16:00:16 <NikolayM> #startmeeting Mistral
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16:00:28 <NikolayM> hi guys!
16:01:24 <NikolayM> let's wait few minutes
16:02:26 <NikolayM> ok
16:02:32 <NikolayM> #topic Review Action Items
16:02:54 <NikolayM> from previous meeting we have 2 AI:
16:03:04 <NikolayM> 1. rakhmerov, create all needed BPs based on Paris Summit results
16:03:48 <NikolayM> I know Renat created about 15 new blueprints
16:03:55 <NikolayM> so, it's done
16:04:05 <NikolayM> 2. rakhmerov, akuznetsova: meet and discuss integration test coverage
16:05:05 <NikolayM> As for this, I just know we have a meeting and discussed the ways of fixing and implementing tests
16:06:02 <NikolayM> also all check list (include v1 and v2 tests) will be available soon
16:06:43 <NikolayM> ok, let's go to the current status
16:06:44 <NikolayM> #topic Current Status
16:07:33 <NikolayM> Me: implemented workflow-resume
16:08:08 <dzimine> hi sorry im a bit late
16:08:14 <NikolayM> and also implemented new simplify way to upload actions, workflows and workbooks
16:08:24 <NikolayM> hi dzimine!
16:10:28 <NikolayM> dzimine, did you know how is Winson's progress on event listeners? It seems he is not with us today
16:11:03 <dzimine> he hasn't started on it yet.
16:11:50 <NikolayM> ok
16:12:39 <NikolayM> #topic Open discussion
16:13:11 <NikolayM> dzimine, would you like to discuss something?
16:13:32 <NikolayM> ooh
16:13:53 <NikolayM> we had a bug scrub recently
16:14:29 <dzimine> I thought rakhmerov wanted to go over the blueprints.
16:14:36 <NikolayM> we set the correct statuses on all bugs in mistral and python-mistralclient
16:15:03 <NikolayM> and also deleted not reproduced ones
16:15:21 <dzimine> hope you didn't delete them but closed as "can't repro" :)
16:15:31 <NikolayM> yes, we created a lot of new blueprints
16:15:46 <NikolayM> yes, just set status 'Invalid'
16:19:37 <NikolayM> so, let's wrap up :)
16:20:22 <NikolayM> thank you
16:20:29 <NikolayM> bye !
16:20:33 <NikolayM> #endmeeting