06:01:05 <yoctozepto> #startmeeting masakari
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06:01:24 <yoctozepto> #topic Roll-call
06:01:26 <yoctozepto> \o/
06:01:48 <suzhengwei> o/
06:03:45 <yoctozepto> #topic Agenda
06:03:54 <yoctozepto> * Roll-call
06:03:54 <yoctozepto> * Agenda
06:03:54 <yoctozepto> * Announcements
06:03:54 <yoctozepto> * Review action items from the last meeting
06:03:54 <yoctozepto> * CI status
06:03:55 <yoctozepto> * Backports pending reviews
06:03:55 <yoctozepto> * Monitors docs proposals https://review.opendev.org/q/topic:add-docs+project:openstack/masakari-monitors
06:03:56 <yoctozepto> * Xena planning -> https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/masakari-xena-ptg
06:03:56 <yoctozepto> ** Deprecate process monitor?
06:03:57 <yoctozepto> * Open discussion
06:03:58 <jopdorp> o/
06:06:19 <yoctozepto> #topic Announcements
06:06:26 <yoctozepto> I don't have any today
06:06:32 <yoctozepto> you?
06:06:53 <suzhengwei> none
06:07:26 <jopdorp> None
06:07:58 <yoctozepto> #topic Review action items from the last meeting
06:08:03 <yoctozepto> I think none, but let's check
06:08:18 <yoctozepto> none
06:08:23 <yoctozepto> #topic CI status
06:08:48 <yoctozepto> looks green
06:08:56 <yoctozepto> though while we are at it
06:09:17 <yoctozepto> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/masakari/+/790216
06:09:32 <yoctozepto> this needs merging soon as openstack is moving forward with sqlalchemy version
06:09:44 <yoctozepto> we seem to be well-covered except for the unit tests that get fixed there
06:13:05 <yoctozepto> ekhm, it was meant to encourage you to review it :D
06:13:18 <yoctozepto> anyways, let's move on
06:13:24 <yoctozepto> #topic Backports pending reviews
06:13:39 <yoctozepto> no backports atm
06:13:49 <yoctozepto> #topic Monitors docs proposals https://review.opendev.org/q/topic:add-docs+project:openstack/masakari-monitors
06:14:25 <yoctozepto> so, it seems the lack of documentation for monitors is a pain point for our users
06:14:38 <yoctozepto> we have these 3 changes proposed
06:15:30 <yoctozepto> one is much smaller and does a very minimum job to get sample config rendered (and needs some fixing still)
06:15:46 <yoctozepto> though thanks to noonedeadpunk for reraising this docs issue
06:16:24 <yoctozepto> I suggest we review the other 2 thoroughly and decide on the content that can go in right away
06:16:45 <yoctozepto> or even merge the ideas from them
06:16:56 <yoctozepto> as they conflict at the moment
06:17:11 <yoctozepto> your thoughts?
06:20:16 <yoctozepto> guessing none
06:20:28 <yoctozepto> #topic Xena planning -> https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/masakari-xena-ptg
06:20:37 <yoctozepto> Deprecate process monitor?
06:21:40 <yoctozepto> do we know of a legit use case of process monitor that actually rescues instances (the goal of masakari)?
06:23:06 <yoctozepto> are you still with me? :-)
06:23:20 <jopdorp> What does it do exactly now
06:23:28 <jopdorp> And why is that not needed anymore?
06:24:40 <yoctozepto> the 2nd question is another take at my question
06:24:46 <yoctozepto> and the answer to 1st is
06:25:21 <yoctozepto> it monitors selected process on the local system (usually nova-compute, libvirtd) and triggers actions to restore them
06:25:35 <yoctozepto> it also notifies the masakari api at some point
06:25:57 <yoctozepto> and the masakari engine disables the nova compute service iirc
06:25:58 <suzhengwei> Think about taht the process runs in container.
06:26:45 <yoctozepto> yeah, in a containerised environment the process monitor is currently a no-go
06:27:08 <jopdorp> I think that is a good reason
06:27:22 <yoctozepto> also, for the restoration of process one relies on systemd in the native case or docker (or anything else) in the containerised case
06:27:33 <yoctozepto> jopdorp: which and good reason for what?
06:28:20 <jopdorp> For deprecating
06:28:53 <yoctozepto> ah, understood
06:29:32 <suzhengwei> Some users include me, run their openstack cloud services based on kubernetes.
06:29:41 <yoctozepto> so I understand you don't use it, jopdorp, because you rely on kolla ansible and we don't support it ;-)
06:29:55 <jopdorp> Indeed
06:30:17 <yoctozepto> suzhengwei: oh, nice! I will try to remember that! so - are you using OpenStack Helm? and you *don't* use process monitor, right?
06:31:01 <suzhengwei> yes.
06:32:11 <yoctozepto> yes to both questions? :-)
06:32:53 <suzhengwei> we use helm to install openstack, no process-monitor.
06:33:05 <yoctozepto> thanks
06:33:36 <yoctozepto> I will check process monitor related code once again
06:33:44 <yoctozepto> and write to the mailing list about deprecation
06:33:48 <suzhengwei> We've been doing this for three months.
06:34:16 <yoctozepto> also, I would love to get insight from noonedeadpunk re process-monitor (and how it is in OSA)
06:34:39 <yoctozepto> suzhengwei: oh, nice; what were you using previously? how has been the journey with kubernetes so far?
06:34:56 <suzhengwei> kolla-ansible
06:35:35 <yoctozepto> oh, sorry to see you go ;-(
06:36:06 <suzhengwei> Masakari runs ok.
06:36:22 <yoctozepto> yeah, it does
06:37:38 <yoctozepto> #topic Open discussion
06:37:44 <yoctozepto> anything you want to discuss?
06:38:00 <jopdorp> Nothing for me
06:38:21 <suzhengwei> Nothing from me.
06:40:48 <yoctozepto> all right, thank you for attending
06:40:51 <yoctozepto> #endmeeting