04:00:36 <samP> #startmeeting masakari
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04:00:56 <samP> Hi all o/
04:01:48 <samP> Let's start
04:02:02 <samP> #topic Critical Bugs/ Patches
04:03:47 <samP> I am reviewing Dinesh patch for rename ha to instance-ha
04:04:02 <rkmrHonjo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/536821/
04:04:23 <rkmrHonjo> This patch looks good to me. I'll put +2 after that.
04:04:56 <samP> rkmrHonjo: sure, I hv just put +2
04:05:10 <rkmrHonjo> thanks.
04:05:36 <samP> any other patches?
04:08:10 <samP> #topic Dicussion points
04:09:27 <samP> Horizon Plugin repos is initialzed and ready push codes.
04:10:09 <samP> For documentation, I will review remaining masakari docs for monitors.
04:10:35 <samP> As we discussed last meeting, recovery method customization will skipped to R
04:11:05 <samP> Ansible support for Masakari is in progress. BP and repo will be there soon.
04:11:22 <samP> rkmrHonjo: any update from your side?
04:12:23 <rkmrHonjo> No.
04:13:29 <samP> OK then.
04:13:34 <samP> #topic AOB
04:13:48 <samP> Any items to discuss?
04:14:37 <rkmrHonjo> Waines, Greg sent a mail to ML. I think that is bug, so I replied to him to report the bug.
04:14:59 <samP> rkmrHonjo: thanks. I will check that
04:15:08 <rkmrHonjo> s/replied/will reply/
04:15:31 <rkmrHonjo> samP: thanks.
04:15:59 <samP> if no other items to discuss, we could finish today's meeting early.
04:16:25 <rkmrHonjo> I don't have other items.
04:16:38 <samP> OK then, let's finish the meeting.
04:17:14 <samP> If you have any issues/items to discuss, please use openstack-dev ML or #openstack-masakari IRC
04:17:20 <samP> Thank you all...
04:17:24 <samP> #endmeeting