04:00:19 <samP> #startmeeting masakari
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04:00:20 <tpatil> Hi
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04:00:49 <samP> Hi all, Thank you for coming
04:01:00 <samP> #topic High priority items
04:01:11 <samP> (1) Release
04:01:52 <samP> Currently, python-masakariclient is broken
04:02:14 <samP> And masakari-monitors aslo broken because of that
04:03:12 <samP> AFAIK, rkmrHonjo and Kengo-san is working on that.
04:03:40 <rkmrHonjo> samP: Yes. openstack client plugin for masakari already worked by our fix.
04:03:56 <samP> rkmrHonjo: great. thanks
04:04:03 <samP> rkmrHonjo: is it on gerrit?
04:04:32 <rkmrHonjo> samP: No. "masakari" command does not work yet. And we haven't test with openstack-sdk<=0.10.0.(e.g.0.9.19)
04:04:49 <rkmrHonjo> samP: Should we submit our patch as WIP?
04:04:49 <samP> rkmrHonjo: OK
04:05:32 <samP> rkmrHonjo: WIP is OK.
04:06:22 <rkmrHonjo> samP: Sure. Could I submit it as new patch set for Monty's patch? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/534883/ Or, other patch?
04:07:36 <samP> rkmrHonjo: Got any news from Monty? if not, for now, please submit it as a new patchset
04:08:26 <rkmrHonjo> No. ok, I(or Takahara) will submit it as a new patch set.
04:08:39 <samP> One other important issue: Need to create stable/queens branch for those 2 repos
04:08:57 <samP> After fixing this issue it too late.
04:09:27 <tpatil> I think you should upload a new PS on the existing Monty's patch
04:09:56 <rkmrHonjo> samP: I think that we can backport the fixing for stable branch.
04:10:05 <rkmrHonjo> tpatil: OK.
04:11:47 <tpatil> I think let's merge openstack client plugin patch first and then cut the stable/queens branch so that atleast masakari commands will work using openstack client
04:11:50 <samP> tpatil: rkmrHonjo: if you uploading a new patch set for Monty's patch, I think we better use Co-Authored-By
04:13:19 <rkmrHonjo> samP: OK, I'll write Co-Authored-By.
04:13:35 <tpatil> as masakari -monitors are using openstack sdk , everything will work except masakari shell commands
04:15:20 <samP> tpatil: we have to propose our release candidates before 2/22. For release and cut branches, I have to submit a patch to openstack/relase
04:16:02 <samP> tpatil: This patch also have some zuul jobs, and need review from release team
04:16:55 <samP> tpatil: if we can merge openstack client plugin patch today or tomorrow, then I think we have enough time to publish our relase
04:17:21 <tpatil> samP: that's what I'm proposing as well
04:18:04 <rkmrHonjo> samP, tpatil: Should I give priority to test masakari-monitors with current fixed masakariclient lather than fixing masakari command?
04:18:29 <samP> tpatil: got it.
04:19:06 <tpatil> rkmrHonjo: Yes, this way, atleast masakari monitors and openstack client commands will work
04:19:25 <samP> rkmrHonjo: I think you should. And please update the patch as soon as possible
04:20:33 <rkmrHonjo> OK. At first, I'll submit current my code as WIP. And, I'll test masakari-monitors with the patch after that. I'll write the result of it to gerrit.
04:20:59 <rkmrHonjo> I do it today.
04:21:08 <samP> rkmrHonjo: thanks
04:22:13 <samP> rkmrHonjo: As we agree, please submit it to Monty's patch with Co-Authored-By
04:22:27 <rkmrHonjo> samP: OK.
04:22:31 <samP> rkmrHonjo: thanks
04:23:46 <samP> And for Masakari, stable/queens will be proposed on 2/22
04:24:17 <tpatil> I still need to reproduce this LP bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/masakari/+bug/1746229
04:24:17 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1746229 in masakari "masakari-engine recovery looking for URL endpoint for service_name='Compute Service' instead of 'nova'" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Louie Kwan (lkwan)
04:24:31 <tpatil> This issue is about reloading of config files
04:25:10 <tpatil> I will update LP bug with our findings today
04:25:44 <samP> tpatil: We discussed it in last meeting. If it's take time, shall we skip the fix to Rocky?
