04:02:58 <samP___> #startmeeting masakari
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04:03:08 <samP___> Hi all for Masakari
04:03:27 <shilpasd> Hi samP
04:03:34 <samP___> shilpasd: Hi
04:04:34 <tashiromt__> Hi
04:04:57 <samP___> #topic critical bugs and patches
04:05:23 <samP___> Any critical patches or bug need to discuss?
04:06:16 <samP___> if any please bring up anytime in the meeting
04:06:21 <samP___> #topic AOB
04:07:17 <samP___> We planned to discuss Train work items this week IRC. However, I couldn't finish listing them. I would like to postpone it to next week
04:07:38 <samP___> If you have any work items for Train, please add them to following etherpad
04:07:43 <samP___> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/masakari-train-workitems
04:07:56 <tashiromt__> Thanks for sharing
04:08:07 <shilpasd> Okay, thank you
04:08:17 <samP___> No more topics from my side to discuss.
04:08:42 <samP___> if no other topics, then we can finish the meeting today.
04:10:57 <tashiromt__> I do not have any topics today
04:11:36 <samP___> Seems link no other topics to discuss. Let's finish today's meeting. Please use #openstack-masakari IRC @freenode or openstack-discuss@lists.openstack.org ML for further discussion.
04:11:49 <samP___> Thank you all for join!
04:11:59 <samP___> #endmeeting