04:00:10 <samP> #startmeeting masakari
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04:00:22 <samP> Hi all for masakari
04:00:46 <sagara> samP: Hi
04:01:00 <samP> sagara: Hi
04:01:09 <tpatil> Hi
04:01:14 <samP> tpatil: Hi
04:01:23 <samP> Let's start
04:02:00 <samP> #topic Critical Bugs/patches
04:02:12 <samP> Any bug or patches to discuss?
04:04:01 <samP> Need to fix the status for fixed bugs and clean up all the bug reports.
04:04:12 <samP> I will do it this week.
04:04:27 <sagara> samP: thanks
04:04:48 <samP> If any critical bugs or patches please bring them up any time
04:04:57 <samP> Let's go to next topic
04:05:06 <samP> #topic Stein Work Items
04:05:28 <samP> BTW I update the meeting wiki page
04:05:44 <samP> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Masakari
04:07:15 <tpatil> Notification implementation: We will push patches soon
04:07:23 <samP> I list up current work items under "Discussion points"
04:07:44 <samP> Please report if you have any update on items
04:07:53 <samP> tpatil: Thanks.
04:08:18 <tpatil> Specs : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/473057/
04:08:46 <tpatil> Please review above specs proposed by Honjo san long time ago
04:10:26 <tpatil> Secondly, we are also working on add event info for each kind of masakari notification (HOST/INSTANCE/PROCESS)
04:10:40 <tpatil> This point I will add in the wiki page
04:10:46 <samP> tpatil: OK, I will. This spec propose versioned notification format. Have you take a look about those formats?
04:11:10 <samP> tpatil: goit, thanks
04:12:35 <tpatil> Yes, this format is common IMO for all services. Important point is payload in the notification format.
04:14:33 <samP> tpatil: OK then, I will read this again and post my comments.
04:15:18 <tpatil> samP: Thanks
04:15:20 <tpatil> Continue ansible support for Masakari
04:15:37 <tpatil> Not resumed yet in this cycle
04:17:36 <samP> tpatil: I will share details about test environments, so you may starting the tests for this.
04:17:44 <samP> tpatil: sorry for the delay
04:17:57 <tpatil> samP: Thank you
04:19:50 <samP> Any other updates?
04:19:58 <tpatil> Deprecate python-masakariclient
04:20:28 <tpatil> I will add deprecation warning
04:20:37 <tpatil> and upload patch in this week
04:20:51 <samP> tpatil: thanks. I will send the mail to ML about this.
04:21:02 <tpatil> Add functional tests to openstacksdk
04:21:40 <tpatil> Some of the newly added tests are failing randomly so checking this issue
04:23:45 <samP> tpatil: are these patches in gerrit?
04:24:14 <tpatil> Not yet
04:24:25 <samP> tpatil: OK got it.
04:24:36 <tpatil> will propose these patches in this week
04:24:52 <samP> tpatil: NP, thanks
04:25:45 <samP> Do not have updates for Ironic HA and Force Stonith
04:26:01 <samP> #topic AOB
04:26:30 <samP> We got a slot for project updates in Berlin Summit
04:26:47 <samP> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/berlin-2018/summit-schedule/events/22953/masakari-project-update
04:27:07 <samP> Please let me know if you wish to speak in this session.
04:27:51 <samP> I am the current speaker, however I can ask them to add you.
04:28:30 <samP> Or If you would like me to talk about any specific topic in this session, please let me know.
04:28:59 <samP> I will try to share my slides before summit.
04:29:49 <samP> (2) Openstack Technical Vision statement
04:29:51 <tpatil> I think we should talk about the event details of workflow that we are planning to add in stein
04:30:32 <samP> tpatil: sure, good point.
04:31:56 <samP> Please read the mail sent my Zane, about Openstack Technical Vision
04:32:05 <samP> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2018-October/136015.html
04:32:54 <samP> Please review the vision statement
04:33:09 <samP> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/592205/4
04:33:29 <samP> That's all from my side.
04:33:37 <samP> Any thing else?
04:34:31 <samP> Otherwise, we could finish this meeting early.
04:34:47 <tpatil> samP: Will read vision statement and update you if I find any important point to be included in the vision statement for masakari
04:35:00 <tpatil> No other topics from my end
04:35:02 <samP> tpatil: thanks
04:35:58 <sagara> samP: I also don't have other topics, thanks.
04:36:31 <samP> OK then, if you have any other issues or need extended discussion about above please use openstack-dev ML with [masakari] or IRC  #openstack-masakari @freenode
04:36:49 <samP> Thank you all! and have nice week ahead!
04:36:55 <samP> #endmeeting