03:12:01 <samP_> #startmeeting masakari
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03:12:24 <samP_> sorry for the delay and bad connection
03:12:37 <samP_> Let's start meeting
03:12:58 <samP_> #topic High priority items
03:16:08 <samP_> I would like to extend the feature freeze for another week for recovery method custormization
03:16:21 <samP_> my connection is unstable
03:17:50 <samP_> About deprecating the python-masakariclient
03:18:01 <tpatil> I will request Shilpa to send an email on mailing list asking for feature freeze exception
03:18:26 <samP_> tpatil: sure, that's grate
03:19:00 <samP_> tpatil: thanks
03:21:47 <tpatil> python-masakariclient, I think it's a good idea to deprecate masakariclient becoz masakari-monitors and Masakari-dashobard both  uses openstacksdk
03:27:41 <samP_> really sorry for bad connection
03:27:58 <tpatil> NP
03:28:16 <samP_> basically, agree to deprecate the pythonclient
03:29:20 <samP_> my only concern is, now is too late to announce the deprecation for S
03:30:00 <samP_> what do you think?
03:30:26 <tpatil> OK, so it should be deprecated in S release, correct?
03:30:40 <samP_> tpatil: correct
03:31:02 <samP_> There will be no T or beyond
03:31:34 <tpatil> I agree with the plan. Is it possible for you to send an email on the openstack-operators ML to get opinion from them
03:31:48 <samP_> tpatil: sure, I will do that
03:32:20 <tpatil> Thanks
03:32:33 <samP_> in S release, we can test sdk and add any required features only in python-masakariclient (if any)
03:33:40 <tpatil> you mean add missing features in SDK so that there is no dependency on python-masakariclient
03:34:00 <samP_> tpatil: correct
03:34:12 <tpatil> ok, I got it
03:34:26 <samP_> Any important items to discuss?
03:34:47 <samP_> Otherwise let's move to Bug/patches
03:34:58 <samP_> #topic Critical Bug and Patches
03:35:19 <tpatil> About masakari-dashboard, I'm planning to review all remaining patches. Will be done in this week.
03:36:15 <samP_> tpatil: Thanks, I will do the same
03:36:32 <samP_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/masakari/+bug/1779752
03:36:32 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1779752 in masakari "masakari segment-list returns error (openstack queens)" [Critical,Confirmed] - Assigned to SamP (sampath-priyankara)
03:37:12 <tpatil> Are you able to find out the cause?
03:37:31 <samP_> Didn't have much time to look into this, but I will fix this today.
03:38:09 <tpatil> I will request Shilpa to look into this issue as well
03:38:41 <samP_> we fix the client for 11.2, then updated to 11.3 and break again..
03:40:04 <samP_> we fix the client for 11.2, then updated to 11.3 and break again..
03:40:08 <samP_> I think the problem is with keystone object, I remember fixing something same somewhere..
03:40:19 <samP_> I will update the LP bug with my findings
03:40:47 <tpatil> Ok
03:41:10 <samP_> tpatil: thanks, please update the LP bug, if you got any clues
03:41:14 <tpatil> Isn't it possible to use 0.11.2 openstacksdk in stable/queens branch?
03:41:22 <tpatil> #link : https://github.com/openstack/python-masakariclient/blob/stable/queens/requirements.txt
03:41:41 <tpatil> currently it is openstacksdk>=0.9.19
03:42:03 <tpatil> can we changed that to openstacksdk>=0.9.19,!=0.11.3
03:43:29 <samP_> tpatil: hummm, but the upper-constraints is openstacksdk===0.11.3
03:43:41 <samP_> #link https://github.com/openstack/requirements/blob/stable/queens/upper-constraints.txt
03:43:47 <samP_> ^ L411
03:44:55 <tpatil> I think that's a big problem, we need some tests in masakari to ensure it's working with lower and upper constraints properly.
03:45:19 <tpatil> Something to look at in the next release
03:47:14 <tpatil> by default tox install all dependencies using upper constraints, but then why none of the tests are failing in masakari/masakariclient/masakari-monitors
03:48:41 <tpatil> I will request Shilpa to run all tox tests masakari/masakariclient/masakari-monitors in stable/queens branch and see if all tests are passing or not.
03:49:33 <tpatil> if all tests are passing, need to add identify missing tests to cover this particular problem
03:50:06 <samP_> sorry, disconnected again..
03:51:15 <samP_> tpatil: I read the log..
03:51:39 <samP_> agree, we need some test to make sure it work with upper and lower cases
03:52:12 <samP_> tpatil: thanks. please share if you find any issues.
03:52:50 <tpatil> Sure
03:53:23 <samP___> Any other other bugs or patches?
03:54:44 <tpatil> few new issues are reported. We will work on these issues
03:56:02 <samP___> tpatil: On masakari LP?
03:56:08 <tpatil> yes
03:56:20 <tpatil> Failed to recover paused instance
03:56:29 <tpatil> Failed to recover stopped instance
03:56:36 <samP___> tpatil: got it.
03:56:43 <tpatil> vm_state become error if vm_state is resized and power_state is shutdown
03:57:33 <tpatil> it seems that ‚ÄČ takahara.kengo is working on fixing these issues
03:58:32 <tpatil> Is there any other open bugs that you think we should work on top priority?
03:58:43 <samP___> tpatil: yes it is. Let's keep watching, and please give any help if needed
03:59:00 <tpatil> Ok
04:00:12 <samP___> I went throug the bug list, but not any critical one left except above discussed
04:00:36 <tpatil> Ok, will work on masakariclient issue
04:00:55 <samP___> I will take a look at new bugs too.
04:01:04 <tpatil> ok, thanks
04:01:05 <samP___> or, its time
04:01:12 <samP___> let's finish the meeting
04:01:20 <samP___> sorry for unstable connecton
04:01:27 <samP___> thanks you all for your time
04:01:34 <samP___> #endmeeting
04:01:43 <tpatil> Thanks
04:02:14 <samP___> #endmeeting
04:02:16 <tpatil> I think your nick name was different when you started this meeting
04:02:23 <samP___> dam.
04:02:34 <tpatil> it was samP_
04:04:20 <samP___> yep
04:04:33 <samP___> tring to end meeting ;)
04:05:33 <samP_> #endmeeting