04:02:05 <tpatil> #startmeeting Masakari
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04:02:15 <tpatil> Hi All
04:02:25 <tashiromt> Hi
04:02:40 <tpatil> I don't see Sampath online, so I have started today's meeting
04:02:51 <tpatil> tashiromt: Hi
04:03:00 <tpatil> Let's wait for Sampath to join this meeting
04:05:12 <tpatil> FYI, Last week PTG was held in Denver but this time there were no sessions planned during PTG
04:07:13 <tpatil> Ok, Let's start the meeting. This meeting I don't have any agenda from my side but let's go through the usual stuff one by one
04:07:20 <tpatil> #topic Bugs
04:07:36 <tpatil> Any bugs you want to discuss here?
04:08:06 <tpatil> I don't see any new bugs reported in the last two weeks
04:08:54 <tpatil> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/masakari/+bug/1815657
04:08:55 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1815657 in masakari "python 3 failures - /usr/bin/masakari-wsgi and unit tests" [High,Fix committed] - Assigned to Shilpa Devharakar (shilpasd)
04:08:57 <tashiromt> I don't have any bugs today
04:09:20 <tpatil> This bug was fixed in Stein release so it should be marked as Fix Released
04:09:46 <tpatil> #action Mark #bug 1815657 as fix release
04:10:43 <tpatil> tashiromt: Ok, Thank you
04:10:54 <tpatil> #topic Train Work items
04:12:17 <tpatil> Some of the blueprints in LP are still open even though they are implemented, I will discuss about it with Sampath and take action to mark it as implemented
04:12:55 <tpatil> #action Mark completed blueprints as implemented (samP/tpatil)
04:13:47 <tpatil> Real time rendering of notifications in masakari-dashboard (slow progress)
04:14:40 <tpatil> Here, we would like to show the graph of  host failure workflow in masakari-dashobard in same way as done for Network topology
04:15:49 <tpatil> Second work item we are working on is : Add support to install host monitor in devstack
04:16:39 <tpatil> Work in going on, planning to complete it in milestone-1
04:17:47 <tpatil> Anyone who wants to talk about any work item you have planned to contribute in Train cycle?
04:19:57 <tpatil> Seems like no one at this moment
04:20:19 <tashiromt> Today I dont have a work item for Train
04:20:39 <tpatil> tashiromt: Ok
04:20:45 <tpatil> If you have no other topics for discussion, let's end this meeting early
04:25:33 <tpatil> Thank you all for attending this meeting, I will end this meeting now.
04:25:35 <tpatil> #endmeeting