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04:00:31 <samP> Hi all for masakari
04:00:35 <tpatil> Hi
04:00:39 <samP> tpatil: Hi
04:01:02 <samP> Sorry for absent last week
04:01:19 <samP> #topic Critical bugs and patches
04:01:34 <samP> Any critical bugs or patches need to discuss?
04:02:46 <tpatil> No new bugs reported since Stein release
04:02:57 <samP> tpatil: thanks.
04:03:10 <samP> Let's move to Train work items
04:03:16 <samP> #topic Train Work Items
04:03:39 <samP> Please share if any updates on Train work items
04:05:09 <tpatil> Real time rendering of recovery workflow
04:05:31 <tpatil> one issue fixed in fastener library used in taskflow will be reverted
04:05:59 <samP> got it. thanks.
04:07:02 <tpatil> so we are again back to the square one.
04:07:19 <tpatil> without this fix, we can implement the real time rendering
04:08:00 <tpatil> I have a hack to proceed on our implementation without fixing this issue in fastener lib
04:08:17 <tpatil> we can monkey patch the method from fastener lib in masakari
04:08:52 <tpatil> This was the commit that will be reverted in issues 36: https://github.com/harlowja/fasteners/commit/467ed75ee1e9465ebff8b5edf452770befb93913
04:09:15 <tpatil> if we monkey patch "_fetch_current_thread_functor" method, it might solve our problem
04:09:39 <tpatil> until this issue in fixed properly in fastener library
04:09:58 <tpatil> We will give it a try and let you know about it
04:10:05 <samP> sounds good. thanks
04:10:54 <tpatil> 2. Host monitor support in devstack
04:11:12 <tpatil> shilpasd: do you have any update?
04:11:56 <shilpasd> yes, almost we are through except STONITH configuration
04:12:25 <tpatil> Please describe the problem
04:13:39 <shilpasd> During STONITH configuration, there we opening CRM interactive console and adding configuration and committing the same
04:14:06 <shilpasd> Yesterday we are able to do so, but now looking into during uninstall, need to remove though
04:15:40 <tpatil> ok so installation of host-monitor is working properly, correct?
04:15:54 <shilpasd> yes
04:16:16 <tpatil> What problem are you facing during uninstallation?
04:17:25 <samP> Are you trying to remove CRM configs before uninstall?
04:17:26 <shilpasd> STONITH configuration adds resource tag in '/var/lib/pacemaker/cib/cib.xml'
04:18:06 <shilpasd> samP: No, we are removing corosync/pacemaker/crmsh and then removing same
04:18:22 <samP> shilpasd: right.
04:18:43 <shilpasd> we tested manually also by removing resource tag, but it still shows entry
04:19:20 <tpatil> if you stop the services and uninstall packages, will it not solve this problem
04:19:45 <shilpasd> During stack, it ends with error 'WARNING: Resources my-stonith1,my-stonithA violate uniqueness for parameter "hostname": "<nodename>"
04:20:36 <shilpasd> tpatil: along with remove and purge, suggesting to stop the services?
04:21:38 <tpatil> Describe what you are doing during uninstallation step?
04:22:30 <tpatil> after installation is complete, do you see host-monitor is running and the cluster status is ok?
04:22:41 <tpatil> All nodes are setup in the cluster?
04:23:19 <shilpasd> tpatil: as of now manually tried, removing and purging corosync and pacemaker, updating  '/var/lib/pacemaker/cib/cib.xml' to remove STONITH entry and doing stack
04:23:54 <shilpasd> tpatil: All nodes are setup in cluster, but firstly verifying on Controller only
04:24:14 <tpatil> manually means, outside devstack?
04:24:18 <shilpasd> yes
04:24:23 <tpatil> hmm
04:24:31 <tpatil> let's discuss about this issue offline
04:24:37 <shilpasd> How to update xml file for remove on <resource> tag that needs to be llok out
04:24:45 <shilpasd> sure, thanks
04:26:32 <samP> not completely understand what is the issue, but you may use 'crm resource cleanup' to clean the resource definitions
04:26:58 <samP> shilpasd: thanks for working on this
04:27:26 <shilpasd> samP: thanks, will try this option and update accordingly
04:27:41 <samP> shilpasd: np
04:28:55 <tpatil> #link: https://clusterlabs.org/pacemaker/doc/en-US/Pacemaker/1.1/html-single/Pacemaker_Explained/index.html
04:29:04 <tpatil> Refer to 2.3.3. Updating the Configuration Without Using XML
04:29:57 <shilpasd> tpatil: thanks for this link, will go through
04:30:41 <tpatil> 3. Update Documentation
04:30:53 <tpatil> Not yet started
04:31:11 <tpatil> Need to find out what changes are required first
04:32:56 <samP> tpatil: thanks for updates
04:34:54 <samP> #topic AOB
04:35:08 <samP> any other items to discuss?
04:35:33 <tpatil> No
04:35:54 <samP> Thanks. Nothing from my side.
04:36:12 <samP> If not other items, we could finish today's meeting here
04:37:00 <tpatil> samP: Ok
04:37:31 <samP> OK then, Thank you all for attending to meeting
04:38:01 <samP> Please use the #openstack-masakari IRC @freenode or ML for further discussions.
04:38:06 <samP> #endmeeting