15:05:04 <flaper87> #startmeeting Marconi
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15:05:22 <flaper87> #topic roll call
15:05:32 <cpallares> o/
15:05:34 <sriram> o/
15:05:34 <malini1> o/
15:05:42 <tjanczuk> o/
15:05:46 <alcabrera> \o
15:05:51 <cpallares> \o/
15:05:59 <flaper87> o/
15:06:00 <flaper87> :D
15:06:18 <flaper87> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Marconi#Agenda
15:06:35 <flaper87> #topic action items
15:06:43 <flaper87> #chair kgriffs
15:06:44 <openstack> Current chairs: flaper87 kgriffs
15:06:52 <kgriffs> o/
15:06:54 <kgriffs> flaper87: carry on with the chair
15:06:56 <kgriffs> :)
15:07:12 <flaper87> flaper87 to do the plumbing for specs
15:07:23 <flaper87> I haven't started, I was actually planing to do that today
15:07:27 <flaper87> #action flaper87 to do the plumbing for spec
15:07:34 <malini1> it is flooding all over the place now :(
15:07:35 <flaper87> no more action items
15:07:59 <flaper87> yeah
15:08:19 <alcabrera> spec-tacular
15:08:30 <flaper87> #topic lets be friendly with flwang
15:08:30 <sriram> lol
15:08:48 <flaper87> Turns out that our meeting is at 3am flwang TZ
15:09:00 <kgriffs> this is our predicament
15:09:01 <kgriffs> http://goo.gl/X6A3ki
15:09:11 <flaper87> kgriffs: thanks
15:10:00 * flaper87 is staring at the timetable
15:10:02 <flaper87> :P
15:10:10 <tjanczuk> to make things easier I am in Seattle (GMT-8)
15:10:10 <malini1> should we start rotating meeting times?
15:10:24 <flaper87> malini1: I was about to say that
15:10:28 <flaper87> we do that in glance
15:10:39 <sriram> seems viable.
15:11:14 <kgriffs> that could work
15:11:28 <kgriffs> flaper87: does glance alternate every other week?
15:11:29 <flaper87> Ok, lets try to find another time that works for flwang and announc meeting time rotations on the mailing list
15:11:33 <flaper87> kgriffs: yes
15:12:07 <flaper87> moving on
15:12:13 <flaper87> #topic Juno-2
15:12:13 <kgriffs> OK, do you want to take that action?
15:12:40 <flaper87> #action flaper87 talk to flwang and find a meeting time that works for him
15:12:52 <kgriffs> cool, thanks
15:12:54 <flaper87> #action kgriffs announc the new meeting times in the mailing-list
15:12:58 <flaper87> :P
15:13:06 <flaper87> kgriffs: Juno-2, the floor is yours
15:13:07 <kgriffs> heh
15:13:12 <kgriffs> #link https://launchpad.net/marconi/+milestone/juno-2
15:13:31 <kgriffs> I spent some time putting together a list of bps and bugs for j-2
15:13:47 <flaper87> holy molly
15:13:52 <kgriffs> Flavio is looking through python client bugs and I've still got some server bugs to triage, but this is pretty close
15:14:29 <flaper87> kgriffs: I think we can move amqp out of Juno
15:14:56 <flaper87> what's the status of the benchmarking tool?
15:15:04 <sriram> its in review.
15:15:06 <flaper87> Any chance we can increase the priority there?
15:15:11 <flaper87> sriram: ohreally ?
15:15:13 <sriram> I have a patch out there.
15:15:14 <tjanczuk> what is the status of AMQP in general?
15:15:15 * flaper87 slaps himself
15:15:32 <tjanczuk> I saw some notes in the regular channel about dropping the storage driver and investigating AMQP as transport?
15:15:41 <kgriffs> flaper87: I believe malini has an agenda item about our review backlog. ;)
15:15:42 <flaper87> tjanczuk: as of now, it's a complete no-go
15:15:55 <tjanczuk> for amqp 1.0 as well?
