make assignments
15:21:01 <kgriffs> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/marconi-juno-promotion
15:22:02 <flaper87> FYI the time between the topic change and the link posting is how long it took kgriffs to find the linkk in the 1000k tabs he has opened
15:22:14 <alcabrera> heh
15:22:19 <kgriffs> flaper87: you know me too well
15:22:22 * alcabrera can relate
15:22:22 * flaper87 knows kgriffs's laptop
15:22:22 <flaper87> :P
15:22:34 <kgriffs> ok, so here is my proposal
15:22:41 <kgriffs> we order 4 udoo boards to give away
15:22:48 <kgriffs> we give 1 away with a raffle
15:23:06 <kgriffs> you enter by submitting your first patch to Marconi by the deadline
15:23:10 <cpallares> ...and we keep the remaining 3 for ourselves
15:23:15 <mpanetta> lol
15:23:17 <malini> cpallares: :D
15:23:21 <flaper87> cpallares: LOL
15:23:32 <kgriffs> then we give 3 away for best app that uses marconi, one for each category (and we need to figure out those categories)
15:23:36 <alcabrera> :P
15:23:47 <flaper87> kgriffs: love the idea
15:23:57 <kgriffs> #link http://www.udoo.org/
15:23:58 <malini> Can we create a Best App by a TC member ;)
15:24:13 <kgriffs> it's like a turbocharged rpi with an Arduino tacked on
15:24:28 <kgriffs> malini: heh. :D
15:25:21 <cpallares> woah
15:25:23 <cpallares> neat
15:25:43 <kgriffs> so, the student one - I am open to suggestions
15:26:08 * mpanetta comes up with a killer queues idea to get the udooooo :P
15:26:08 <kgriffs> basically I want to have a category that encourages participation from all skill levels
15:26:47 <malini> mpanetta: marconi members are automatically disqualified from participating :-P
15:26:54 <mpanetta> Damn :P
15:27:02 * mpanetta comes up with a killer idea anyway :P
15:27:10 <flwang> kgriffs: yep, I would say, we encourage the junior developer, but we're welcome for the senior guys to contribute for Marconi as well
15:27:11 <mpanetta> Gotta set the bar somehow :P
15:27:17 <kgriffs> maybe only core reviewers are disqualified.
15:27:32 * flaper87 will sell mpanetta's idea to some random student
15:27:37 <flwang> kgriffs: oh, no
15:27:43 <sriram> hah
15:27:46 <Obulpathi> lol
15:27:49 <mpanetta> hah!
15:27:50 <flaper87> kgriffs: +1
15:28:15 <flwang> kgriffs: my prize...
15:28:23 <flaper87> I like those categories and at least I know mpanetta is not a student
15:28:30 <flaper87> I think I know that
15:28:36 <flaper87> :P
15:28:40 <amitgandhi> can i participate if i have a student id?
15:28:40 * mpanetta is a student in life :P
15:29:07 <flwang> amitgandhi: good question
15:29:30 * amitgandhi schemes up ways to game the system
15:29:31 <flwang> kgriffs: how could you prove flwang is not a student?
15:29:36 <flaper87> amitgandhi: we don't accept expired ids ;)
15:29:45 <amitgandhi> no expiration date =P
15:29:51 <sriram> lol
15:29:52 <malini> I have  a student ID with no dates in it :-P
15:29:56 <mpanetta> haha
15:30:00 <amitgandhi> its got full authenticity too ;-)
15:30:01 <sriram> me too :P
15:30:04 <flaper87> re students, we need to assume good faith
15:30:09 <malini> I think we are digressing
15:30:13 <malini> cow bell!!!!
15:30:18 <kgriffs> malini: thanks!
15:30:30 <cpallares> lol cow bell
15:30:36 <flaper87> yeah, lets move on
15:30:51 <flaper87> I like those topics and I'm fine with assuming good faith
15:31:05 <flaper87> at the very end, we care about the ideas and people getting familiar with MArconi
15:31:13 <kgriffs> ok, so the idea also is to buy some mac and cheese in bulk and slap a link/QR on it that points to a wiki page with rules and stuff.
