04:01:24 <samP> #startmeeting masakari
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04:01:33 <samP> sagara: hi..
04:01:40 <abhishekk> Hi
04:01:47 <samP> abhishekk: hi
04:02:28 <abhishekk> samP: hi, how are you, how was the journey
04:02:37 <samP> right after the summit, mightn not have updates...anyway..lets start with bugs
04:03:03 <samP> abhishekk: still jetlag... too sleepy in daytime :)
04:03:14 <abhishekk> samP: same here :)
04:04:04 <samP> abhishekk: I hate to travel with time diffs... next time would be better..its AUS
04:04:19 <samP> #topic critical bugs
04:04:41 <abhishekk> samP: yes, but PTG will be in US again
04:04:48 <samP> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/masakari/+bug/1690768
04:04:50 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1690768 in masakari "Notification status will be "error" if recovered instance was "resized"." [High,New]
04:04:57 <samP> abhishekk: Right...
04:05:47 <rkmrHonjo> samP: Can I split the report to two reports?
04:05:51 <samP> abhishekk: Im not gonna attend full PTG...:)
04:06:03 <samP> rkmrHonjo: why?
04:07:02 <samP> rkmrHonjo: why would you think so? I can only see one issue here.
04:07:30 <rkmrHonjo> samP: I wrote two expected behaviour. but , IMO, I think that these are difference problems after that.
04:08:18 <abhishekk> rkmrHonjo: have you checked sheve case with shelved_offload_time -1 i.e. never offload?
04:08:55 <abhishekk> i.e. instance is in shelved state and recovery happens?
04:09:05 <rkmrHonjo> notification status will be going to error, this is severe issue. But, IMO, recovering "stopped->resized" instance as "active" is not severe.
04:09:45 <samP> abhishekk: why would some one do that, shelved with -1?
04:09:45 <rkmrHonjo> abhishekk: shelved_offload? This report tell about resize. Would you like to say that resize auto confirm?
04:10:24 <abhishekk> rkmrHonjo: no this is different, we will test this scenario
04:11:59 <rkmrHonjo> abhishekk: Did you say that you tested recovering "resized" instance? And, notification status was "finished" when you tested?
04:12:00 <samP> shelved with offload_time -1 is diffent scenario but sill could related to same situation, if node goes down.
04:12:32 <abhishekk> samP: right, we will check this scenario
04:12:50 <samP> abhishekk: thanks... let us know the result..
04:13:04 <abhishekk> samP: sure
04:13:42 <abhishekk> samP: will let you know on irc or will comment on same bug once done
04:13:55 <samP> abhishekk: great.. thanks
04:14:19 <rkmrHonjo> abhishekk: ah, sorry, I misunderstood that you already tested.
04:14:54 <abhishekk> rkmrHonjo: no problem
04:15:30 <samP> rkmrHonjo: you wants to split the report because, 1) Fix the notification status 2)Fix the recovery flow for resized state VMs
04:15:42 <samP> rkmrHonjo: ^^ Am I right?
04:15:51 <rkmrHonjo> samP: yes.
04:16:54 <rkmrHonjo> 1 is issue about notification status. But 2 is issue about instance status.
04:17:32 <samP> rkmrHonjo: correct, but those 2 are still related to same issue, right?
04:18:04 <samP> rkmrHonjo: If you think its better to split this, then please go ahead.
04:18:20 <rkmrHonjo> samP: thanks. I'll split after that.
04:18:31 <samP> rkmrHonjo: sure, thanks.
04:18:55 <samP> OK then, any other bugs..?
04:19:20 <sagara> ok, nothing
04:19:26 <samP> sagara: thanks.
04:19:46 <samP> let's move to discussion
04:19:57 <samP> #topic Discussion points
04:20:41 <samP> #link Recovery method customization https://review.openstack.org/#/c/458023/
04:22:00 <samP> I think it doses make sense to add Mistral to alternative..
04:22:19 <samP> abhishekk: what would you think about adam's comment?
04:23:19 <abhishekk> samP: ok,  I will discuss with Tushar San and modify the specs
04:23:35 <samP> abhishekk: sure...