15:15:59 <flaper87> tjanczuk: yes
15:16:23 <tjanczuk> Is there a write up of reasons somewhere so that we can compare notes?
15:16:32 <flaper87> tjanczuk: working on that
15:16:38 <tjanczuk> ok, thanks
15:16:50 <flaper87> ok, please, everyone. Go through blueprints and update status
15:16:53 <flaper87> same for bugs
15:17:07 <flaper87> feel free to triage bugs, that's a task for everyone ;)
15:17:18 <sriram> sure, ok.
15:17:27 <flaper87> moving on
15:17:30 <flaper87> #topic Proposal to define a set of review comment prefixes to better communicate intent
15:17:32 <flaper87> kgriffs: ?
15:18:30 <flaper87> kgriffs: knock knock ?
15:18:50 <flaper87> ok, lets skip until he's back
15:18:55 <kgriffs> back
15:18:59 <flaper87> ok
15:19:01 <flaper87> kgriffs: go ahead
15:19:01 <kgriffs> sorry, trying to figure out how to present this
15:19:27 <kgriffs> there was swift session all about what is basically their code of conduct and quality standards
15:19:45 <kgriffs> they said something about reviews being easy to take the wrong way
15:20:11 <kgriffs> and they said it was good to specifically say something what a nitpick or whatever
15:20:13 <vkmc> brb
15:20:42 <kgriffs> so, this is something I'm still playing with, but I thought we might cross-pollinate that idea with what we do for inline code comments
15:20:51 <flaper87> you mean to use things like: (nit:) remove the dot at the end
15:20:55 <flaper87> ?
15:21:00 <kgriffs> yeah, stuff like that
15:21:08 <flaper87> oh, that sounds good to me
15:21:15 <flaper87> it states the intent of the comment
15:21:16 <kgriffs> I've been experimenting with it lately in my comments (some of you no doubt noticed)
15:21:20 <alcabrera> works for me
15:21:25 <alcabrera> for reference
15:21:33 <alcabrera> are the swift CoC and quality docs available?
15:21:34 <malini1> guess the idea is to be nice when doing the critiques, rt?
15:21:35 <alcabrera> link?
15:21:35 <flaper87> Lets work on a list of tags on the wiki
15:21:45 <kgriffs> nit, perf, imo, etc. - I think it will take some time to figure out a good list
15:21:53 <sriram> nice idea.
15:22:02 <sriram> it will definitely help.
15:22:15 <kgriffs> malini1: the idea is to more clearly communicate the intent and context for the comment
15:22:18 <flaper87> #action Kurt to write a wiki page with possible review comment tags
15:22:25 <kgriffs> to minimize misunderstandings
15:22:31 <flaper87> #undo
15:22:32 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: <ircmeeting.items.Action object at 0x2381690>
15:22:36 <tjanczuk> Here is some prior art: https://www.google.com/search?q=emoticons+cheat+sheet&espv=2&tbm=isch&imgil=Ruan9Cq-NET-6M%253A%253Bhttps%253A%252F%252Fencrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com%252Fimages%253Fq%253Dtbn%253AANd9GcQpDv1DqbWnszg8HJpTdnA3yKGFTQZTLb_XDUvK3MOANaGoVl4b%253B530%253B713%253By33FowaEZmlvMM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.phonearena.com%25252Fnews%25252FWindows-Phone-emoticon-cheat-sheet-gets-posted_id24438&source=iu&
15:22:36 <flaper87> #action kgriffs to write a wiki page with possible review comment tags
15:23:06 <kgriffs> emoticons... mmm. Interesting idea.
