04:01:53 <tpatil> #startmeeting masakari
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04:02:15 <tpatil> #topic High Priority Items
04:03:32 <tpatil> We should merge this patch soon
04:03:35 <tpatil> #link : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/549705/
04:04:12 <tpatil> I will approve this patch after this meeting
04:04:55 <rkmrHonjo> Thanks.
04:04:56 <tpatil> Any other patches that needs attention?
04:05:57 <tpatil> what about this patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/547879/?
04:06:15 <tpatil> Is it a blocker for queens release?
04:06:52 <tpatil> rkmrHonjo: Do you have any update?
04:06:59 <rkmrHonjo> Ah, no. In my understanding, we'll backport it after releasing.
04:07:34 <rkmrHonjo> Py35 UT error is addressed by this patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/551195/
04:07:37 <rkmrHonjo> Please review it.
04:08:30 <tpatil> rkmrHonjo: Will review it today
04:08:37 <rkmrHonjo> tpatil: thank you.
04:09:05 <tpatil> #topic : Masakari Project Mascot
04:09:33 <tpatil> Any recommendations or preference what should be the Masakari mascot?
04:09:37 <rkmrHonjo> I have two ideas.
04:09:52 <rkmrHonjo> 1. St. Bernard(Dog): St. Bernard is famous as rescue dog. And, masakari rescues VM instances.
04:10:13 <tpatil> rkmrHonjo: Good suggestion
04:10:46 <rkmrHonjo> 2. Asian Black Bear: In Japan, Masakari(one of the ax) is closely related to "Kintaro". He is a folk hero. And, Kintaro is also related to bear. Asian Black Bear is typical bear in Japan.
04:11:46 <tpatil> In the last meeting, Gekko was also proposed
04:11:52 <tpatil> let's do a voting here
04:12:22 <tpatil> #startvote Masakari Mascot? St. Bernard(Dog), Asian Black Bear, Gekko
04:12:23 <openstack> Begin voting on: Masakari Mascot? Valid vote options are St, Bernard, Dog, Asian, Black, Bear, Gekko.
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04:12:56 <tpatil> #vote St. Bernard(Dog)
04:12:58 <openstack> tpatil: St. Bernard(Dog) is not a valid option. Valid options are St, Bernard, Dog, Asian, Black, Bear, Gekko.
04:13:29 <rkmrHonjo> #vote St. Bernard(Dog)
04:13:30 <openstack> rkmrHonjo: St. Bernard(Dog) is not a valid option. Valid options are St, Bernard, Dog, Asian, Black, Bear, Gekko.
04:13:33 <tpatil> Sorry I made a mistake in adding vote options
04:13:54 <tpatil> let me end this vote here and start it one more time with correct voting options
04:13:58 <tpatil> #endvote
04:13:59 <openstack> Voted on "Masakari Mascot?" Results are
04:14:51 <tpatil> #startvote what should be the Masakari Project Mascot? Bernard_Dog, Asian_black_bear, Gekko
04:14:52 <openstack> Begin voting on: what should be the Masakari Project Mascot? Valid vote options are Bernard_Dog, Asian_black_bear, Gekko.
04:14:53 <openstack> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
04:15:06 <tpatil> #vote Bernard_Dog
04:15:07 <rkmrHonjo> #vote Bernard_Dog
04:15:19 <Dinesh_Bhor> #vote Bernard_Dog
04:15:24 <niraj_singh> #vote Bernard_Dog
04:16:51 <tpatil> Ok let's see the result
04:16:55 <tpatil> #endvote
04:16:56 <openstack> Voted on "what should be the Masakari Project Mascot?" Results are
04:16:57 <openstack> Bernard_Dog (4): tpatil, rkmrHonjo, Dinesh_Bhor, niraj_singh
04:17:53 <tpatil> Sampath will propose this mascot name to the concerned team
04:17:58 <tpatil> thank you all for voting
04:18:21 <tpatil> #topic Rocky Release Items
04:18:31 <tpatil> #link : https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/masakari-rocky-work-items
04:18:59 <tpatil> I have added few items in the etherpad which we couldn't finish in Queens
04:19:19 <tpatil> Please add items that you want to see in Rocky release
04:20:13 <tpatil> Sampath would like to discuss about the rocky items in the next IRC meeting
04:20:32 <rkmrHonjo> Ok. I added two items to "New items".
04:20:48 <tpatil> rkmrHonjo: Thank you
04:21:28 <tpatil> Do we want to move the sdk code from masakariclient to openstacksdk?
04:21:52 <tpatil> I will add this item in the etherpad, let's discuss about it in the next meeting
04:22:03 <rkmrHonjo> Ok.
04:23:04 <tpatil> #topic Bugs
04:23:47 <Dinesh_Bhor> This was the ML discussion about moving code to openstacksdk: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2018-January/126421.html
04:24:33 <tpatil> Dinesh_Bhor: Thank for you sharing this ML thread. I will add this link in etherpad for discussion
04:24:47 <tpatil> No new bugs are reported
04:25:25 <tpatil> #topic Discussion points
04:26:01 <tpatil> niraj_singh: Do you want to give any update about the progress of masakari-dashboard?
04:26:26 <niraj_singh> i am still facing the same issue while runnig tox.
04:27:16 <niraj_singh> raise ReadError("not a gzip file")
04:27:16 <niraj_singh> ReadError: not a gzip file
04:28:16 <tpatil> Which gzip file is giving this error?
04:28:51 <niraj_singh> http://tarballs.openstack.org/horizon/horizon-master.tar.gz
04:29:26 <niraj_singh> I downloaded it and tried to unpack but it was giving the same error
04:30:11 <niraj_singh> Also check the file type: horizon-master.tar.gz: HTML document, ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators
04:30:13 <tpatil> Have you checked whether other horizon plugins also refers to the same file?
04:30:43 <niraj_singh> yes they refer the same file.
04:31:09 <niraj_singh> i am configuring mistral to verify whether it is working in mistral or not
04:31:46 <tpatil> Are you able to run tox successfully in case of mistral horizon plugin?
04:32:17 <niraj_singh> I did not verify that till now working on it.
04:32:43 <tpatil> ok
04:34:26 <niraj_singh> Now i am able to install masakari-api service in openstack-ansible.
04:34:47 <tpatil> niraj_singh: Great!!!
04:35:01 <niraj_singh> thanks
04:35:26 <tpatil> niraj_singh: Let's add a blueprint to install masakari service  in Openstack_ansible project
04:35:36 <niraj_singh> ok
04:35:49 <tpatil> You can add this item in the rocky etherpad
04:36:07 <niraj_singh> ok
04:37:46 <niraj_singh> That's it from my side.
04:37:57 <tpatil> niraj_singh: thank you
04:38:45 <tpatil> Let's wrap this meeting early if there are no topics left for discussion
04:39:33 <tpatil> Thank you all
04:39:36 <tpatil> #endmeeting