04:00:24 <samP> #startmeeting masakari
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04:00:37 <samP> tpatil: Hi
04:00:52 <samP> #topic Critical Bugs and Patches
04:01:04 <tpatil> #link : https://bugs.launchpad.net/masakari/+bug/1819578
04:01:05 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1819578 in masakari "HOST failure recovery fails with reserved host " [Critical,New] - Assigned to Shilpa Devharakar (shilpasd)
04:01:10 <tpatil> Work is in progress
04:01:45 <tpatil> Will upload patch by e.o.d Wednesday
04:02:09 <samP> tpatil: Thanks
04:04:20 <sagara> tpatil: Do you know which releases are affected with this bug?
04:04:45 <tpatil> Current one i.e Stein
04:05:01 <sagara> tpatil: Thanks
04:06:42 <samP> Please bring up any issues related to this any time in this meeting.
04:06:49 <samP> #topic Stein Work Items
04:07:03 <samP> Please share any updates on Stein work items
04:07:10 <tpatil> 1) Add devstack support for masakari-monitors
04:07:19 <tpatil> The gate job is passing now
04:07:43 <tpatil> Neha will fix some minor review comments and then I will vote +2 on this patch
04:08:16 <tpatil> #link :https://review.openstack.org/#/c/638577/
04:08:42 <tpatil> in the instance monitor log, I have noticed some warning. But this issue in present in the functional tests
04:09:18 <tpatil> #l link : http://logs.openstack.org/77/638577/21/check/masakari-functional-devstack-multinode/2d55c52/compute1/logs/screen-masakari-instancemonitor.txt.gz
04:10:31 <tpatil> 2) Functional tests
04:10:35 <tpatil> #link : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/642223/
04:10:46 <tpatil> Please review this patch
04:11:12 <tpatil> once this patch is merged, it then we have covered segment, host and notification (VM, PROCESS) functional tests
04:11:23 <tpatil> for compute host, we have one dependency on openstacksdk
04:11:57 <tpatil> in openstacksdk, it support to force_down a service but they don't have API to set it back to False
04:12:23 <tpatil> We are planning to add this API in openstacksdk but I think it's too late for this Stein cycle
04:12:29 <samP> tpatil: sure, I will review this
04:13:04 <tpatil> samP: Thanks
04:13:15 <samP> tpatil: This issue is not critical for masakari, but for functional tests.
04:13:23 <samP> Let's try it on next release
04:13:44 <tpatil> samP: Sure
04:14:00 <tpatil> Improve logging error messages
04:14:08 <tpatil> #link : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/641611
04:14:25 <tpatil> Need one more +2 and/or workflow +1
04:14:59 <samP> sagara: please review ^^ if you have time.
04:16:05 <samP> Otherwise, I will WF+1 for this, since changes are clear and simple
04:16:06 <sagara> samP: OK, I will review it.
04:16:14 <samP> sagara: thank you!
04:18:05 <tpatil> That's all about Stein work items from my end
04:18:39 <samP> tpatil: thanks
04:18:53 <samP> no update from my end
04:19:09 <samP> #topic Stein release
04:19:54 <samP> I am planning to cut the stable/stain branch on 3/21
04:20:07 <samP> same point will be the RC1 for Stein
04:20:46 <tpatil> samP: OK, before that we will fix and merge the critical issue
04:20:56 <samP> tpatil: sure, thanks
04:21:55 <samP> if patches not going to make can still merge into master and backport to stable/stein
04:22:15 <tpatil> samP: Yes, Sure
04:23:15 <samP> I will release new version for masakari-dashboard, once we create RC1 for masakari
04:23:31 <samP> that's all from my side
04:23:41 <tpatil> samP: OK
04:23:52 <samP> if no other topics, we can end today's meeting here
04:24:53 <tpatil> samP: No other topics to be discussed from my end
04:24:59 <samP> Please use #openstack-masakari IRC@freenode or openstack-discuss@lists.openstack.org for further discussion
04:25:13 <shilpasd> samP: hi, need review for dashboard patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/642981/
04:26:09 <shilpasd> its for real time data for notification recovery workflow details.
04:26:29 <samP> shilpasd: sure, I will
04:26:45 <shilpasd> samP: Thank you
04:26:47 <samP> thanks for adding this
04:27:08 <samP> Thank you all!
04:27:11 <samP> #endmeeting