15:23:12 <tjanczuk> (and I meant it with a ;)
15:23:16 <kgriffs> OK, I will play around with this and we can see where it leads
15:23:21 <flaper87> I prefer the tags
15:23:25 <cpallares> me too
15:23:28 <flaper87> because it allows other reviewers to decide on that
15:23:47 <flaper87> if I see a "(nit) Remove the dot" comment, I may choose to approve the patch anyway
15:24:00 <flaper87> because the other reviewer stated it's just a nit
15:24:13 <flaper87> if it's tagged with a PERF flag, I definitely won't do that
15:24:14 <kgriffs> makes sense
15:24:14 <flaper87> etc
15:24:33 <flaper87> s/flag/tag/
15:24:34 <kgriffs> lol
15:24:37 <flaper87> o___0
15:24:44 * flaper87 was thinking about red flags
15:24:46 <flaper87> anyway
15:24:51 <flaper87> kgriffs: good idea
15:25:09 <flaper87> kgriffs: btw, i gotta step out, mind leading the meeting from here?
15:25:16 <kgriffs> sure
15:25:43 <flaper87> you're chair already, sorry about that
15:25:48 <flaper87> kgriffs: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Marconi#Agenda
15:26:14 <kgriffs> OK, I'm going to go out of order a little on the agenda to timebox the bigger discussion
15:26:22 <kgriffs> #topic Introduce the Marconi c# client
15:26:25 <kgriffs> abettadapur: ^^^
15:26:36 <abettadapur> hi
15:26:38 <abettadapur> so yes
15:26:45 <abettadapur> we have a c# marconi client that you can view
15:26:54 <malini1> yayy!!
15:26:59 <sriram> awesome!
15:27:04 <abettadapur> https://github.com/abettadapur/marconiclient
15:27:19 <abettadapur> it covers both v1 and v1.1 of the api
15:27:31 <malini1> abettadapur: do you know if there is a repo for non-python openstack bindings?
15:27:51 <abettadapur> balajiiyer and i were talking about this and i dont think there is...?
15:27:59 <vkmc> neat!
15:28:01 <abettadapur> his idea was to post a link to it on the wiki somewhere
15:28:06 <abettadapur> and direct people to use it
15:28:16 <abettadapur> "we have clients for the following platforms..."
15:28:17 <alcabrera> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/SDKs#OpenStack_Toolkits
15:28:20 <alcabrera> err
15:28:22 <alcabrera> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/SDKs#OpenStack_Toolkits
15:28:33 <alcabrera> that's the cannonical home, as far as I can tell
15:28:41 <alcabrera> for other clients/sdks
15:28:47 <abettadapur> oh there you go
15:29:03 <malini1> looks like all of them point to personal repos
15:29:13 <abettadapur> right
15:29:16 <malini1> So probably thts the way to go, for now
15:29:43 <kgriffs> FWIW, it is also linked from the marconi home page on the wiki
15:30:36 <kgriffs> abettadapur: nice work, thanks for taking this on. It is helpful to have more ways for devs to use Marconi, and also gives us more feedback on API design
15:30:39 <abettadapur> updated the sdks page
15:30:50 <abettadapur> kgriffs: of course! :)
15:31:05 <kgriffs> #topic review queue
15:31:23 <kgriffs> malini1: ^^^
15:31:34 <malini1> Our review queue is at the longest it has ever been https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/marconi,n,z
15:31:51 <malini1> It is a good thing because we are getting a lot of new contributors
15:32:11 <malini1> On the flip side, I dont think we are doing justice to all the great work
15:32:30 <malini1> It is a tirn off for new contributors, if the patches take too long to land
15:32:34 <malini1> turn*
15:33:04 <malini1> I personally dread contributing to certain projects because it takes forever to get reviews
15:33:37 <malini1> We need a way to make sure Marconi doesnt go the same route
15:33:42 <malini1> thoughts on how to do this?
15:34:11 <alcabrera> continue to work to promote marconi champions to core
15:34:15 <alcabrera> that's going to be critical
15:34:33 <malini1> I was also thinking of setting SLA's for each patchset
15:35:07 <sriram> what kind of SLA's?
15:35:15 <malini1> if a patchset sits idle with no reviews for x days, do something
15:35:23 <malini1> shout, scream, glow red whatever
15:35:28 <alcabrera> ah
15:35:44 <alcabrera> SLAs confused me. I was thinking review quality and/or code quality
15:35:49 <malini1> alcabrera: +1 on ur idea as well
15:35:55 <alcabrera> thanks for clarifying, malini1!
