04:00:16 <samP> #startmeeting masakari
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04:00:19 <tpatil> Hi
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04:00:27 <samP> tpatil: Hi
04:00:44 <samP> Sorry for long absent
04:01:03 <samP> #topic Critical Bugs and patches
04:01:17 <samP> Any bugs or patches need to discuss?
04:02:41 <tpatil> I have noticed that you have approved couple of patches few mins back.
04:03:10 <tpatil> No open bug to be discussed as of now
04:03:16 <samP> tpatil: yes.
04:03:25 <samP> tpatil: thanks.
04:03:36 <samP> #topic Stein Work Items
04:03:56 <samP> Any update on Stein Work Items?
04:04:10 <tpatil> Add functional tests
04:04:14 <tpatil> #link : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/633663/
04:04:45 <tpatil> Added multi-node functional CI job and few tests for segments API to start with
04:04:54 <samP> tpatil: Thanks, I will review this
04:05:15 <tpatil> First we will target black box testing
04:05:47 <tpatil> and to test notifications, we plan to write few white box tests as well
04:07:01 <tpatil> 2) Add event notification feature
04:07:04 <samP> tpatil: got it. Thanks.
04:07:08 <tpatil> Need to review the specs : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/473057/
04:07:26 <tpatil> Patches are also ready : https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/notifications-in-masakari+(status:open+OR+status:merged)
04:07:59 <tpatil> I had reviewed these patches once so waiting for other core reviewers to review these patches
04:08:34 <samP> tpatil: sure, I will review those patches. Thanks for great work
04:09:44 <tpatil> 3) Add progress details for recovery workflow
04:09:57 <tpatil> Specs: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/632079/
04:10:17 <tpatil> Implementation is in progress. We plan to complete this before milestone 3
04:10:39 <tpatil> With this, operator will be able to see the progress of recovery workflow in horizon dashboard
04:10:54 <tpatil> Information will be displayed in tabular format
04:11:05 <samP> tpatil: thanks. I will review the sepc
04:11:14 <tpatil> Maybe in the next releaser cycle, we will plan to add a realtime graph
04:11:23 <tpatil> s/releaser/release
04:12:16 <tpatil> 4) Add devstack support for masakari-monitors
04:13:00 <samP> tpatil: sure, we can add those to next release todo
04:13:02 <tpatil> work is in progress. We have planned to complete it before milestone 3 except hostmonitor
04:15:15 <samP> tpatil: Thanks.
04:15:42 <samP> sorry, but no updates from my side.
04:15:51 <samP> any other updates?
04:16:04 <tpatil> We have identified one issue in unit tests
04:16:41 <tpatil> All novaclient calls are mocked and so becoz of it issues like this one : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/627097/ was not identified
04:17:16 <tpatil> so we are planning to refactor all such unit tests to make sure that actual novaclient code is called. For this, we have planned to mock requests call
04:19:25 <samP> tpatil: need some time to study this. Are you planning to submit work in this release?
04:20:08 <tashiromt> sorry i dont have any updates, and i also will confirm the spec
04:20:28 <samP> tashiromt: thanks
04:20:30 <tpatil> samP: Yes
04:21:43 <tpatil> I will report a LP bug to describe why do we need to refactor all such unit tests
04:21:57 <samP> tpatil: got it. thanks
04:23:48 <tpatil> That's all update I have for now
04:24:01 <samP> tpatil: thanks
04:24:08 <samP> #topic AOB
04:24:19 <samP> Any other items to discuss?
04:24:42 <samP> For Denver summit, I will there only for PTG
04:25:19 <samP> It will be May 2-4.
04:25:57 <tpatil> Ok. I will also attend PTG + user summit
04:27:28 <samP> tpatil: great. BTW, please check the flights if you have not checked yet. Due to Golden week, most tickets are already sold.
04:28:18 <tpatil> samP: Thank you for the update. Will check
04:28:25 <samP> tpatil: np
04:28:27 <Shilpa> heard that there will be 2 weeks holiday this time in Japan, not confirm
04:28:40 <Shilpa> for Golden Week
04:28:57 <Shilpa> And flight Tickets are too high
04:29:09 <samP> Shilpa: yes it is. but ruined by the summit ;)
04:31:03 <Shilpa> samP: hmm
04:31:29 <samP> if no other items to discuss, we can finish today's meeting here
04:32:14 <tpatil> Ok
04:32:19 <Shilpa> ok
04:32:37 <tashiromt> samP: thank you for your information about summit , i dont have any topics
04:32:57 <samP> Thank you all!
04:33:03 <samP> #endmeeting