15:02:24 <flaper87> #startmeeting Marconi
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15:02:40 <flaper87> #topic roll call
15:02:46 <malini> o/
15:02:50 <sriram1> o/
15:02:50 <ametts> o/
15:02:58 <amitgandhi> o/
15:02:58 <flaper87> o/
15:03:05 <vkmc> o/
15:03:39 <nelsnelson> o/
15:03:40 <flaper87> The agenda is quite empty but I've some topics in mind
15:03:48 <flaper87> feel free to add more things as we speak
15:03:52 <flaper87> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Marconi#Agenda
15:04:10 <flaper87> #topic Meeting Time
15:04:38 <flaper87> I talked to flwang about what time would be good for him. He said that anytime after 7am his TZ would be fine
15:04:47 <flaper87> so I think 7am his TZ is fine :P
15:05:06 <malini> 7:01 am ;)
15:05:07 <vkmc> 7 am his TZ == ? UTC
15:05:25 <flaper87> vkmc: wait, I'm getting the link
15:05:43 <flaper87> jokes apart, 7am may not be good because the TC and project meetings are at that time
15:06:05 <flaper87> That's 19UTC and 20UTC
15:06:23 <flaper87> so, we probably want to do it at 21UTC just to make sure we have presence in both meetings
15:06:26 <flaper87> Thoughts?
15:06:39 <flaper87> I checked and the channel seems to be free at that time
15:06:46 <malini> maybe we can do 7am NZ on a different day?
15:07:02 <flaper87> malini: changing day and time may be harder
15:07:28 <malini> flaper87: is getting the channel the hard part?
15:07:38 <flaper87> no, it's remembering the meeting :P
15:07:39 <flaper87> hahahaha
15:07:45 <flaper87> my brain is not that good
15:07:48 <flaper87> :P
15:08:14 <flaper87> I'd like kgriffs to agree w/ this before doing anything so, since he's not here we won't be able to start next week
15:08:26 <malini> dont worry abt the brain..we can all ping you
15:08:36 <sriram1> at the same time.
15:08:41 <sriram1> DDOS :P
15:08:44 <flaper87> Lets start agreeing on 21UTC for now and try to find a better day during this week
15:09:08 <vkmc> we can check all the tmz in one table here http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html
15:09:54 <vkmc> there are three meeting channels we could use, so there should be some spot that works for everybody
15:10:19 <flaper87> vkmc: right, I'd like to change just the time if possible
15:10:23 <flaper87> to avoid confussion
15:10:27 <vkmc> flaper87, sounds good
15:10:59 <flaper87> #agreed 21UTC sounds like a good time. find a better day/channel if possible
15:11:09 <flaper87> #topic Reviews
15:11:15 <flaper87> sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
15:11:35 <flaper87> Marconi seems to be moving really slow
15:11:47 <flaper87> it's not a complain but a warning for all of us
15:12:03 <malini> agreeed..
15:12:05 <flaper87> it looks like we're having very busy times elsewhere and we need to reschedule some of our time
15:12:33 <sriram1> agreed, will spend time on reviews.
15:12:47 <malini> +1
15:12:50 <flaper87> The warning I'm raising is that whenever our time has to be scheduled on other things it's important to dedicate the little time we have for marconi on reviews
15:13:03 <flaper87> that until we have enough time to code as well
15:13:15 <flaper87> this will facilitate people dedicating time on marconi to move forward
15:13:23 <flaper87> and keep working on the things they're working on
15:13:25 <vkmc> +1
15:13:42 <flaper87> so stop paying attention to what I'm saying here and go do reviews
15:13:50 <flaper87> ok, ignore the last message
15:13:52 <flaper87> :P
15:14:01 * malini already at that
15:14:03 <malini> ;)
15:14:13 <flaper87> awesome, that's all I have to say here for now
15:14:21 <flaper87> there's no magic trick, it's just about priorities
15:14:55 <flaper87> again, if you find yourself with not enough time to code on marconi, dedicate whatever you have available on reviews
15:15:05 <flaper87> anything else, ayone?
15:15:23 <flaper87> you better agree with me or I'll stop reviewing your code
15:15:25 <flaper87> >.>
15:15:39 <sriram1> agreed.
15:15:46 <flaper87> #topic queue flavors: Use ID or name ?