15:36:08 <alcabrera> so a TTL of sorts
15:36:15 <sriram> I see, makes sense.
15:36:19 <sriram> alcabrera: +1
15:36:22 <malini1> yeah..except we dont garbage collect ;)
15:36:28 <sriram> hahaha
15:36:31 <alcabrera> or maybe we do...! ;)
15:36:36 <alcabrera> :P
15:36:38 <alcabrera> but yes
15:36:39 <malini1> tht wud be scary!
15:36:45 <alcabrera> that's a lively approach
15:36:53 <alcabrera> in the sense that things will get serviced more routinely
15:36:53 <sriram> probabilistic garbage collection :P
15:36:56 <alcabrera> here's the catch
15:37:00 <alcabrera> can we automate this?
15:37:14 <alcabrera> get gerrit/bot-things to ping us when things reach the TTL
15:37:22 <alcabrera> so we don't have to manually track patches
15:37:23 <malini1> we probably need to investigate & review at next meeting?
15:37:30 <alcabrera> sounds good to me
15:37:40 <alcabrera> a good question for *-infra
15:37:42 <kgriffs> gerrit has some sort of API
15:38:10 <kgriffs> we could write a bot that annoys us or at least creates a report that highlights reviews in red that need attention
15:38:14 <tjanczuk> sometimes just raising visibility of who is doing reviews helps. you could do a weekly leaderboard.
15:38:29 <kgriffs> game mechanics - not a bad idea
15:39:01 <malini1> tjanczuk: tht wud mean we are looking at the problem once a week.I think e need a faster turnaround than tht
15:39:18 <malini1> &most of us don't like meetings :-P
15:39:40 <malini1> I can investigate options & update next week
15:39:53 <vkmc> it's something that worths discussing with infra guys
15:40:00 <tjanczuk> No I meant somethign along the lines of https://github.com/joyent/node/graphs/contributors
15:40:09 <vkmc> it could help another projects as well
15:40:10 <kgriffs> one thing to note is that we had some people missing in action for a few weeks after the summit
15:40:16 <kgriffs> now we are playing catch up
15:41:05 <kgriffs> FWIW, there is this: http://stackalytics.com/?release=juno&metric=marks&module=marconi
15:41:32 <kgriffs> malini1: were you thinking something more proactive, like a bot that would ping specific people in IRC?
15:41:53 <malini1> kgriffs: tht wud be real cool
15:42:15 <malini1> maybe we shud just clean out the queue now?
15:42:36 <malini1> If this becomes a problem again, lets think  abt the bot stuff
15:42:41 <kgriffs> ok
15:43:10 <malini1> the next 2-3 days, let's all focus on reviewing
15:43:13 <vkmc> maybe a welcome bot that provides a list of patches ordered by lowest ttl?
15:43:34 <malini1> vkmc: you mean in the review page?
15:43:42 <malini1> maybe all we need is a filter :D
15:44:20 <vkmc> malini1, in IRC I thought... otherwise we would have to make it part of Gerrit and I'm not sure if that is possible from our side
15:44:20 <kgriffs> yep, let's focus on reviewing...
15:44:43 <kgriffs> and ongoing, everyone should spend part of each day reviewing patches
15:45:06 <malini1> vkmc: lets take this offline to #marconi to figure out how.if to automate
15:45:13 <vkmc> malini1, +1
15:45:19 <malini1> kgriffs: tht's all I have
15:45:39 <kgriffs> #action malini1 and vkmc to experiment with tools/bots for improving review velocity
15:46:01 <kgriffs> #topic implementing the project rename - make a plan
15:46:24 <kgriffs> malini1: you found this, iirc? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sahara/+spec/savanna-renaming
15:46:34 <malini1> kgriffs: yes
15:46:36 <alcabrera> #openstack-marconi -> #openstack-naav  -- that'll be fun
15:47:16 <malini1> alcabrera: tht sounds sarcastic :(
15:47:20 <sriram> whoa look at that dependency tree.
