07:01:00 <yoctozepto> #startmeeting masakari
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07:01:08 <yoctozepto> #topic Roll-call
07:01:11 <yoctozepto> o/
07:01:43 <jopdorp> 0/
07:01:49 <jopdorp> o/
07:02:53 <yoctozepto> (do note whatever you write in roll-call is fine; it's just to encourage ppl to announce their presence)
07:04:50 <jopdorp> \m/ this then
07:05:30 <yoctozepto> xD
07:05:36 <yoctozepto> suzhengwei: around?
07:07:34 <yoctozepto> #topic Agenda
07:07:47 <yoctozepto> * Roll-call
07:07:51 <yoctozepto> * Agenda
07:07:55 <yoctozepto> * Announcements
07:07:59 <yoctozepto> ** Victoria release this week! https://releases.openstack.org/victoria/schedule.html
07:08:03 <yoctozepto> ** Virtual OpenStack Infrastructure Summit is right the next week: https://www.openstack.org/summit/2020/
07:08:07 <yoctozepto> ** Masakari Wallaby vPTG planned (in just two weeks! next masakari meeting cancelled): https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/masakari-wallaby-vptg
07:08:10 <yoctozepto> * Review action items from the last meeting
07:08:13 <yoctozepto> * CI status
07:08:17 <yoctozepto> * Backports pending reviews
07:08:19 <suzhengwei> I am
07:08:21 <yoctozepto> * Critical Bugs and Patches
07:08:25 <yoctozepto> * Release planning
07:08:29 <yoctozepto> * Open discussion
07:08:38 <yoctozepto> hi suzhengwei
07:08:43 <suzhengwei> hi
07:08:44 <yoctozepto> #topic Announcements
07:08:55 <yoctozepto> #info Victoria release this week! https://releases.openstack.org/victoria/schedule.html
07:09:35 <yoctozepto> so we made it with RC1 so far; the project is pretty dormant so that was not exactly unexpected
07:09:50 <yoctozepto> any thoughts on the Victoria release?
07:10:40 <jopdorp> what needs to be done for it still?
07:13:53 <yoctozepto> jopdorp: release approved
07:14:14 <yoctozepto> but if you are asking about masakari, then we have loads of ideas :-)
07:14:22 <yoctozepto> just not enough hands/time to deliver
07:14:36 <yoctozepto> #info Virtual OpenStack Infrastructure Summit is right the next week: https://www.openstack.org/summit/2020/
07:14:49 <yoctozepto> you can still register as far as I know
07:15:08 <yoctozepto> it's a week-long online event
07:15:15 <yoctozepto> you might find something interesting to you
07:15:21 <jopdorp> yeah
07:16:57 <yoctozepto> #info Masakari Wallaby vPTG planned (in just two weeks! next masakari meeting cancelled): https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/masakari-wallaby-vptg
07:17:11 <yoctozepto> this is *the* most important announcement today
07:17:28 <jopdorp> I'll be there
07:17:52 <suzhengwei> me too
07:18:06 <yoctozepto> \o/
07:18:19 <jopdorp> \m/
07:19:48 <yoctozepto> please add/review items on that page even before the sessions start
07:19:54 <yoctozepto> it is more productive this way
07:20:03 <yoctozepto> I did mine, I saw suzhengwei did as well
07:21:31 <jopdorp> ok, I'll think about it
07:22:18 <yoctozepto> thanks
07:22:27 <yoctozepto> #topic Review action items from the last meeting
07:22:33 <yoctozepto> let me find it
07:23:11 <yoctozepto> oh, there were none
07:23:14 <yoctozepto> so 100% success
07:23:21 <yoctozepto> (beat it)
07:23:21 <jopdorp> \m/
07:23:29 <yoctozepto> #CI status
07:23:33 <yoctozepto> #topic CI status
07:24:23 <yoctozepto> not much happening; the last runs were green happy
07:24:28 <yoctozepto> so GREEN
07:24:54 <yoctozepto> #topic Backports pending reviews
07:25:32 <yoctozepto> not only backports, but all stable pending changes:
07:25:38 <yoctozepto> #link https://review.opendev.org/#/q/(project:openstack/masakari+OR+project:openstack/masakari-monitors+OR+project:openstack/python-masakariclient+OR+project:openstack/masakari-dashboard)+status:open+-branch:master
07:25:59 <yoctozepto> ^ please review the above, they are one vote away from merging (I did my part!)
