04:00:50 <tpatil> #startmeeting Masakari
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04:01:45 <tpatil> Today Sampath san is not available so I will chair today's meeting
04:01:56 <tpatil> Who all are available for Masakari meeting?
04:02:28 <shilpasd> GM Tushar san
04:02:43 <tpatil> shilpasd : Good Morning
04:03:04 <tpatil> #topic Bugs/Patches
04:03:16 <tpatil> Any bugs that  you want to talk about?
04:05:16 <tpatil> Ok, Moving to next topic
04:05:42 <tpatil> 7 March 2019 is the Stein-3 milestone.
04:06:03 <tpatil> So please push all your feature and bug patches soon and ask for review
04:06:12 <tpatil> #topic: Stein work items
04:06:33 <tpatil> 1) Send notifications for all API changes
04:07:09 <shilpasd> saw your review comments here, will make changes accordingly and push the patch for further review
04:07:15 <tpatil> shilpasd: I have given minor nit comments on your patch. if you can address them we can get that patch merge soon
04:07:31 <shilpasd> yes, after this meeting will do so, thank you
04:07:34 <tpatil> shilpasd: Ok, thank you.
04:08:00 <tpatil> 2) functional tests
04:08:10 <tpatil> #link : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/633663/
04:08:17 <tpatil> I think this patch needs to be rebased
04:08:53 <tpatil> shilpasd: Can you please request Jayashree to do the needful as she is working in your team?
04:09:21 <shilpasd> yes Tushar san, will do requested
04:09:40 <tpatil> shilpasd: Thanks
04:10:05 <tpatil> 3) Add progress details for recovery workflows
04:10:30 <tpatil> shilpasd: Some of the jobs are failing. please take a loot at it
04:10:51 <shilpasd> yes, will look into it
04:11:13 <tpatil> in requirements.txt, you should include SQLAlchemy-Utils to fix the requirements job failing issue
04:12:08 <tpatil> shilpasd: Have you solved the taskflow db creation issue?
04:12:17 <shilpasd> yes
04:12:28 <tpatil> shilpasd: what was the issue?
04:12:39 <shilpasd> issue was with 'alembic_version'
04:12:55 <shilpasd> that table needs to be clear
04:13:07 <tpatil> shilpasd: Ok
04:13:20 <shilpasd> this table is also getting added along with persistence DB tables
04:13:27 <tpatil> shilpasd: I have started reviewing your patches
04:13:40 <shilpasd> thank you for review
04:14:07 <tpatil> I think you have dependency on the openstacksdk inorder to render the progress details in masakari dashboard, correct?
04:14:35 <shilpasd> yes and also on python-masakariclient
04:15:17 <tpatil> on some of the patches I have added comment to set dependency correctly so that it's clear which patches should be merged first
04:16:05 <shilpasd> ok, will take a look on it, and will set dependency accordingly
04:17:06 <tpatil> shilpasd: Ok ,Thank you
04:19:34 <tpatil> shilpasd: You have added "connection_for_notification_persistence" config option under DEFAULT section, I think it should add it in a new section taskflow. I will add my comment on the patch
04:20:19 <tpatil> as only taskflow will know how to add it's related db tables
04:20:38 <shilpasd> actually saw that 'notification_driver' conf option is under [defult] section, so added there
04:20:54 <shilpasd> will change it as you suggested here, thank you
04:26:21 <tpatil> Any other items from Stein cycle left for discussion?
04:27:24 <tashiromt> i dont have any topic
04:27:51 <shilpasd> No, you covered All topics
04:28:14 <tpatil> Ok, Then let's end this meeting early
04:28:22 <shilpasd> ok, thank you
04:28:28 <tpatil> Thank you, All
04:28:31 <tpatil> #endmeeting