04:00:13 <tpatil> #startmeeting Masakari
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04:00:26 <tpatil> Roll Call
04:01:24 <tpatil> #topic: Roll Call
04:07:30 <tpatil> Note to everyone: If you want your patches to get merge in U release, please add the list of patches in etherpad below:
04:07:39 <tpatil> #link : https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/masakari-u-workitems
04:10:30 <shilpasd> GM Tushar san, sorry for delay
04:10:42 <tpatil> shilpasd: Hi
04:11:20 <tpatil> shilpasd: Do you have any patches for review?
04:12:03 <tpatil> if yes, please add them in https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/masakari-u-workitems
04:13:55 <shilpasd47> sorry some connection issue at my end
04:14:06 <shilpasd47> okay will list into etherpad
04:14:12 <tpatil> shilpasd47: No problem.
04:15:21 <tpatil> I will prioritize the patches that should be merged in U release and spend some time reviewing those accordingly
04:15:56 <shilpasd47> tpatil: okay, thank you
04:16:16 <tpatil> shilpasd47: Do you have any points for discussion? If no, let's end this meeting early as no one else has joined this time.
04:16:32 <shilpasd47> just one query, https://review.opendev.org/#/c/704811/, here we are waiting for the approach to finalize
04:16:41 <shilpasd47> patch is related to 'Add new filter `host_name` to segment list'
04:17:12 <tpatil> I have discussed this point in the last meeting and awaiting Sampath san to reply back.
04:17:28 <shilpasd47> okay my miss, thank you
04:17:28 <tpatil> there are two choices
04:17:37 <tpatil> 1. Go ahead with the changes you have proposed
04:18:00 <tpatil> 2. introduce a new Rest API ``GET /hosts``
04:18:10 <suzhengwei__> sorry for late.
04:18:20 <tpatil> suzhengwei__: Hi
04:18:29 <suzhengwei__> hi
04:19:14 <shilpasd47> suzhengwei__: Hi
04:19:17 <tpatil> #topic: Critical Bugs
04:19:57 <tpatil> #link : https://bugs.launchpad.net/masakari/+bug/1858762
04:19:58 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1858762 in masakari "“UNKNOWN” host_status notification may cause unsafe evacuation" [Critical,Confirmed] - Assigned to Shilpa Devharakar (shilpasd)
04:20:20 <tpatil> shilpasd47: Do you have any update about this bug?
04:20:21 <shilpasd47> will push changes today to community for this
04:20:29 <tpatil> shilpasd47: Ok
04:20:57 <tpatil> Any other bugs you want to discuss here?
04:21:06 <shilpasd47> tpatil: no
04:21:29 <suzhengwei__> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/702328/
04:22:11 <suzhengwei__> tpatil: woud you like to give a review o this simple patch?
04:22:48 <tpatil> suzhengwei__: Sure,  I will review it
04:22:59 <suzhengwei__> thanks
04:23:18 <tpatil> In the beginning of this meeting, I have added a note asking people to add patches that they want to see in U release.
04:23:52 <tpatil> suzhengwei__: Could you please add the patches to want to see land in U release in below etherpad:
04:24:06 <suzhengwei__> ok
04:24:09 <tpatil> #link : https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/masakari-u-workitems
04:25:10 <tpatil> suzhengwei__: The above patch looks simple but it's missing unit tests. Can you please add unit tests for your changes?
04:26:19 <suzhengwei__> I will. My own CI workflow is broken, I need to fix it first.
04:27:40 <tpatil> suzhengwei__: Ok, No problem
04:27:58 <tpatil> Moving to the next topic
04:28:11 <tpatil> #topic Work Items for Ussuri
04:28:53 <tpatil> suzhengwei__: I forgot to mention about patch : https://review.opendev.org/#/c/708325/
04:29:23 <tpatil> suzhengwei__: Changes looks good. Need unit tests so that we can merge it patch soon
04:30:06 <suzhengwei__> ok, i will add unit tests later.
04:31:34 <tpatil> suzhengwei__: Ok, Thanks
04:32:02 <tpatil> Enable/Disable evacuation segment wise
04:32:24 <tpatil> specs: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/705893/
04:33:08 <shilpasd47> tpatil: there are few review comments by Toshikazu Kazu Ichikawa, will address and push the updated path, further please review
04:33:16 <tpatil> Still I need to review the updated specs, sorry the delay
04:34:02 <shilpasd47> tpatil: i know your are super busy, so pl no sorry
04:34:28 <tpatil> shilpasd47: This is different spec I'm talking about
04:34:39 <tpatil> proposed by suzhengwei__
04:34:57 <shilpasd47> tpatil: okay, we switched...