15:15:50 <flaper87> sriram1: good boy
15:15:57 <vkmc> agreed
15:16:10 <malini> I am sure sriram1 is getting pop-tarts wired
15:16:16 <flaper87> ok, there's a patch up there adding the base class for flavors
15:16:19 <prashanthr_1> agreed :)
15:16:33 <flaper87> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98777/
15:16:46 <flaper87> flwang and others raised a question whether we should use IDs or names there
15:16:51 <flaper87> before we share our thoughts
15:16:57 <flaper87> let me share why I went with names
15:18:00 <flaper87> I used names because we're already using them for pools and queues. The other reason is that flavors is not something that users can create themselves., it's an admin action. Last but not least, I wanted to be consistent with compute flavors and have something easy to remember and write
15:18:24 <flaper87> with all that said, I really don't mind using IDs, I just find them less readable although they're easier to handle
15:18:28 <flaper87> thoughts?
15:18:48 <sriram1> I agree on names as well, much more relatable to me.
15:18:54 <malini> I like the names better because it makes it easy to remember & is obvious on what it signifies
15:19:30 <vkmc> flaper87, sorry I didn't reply earlier on Gerrit
15:19:35 <malini> flavor=1 doesn't convey any info
15:19:46 <flaper87> vkmc: np :)
15:19:48 <flaper87> malini: right
15:20:02 <flaper87> the thing about names is that we'll have to validate them, which is not a big deal
15:20:13 <flaper87> we already do that for queues
15:20:18 <flaper87> we can reuse the same validation
15:20:19 <vkmc> I asked about this because of some issues that arised in Nova a long time ago with instance flavors... because they use both ids and names
15:20:30 <prashanthr_1> Names make more sense.
15:20:37 <flaper87> vkmc: do you recall what issues were those?
15:20:39 <vkmc> so when flavors where deleted and created again that causes lots of inconsistencies
15:20:58 <flaper87> ah ok, that's because they allow users to use ids and names
15:21:11 <vkmc> but the usage of ids were because in many use cases they needed a great amount of flavors and names can be hard to scale
15:21:42 <vkmc> in this case flavors creation is an admin operation, so it should be ok
15:22:04 <flaper87> I guess the right question is: Will we need many queue flavors?
15:22:17 <flaper87> flavors are related to the storage capabilities
15:22:21 <vkmc> I don't think so, but my head is a bit narrow when it comes to production stuff :)
15:22:32 <flaper87> the combinations between them are finite for sure
15:22:43 <sriram1> no, I think they can be sufficiently distinct to scale.
15:23:02 <sriram1> it shouldnt be a problem, according to me.
15:23:08 * flaper87 is a production expert, he has a marconi instance running on a single node, single gear, single mongod openshift instance
15:23:18 <flaper87> :P
15:23:22 <vkmc> haha
15:23:24 <malini> we need oz!
15:23:45 <flaper87> malini: can you forward this question to him?
15:23:56 <flaper87> I think names are enough in this case
15:24:02 <malini> sure
15:24:23 <vkmc> the real problem arises if flavors are shared among tenants and regular users are allowed to create flavors
15:24:25 <flaper87> awesome
15:24:47 * flaper87 tries to remember what he wanted to talk about next
15:25:03 <flaper87> vkmc: ahhhhhh
15:25:08 <flaper87> vkmc: why did you say that?
15:25:11 <flaper87> :(
15:25:23 <flaper87> flavors are indeed shared between tenants
15:25:29 <flaper87> well, not exactly shared
15:25:32 <vkmc> flaper87, but the admin is the only one creating flavors
15:25:41 <vkmc> so.. it's 'controlled'
15:26:04 <sriram1> vkmc: if the users are allowed to create custom flavors, then its a whole game altogether.
15:26:10 <flaper87> Here's the scenario: 1 tenant wants to use a flavor that is available, at that point the admin creates/clones the flavor to the other tenant
15:26:26 <vkmc> sriram1, yes of course :)
15:26:28 <flaper87> users are not allowed to create falvors for now
15:26:35 <sriram1> flaper87: right
15:26:50 <flaper87> creating flavors means the user knows what's been deployed in terms of storage
15:26:55 <flaper87> and the user most know the pool name
15:27:07 <flaper87> since all that is admin-only so has to be the flavor as well
15:27:16 <vkmc> it makes sense... and I agree with all the pros of using names
15:27:17 <vkmc> so +1
15:27:30 <flaper87> awesome
15:27:36 * flaper87 loves it when vkmc agrees
15:27:50 <vkmc> haha when everybody agrees!
15:28:00 <flaper87> now I don't recall what I wanted to talk about next
15:28:03 <flaper87> damnit
15:28:04 <sriram1> Ok, I'd like to bring up the benchmark environment now. :P
15:28:09 * flaper87 should stop cursing
15:28:12 <flaper87> ah I remember now
15:28:19 <sriram1> if that's ok, flaper87?
15:28:19 <flaper87> #topic Notifications
15:28:29 <flaper87> sriram1: ops sorry, sure
15:28:31 <flaper87> #undo
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15:28:35 <flaper87> #topic Benchmark
15:28:39 <flaper87> sriram1: floor is yours
15:28:54 <sriram1> ok so after some work, the benchmark env is (almost) ready
15:29:01 <sriram1> Its usable now.
