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04:01:36 <samP> Hi all for masakari
04:01:42 <tpatil> Hi
04:01:50 <samP> tpatil: Hi
04:02:11 <samP> #topic Critical bugs or patches
04:02:33 <samP> Any critical bugs or patches need to discuss here?
04:02:50 <tpatil> #link : https://bugs.launchpad.net/masakari/+bug/1854323
04:02:50 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1854323 in masakari "inconsistent output for 'openstack segment host show|update'" [High,New] - Assigned to Shilpa Devharakar (shilpasd)
04:03:11 <tpatil> I have marked this bug as High priority and Shilpa is working on fixing this issue
04:03:26 <tpatil> The patch will be pushed sometime in this week
04:04:16 <samP> tpatil: thanks, this is the one posted by Jan
04:04:37 <tpatil> samP: yes, that's correct
04:05:07 <tpatil> #link : https://review.opendev.org/#/c/675734
04:05:43 <tpatil> I have posted one comment on this patch and awaiting for author to response on my comment
04:06:27 <tpatil> In there, I have suggested to use host instead of hypervisor_hostname to solve the issue.
04:07:10 <samP> tpatil: OK, I will try to ping Lian Young for this.
04:09:14 <tpatil> I think but with that change, it might break compatibility. We will need to discuss on that part
04:12:37 <samP> tpatil: agree. I remove the +2 on this. Let's try to contact author for discussion.
04:16:19 <tpatil> #link : https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-masakariclient/+bug/1854903
04:16:19 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1854903 in python-masakariclient "masakariclient not supporting filter parameters for multiple times" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Shilpa Devharakar (shilpasd)
04:17:17 <tpatil> basically masakari client allows to specify --filter recovery_method=auto  recovery_method=rh_priority, but masakari treats it as a single recovery_method
04:17:46 <tpatil> $openstack segment list --filter recovery_method=auto  recovery_method=rh_priority
04:19:29 <tpatil> when it calls REST API, it send url query params something like : instance-ha/v1/segments?recovery_method=%5Bu%27auto%27%2C+u%27rh_priority%27%5D
04:19:55 <tpatil> i.e. segments?recovery_method=auto,rh_priority
04:20:30 <tpatil> but masakari  API treats it as a single recovery_method ii.e. "auto,rh_priority"
04:20:38 <samP> got it. the problem is, it neglect the second filter
04:20:41 <tpatil> and it will return empty list in such case
04:21:11 <tpatil> so I think we should fix this issue in masakari client by deprecating --filter
04:21:44 <tpatil> and simply using new options like "openstack segment list --recovery_method auto --host xyz"
04:23:43 <tpatil> or  we can also fix this issue in masakari-api, but in that case we will need to consider recovery method as auto or rh_priority
04:24:15 <tpatil> I would like to know how do we want to fix this issue
04:25:19 <tpatil> I would prefer option#1, because in masakari this functionality wasn't available but still added in masakariclient
04:25:57 <shilpasd> tpatil: thanks for discussing this bug
04:26:27 <samP> sicne openstack does not have it, I think deprecating is OK
04:27:40 <samP> what gonna happen if, openstack segment list --recovery_method auto --recovery_method rh_priority --host xyz
04:27:54 <tpatil> in current master?
04:27:59 <samP> yes.
04:28:03 <tpatil> empty list
04:28:26 <samP> that is for --filter right?
04:29:05 <samP> if we give two --recovery_method parameters for segment list command
04:29:28 <tpatil> today these options doesn't exist
04:30:21 <tpatil> if passed it will give an error: openstack segment list: error: unrecognized arguments: --recovery_method auto
04:30:37 <samP> OK, my misunderstanding.
04:31:09 <tpatil> option #1 is to deprecate --filter option  and add new options recovery_method, host etc..
04:31:26 <samP> Then what we sould do is, deprecating --filter and enable the new filtering options
04:31:39 <samP> am I right?
04:31:48 <tpatil> yes, that's correct
04:32:36 <tpatil> option #2, masakari-api can split the recovery_method=auto,rh_prioirty into two and consider it as auto or rh_prioirty
04:34:01 <tpatil> in URL query parameter, if we get recovery_method=auto,rh_prioirty, then it would return segments matching recovery method auto or rh_priority.
