04:00:16 <samP> #startmeeting masakari
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04:00:28 <samP> Hi all for masakari
04:00:33 <lkwan_> hi
04:00:34 <Dinesh_Bhor> Hi all
04:01:12 <samP> Dinesh_Bhor: Thanks for info about release. I will push required patches right after this meeting
04:01:25 <Dinesh_Bhor> samP: Okay
04:01:28 <Dinesh_Bhor> Thank you
04:01:44 <samP> lkwan_: hi
04:01:51 <samP> Let's start the meeting.
04:02:07 <samP> #topic High priority items
04:02:20 <samP> (1) Introspective Instance Monitoring
04:02:36 <lkwan_> I would like to follow up with the review
04:03:08 <lkwan_> e.g. who could be in the review list or how to make it forward.
04:03:15 <Dinesh_Bhor> lkwan_: From my side I need some more time to try out the patches
04:03:37 <samP> lkwan_: current status,
04:03:58 <lkwan_> I tried out and it should be fine
04:04:07 <Dinesh_Bhor> lkwan_: I would appreciate if you address the review comments given on the specs till then.
04:04:19 <samP> for spec, information in the spec it LGTM. we need to change the directory for rocky
04:04:37 <lkwan_> what review comments?
04:05:00 <lkwan_> We addressed all.
04:05:38 <Dinesh_Bhor> lkwan_: FYI I already have Rocky patch up for review: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/560237/ . I have given comments on this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/469070/
04:06:00 <lkwan_> I see
04:06:06 <samP> lkwan_: comments are not for the patch, but for the spec
04:06:39 <Dinesh_Bhor> lkwan_: Those are trivial I would say. Will not take much time
04:07:37 <samP> for the patches, me, Tushar and Dinesh are reviewing the patch.
04:07:53 <lkwan_> thanks.
04:08:00 <lkwan_> how about the https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-masakariclient/+bug/1756047
04:08:01 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1756047 in python-masakariclient "masakari command failed due to os-service-type1.2.0" [Critical,Confirmed]
04:08:01 <samP> sorry for the delay. Do you have any specific dead line for this?
04:08:13 <lkwan_> well.
04:08:50 <lkwan_> Sooner is better as we would like to move on, Greg may want to think about a new set of blueprint
04:09:02 <Dinesh_Bhor> lkwan_, samP: There is no reply on this thread: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2018-April/129578.html
04:09:14 <samP> lkwan_: we asking for new sdk version before we merge those patches to fix this.
04:09:35 <Dinesh_Bhor> Need to contact Monty.
04:09:37 <samP> Dinesh_Bhor: I will ask again
04:09:49 <Dinesh_Bhor> samP: Thank you
04:09:53 <lkwan_> I aware of the dependenies
04:10:56 <samP> I will try to get new sdk version asap. Then we can move on with this.
04:11:11 <lkwan_> that will be great. Thanks.
04:11:54 <samP> lkwan_: np
04:12:10 <lkwan_> I will take a look on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/560237/ and it seems ok
04:13:24 <samP> lkwan_: thanks. once we merge ^^, please resubmit the sepc with Rocky target
04:13:41 <Dinesh_Bhor> lkwan_: Thanks
04:13:44 <lkwan_> sure.
04:14:17 <samP> lkwan_: I will proceed reviewing the patches for masakari-monitors and masakari
04:15:25 <samP> I would like to get them merge before mid May...
04:16:04 <Dinesh_Bhor> samP: noted
04:16:04 <samP> lkwan_: Any other questions or comments from your side?
04:16:36 <lkwan_> sounds good and before the coming openstack summit will work.
04:16:52 <lkwan_> thanks again.
04:17:27 <samP> lkwan_: Definitely before the summit..
04:17:32 <Dinesh_Bhor> I heard from Greg that you have a talk based on this in coming summit.
04:17:53 <lkwan_> Greg will do it.
04:18:23 <Dinesh_Bhor> lkwan_: Okay,
04:18:53 <samP> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/vancouver-2018/summit-schedule/events/21365/deep-insights-high-availability-vms-with-a-simple-reliable-host-to-guest-interface
04:19:07 <samP> ^^ here is the link.
04:19:38 <Dinesh_Bhor> Great!!!
04:19:42 <Dinesh_Bhor> Thanks for the link
04:19:53 <samP> lkwan_: please let us know if you need any help on this.
04:20:01 <samP> Let's move to next item.
04:20:08 <samP> #topic Critical Bugs
04:20:36 <samP> Any bugs or patches need to discuss?
04:20:49 <samP> except discussed above
04:21:25 <lkwan_> https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-masakariclient/+bug/1756047 has discussed
04:21:26 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1756047 in python-masakariclient "masakari command failed due to os-service-type1.2.0" [Critical,Confirmed]
04:21:46 <samP> lkwan_: thanks
04:23:17 <lkwan_> I think it has merged? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/555710
04:23:52 <samP> I will try to review pending patches and merge them
04:24:08 <samP> lkwan_: seems merged to me
04:24:42 <lkwan_> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/546492, is still outstanding.
