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17:00:43 <raildo> o/
17:00:57 <geoffarnold> o/
17:02:00 <geoffarnold> Gyee and Sean and I were working on this late yesterday evening at HP
17:02:38 <geoffarnold> Not sure we'll have much to contribute this morning...
17:02:47 <janonymous_> o/
17:04:15 <geoffarnold> Biggest outcome of the discussions is that it looks as if whenever the Subscriber user wants to create a project in the virtual region, it's going to have to be created on both sides
17:05:00 <geoffarnold> Or rather we'll have to create a project in the sub Keystone and a second project in the pub Keystone
17:05:09 <shaleh> unless someone can suggest a way to have the scoped tokens have the right fields _AND_ allow for policy/quota/metering on both sides
17:05:20 <geoffarnold> Yup
17:09:57 <geoffarnold> davidjc is still on PTO for about a week. We'll have another design session at HP on Tuesday (OK shaleh? gyee said that worked.)
17:10:35 <gyee> sure
17:10:51 <geoffarnold> raildo, any updates in the reseller space?
17:11:03 <shaleh> geoffarnold: sounds good
17:12:12 <raildo> geoffarnold: in fact, we have this bknudson's comment here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/157427/
17:12:50 <raildo> that we need to discuss more about it, and find the best solution for this problem
17:14:35 <geoffarnold> Understood. I hadn't realized this was still open. I'll take a look.
17:14:44 <gyee> geoffarnold, thinking this through a bit, I think we still have an issue with the endpoints
17:14:58 <gyee> we need a way to restrict the endpoints for a given domain
17:16:11 <geoffarnold> I agree that would be a good idea. AS I said, it's orthogonal to federation, isn't it? I mean, I might want to prevent projects in one of my regular local domains from using Sahara
17:16:39 <gyee> basically, you don't want the endpoints from a virtual region to show up in the global catalog
17:16:51 <gyee> because other domains can't access them
17:16:55 <geoffarnold> So whatever works for the non-federted case will have to work for federated
17:17:06 <gyee> this is nothing to do with federation
17:18:21 <gyee> I suppose we can enhance endpoint group filter to do exclusion instead of inclusion
17:18:32 <gyee> like including everything but ...
17:19:05 <gyee> anyway, no biggie at this point, just something we need to fix in the future
17:22:30 <gyee> did geoffarnold just disappear?
17:23:09 <raildo> haha
17:25:13 <shaleh> yes he did
17:25:48 * gyee go pour himself a cup while waiting
17:26:15 <geoffarnold> Hm. I keep getting disconnected.
17:26:37 <gyee> geoffarnold, I would wait for my IT guy at the parking lot
17:26:56 <geoffarnold> Shall we wrap up?
17:27:47 <geoffarnold> #endmeeting