07:26:19 <jopdorp> will do
07:28:58 <yoctozepto> #topic Critical Bugs and Patches
07:29:55 <yoctozepto> and there are none - I will remove this point from the agenda next time if I can't hear any objections - I believe these can still be discussed during the open discussion (if they ever happen)
07:30:44 <jopdorp> ok
07:31:26 <suzhengwei> ok
07:35:28 <yoctozepto> #topic Release planning
07:35:52 <yoctozepto> well, it has been planned; for wallaby please remember about participating in the ptg :-)
07:40:13 <suzhengwei> yoctozepto: Do we need reno for bugfix in V?
07:40:44 <suzhengwei> There is no releasenote for bugfix patch.
07:43:19 <yoctozepto> suzhengwei: if it went like this (e.g. this is backport) already, then we don't need it
07:43:39 <yoctozepto> for all new ones we should strive to get renos because they increase the visibility of all (and others) efforts
07:43:50 <yoctozepto> and show that the project is actively maintained
07:44:05 <yoctozepto> #topic Open discussion
07:44:29 <yoctozepto> (I missed to switch the topic)
07:44:41 <yoctozepto> please go on with any things you want
07:45:30 <jopdorp> i was wondering what a ptg looks like
07:45:50 <jopdorp> is  like working together in a virtual office on the project for a couple of days
07:45:51 <jopdorp> ?
07:45:57 <jopdorp> like a hackathon or something?
07:47:36 <suzhengwei> More like a project video meeting.
07:47:40 <jopdorp> another thing is, we are looking into how to decrease failover times, to minimize downtime for our edge locations when they lose power
07:47:52 <jopdorp> suzhengwei: okay
07:48:29 <jopdorp> I'd be up for tha on a more regular basis too
07:49:01 <suzhengwei> That is a good point which I study recently too.
07:50:16 <jopdorp> it's a more direct way of communicating which is good for efficiency and motivation, and getting to know the team better
07:51:03 <yoctozepto> suzhengwei, jopdorp: we can do video meetings regularly, yes; we do it with kolla as well; need to schedule right time though
07:51:24 <jopdorp> both of you use kolla too?
07:52:12 <jopdorp> maybe we could change the default config in kolla to make failover times faster
07:52:41 <yoctozepto> jopdorp: I develop kolla but kolla should be discussed in #openstack-kolla ;-)
07:52:54 <jopdorp> I was looking at this one https://review.opendev.org/#/c/732477/3/specs/victoria/approved/promotion-for-large-scale-hosts-failure.rst
07:53:20 <jopdorp> I think it does make sense to prioritize instances
07:53:43 <yoctozepto> yeah, suzhengwei has some nice ideas in specs already
07:53:45 <jopdorp> or example if a client has a kubernetes cluster, prioritize failover for master over workers
07:54:53 <jopdorp> what about adding hosts automtically back to pacemaker when they come back up?
07:55:51 <jopdorp> I've been working with a test environment which is very unstable, to test out failover approach
07:56:20 <jopdorp> and had to remove and re add the host from pacemaker every time we test a failover
07:57:05 <jopdorp> also had to reenable it in nova and set on maintenance back to false
07:58:05 <jopdorp> also I'm thinking about automatically moving instances back to the failed hosts they came from after a set period of time
07:58:14 <yoctozepto> jopdorp: well, it's a protection measure against flops
07:58:18 <yoctozepto> flops are worse
07:58:38 <jopdorp> what is a flop?
07:59:13 <yoctozepto> jopdorp: flaps* (/me broken)
07:59:24 <jopdorp> haha
07:59:26 <jopdorp> what is a flap?
07:59:38 <yoctozepto> it is a situation where the instability causes the node to be repeated up/down
07:59:42 <jopdorp> yeah
07:59:47 <yoctozepto> causing the environment to recalculate each time
08:00:02 <jopdorp> maybe the set period of time can fesolve that
08:00:02 <yoctozepto> and wasting more time on constant moves rather than keeping it simple
08:00:04 <jopdorp> resolve
08:00:08 <jopdorp> wait 48 hours for example
08:00:30 <yoctozepto> operator should really monitor the infrastructure and act accordingly
08:00:35 <jopdorp> the main goal for me would be to have instances move back to the failed nodes after some time
08:00:38 <yoctozepto> well, at least that's the common consensus
08:00:46 <yoctozepto> (and it's more about pacemaker itself than masakari)
08:00:55 <yoctozepto> (we can also consider consul for masakari)
08:00:57 <jopdorp> because in our infrastructure failure is expected on leaf(edge) nodes
08:01:04 <yoctozepto> but we are out of time today
08:01:15 <jopdorp> which run at locations outside of regular datacenters
08:01:19 <yoctozepto> jopdorp: add these points to the ptg discussion please
08:01:29 <yoctozepto> thank you for coming, jopdorp, suzhengwei
08:01:31 <jopdorp> will do!
08:01:33 <jopdorp> thanks
08:01:34 <yoctozepto> #endmeeting