04:00:29 <tpatil> #startmeeting Masakari
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04:00:33 <tpatil> Hi All
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04:00:39 <niraj_singh> hi
04:00:44 <Dinesh_Bhor> Hi all
04:01:41 <tpatil> Today rkmrHonjo won't join this meeting as well
04:01:52 <Dinesh_Bhor> okay
04:02:57 <tpatil> Since not many people have joined this meeting, let's postpone discussion of remaining items for Rocky release to the next meeting
04:03:14 <Dinesh_Bhor> yes
04:03:15 <tpatil> #topic Bugs
04:04:28 <tpatil> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-masakariclient/+bug/1756047
04:04:29 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1756047 in python-masakariclient "masakari command failed due to os-service-type1.2.0" [Critical,Confirmed]
04:04:59 <tpatil> I have marked this bug as critical bug as users cannot use masakariclient with latest version of sdk and os-service-type
04:05:21 <tpatil> the solution to this issue is move the sdk code from masakariclient to openstacksdk
04:05:39 <niraj_singh> ok
04:06:01 <tpatil> Takahara has uploaded a patch to move the sdk part
04:06:03 <tpatil> #link : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/555710/
04:07:33 <tpatil> I don't see any new bugs reported in masakari
04:08:24 <tpatil> #topic Discussion points
04:08:35 <tpatil> niraj_singh: Any progress on masakari-dashboard?
04:09:10 <Dinesh_Bhor> Added some of openstacksdk core as a reviewer to this patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/555710/
04:09:12 <niraj_singh> stuck on https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-masakariclient/+bug/1756047
04:09:14 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1756047 in python-masakariclient "masakari command failed due to os-service-type1.2.0" [Critical,Confirmed]
04:09:37 <tpatil> Dinesh_Bhor: Thank you
04:10:29 <tpatil> niraj_singh: I have noticed you have pushed this  patch : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/543870/
04:10:48 <tpatil> and the tests are failing due to the above issue in masakariclient
04:10:57 <niraj_singh> yes
04:11:11 <niraj_singh> if i push all the patches it will fail with the same issue.
04:11:36 <tpatil> Can you please confirm whether this patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/555710/ solves the issue you are facing running tox py27 and py35 job
04:12:15 <niraj_singh> ok i will do it and let you know
04:12:25 <tpatil> niraj_singh: Thank you
04:12:40 <tpatil> recovery method customization
04:12:58 <tpatil> I haven't yet started writing specs for this feature
04:13:24 <tpatil> Will work on it this week
04:13:30 <Dinesh_Bhor> okay
04:13:35 <tpatil> Ansible support for Masakari
04:14:02 <niraj_singh> working on masakari-engine
04:14:23 <niraj_singh> and i push the code for masakari-api ref:https://github.com/NirajSingh90/openstack-ansible-os_masakari
04:14:46 <tpatil> #link : https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-ansible/+spec/masakari-ansible-plugin
04:15:12 <niraj_singh> today i will discuss with ansible community about it.
04:15:20 <tpatil> niraj_singh: please upload the specs against the above blueprint
04:15:56 <niraj_singh> yes. i will upload it to community gerrit today.
04:16:10 <tpatil> niraj_singh: Thank you
04:16:52 <tpatil> Are you facing any critical issue in deploying masakari-engine?
04:17:17 <niraj_singh> not critical.. i will work on it.
04:17:30 <tpatil> ok
04:18:00 <niraj_singh> May be i am missing any configuration in openstack-ansible.
04:18:13 <niraj_singh> i am trying to figure it out.
04:18:53 <tpatil> ok, Best of luck. If you need any help, please ask on openstack-masakari IRC
04:19:02 <tpatil> #topic Masakari Project mascot
04:19:04 <niraj_singh> yes thank you
04:20:05 <tpatil> Sampath-san is checking with OpenStack foundation if Bernard can be used as Masakari mascot. I have heard anything after that.
04:21:49 <tpatil> I don't have anything else to talk about in this meeting
04:22:39 <tpatil> Let's finish this meeting early if you don't have anything else for discussion
04:22:51 <Dinesh_Bhor> Nothing from my side.
04:23:06 <niraj_singh> Nothing from my side also.
04:23:26 <tpatil> Ok
04:23:34 <tpatil> Thank you All
04:23:37 <tpatil> #endmeeting