02:02:28 <zhenguo> #startmeeting mogan
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02:02:38 <zhenguo> o/
02:03:33 <zhenguo> liusheng, shaohe_feng, yuntongjing: hi
02:03:53 <liusheng> o/
02:03:59 <yuntongjin> o/
02:04:25 <shaohe_feng> o/
02:04:40 <zhenguo> ok, as always, the agenda:
02:04:52 <zhenguo> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Mogan#Agenda_for_next_meeting
02:05:17 <zhenguo> let's jump in
02:05:26 <zhenguo> #topic announcements and reminders
02:05:42 <zhenguo> We submitted a presentation fro OpenStack Summit Boston
02:05:53 <shaohe_feng> zhenguo: seems time is conflict for most guys.
02:05:54 <zhenguo> Decouple baremetal computing from Nova
02:06:08 <zhenguo> shaohe_feng: seems yes
02:06:37 <zhenguo> shaohe_feng: we can discuss for time changing in open discussion
02:07:01 <shaohe_feng> OK
02:07:10 <zhenguo> ok, let's continue
02:07:40 <zhenguo> The Ocata release is in about two weeks, we should begin to prepare for that
02:08:56 <zhenguo> After the rename of Nimble to Mogan it appears that all git-related stats prior to the rename have been lost :(
02:09:55 <shaohe_feng> conflict when rebase aftter raname
02:10:23 <zhenguo> shaohe_feng: hah,
02:10:37 <zhenguo> shaohe_feng: how's that going, seems all tests have passed
02:11:17 <shaohe_feng> It need fix the conflict by manually.
02:11:31 <zhenguo> aha, sorry for the inconvenience
02:11:38 <shaohe_feng> but it does not matter, just need time to fix
02:11:51 <zhenguo> ok, thanks
02:12:15 <zhenguo> ok, not much of announcement, anyone else have a thing here?
02:14:11 <zhenguo> #topic task tracking
02:14:28 <zhenguo> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/mogan-task
02:15:37 <zhenguo> looks like things are moving along nicely
02:16:31 <shaohe_feng> yes, need many review and test
02:16:49 <shaohe_feng> for the tesk patches.
02:17:05 <zhenguo> yes, seems all patches are ready now
02:18:47 <shaohe_feng> great.
02:19:07 <zhenguo> shaohe_feng: seems only you and me here
02:19:29 <zhenguo> in fact, I'm also in a internal meeting now,
02:19:53 <zhenguo> maybe we can end the meeting early
02:20:40 <shaohe_feng> Agree.
02:21:05 <zhenguo> ok, thanks
02:21:10 <zhenguo> #endmeeting