04:26:38 <tpatil> I think it's not a critical or blocker issue so we can skip it to Rocky
04:27:23 <rkmrHonjo> tpatil: +1
04:27:48 <samP> tpatil: thanks. OK, then let's fix it in Rocky and backport it if needed
04:28:00 <tpatil> samP: Ok
04:29:11 <tpatil> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/masakari/+bug/1739383
04:29:11 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1739383 in masakari "'409 Conflict' occurred when adding reserved_host to aggregate" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to takahara.kengo (takahara.kengo)
04:29:46 <tpatil> I have posted some review comments on this patch, any update?
04:30:08 <tpatil> Patch : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/531310/
04:32:09 <samP> Kengo is here?
04:32:17 <samP> I think not..
04:32:23 <rkmrHonjo> tpatil: Sorry, I and Takahara knew it, but we think that masakariclient is more important.
04:32:25 <samP> rkmrHonjo: Do you have any info on this?
04:32:32 <tpatil> Sorry, Dinesh pointe out that those methods are mocked at class level
04:32:44 <tpatil> so I will take back my review comments
04:33:50 <rkmrHonjo> tpatil: Ok. Is this patch needed for queen release? If that is "No", I'd like to fix this issue after release and backport it.
04:35:14 <tpatil> rkmrHonjo: I'm saying no need to address my review comment
04:35:38 <tpatil> I have voted +2 on your patch
04:35:41 <samP> rkmrHonjo: if tpatil has no further comments on this, then we may able to merge this after review
04:35:47 <rkmrHonjo> tpatil: Oh, really? thanks.
04:36:26 <samP> tpatil: thanks, got your +2
04:36:45 <samP> I will review and merge this right after this meeting
04:37:32 <tpatil> Need another +2 and we can merge the above patch in Queens release
04:37:55 <tpatil> samP: Thanks
04:38:02 <samP> tpatil: NP
04:38:32 <samP> Any other issues relate to release?
04:38:56 <samP> or you may bring them up any time
04:39:15 <samP> #topic Masakari Project mascot
04:39:51 <samP> I wrote some info related to this on wiki meeting page
04:40:11 <samP> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Masakari#Meeting_date:_20.2F2.2F2018
04:41:00 <samP> How select a mascot and what other projects are using can be found here vv
04:41:07 <samP> #link https://www.openstack.org/project-mascots/
04:41:37 <samP> I will send same info to ML.
04:42:23 <samP> Those 2 items in wiki: Asiatic black bear and Gekko are just for reference
04:43:29 <samP> Please propose good character for Masakari Mascot
04:43:38 <rkmrHonjo> OK, I confirm it.
04:43:56 <sagara> Asiatic black bear +1
04:44:53 <tpatil> Freezer and Ironic are already using Bear
04:45:07 <samP> sagara: yeh, I like that too, but we already have 2 bears in openstack
04:45:28 <samP> not sure get the approval
04:45:29 <tpatil> Freezer: Polar Bear and Ironic: Bear
04:46:11 <sagara> samP: OK, I will consider another idea
04:47:39 <samP> Thanks all.. looking forward to have some interesting ideas....
04:48:06 <samP> #topic Critical Bugs/Patches
04:48:32 <samP> Any bug or patches need to discuss except discussed above?
04:48:51 <rkmrHonjo> I think so.
04:50:49 <samP> rkmrHonjo: any issues?
04:52:21 <rkmrHonjo> Oh, sorry, no.
04:52:30 <samP> rkmrHonjo: NP
04:52:53 <samP> #topic Discussion points: Need to refine for Rocky
04:53:05 <samP> We need to refine this section for Rocky
04:53:46 <samP> I will edit the etherpad and announce it in ML
04:53:59 <samP> with the details for discussion.
04:54:40 <samP> therefore, skip the detailed discussion here
04:55:01 <samP> please bring up any issues need to be discussed.
04:55:17 <samP> #topic AOB
04:55:35 <samP> Any other thing to discuss?
04:56:32 <samP> Please use #openstack-masakari and openstack-dev ML with [masakari] for further discussion.
04:56:58 <samP> if no items to discuss, let's finish today's meeting
04:57:12 <samP> Thank you all for your time...
04:57:39 <rkmrHonjo> bye
04:57:41 <tpatil> Thank you
04:57:47 <sagara> thanks, bye
04:59:09 <samP> #endmeeting