04:00:09 <samP> #startmeeting masakari
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04:00:23 <samP> Hi all for masakari
04:00:28 <sagara> Hi
04:00:33 <samP> sagara: Hi
04:01:02 <samP> #topic bugs/patches
04:01:44 <samP> I have merged some pathes for master, stable/queens, and stable/rocky
04:02:31 <samP> pushed patch to release a new version for masakari-monitors for stable/queens
04:03:10 <sagara> samP: OK, thanks. Is their any high priority bug?
04:04:21 <samP> sagara: need to fix rootwrap bug in masakari-monitors
04:05:43 <tpatil> Sorry to join late
04:05:49 <samP> tpatil: hi
04:06:00 <tpatil> samP: Hi
04:06:31 <samP> Discussing about rootwrap bug in masakari-monitors
04:06:36 <tpatil> samP: I have noticed you have merged 3-4 back ported patches. Thank you
04:07:10 <samP> tpatil: np, working for release new versions for them
04:07:27 <tpatil> samP: Ok
04:07:58 <sagara> samP: About fix rootwrap bug in masakari-monitors, please let me know the link.
04:09:17 <samP> sagara: Im trying to find the link for that bug report
04:09:22 <samP> with no luck
04:10:25 <samP> I will share more details in mail later
04:10:42 <samP> Any bugs or pathes need to discuss?
04:11:37 <tpatil> No
04:11:47 <sagara> I also don't have any topic
04:11:58 <samP> tpatil: sagara: thanks
04:12:06 <samP> #topic Stein work items
04:12:18 <samP> Any update on stein work items
04:13:00 <tpatil> Notification specs implementation is in progress
04:13:18 <samP> tpatil: thanks
04:13:24 <tpatil> Working on drafting event notification specs
04:14:14 <samP> tpatil: thanks
04:15:29 <samP> About the functional test,
04:15:33 <tpatil> We will push the functional tests written in openstacksdk for failover_segments and hosts in this week. For that, we will also add a CI job which will run masakari related functional tests.
04:16:04 <samP> tpatil: thanks
04:17:12 <samP> As a extention of the discussion we had last week, I woul prefer to put functional test in masakari repo
04:17:48 <samP> Also, I think we need some of those tests in sdk siede too.
04:19:06 <tpatil> in openstacksdk, we will add few CRUD functional tests for segments and hosts
04:19:59 <samP> tpatil: great, otherwise, there is no way to know whether the new changes gonna break the masakari command
04:20:02 <tpatil> in masakari, we can add all sorts of functional tests including notifications for process/hosts/instances
04:20:12 <samP> tpatil: great
04:20:33 <samP> tpatil: thanks
04:21:14 <samP> Anyother topics to discuss?
04:21:58 <tpatil> Not from my end
04:23:49 <samP> OK then, no other topics from my side
04:24:05 <samP> Let's finish the meeting.
04:24:13 <samP> Thank you for your time
04:24:22 <samP> #endmeeting