16:03:16 <tnurlygayanov> #startmeeting Mistral
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16:03:32 <dzimine> we can follow Renat's email
16:03:51 <tnurlygayanov> yes
16:04:06 <dzimine> ok, then, let's start with Manas:
16:04:19 <tnurlygayanov> what about the action items from the previous meeting?
16:04:38 <dzimine> let me quickly look up...
16:04:43 <nmakhotkin> hi !
16:04:52 <manask> hi
16:05:26 <dzimine> actions from last meeting: 1) -item: rakhmerov and enykeev will start the discussion about the prototype
16:05:45 <dzimine> AFAIK this had happened and Kirill is drafting the prototype
16:06:21 <enykeev> Yep, here is the link https://github.com/enykeev/mistral/pull/1
16:07:09 <dzimine> ok, let's review and discuss (may be leave the comments on github pull request?)
16:07:56 <enykeev> I'm looking froward to your feedback. dzimine, yes, i would prefer to keep the discussion in the pull request.
16:08:16 <dzimine> #action(all) review and discuss Kirill's stub on MistralTaskflow prototype https://github.com/enykeev/mistral/pull/1
16:08:21 <enykeev> It would be easier to track it that way
16:08:42 <dzimine> Is Winson here?
16:10:36 <dzimine> anything to talk about the prototype yet, or should we move on? Again, the goal of the TaskFlow-Mistral prototype is described here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mistral-taskflow-prototype
16:11:03 <dzimine> #info the goal and scope of TaskFlow-Mistral prototype is described here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mistral-taskflow-prototype
16:11:28 <dzimine> shall we move on to Manas & Repeater task?
16:11:33 <igormarnat_> Just quick question - any changes in planned date of readiness of the POC? End of next week, right?
16:12:30 <igormarnat_> Sorry if I missed it, just joined
16:12:42 <dzimine> I think so but don't know for sure (no you don't miss it)
16:13:02 <manask> about repeater -
16:13:23 <dzimine> Last time we synced with Renat he said the priorities are 1) TaskFlow prototype and 2) Repeater - as it is the only thing left  on the way to POC
16:13:27 <manask> I worked on an alternate implementation as proposed and discussed with the team
16:14:08 <igormarnat_> dzimine, got it, thank you! So let's think plan is still the same - somewhere next week
16:14:16 <dzimine> member:igormarnat_: let's agree that POC target stays end of next week.
16:14:22 <manask> review is posted and waiting for comments.
16:14:44 <igormarnat_> dzimine: ok
16:15:04 <dzimine> Nikolay, Timur, did you have a chance to look at the repeater review? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/80127/
16:15:05 <manask> as of now I do not see any major objections to the proposed implementation.
16:15:41 <nmakhotkin> I've looked at it already and leave some comments
16:15:51 <dzimine> if we can do a good in-depth review and agreement today, we are well on track to POC.
16:16:26 <dzimine> nmakhotkin: if there's something BIG to discuss on it, just reach out to Manas on IRC
16:17:07 <nmakhotkin> dzimine, no, overall looks good
16:18:00 <nmakhotkin> I just think also about our mistral example job
16:19:04 <dzimine> ok so Manas please work through the details and once ready, it goes in. @enykeev @winson and @timur please help review.
16:19:26 <manask> sounds good.
16:19:42 <enykeev> sure, first thing tomorrow morning
16:19:56 <dzimine> nmakhotkin: what in particular re mistral example job/
16:20:26 <dzimine> Other that we don't have the POC workflow running yet :)
16:20:41 <nmakhotkin> will it be some job with openstack or abstract thing?
16:21:13 <dzimine> oh, right. I understand Renat wanted to run it against true OpenStack.
16:21:19 <dzimine> And we haven't tried yet.
16:21:23 <dzimine> Right?
16:21:37 <nmakhotkin> yes :)
16:22:13 <nmakhotkin> I think we should work with openstack and I'll try to authenticate to some OS service, e.g. Nova
16:22:22 <nmakhotkin> this is also almost implemented
16:22:54 <nmakhotkin> particularly, forwarding auth_token in headers
16:23:16 <dzimine> ok, should we assign the action to you, Nicolay, to try against a real openstack setup, and ensure that auth_token works ok and we can make Nova call?
16:24:30 <nmakhotkin> yes
16:25:13 <dzimine> #actino(nmakhotkin): run mistral action against real openstack setup and ensure that auth_token works ok, and a NOVA api call is correctly made.
16:26:24 <dzimine> Nicolay is done with his tasks as assigned by Renat, it would be good if you focus on POC scenario, + help Manas  with review, and review / contribute ideas to TaskFlow prototype.
16:27:12 <igormarnat_> Yeah, this is a good idea to enforce TF prototype direction. +1
16:28:06 <nmakhotkin> Agree
16:29:13 <dzimine> Ok, myself: last week helped enykeev with the prototype directions (or hindered, argued over it ;)) Reviewed and summarized 'async actions' now referring to as 'long running deferred' actions.
16:30:46 <dzimine> This week, plan to sum up the learning from the prototype for discussion on TaskFlow integration.
16:32:17 <dzimine> @all: did you see Winson's update, are we generally in agreement? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/81941/
16:32:24 <nmakhotkin> #action(dzimine): plan to sum up the learning from the prototype for discussion on TaskFlow integration
16:33:41 <dzimine> I would really like Winson to take a crack on separating workflow engine out and removing hack calling directly engine.convey_task_result()
16:34:04 <enykeev> yep, me too. Hope this is only a temporary solution
16:35:16 <dzimine> yes it's temp, Renat asked Winson to look at it. This is important for TaskFlow discussion, as the current Mistral implementation doesn't contain a representative model of concurrent workflow executions. Only temp.
16:35:31 <dzimine> I will try and coordinate with Winson.
16:36:22 <dzimine> tnurlygayanov: Timur, anything on your site? It says, adding tempest tests?
16:37:33 <tnurlygayanov> no
16:38:11 <tnurlygayanov> so, on this week we just review new code and plan to write new tempest tests with execution of the real workflows
16:38:33 <dzimine> good
16:39:03 <dzimine> #action(tnurlygayanov) plan to write new tempest tests with execution of the real workflows
16:39:49 <dzimine> we've done going over Renat's directions.
16:39:56 <dzimine> What else shall we discuss?
16:41:56 <dzimine> if there is nothing more, we can end earlier. Kirill should be half-asleep now :)
16:42:03 <tnurlygayanov> ok, we will wait for Renat on the next meeting :)
16:42:17 <manask> nothing more from me
16:42:33 <dzimine> Hopefully Renat will be back and kicking.
16:42:42 <tnurlygayanov> dzimine: can you please drive next meeting if Renat will have no the ability to drive them?
16:42:51 <nmakhotkin> ok, wait for Renat :)
16:43:05 <tnurlygayanov> no, I can kill this meeting :)
16:43:09 <dzimine> Yes: I'll publish the agenda ahead of the time and will drive it. Will take care of meeting notes today.
16:43:18 <tnurlygayanov> #endmeeting