15:29:14 <flaper87> sriram1: link or it ain't happen
15:29:15 <sriram1> but I havent been able to finish performance twaeks
15:29:19 <flaper87> :P
15:29:23 <sriram1> sure, one sec.
15:29:40 <sriram1>
15:29:45 <vkmc> :o
15:30:03 <sriram1> I'll try to add a DNS entry for this.
15:30:06 <flaper87> sriram1: does it have auto-update ?
15:30:25 <flaper87> is there a way to trigger benchmarks form the outside world ?
15:30:53 <sriram1> flaper87: not yet.. that's a good question. for auto update.
15:31:13 <sriram1> trigger benchmarks should be possible, you should be able to connect to it from anywhere.
15:31:39 <flaper87> sriram1: wait, so, that link is for the marconi instance, right ?
15:31:47 <sriram1> flaper87: correct
15:31:53 <sriram1> with haproxy load balancer
15:31:56 <sriram1> 4 webheads
15:32:01 <sriram1> monog replica set
15:32:05 <flaper87> sriram1: awesome
15:32:17 <sriram1> for both catlog, queues, messages.
15:32:20 <flaper87> I was going to said that it'd be nice to be able to trigger a locally installed benchmark script
15:32:22 <sriram1> there is no auth.
15:32:28 <flaper87> but from here is a more real scenario
15:33:06 <sriram1> umm, so benchmark from anywhere?
15:33:40 <flaper87> sriram1: as it is now I'd have to point our bench tool to the benchmark server
15:33:44 <flaper87> sriram1: correct ?
15:33:52 <sriram1> yes.
15:34:19 <flaper87> sriram1: I think that's fine. I was going to propose having an endpoint to trigger the benchmarks on the same server
15:34:23 <flaper87> but that doesn't make much sense
15:34:37 <sriram1> Good idea though..
15:34:41 <flaper87> I mean, that would be benchmark-connection_latency
15:34:47 <sriram1> yes
15:35:07 <flaper87> it's still useful but running benches from here makes it more real, so to speak
15:35:11 <flaper87> anyway, we could have both
15:35:25 <sriram1> also since its experimental now, we might continually be making changes to the environment.
15:35:53 <sriram1> yes we can have both, soon.
15:36:01 <sriram1> I have spoken with Aazza
15:36:07 <sriram1> is she here?
15:37:04 <sriram1> hey AAzza :)
15:37:21 <AAzza> hi, all)
15:37:48 <malini> hello AAzza!
15:37:55 <vkmc> hi AAzza!
15:37:58 <sriram1> We were just talking about the benchmarking stuff.
15:38:18 <sriram1> AAzza: you can start playing around with it.
15:38:56 <sriram1> The environment doesnt have performance tweaks yet, which I will be working on :)
15:39:04 <flaper87> ok
15:39:06 <flaper87> awesome
15:39:09 <sriram1> :)
15:39:12 <flaper87> sriram1: thanks a lot for all the hard work there
15:39:25 <flaper87> sriram1: AAzza please, work together on that
15:39:39 <flaper87> while sriram1 is working on the server AAzza can move the bench tools forward
15:39:39 <sriram1> no problem :) sure, we will.
15:39:46 <flaper87> it's important to get that done
15:39:50 <AAzza> of course)
15:40:10 <flaper87> awesome, thank you both
15:40:14 <AAzza> did we decide in what way we want to store/process the stats?
15:40:40 <flaper87> AAzza: as of now, we dump everything on the CLI or in a json file
15:40:59 <flaper87> s/CLI/stdout/
15:41:37 <AAzza> flaper87: yes, good. and what lib is preffereable to draw results? matplotlib, gnuplot?
15:42:03 <flaper87> AAzza: TBH, I've no idea. I'm sure one of these is being used elsewhere in openstack
15:42:09 <flaper87> lets try to figure out which one
15:42:19 <flaper87> or pick one if not
15:42:24 <AAzza> aha, understand)
15:43:34 <vkmc> maybe we can check how is it being done in Rally?
15:44:04 <flaper87> vkmc: +1
15:44:33 <sriram1> Good idea.
15:45:30 <AAzza> definetely need to look at it
15:46:10 <flaper87> awesome
15:46:12 <flaper87> anything else?