04:23:50 <samP> #action samP Review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/458023/
04:24:02 <samP> I will review this^^
04:24:19 <samP> Other Pike work items
04:24:41 <samP> Notifying API progress: BP submitted
04:24:47 <samP> rkmrHonjo: thanks ^^
04:24:55 <abhishekk> samP: thanks, also review api documentation
04:25:10 <samP> abhishekk: sure... I will do that
04:25:35 <abhishekk> samP: could you please share blueprint link for notifying API?
04:25:47 <samP> #action samP Review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/459516/
04:26:05 <rkmrHonjo> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/masakari/+spec/notifications-in-masakari
04:26:08 <abhishekk> samP: thanks
04:26:26 <samP> rkmrHonjo: thanks...
04:26:43 <samP> abhishekk: rkmrHonjo put the link
04:27:01 <abhishekk> rkmrHonjo: thanks :)
04:27:39 <rkmrHonjo> I and Takahara describe specs and implement from now on.
04:27:49 <samP> rkmrHonjo: thank you...
04:28:11 <abhishekk> rkmrHonjo: great
04:28:32 <Dinesh_Bhor> rkmrHonjo: let me know if any help needed
04:28:48 <rkmrHonjo> Dinesh_Bhor: Thanks!
04:29:06 <samP> Force Stonith: had some discussion with Adam about this.
04:29:24 <samP> I will add spec for this one soo. Really sorry for the delay..
04:29:55 <samP> Improve the masakari-hostmonitor's implementation about detecting split-brain
04:30:17 <rkmrHonjo> samP: Sorry, no update. I'll update next week.
04:30:34 <samP> rkmrHonjo: sure...NP
04:30:57 <samP> Other are Just BPs with no specs.
04:31:10 <samP> (1) Prevent from flapping feature
04:31:31 <samP> (2) Recoverable libvirt events customization
04:31:32 <sagara> I'll add 'Prevent from flapping' BP
04:31:37 <samP> sagara: sure
04:32:14 <samP> sagara: We can discuss how to do this in separate session or IRC
04:32:54 <samP> for (2) Recoverable libvirt events customization, this would be a BP for masakari-monitors.
04:33:23 <samP> Please add them when you have time..
04:34:15 <sagara> samP: thanks
04:35:00 <samP> Let's move to AOB
04:35:05 <samP> #topic AOB
04:35:26 <samP> About rpm packaging 2/3 done. 1 wating
04:35:57 <samP> Once, it is done, I will fix the tags for all masakari packages.
04:37:41 <samP> Maxwell Li asked about ansible support for Masakari
04:38:10 <samP> #link  Request Ansible support for Masakari http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-April/115944.html
04:38:47 <samP> I will discuss with him about how to proceed with this
04:40:34 <rkmrHonjo> samP: By the way, you fixed masakariclient package in pypi. thanks. I'll try to add it to global-requirements.
04:40:38 <abhishekk> samP: ok, we will keep watch on ML
04:41:38 <samP> rkmrHonjo: yes. But I have push 3.0.0 tag and need to add pip packging jobs to gate
04:42:07 <samP> abhishekk: thanks...
04:42:28 <samP> <<Request to all>>
04:42:36 <rkmrHonjo> samP: Ok. Should I add it after you done?
04:42:51 <rkmrHonjo> sorry for interrupting...
04:43:38 <samP> Sice we have done presentaions, HA session, in summit, now pepole may ask question about masakari in ML or IRC
04:44:05 <samP> Please answer them if you can... or let me know if Im not there..
04:44:13 <abhishekk> samP: sure
04:44:20 <sagara> OK, Sure
04:44:46 <rkmrHonjo> samP: Sure.
04:46:36 <samP> I will also work with openstack HA community for add resorce-agents, and you all are welcome to openstack HA meetings
04:46:53 <samP> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#High_Availability_Meeting
04:47:08 <samP> Any other topics to discuss?
04:48:12 <abhishekk> samP: nothing from our side
04:48:21 <Dinesh_Bhor> nothing
04:48:23 <rkmrHonjo> nothing
04:48:25 <sagara> nothing
04:48:50 <samP> OK then, lets finish bit early...
04:49:02 <abhishekk> Thank you all
04:49:09 <Dinesh_Bhor> thanks to all
04:49:23 <samP> OH. Dinesh_Bhor, I will replay to your mail about pacemaker
04:49:31 <samP> thank you all...
04:49:34 <rkmrHonjo> bye
04:49:35 <samP> #endmeeting