04:28:08 <samP> lkwan_: sdk patch was merged but not released yet. That it the reason why we holding this patch
04:28:44 <samP> once we got a new sdk version we are good to go with this.
04:29:53 <samP> if any patches or bug need to discuss, please bring them up at end of the meeting.
04:30:04 <samP> #topic Discussion Point
04:30:16 <samP> (1) Horizon Plugin
04:30:50 <samP> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/masakari-dashboard
04:31:36 <samP> seems like need to fix the UTs.
04:31:45 <samP> good progress.
04:32:10 <samP> (3) recovery method customization
04:32:27 <Dinesh_Bhor> These patches are also dependent on sdk newer version.
04:32:52 <samP> Dinesh_Bhor: got it. thanks
04:33:23 <samP> Any update on recovery method customization?
04:33:53 <Dinesh_Bhor> Not so much.
04:33:53 <samP> or we can get update on next week
04:33:58 <samP> Dinesh_Bhor: thanks.
04:34:16 <samP> (3) Ansible support for Masakari
04:34:40 <samP> OSA spec merged. Is repo created yet?
04:35:19 <lkwan_> Are we considering to have ansible support?
04:35:28 <samP> lkwan_: yes
04:35:40 <Dinesh_Bhor> Not yet. I guess. Niraj is working on masakari-monitors ansible support
04:35:56 <lkwan_> Also will we consider HELM based support as well ?
04:35:56 <samP> some of the codes are here, #link https://github.com/NirajSingh90/openstack-ansible-os_masakari
04:36:18 <lkwan_> nice
04:37:36 <samP> HELM is not in the scope.
04:37:53 <samP> However, I would like to discuss about HELM
04:38:13 <lkwan_> it is becoming more relevant
04:38:35 <Dinesh_Bhor> Niraj is exploring containers configuration for masakari, That will help if we decide to include HELM
04:38:49 <samP> since I do not have much knowledge about HELM, not sure how to proceed with this.
04:39:17 <samP> Dinesh_Bhor: Good Idea, Thanks.
04:39:23 <lkwan_> keep us in the loop and it is more like a language for packaging
04:40:29 <samP> lkwan_: great.. I will talk to Niraj about this..
04:40:56 <lkwan_> that will be good and I can help out as well in this area.
04:41:11 <lkwan_> I did 2 years of work with docker containers
04:41:31 <Dinesh_Bhor> lkwan_: Cool
04:41:35 <samP> lkwan_: thanks..really appreciate it.
04:41:39 <lkwan_> and HELM seems a logical stop forward for packaging
04:41:50 <lkwan_> logical step foward
04:42:20 <samP> BTW, I am working on RPM and DEB packaging now.
04:43:09 <samP> Will share with you once produce something useful..:)
04:43:20 <lkwan_> nice
04:44:13 <samP> #topic AOB
04:44:58 <samP> Need to consider migrate from LP to Storyboard.. may be after Rocky or end of the Rocky.
04:45:32 <samP> Any other items to discuss?
04:45:55 <samP> If not we could finish this meeting bit early..
04:46:32 <Dinesh_Bhor> Yes, I was about to discuss this topic in last meeting. The spec is not merged yet. It is postponed to S release: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/513875/
04:46:53 <Dinesh_Bhor> This is about LP to Storyboard migration
04:47:08 <Dinesh_Bhor> Nothing else from my side.
04:48:14 <samP> Dinesh_Bhor: thanks, true, this patch was not merged and migrating to storyboard is not a release goal.
04:48:29 <Dinesh_Bhor> yes
04:48:38 <samP> However, most of the projects are already in storyboard or start to moving into it.
04:48:57 <Dinesh_Bhor> yes
04:49:03 <samP> So, we should consider it too. no hard deadlines.
04:49:18 <Dinesh_Bhor> Yes, sure.
04:49:35 <samP> Dinesh_Bhor: Thanks for bringing this up
04:49:50 <Dinesh_Bhor> The first step in migrating is to resolve all the open launchpad bugs.
04:50:01 <samP> ]if no other items, lets finish today's meeting
04:50:03 <Dinesh_Bhor> So we have concentrate on that first.
04:50:34 <samP> Dinesh_Bhor: Agree
04:50:52 <Dinesh_Bhor> Thats it from my side. thanks
04:51:27 <samP> Dinesh_Bhor: Thanks
04:52:05 <samP> Please use IRC channel #openstack-masakari on Freenode or openstack-dev ML with [masakari] for further discussion.
04:52:18 <samP> Thank you for attending masakari meeting
04:52:24 <samP> #endmeeting