04:35:03 <samP> option #2 about changing the masakari-api?
04:35:15 <tpatil> samP: yes
04:36:16 <samP> IMHO, in option #1 and #2, we have find a way to support multiple values for single parameter,
04:36:19 <samP> such as,
04:36:28 <samP> --recovery_method auto --recovery_method rh_priority
04:36:38 <samP> --filter recovery_method=auto  recovery_method=rh_priority
04:37:32 <samP> From client side, we can call masakari-api for multiple times and merge the result
04:37:49 <samP> or change the masakari-api as you proposed.
04:39:01 <tpatil> samP: passing recovery_method multiple times is already supported by masakariclient but it doesn't get the expected result from masakari-api, so we should fix this issue in masakari-api.
04:39:31 <tpatil> I think that's what you want to suggest here, is it correct?
04:40:06 <samP> tpatil: thanks, that's what I wanted to say. :)
04:40:42 <samP> Fixing the masakari-api is more appropriate in this case
04:40:55 <tpatil> samP: understood, we will fix this issue in masakari-api
04:41:05 <samP> tpatil: thanks
04:41:28 <samP> Any other issues?
04:42:44 <tpatil> No
04:42:57 <samP> #topic AOB
04:43:41 <samP> We need to list up Ussuri work itmes.
04:44:23 <tpatil> just one info before we move on U release items
04:44:38 <samP> tpatil: sure
04:45:19 <tpatil> about the above bug, if you call openstack --debug segment list --filter recovery_method=auto --filter recovery_method=rh_priority
04:45:49 <tpatil> the url query parameters passed are: /segments?recovery_method=auto&recovery_method=rh_priority
04:46:15 <tpatil> so it only considers recovery_method=rh_priority, as we get query parameters in dict form
04:47:10 <tpatil> if you want pass recovery method twice, then we would need change in masakari client to pass recovery_method=auto,rh_priority
04:47:40 <samP> tpatil: Got it, Thanks for the update
04:47:40 <tpatil> and in masakari-api side, we will need to split it based on the comma separator.
04:47:58 <samP> correct
04:48:04 <tpatil> so in short, we will need to make changes in both client and api
04:49:53 <tpatil> about Ussuri work items we want to implement blueprint
04:49:56 <tpatil> #link : https://blueprints.launchpad.net/masakari/+spec/evacuate-non-recovery-instances-in-shutoff-status-at-host-failure-except-specified-tenants
04:50:17 <tpatil> We will propose specs for this blueprint soon
04:50:44 <samP> I have just create a etherpad for list up the items.
04:50:48 <samP> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/masakari-u-workitems
04:51:55 <samP> There are some PBs already proposed for U. Let's list them up and discuss on our next IRC meeting
04:53:20 <tpatil> Sure, I have added above blueprint in the etherpad
04:53:36 <samP> tpatil: Thanks
04:54:17 <samP> Statscowski: posted a question on #openstack-masakari
04:54:39 <samP> Hello. newb question. We deployed openstack with msakari through kolla. Is the horizon webui enough to configure masakari? if so,  │
04:54:40 <samP> │                         | we are having toruble triggering a successful failover
04:56:09 <tpatil> Does kolla supports installation and deployment of masker-hostmonitor?
04:56:09 <samP> Any known issues with horizon webui for configure masakari?
04:56:34 <tpatil> horizon webui means masakari-dashboard?
04:56:35 <samP> tpatil: I think it does not support install and config hostmonitor
04:56:41 <samP> tpatil: yes
04:57:19 <tpatil> masakari-dashboard will only allows you to configure failoversegment and add hosts to it, also you can see the notification details
04:57:49 <tpatil> if hostmonitor support isn't available in kolla, then compute failureover won't work
04:57:57 <tpatil> compute node failure won't work
04:58:09 <samP> I think the answer is, only masakari-dashboard is not enough
04:59:10 <tpatil> samP: Yes
04:59:13 <samP> you have to configure masakari and setup masakari-hostmonitor (if not supported in kolla)
04:59:48 <samP> no time left to give a detail answer. Statscowski: please ask on ML
04:59:55 <samP> we dont have much time left
05:00:01 <samP> let's finish the meeting here
05:00:07 <samP> Thank you all for your time.
05:00:11 <samP> #endmeeting