16:00:16 <rakhmerov> #startmeeting Mistral
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16:00:24 <NikolayM> hi !
16:00:30 <rakhmerov> hi guys!
16:01:05 <m4dcoder> hi
16:01:19 <dzimine> Hi!
16:01:25 <rakhmerov> hey
16:01:26 <enykeev> hey!
16:01:38 <rakhmerov> agenda as usually: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/MistralAgenda
16:02:10 <rakhmerov> #topic Review Action Items
16:02:46 <rakhmerov> 1. Timur: fix issues with pep8 and configure pep8 checks for each commit - now we have some problems with it
16:02:52 <rakhmerov> Timur?
16:03:50 <rakhmerov> there is also another one for Timur
16:03:52 <rakhmerov> 2. Timur: review commits
16:04:20 <rakhmerov> which is kinda funny, I think Timur has done some reviews last week
16:04:47 <rakhmerov> Ok, looks like Timur is not here yet, let's move forward
16:04:48 <rakhmerov> 3. enykeev: working on Mistral Dashboard
16:05:02 <rakhmerov> enykeev, can you please share how it is going?
16:05:12 <rakhmerov> on Dashboard
16:06:06 <enykeev> sure. Pushed first take to python-mistralclient repo, now working on authentication.
16:07:15 <rakhmerov> ok, I created an etherpad today to capture what we'd like to seen in mistral dashboard poc https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mistral-dashboard-poc
16:07:21 <enykeev> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/90316/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/90688/
16:07:26 <rakhmerov> please take a look at it
16:07:28 <rakhmerov> ok
16:07:51 <rakhmerov> 4. m4dcoder move the instantiation of ScalableEngine to use stevedore and renaming the current ScalableEngine to POC engine
16:08:11 <rakhmerov> m4dcoder, can you please given an update on this?
16:10:05 <rakhmerov> m4dcoder, you here?
16:10:24 <m4dcoder> yep
16:10:34 <rakhmerov> ok
16:11:05 <m4dcoder> i'm still working on the ScalableEngine.  i'm refactoring it to use stevedore to instantiate the concrete engine.
16:11:16 <rakhmerov> ok
16:11:26 <rakhmerov> 5. manask will pick up things if they come along my way
16:11:42 <rakhmerov> I believe nothing came along last week for Manas
16:12:00 <rakhmerov> we merged in his commit where he fixed a problem with retry tests
16:12:31 <m4dcoder> rakhmerov: i submitted a bp for #4.  can you approve it?  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mistral/+spec/mistral-engine-plugin
16:12:47 <rakhmerov> yeah, I didn't look at it yet
16:12:54 <rakhmerov> but I saw you put it in there
16:13:25 <rakhmerov> I think this week there won't be anything urgent to do so we need to look at all the BPs first and finish all the POC release activities
16:13:38 <rakhmerov> 6. NikolayM fix next bugs with dataflow
16:13:41 <rakhmerov> Nikolay?
16:14:00 <rakhmerov> Not sure what this AI means, can you please describe the bug first?
16:15:20 <NikolayM> I fixed evaluating task parameters (this is a part of dataflow)
16:15:28 <rakhmerov> ooh, ok
16:15:41 <rakhmerov> now I remember, it's the problem with recursive evaluation yes
16:15:44 <rakhmerov> it is done
16:15:53 <rakhmerov> and the last one
16:15:57 <rakhmerov> 7. Renat prepare the screencast for Mistral
16:16:14 <rakhmerov> I finally did it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN0HSH-5094
16:16:35 <rakhmerov> I already got some feedback and need to make some changes
16:16:53 <rakhmerov> it's not a final version yet but I'm hoping to deliver a final one tomorrow
16:17:24 <rakhmerov> one important thing that is missing is that I didn't mention neither StackStorm nor Intel in the Demo
16:17:46 <rakhmerov> dzimine, m4dcoder, in what form you would like me to mention your companies?
16:18:08 <rakhmerov> I was thinking about inserting a slide with contributor companies
16:18:26 <rakhmerov> or just inserting logos of you companies in the first slide
16:18:36 <rakhmerov> thoughts?
16:18:41 <dzimine> Slide  will work
16:18:58 <rakhmerov> ok, then can you please send me your logos?
16:19:02 <dzimine> Ok
16:19:23 <rakhmerov> as for Intel, I'm still not sure if we can mention it with regard to Mistral
16:19:27 <rakhmerov> m4dcoder?