15:47:31 <alcabrera> malini1: ah, my apologies. I meant it sincerely. :)
15:47:36 <vkmc> wow
15:47:40 <malini1> I am dreading this
15:48:20 <kgriffs> I think there will less work for us than savanna, but by no means a trivial amount
15:48:21 <vkmc> alcabrera, we should add to the topic 'HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently => #openstack-naav'
15:48:42 <alcabrera> hehe, vkmc. :)
15:48:53 <kgriffs> one question I had was what happens to the pending gerrit patches?
15:49:03 <alcabrera> hmmm
15:50:07 <malini1> I remember seeing something abt this somewhere...grr
15:50:19 <kgriffs> btw, there is a blueprint for this that I registered
15:50:21 <kgriffs> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/marconi/+spec/project-rename
15:51:07 <malini1> well..I saw tht as the question in Sahara etherpad :D
15:51:25 <vkmc> iirc infra chaps schedule a downtime for renaming
15:51:47 <kgriffs> I was thinking first step would be to make a list of work items. The order them so that things like renaming the repo is last
15:51:49 <kgriffs> vkmc: could be. They probably have to lock gerrit and run some scripts and stuff
15:52:06 <vkmc> kgriffs, yes... that happened with Quantum => Neutron
15:52:24 <malini1> aah..Neutron also went thru renaming?
15:52:26 <alcabrera> it's good that there's lots of prior art here
15:52:56 <malini1> it's bad tht it is a known problem, & every project goes thru this :(
15:53:16 <vkmc> malini1, yeah... in Grizzly :/ that probably was a pain in the neck
15:53:50 <kgriffs> malini1: would you mind taking a first pass at making the list of work items (adding to the bp)? Someone in #openstack-infra could help us make sure the list is complete from their side
15:53:56 <kgriffs> there may be a wiki page about this
15:54:00 <malini1> sure
15:54:08 <malini1> I will start updating the bp
15:55:10 <kgriffs> #action malini1 to make a list of work items for the rename and ask infra what things we need to include outside of code changes
15:55:17 <kgriffs> thanks!
15:55:21 <vkmc> http://ci.openstack.org/gerrit.html#renaming-a-project
15:55:33 <kgriffs> #link http://ci.openstack.org/gerrit.html#renaming-a-project
15:55:43 <malini1> thanks vkmc
15:55:44 <vkmc> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/neutron-renaming
15:55:52 <vkmc> np malini1
15:56:04 <alcabrera> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/savanna-renaming-process
15:56:13 <alcabrera> all the links
15:56:20 <alcabrera> to preserve prior art
15:56:37 <kgriffs> #topic open discussion
15:57:26 <alcabrera> tiny update - code of conduct changes are working their way through the pipeline
15:57:34 <alcabrera> I was really happy to see my concerns taken seriously
15:57:39 <kgriffs> cool
15:57:43 <vkmc> :)
15:57:49 <sriram> nice
15:57:52 <alcabrera> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98205/
15:58:49 <cpallares> alcabrera: :)
15:58:58 <malini1> alcabrera: nice :)
15:59:02 <alcabrera> :)
15:59:02 <kgriffs> L22: "participanting" typo
15:59:23 <malini1> kgriffs is really serious on ramping up reviews ;)
15:59:27 <alcabrera> participanting. <3
15:59:28 <kgriffs> if that isn't a real word, it *should* be. :D
15:59:34 <alcabrera> agreed, kgriffs
15:59:38 <alcabrera> let's coin it
15:59:51 <kgriffs> heh
16:00:13 <kgriffs> anyway, I don't mean to make light of the topic... this is really important stuff. thanks for working on it!
16:00:43 <alcabrera> no worries. I'm happy to see it moving. :)
16:01:05 <alcabrera> healthy community -> happy people, better for everyone
16:01:09 <alcabrera> anyway
16:01:12 <alcabrera> I think we're timed out
16:01:17 <alcabrera> over time
16:01:18 <kgriffs> ok people. let's get those patches merged!
16:01:19 <alcabrera> yes
16:01:24 <kgriffs> #endmeeting