15:46:26 <flaper87> #topic Notifications
15:46:38 <flaper87> I'm starting to look at this based on what we discussed at the summit
15:46:50 <flaper87> I'm figuring out a good way to do the webhooks dispatch
15:46:57 <flaper87> without locking the whole marocni node
15:47:17 <flaper87> the case I'm trying to figure out is when there're are more than 500 hooks subscribed on a single topic
15:47:43 <flaper87> calling all those hooks can be painful so we may need some extra nodes that will do this work for us
15:48:11 <flaper87> just some thoughts, I'll write everything down soon
15:48:29 <flaper87> if you guys have ideas/feedback pls let me know
15:48:48 <flaper87> #topic Open Discussion
15:48:50 <Obulpathi> so .. as apart of the recent hackday program .. we (Alex .. intern at rackspace and me) created a proof of concept for notifications service
15:48:56 <flaper87> #undo
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15:49:04 <Obulpathi> so I am wondering if this will of anything interest here
15:49:22 <flaper87> Obulpathi: absolutely, I had no idea you guys worked on this
15:49:30 <flaper87> Obulpathi: you should've shared this before :P
15:49:36 <malini> Obulpathi: can you post ur github rep (if you have it)
15:49:37 <flaper87> Obulpathi: is it pushed somehwere?
15:49:48 <Obulpathi> the core idea is to use lightweight containers to execute templatized or user given code
15:50:04 <Obulpathi> hmm .. its a proof of concept ..
15:50:14 <Obulpathi> its contains passwords and credentials
15:50:21 <flaper87> Obulpathi: even a POC is useful
15:50:28 <flaper87> mmh, can you write the idea down somewhere?
15:50:31 <Obulpathi> so I will clean it up and sent it to you guys fore review by today evening
15:50:40 <flaper87> Obulpathi: awesome
15:50:42 <flaper87> thanks
15:50:42 <malini> Obulpathi: tht will be awesome!
15:50:44 <Obulpathi> sure ... I will document and mail it
15:50:49 <flaper87> perfect
15:51:00 <Obulpathi> also I have another small item to discuss
15:51:06 <Obulpathi> Last week I create a logo ..
15:51:17 <flaper87> Obulpathi: wait, lemme open the discussion
15:51:18 <Obulpathi> again this is proof of concept for Naav
15:51:24 <flaper87> #topic Open Discussion
15:51:35 <flaper87> Obulpathi: so, is this logo somewhere?
15:51:43 <Obulpathi> yes sir
15:51:45 <Obulpathi> https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1bH5_h2BKD4oZxG1qmHrFLeEH2VfOguwACOHJoVKTRPs/edit
15:51:50 <Obulpathi> its a prototype ..
15:52:02 <Obulpathi> Naav means the vessel to carry the messages
15:52:20 <Obulpathi> so a boat depicting the Naav service
15:52:48 <Obulpathi> and the letters "N" "A" "A" "V" inside the logo represent the messages in a queue
15:53:18 <flaper87> HA! Nice!
15:53:20 <malini> looks great !
15:53:23 <flaper87> subtle and precise
15:53:35 <Obulpathi> the design is asymmetrical to signify that messages are traveling in the direction of the sharp end
15:53:57 <sriram1> wow, looks like a lot of thought has gone into this :)
15:54:01 <Obulpathi> thank you :)
15:54:10 <Obulpathi> thanks to Balaji and Malini for feedback
15:54:29 <malini> wait..did I give feeback? :D
15:54:54 <Obulpathi> so if you guys like it ... I can get a better logo made
15:55:06 <Obulpathi> I think you forgot malini :D
15:55:30 <sriram1> malini has a high throughput on suggestions ;)
15:55:46 <flaper87> great stuff guys
15:55:49 <flaper87> great stuff!
15:55:50 <malini> yeah..right..I am good at telling everybody else what to do :-P
15:55:59 <vkmc> it looks great :) it have a lot of meaning
15:56:06 <Obulpathi> thank vkmc ;)
15:56:09 <Obulpathi> :)
15:56:25 <flaper87> Obulpathi: thanks for the work there
15:56:28 <flaper87> ok guy, 4mins left
15:56:33 <flaper87> anything else you guys want to discuss?
15:56:38 <Obulpathi> thanks flaper87
15:56:46 <malini> anything new from our TC rep?
15:56:58 <Obulpathi> will mail you the write up and code for containers .. please go through it .. any feedback will be appreciated
15:57:06 <flaper87> malini: not about the email, he's been quite busy. I'll keep you guys updated
15:57:16 <flaper87> Obulpathi: +1
15:57:18 <flaper87> will do
15:57:20 <malini> thanks flaper87!
15:57:29 <Obulpathi> thanks guys
15:57:38 <flaper87> right on!
15:57:42 <vkmc> thanks all :)
15:57:44 <flaper87> closing the meeting
15:57:50 <flaper87> take care all, tty next week
15:57:56 <malini> bye
15:58:00 <flaper87> (yeah right, I'll ping you all in the channel)
15:58:05 <flaper87> #endmeeting