16:20:41 <rakhmerov> Can you please find out today if we can do this?
16:21:32 <m4dcoder> i think putting Intel's logo on contributor slide is fine.  we don't have any thing to say though.
16:21:44 <rakhmerov> allright
16:22:08 <rakhmerov> then please send me the right logo as well
16:22:13 <rakhmerov> next topic
16:22:22 <rakhmerov> #topic Current Status
16:22:52 <rakhmerov> let's quickly provide our statuses, roadblocks etc.
16:23:31 <rakhmerov> Renat: fixing small bugs the entire weeks and getting Mistral ready for making a more or less presentable screencast, made a screencast
16:23:57 <rakhmerov> no roadblocks, I'll fix the screencast tomorrow and finish a blog post on Mistral
16:24:11 <enykeev> dedicated whole previous week to dashboard and planing to spend more time this week
16:24:13 <rakhmerov> then we'll release Mistral under 'poc' tag in git
16:25:16 <rakhmerov> ok
16:25:43 <dzimine> Dzimine: no coding, finished realistic workflows, this week will help Renat prep for Summit - questions/agenda to cover on design session there
16:25:53 <rakhmerov> yes
16:25:56 <NikolayM> Nikolay: Modifying all readme files, also looking at the dashboard and review it
16:26:17 <rakhmerov> dzimine, this week we have only 3 business days in Russia due to the holidays
16:26:31 <NikolayM> and fixing example YAMLs
16:26:33 <rakhmerov> but I'll be able to have a regular syncup with you anyway
16:26:52 <rakhmerov> ok, Nikolay
16:27:24 <rakhmerov> so, Dmitri, we'll need to summ up all the question for the summit during our Friday's sync up
16:27:56 <rakhmerov> ok, guys, any issues/roadblocks?
16:28:29 <rakhmerov> m4dcoder, is it going well with you current task?
16:28:55 <m4dcoder> yes.  i'll should have it submitted for review shortly
16:29:08 <rakhmerov> perfect
16:29:10 <rakhmerov> thanks
16:29:27 <m4dcoder> btw, i'll not be at meeting next week.
16:29:34 <rakhmerov> ok, np
16:29:43 <rakhmerov> #topic POC readiness and steps that left to finalise it
16:30:24 <rakhmerov> I created a couple of etherpads to track all the necessary steps to finalize POC phase:
16:30:25 <rakhmerov> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mistral-poc-release-materials
16:30:39 <rakhmerov> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mistral-poc-release-materials
16:31:08 <rakhmerov> sorry, this is the right one: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mistral-poc-readiness
16:31:26 <rakhmerov> the first one is what I'm going to send out in ML once everything is done
16:31:44 <rakhmerov> so I'd like to ask you to review them and add your items or comments
16:32:25 <rakhmerov> like I mentioned before, I'll write a blog post tomorrow, update wiki and we'll release Mistral under 'poc' tag in gerrit
16:32:45 <rakhmerov> I think these are the most important steps left
16:33:42 <rakhmerov> #topic Open Discussion
16:33:56 <rakhmerov> so, do you guys have anything else for today?
16:34:04 <rakhmerov> I actually don't :)
16:34:25 <dzimine> Not on my side
16:34:34 <rakhmerov> I'll ping Timur tomorrow on his action items
16:34:39 <rakhmerov> dzimine, ok
16:34:55 <rakhmerov> can we finish then?
16:34:57 <rakhmerov> ooh, btw
16:35:12 <rakhmerov> did Ivan/Josh reply something about their design?
16:35:29 <rakhmerov> info: openstackstatusNOTICE: Gerrit is unavailable until further notice for a major upgrade. See: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/GerritUpgrade
16:35:52 <rakhmerov> enykeev?
16:36:10 <enykeev> nope, I haven't seen anything from them
16:36:14 <rakhmerov> ok
16:36:40 <rakhmerov> I assume they may be busy with summit preparations
16:36:48 <rakhmerov> let's finish for today then
16:36:54 <rakhmerov> thanks a lot for everyone!
16:37:10 <rakhmerov> bye!
16:37:19 <NikolayM> bye!
16:37:20 <dzimine> By
16:37:34 <m4dcoder> bye!
16:37:36 <enykeev> thanks! Bye.
16:37:54 <rakhmerov> the next meeting will the last one before the summit and I think it makes sense to cancel the one that is on the summit week
16:37:59 <rakhmerov> #endmeeting