16:00:59 <rakhmerov> #startmeeting Mistral
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16:01:19 <rakhmerov> hi
16:01:21 <hparekh_> hi
16:02:26 <rakhmerov> hparekh_: doing good?
16:02:51 <hparekh_> rakhmerov: Yeah. How are you ?
16:02:56 <rakhmerov> ok :)
16:03:06 <rakhmerov> let's wait 2 mins
16:04:01 <rakhmerov> hparekh_: how well do you know sqlite?
16:04:06 <mgershenzon> o/
16:04:23 <rakhmerov> hi
16:05:11 <hparekh_> rakhmerov: Not an expert. But I know some, I used in couple of small projects.
16:05:29 <rakhmerov> I discovered today that sqlite doesn't work as expected and that creates some race conditions in the project
16:05:52 <rakhmerov> basically, I'm trying to solve this: in our unit test we use sqlite in-memory db
16:06:00 <rakhmerov> connection string is just: sqlite:///
16:06:36 <rakhmerov> the problem is that we essentially work with a single connection all the time and because of that we don't have any transaction isolation
16:06:40 <rakhmerov> it's just how sqlite works
16:06:58 <rakhmerov> I'm looking for a way how to still use in-memory DB but with multiple connections
16:07:09 <rakhmerov> their doc says that it's possible but it doesn't work
16:07:23 <rakhmerov> maybe because of the driver we're using, don't know yet
16:08:11 <rakhmerov> it's not a huge problem but it would be cool to fix it, our gates would be more stable then
16:09:00 <rakhmerov> ok, let's discuss something according to meeting agenda
16:09:07 <hparekh_> Hmmm. I will take a look on that
16:09:36 <rakhmerov> hparekh_: not necessary, I just thought that if you had experience maybe you could advise something
16:09:43 <rakhmerov> but that's ok, I'll investigate it
16:09:48 <rakhmerov> thanks anyway
16:10:03 <rakhmerov> I think we can keep this meeting short since not so many people are here
16:10:19 <rakhmerov> as far as I remember there's Memorial Day today in the US
16:10:55 <rakhmerov> so as far as action items, 1 is done and two are supposed to be done later
16:11:13 <rakhmerov> I still owe an initial spec for Custom Actions API
16:11:21 <rakhmerov> will do it this week
16:11:33 <rakhmerov> #topic Current Status
16:12:18 <rakhmerov> my status: finished a huge patch that refactor core parts of engine: default_engine.py, task_handler.py, action_handler.py and workflow_handler.py
16:12:35 <rakhmerov> still need to cover a number of TODOs though, will be finalizing this week
16:12:51 <rakhmerov> also reviews and I spend a lot of time in IRC
16:13:00 <rakhmerov> can you guys share your updates?
16:13:25 <hparekh_> my status:Submmited patch for fail-transition message. reviewed some patches
16:13:52 <rakhmerov> hparekh_: will review again your last changes but it looks good
16:14:23 <hparekh_> Also looked into https://bugs.launchpad.net/mistral/+bug/1584731, but seems invalid bug for master.
16:14:23 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1584731 in Mistral "Intermitent ActionExecution not found" [Critical,New] - Assigned to hardik (hardik-parekh047)
16:14:43 <rakhmerov> ooh really?
16:14:48 <rakhmerov> couldn't reproduce it?
16:15:02 <rakhmerov> I wonder what has changed that fixed it
16:15:17 <hparekh_> yeah I cannot reproduce it on master branch
16:15:34 <rakhmerov> did you try Mitaka version?
16:15:57 <hparekh_> no I have not tried yet.
16:15:59 <mgershenzon> I unassigned myself from the bug about std.mistral_http since rakhmerov huge patch fixes the problem
16:16:06 <rakhmerov> one of my assumptions is that it may still exist but it may be hard to reproduce
16:16:33 <rakhmerov> hparekh_: but it's ok, if it is not reproduced we can close it for now till it raises again
16:16:43 <rakhmerov> it just would be interesting to know how it was fixed
16:16:52 <rakhmerov> mgershenzon: ok
16:17:20 <rakhmerov> ok, hparekh_, mgershenzon, do you still have some work assigned to you?
16:17:24 <hparekh_> rakhmerov: OK I will check it on mitaka branch
16:17:34 <rakhmerov> hparekh_: yeah, please
16:17:38 <rakhmerov> it'd be helpful
16:18:11 <mgershenzon> rakhmerov: no, but if you want commit your patch in N-1, we need to move the  bug to N-2
16:18:13 <hparekh_> rakhmerov: Yeah, I am working  on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mistral/+spec/mistral-customize-authorization
16:18:32 <rakhmerov> mgershenzon: what bug?
16:19:09 <mgershenzon> rakhmerov: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mistral/+bug/1568909
16:19:09 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1568909 in Mistral "execution of ad-hoc actions based on std.mistral_http always fails" [Medium,In progress]
16:19:56 <rakhmerov> mgershenzon: why do we need to move it to N-2? Didn't understand you
16:20:07 <rakhmerov> hparekh_: ok, is it going to be a huge change?
16:20:33 <rakhmerov> hparekh_: you're targeting N-2, right?
16:20:55 <hparekh_> rakhmerov: yes I am targeting it to N-2.
16:21:00 <rakhmerov> ok, good
16:21:10 <mgershenzon> rakhmerov: do you think your commit will be merged in N-1? if not, we should move
16:21:28 <rakhmerov> mgershenzon: aah, yes, we'll merge it :)
16:21:34 <rakhmerov> I'm 99% sure
16:21:55 <rakhmerov> if not, we'll move it, no problem
16:22:17 <mgershenzon> rakhmerov: that is good, so no need to move it, but you need to assign yourself, since I don't have the option
16:22:43 <hparekh_> rakhmerov: I will review that patch soon :)
16:22:51 <rakhmerov> hparekh_: thanks
16:23:06 <rakhmerov> btw, either you or me will have to rebase our patches
16:23:14 <rakhmerov> depending on what gets merged first
16:23:20 <rakhmerov> but it shouldn't be a problem
16:23:48 <rakhmerov> ok, guys, I'd suggest we finish for today
16:23:58 <hparekh_> ok
16:24:08 <rakhmerov> I was hoping to discuss N-2 scope today but forgot about a day off in the states
16:24:15 <mgershenzon> ok
16:24:19 <rakhmerov> so we should do it next time
16:24:28 <rakhmerov> alright, thanks for coming )
16:24:32 <rakhmerov> have a good week
16:24:35 <rakhmerov> bye
16:24:46 <hparekh_> bye
16:24:47 <mgershenzon> bye
16:24:49 <rakhmerov> #endmeeting