04:35:34 <shilpasd47> sorry, i got confused
04:36:00 <tpatil> suzhengwei__: I will this specs soon
04:36:10 <suzhengwei__> thx
04:36:21 <suzhengwei__> I have update code for this spec, but because my own ci workflow, it still failed.
04:37:10 <tpatil> suzhengwei__: Ok, Got it. I will see that this spec and implementation gets merged in U release.
04:37:26 <suzhengwei__> function test is rely on openstackSDK, so function test will be add in next V branch.
04:38:39 <tpatil> suzhengwei__: Only rest API will go in this cycle and you plan to work on OpenStackSDK in next cycle, is it correct?
04:38:54 <suzhengwei__> yes.
04:39:34 <suzhengwei__> not enough time left for U release.
04:40:28 <tpatil> suzhengwei__: Ok
04:41:56 <tpatil> Next work item: Evacuate non-recovery (`HA_enabled = False`) instances
04:42:04 <tpatil> Specs: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/702427/
04:42:50 <tpatil> shilpasd47: Any update?
04:42:57 <shilpasd47> tpatil: i want your review on this
04:43:12 <shilpasd47> there are few comments, will address by today
04:43:41 <tpatil> shilpasd47: Ok, Thanks
04:44:18 <tpatil> shilpasd47: I will review this specs as well. But are you ready with the implementation?
04:44:38 <shilpasd47> tpatil: yes
04:45:14 <tpatil> shilpasd47: Have you already uploaded the patch?
04:45:57 <shilpasd47> tpatil: on CG, not yet, should i push?
04:46:13 <shilpasd47> since pec is under review i haven't pushed to CG yet
04:46:20 <shilpasd47> spec*
04:46:45 <tpatil> shilpasd47: Yes, you can push the implementation patch on the CG
04:47:07 <shilpasd47> tpatil: okay will push today
04:47:18 <tpatil> shilpasd47: Thanks
04:47:35 <tpatil> Modify masakari-hostmonitor in order to run it inside container
04:47:53 <tpatil> shilpasd47: Any update?
04:48:20 <shilpasd47> tpatil: here using 'crm' commands to check status for corosync/pacemaker
04:48:39 <shilpasd47> but 'crm' itself uses systemctl internally to verify the same
04:48:52 <shilpasd47> so my query, will crm commands will work inside docker?
04:49:10 <tpatil> Where did you find out this information?
04:49:30 <tpatil> that crm-> uses systemctl?
04:49:56 <shilpasd47> tpatil: https://github.com/ClusterLabs/crmsh/blob/master/crmsh/utils.py#L1796
04:51:37 <tpatil> That's important finding. If that's the case, there is no point of making this change. Let me discuss this issue with Sampath san and get back to you
04:51:38 <shilpasd47> i have gone through this repository and observed that crm uses systemctl, correct me if i am wrong
04:51:50 <shilpasd47> tpatil: thank you
04:52:08 <tpatil> Command parameter support to segment list command to filter out segments based on host input parameter
04:52:25 <tpatil> shilpasd47: We have already discussed about this work item.
04:52:38 <shilpasd47> tpatil: yes
04:53:07 <shilpasd47> tpatil: since approach 2 is not yet finalized, should i focus on implementation for this option?
04:54:09 <tpatil> shilpasd: Your call. I will discuss this point with Sampath san and get back to you.
04:54:22 <shilpasd47> tpatil: okay
04:54:29 <shilpasd47> tpatil: one more finding regarding 'Modify masakari-hostmonitor in order to run it inside container'
04:55:05 <shilpasd47> here 'crm status list', this command i was looking for finding status of  corosync and pacemaker
04:55:35 <shilpasd47> but if we want status of 'pacemaker-remote', as of now 'crm' doesn't have support for this
04:56:26 <shilpasd47> https://github.com/ClusterLabs/crmsh/blob/master/crmsh/ui_cluster.py#L602
04:56:55 <shilpasd47> if check here, 'crm status list' only list status for corosync and pacemaker services.
04:56:58 <tpatil> shilpasd: I will need time to look into this.
04:57:40 <shilpasd47> tpatil: yup, just findings i have shared here
04:58:14 <tpatil> shilpasd47: Understood, thanks. If it's a blocker and cannot be done in U release, you can implement it in the next cycle
04:58:20 <tpatil> running out of time.
04:58:36 <tpatil> We have finished discussion on work items planned for U release
04:58:49 <tpatil> Any other points left for discussion?
04:59:36 <shilpasd47> tpatil: ok, thanks
04:59:43 <tpatil> Let's end this meeting here
04:59:48 <tpatil> Thank you, All
04:59:50 <shilpasd47> thats all from my side, will add list of patches that needs to be review
04:59:54 <shilpasd47> thank you
05:00:05 <tpatil> shilpasd47: Thanks
05:00:09 <tpatil> #endmeeting