15:31:30 <Obulpathi> flaper87: +1
15:31:31 <malini> kgriffs: who is buying it?
15:31:37 <kgriffs> someone in Atlanta with a costco membership?
15:32:02 <malini> kgriffs: how many cases do we need?
15:32:19 <kgriffs> goood question.
15:32:25 <kgriffs> let's sort that out after the mtg
15:32:30 <malini> ok
15:32:31 <kgriffs> malini: are you volunteering?
15:32:33 <kgriffs> ;)
15:32:52 <Obulpathi> kgriffs: I can volunteer
15:33:06 <Obulpathi> I would like to volunteer
15:33:11 <malini> kgriffs: I could, but I have a new manager who might not approve cases of mac n cheese :(
15:33:21 <kgriffs> #action Obulpathi to procure Mac & Cheese and organize a party to slap QR codes on them
15:34:13 <kgriffs> #action kgriffs to create landing page on the wiki
15:34:38 <kgriffs> I can use mailgun or google docs form to collect submissions
15:34:50 <kgriffs> and I will get a draft of the page out ASAP so everyone can review
15:35:07 <kgriffs> Obulpathi: Allan should be able to reimburse you or lend you his corporate card
15:35:26 <kgriffs> balajiiyer: can you order the ARM boards?
15:35:34 <kgriffs> I'd like to have one at the summit on display
15:35:49 <kgriffs> maybe with a cute little flyer (may be one you can download from their website)
15:35:51 <Obulpathi> kgriffs: ok. thanks.
15:35:56 <balajiiyer> kgriffs: I can. I will work with mpanetta on this.
15:36:08 <kgriffs> #action balajiiyer and mpanetta to order udoo boards
15:36:52 <flaper87> gentle reminder: 20mins left
15:36:59 <kgriffs> balajiiyer: dual or Quad, whichever you can get expensed most easily. :D
15:37:05 <kgriffs> flaper87: yep, moving on
15:37:29 <kgriffs> #topic
15:37:35 <kgriffs> #topic Summit objectives, talking points
15:37:57 <kgriffs> let's take 3 minutes and brainstorm objectives. just anything that comes to mind; we will refine next week
15:38:03 <kgriffs> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/marconi-atl-scratch
15:39:27 <kgriffs> ideas?
15:40:09 <flaper87> I'd like to avoid dedicating that much time to wsgi frameworks this time around
15:40:43 <flaper87> the technical analisys was done, there remaining part of this work is the community impact that is yet to be done
15:40:51 <flaper87> s/there/the/
15:41:03 <flaper87> so, I'd like us to get (from the community):
15:41:19 <flaper87> 1. Feedback about the API, architecture and Look&Feel of the project
15:41:35 <flaper87> 2. Possible use cases within and beyond openstack
15:41:53 <flaper87> 3. Ideas
15:41:58 <amitgandhi> note - on heat i started this during hackday last week: https://github.com/amitgandhinz/heat_templates/tree/master/Marconi
15:43:48 <kgriffs> great, thanks! As you come up with more thoughts, please add them to the pad and we will circle back on this next week. We should also chat about this in person sat/sun/monday
15:43:57 <kgriffs> (at the start of the summit)
15:44:52 <kgriffs> We really need everyone to be focused on some concrete objectives during the week so we can get the most out of the conference/summit
15:46:12 <kgriffs> #topic Team meetup at the Summit - Agree on time & place (malini)
15:46:26 <malini> Plz cast your votes here
15:46:28 <malini> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/marconi-party
15:46:49 <kgriffs> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/marconi-party
15:46:55 * flaper87 clicks
15:47:24 <malini> We have one person flying in at 1 pm - a couple more who want to be there will fly in only on sunday night
15:49:08 <flaper87> I've no idea about the venues
15:49:32 <flaper87> so, we'll meet on Sunday?
