04:00:39 <samP> #startmeeting masakari
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04:00:52 <samP> Hi all!
04:01:11 <samP> #topic Stein Release
04:02:32 <samP> Masakari RC1 is released with tag for masakari and masakari-monitors
04:03:48 <samP> related python-masakariclient version is 5.4.0
04:04:50 <samP> I am planning to release a new version for masakari-dashborad soon.
04:06:52 <samP> I have just approved release bot patches for python-masakariclient
04:07:23 <samP> once those are merged, all the masakari repos are ready to accept changes for next release.
04:07:42 <samP> #topic Stein Backports
04:08:27 <samP> There are some patches still in the review state. Which are not critical but good to have.
04:09:12 <samP> Once they merged to current master, please consider proposing the backport to stable/stain
04:09:26 <samP> #topic AOB
04:09:28 <shilpasd> yes, sure
04:09:50 <samP> shilpasd: hi
04:10:07 <shilpasd> samP: hi, one request
04:10:14 <shilpasd> During devstack host-monitor testing, unknowingly is shutdown and there is no way we can bring that machine back.
04:10:39 <shilpasd> can you please bring this back for us
04:10:48 <samP> shilpasd: sure, I will fix it.
04:10:53 <shilpasd> thank you
04:11:04 <samP> is it OK to reset the node? or you need the data?
04:11:42 <shilpasd> is it okay to reset
04:12:17 <samP> OK then, I will put a fresh OS on it.
04:12:53 <samP> I will let you know IRC #openstack-masakari when its done
04:13:12 <shilpasd> sure, thnaks
04:13:28 <samP> I dont have any other topics to share.
04:13:57 <samP> shilpasd: do you have any items to share?
04:14:11 <shilpasd> samP: no
04:14:19 <samP> shilpasd: thans
04:14:25 <samP> /thans/thanks
04:14:29 <shilpasd> samP: thanks
04:14:34 <samP> s/thans/thanks
04:14:43 <samP> sorry :)
04:14:53 <samP> Let's finish today's meeting
04:15:26 <samP> Please use #openstack-masakari IRC channel @freenode or openstack ML for further discussions
04:15:37 <samP> Thank you all!
04:15:45 <samP> #endmeeting