15:49:33 <kgriffs> by sunday night, do you mean after 7pm or earlier?
15:49:45 * flaper87 is lost
15:50:02 <malini> kgriffs: later than 7 pm too :(
15:50:09 <flaper87> who is Marta ?
15:50:10 <Obulpathi> malini: +1
15:50:12 <malini> flaper87: you cannot get lost yet
15:50:17 <flaper87> (ok, I admit it, I was trolling)
15:50:18 <Obulpathi> Marta is local transport
15:50:22 <cpallares> flaper87: lol
15:50:28 <flaper87> (re marta)
15:50:54 * flaper87 couldn't help it
15:50:54 <malini> grr..we have 3 ppl voted for the 3 time choices
15:51:01 <Obulpathi> what about summit day evenings?
15:51:14 <kgriffs> do you have to take marta to CNN?
15:51:23 <malini> kgriffs: no
15:51:24 <flaper87> Obulpathi: those are full of events
15:51:32 <Obulpathi> flaper87: ok
15:51:34 <malini> CNN is downtown
15:52:13 <kgriffs> how about we eat at 6, and folks who are around could also do the CNN tour beforehand?
15:52:29 <Obulpathi> works for me
15:52:43 <malini> kgriffs: the CNN center food court might be closed by 6
15:52:49 <kgriffs> is world of coke in the same area? I never did go downtown much while I lived in the area. :p
15:52:56 <malini> kgriffs: it is
15:53:02 <flaper87> kgriffs: +1
15:53:04 <kgriffs> that would be fun too
15:53:07 <malini> dont make us drink all those coke, plz
15:53:21 <kgriffs> ok, so food at 5?
15:53:26 <malini> I have a moral obligation to not go there
15:53:49 <flaper87> 5 is the number of minutes we've left
15:53:52 <kgriffs> and CNN tour before that?
15:53:54 <flaper87> but yeah, that sounds fine :D
15:54:24 <malini> sounds good
15:54:28 <kgriffs> ok
15:54:42 <kgriffs> malini can you send me a list of email addresses and I will send out an evite?
15:54:56 <kgriffs> or you can send out the evite too, whatever
15:55:44 <kgriffs> #action malini and kgriffs to get an evite out for the team meetup at the summit
15:56:30 <kgriffs> #agreed summit team meetup at 5 on Sunday - CNN center
15:56:44 <kgriffs> #topic Make check-tempest-dsvm-marconi voting + add a voting gate-tempest-dsvm-marconi (malini)
15:57:02 <malini> So we have the job passing now, running against sqlite
15:57:07 <flaper87> +1 from me
15:57:13 <malini> anybody has objections to make it voting?
15:57:21 <kgriffs> go go go!
15:57:30 <kgriffs> +1 from me
15:57:44 * flaper87 is curious to know who objects
15:57:45 <flaper87> >.>
15:57:54 <malini> nobody..yayy!!!
15:58:01 <kgriffs> #action malini to make check-tempest-dsvm-marconi voting + add a voting gate-tempest-dsvm-marconi
15:58:07 * flaper87 gets his lightsaber
15:58:26 <kgriffs> #topic open discussion
15:58:33 <malini> for 20 seconds :D
15:58:50 <cpallares> :O
15:58:59 <cpallares> https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4074/5446299066_66aaaa9271_z.jpg
15:59:00 <flaper87> I want to discuss openly the remaining topics
15:59:12 <flaper87> :P
15:59:12 <flaper87> just kidding, we can do that on #marconi
15:59:20 <flaper87> :D
15:59:26 <flaper87> looking forward to meet y'all
15:59:53 <flaper87> cpallares: LOL
16:00:03 <kgriffs> rock. OK, so we have three more topics. Let's take 15 minutes in #openstack-marconi to discuss?
16:00:20 <kgriffs> thanks everyone!
16:00:35 <flaper87> w000t
16:00:37 <kgriffs> #endmeeting