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15:00:17 <rhochmuth> o/
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15:00:40 <qwebirc88135> cheers!
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15:01:13 <rhochmuth> So, sorry about the mix-up last week on the time change
15:01:14 <ddieterly> o/
15:01:26 <bogdan> cheers!
15:01:29 <witek> you were not the only one :)
15:01:36 <rbak> o/
15:01:39 <rhochmuth> NIce to see everyone here today
15:01:45 <rhochmuth> Looks like we'l have a good meeting then
15:01:57 <bogdan> looks like we have big news, right?
15:02:01 <rhochmuth> Please update the agenda
15:02:14 <rhochmuth> #topic tent
15:02:35 <rhochmuth> Congratulations to everyone, Monasca is in the Big Tent.
15:02:46 <witek> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/213183/
15:02:47 <bklei> congrats!  way to stick with the process rhochmuth!
15:03:07 <bogdan> congratulations to everyone!
15:03:32 <rhochmuth> So, I'm not sure I have too much to say.
15:03:39 <witek> :)
15:03:45 <bklei> just take a bow
15:03:50 <bogdan> :)
15:03:55 <witek> good job!
15:03:56 <fabiog> :)
15:03:57 <rhochmuth> I think we are doing good on process, with improvements in areas that we can still make
15:04:18 <rhochmuth> Hopefully, we'll get some more developers on-board with the project as a result
15:04:26 <bklei> that would be great!
15:04:34 <bogdan> big tent should be a booster
15:04:36 <witek> for sure
15:04:52 <rhochmuth> We can also be a part of the official OpenStack process like having our own sessions at the next summit
15:05:00 <bklei> +1
15:05:03 <fabiog> +1
15:05:07 <bogdan> +1
15:05:14 <rhochmuth> It will also help us with other projects, like Congress
15:05:31 <fabiog> +2 ;-)
15:06:24 <rhochmuth> So, unless any questions, maybe we should move on, but again Thanks to everyone for all the support!
15:06:41 <bklei> nice work
15:06:54 <rhochmuth> #topic twc
15:07:02 <bklei> that's me
15:07:08 <rhochmuth> you are up
15:07:11 <bklei> first update on perf
15:07:33 <bklei> one of the enhancements i'd been working on, and actually got working for vertica was pre-join projections
15:07:48 <bklei> but found a bug where the db crashed when you'd update statistics
15:07:49 <rhochmuth> the agenda says it is deprecated
15:07:58 <bklei> yup -- so abandoning that http://my.vertica.com/docs/7.2.x/HTML/index.htm#Authoring/NewFeatures/_VersionIndependent/DeprecatedFunctionality.htm%3FTocPath%3DHP%2520Vertica%25207.2.x%2520New%2520Features%7CDeprecated%2520and%2520Retired%2520Functionality%7C_____1
15:08:13 <bklei> i guess it wasn't a widely used feature or stable
15:08:17 <rhochmuth> wow, that didn't last long
15:08:33 <rhochmuth> didn't they only add it in 7.2
15:08:37 <bklei> yeah, i don't think it would buy us much -- not as much as some app caching
15:08:49 <bklei> at least 7.1
15:08:55 <rhochmuth> so, i just started looking at that this morning
15:09:04 <rhochmuth> the caching that is
15:09:10 <bklei> sweet -- initial thoughts?
15:09:11 <rhochmuth> i don't think it will be difficult
15:09:18 <bklei> you're my hero
15:09:25 <rhochmuth> i didn't do it yet
15:09:31 <bklei> :)
15:09:52 <rhochmuth> i'll start playing with it, unless deklan wants a reprieve
15:09:57 <rhochmuth> from devstack
15:09:57 <bklei> would love to hear your thoughts -- i can help identify the queries that are repeated...
15:10:09 <ddieterly> devstack is never ending
15:10:43 <rhochmuth> let me try writing some code and then i'll put somethign up for review
15:10:50 <bklei> perfect, thx!
15:11:22 <bklei> well that covers 2.5 in my list
15:11:39 <bklei> next topic -- persister weirdness
15:11:42 <bklei> opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/monasca/+bug/1511793
15:11:43 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1511793 in Monasca "java version of monasca persister appears to have memory leak" [Undecided,New]
15:11:59 <bklei> not sure it's a memory leak, but about once a week, we simply see things 'stall' in the persister
15:12:01 <ddieterly> the persister has a cache in it, could that be the problem?
15:12:30 <bklei> not sure, just know nothing gets to the db, kafka lag seems to keep up, nothing in the logs
15:12:39 <bklei> could use some ideas for how to triage
15:12:43 <ddieterly> can you do a 'kill -3' against the process to get a thread dump the next time it happens?
15:12:44 <bklei> restart fixes it, for a while
15:12:52 <bklei> will do ddieterly
15:13:03 <rhochmuth> so, this is occurring once a week
15:13:04 <bklei> i have some jstack output already
15:13:15 <bklei> yes, about that, happened yesterday
15:13:23 <rhochmuth> very interesting
15:13:25 <bklei> worst part is, data is lost
15:13:34 <ddieterly> you can also try setting the cache to a low size
15:13:35 <rhochmuth> the persister should immediately fail if it can't write to the database
15:13:43 <rhochmuth> there should be any loss of data
15:13:43 <bklei> restart, huge gaps in data, depending on how long it takes to notice
15:13:58 <rhochmuth> if a db write fails, a sql exception should be caught and the persister exists
15:14:17 <bklei> doesn't seem to be happening, more like things are hung
15:14:18 <rhochmuth> and the offset in Kafaka shousl not have been updated
15:14:30 <rhochmuth> so, on restart it shoudl start where it was the last time
15:14:55 <ddieterly> the persister could be in a hung state, but the kafka offsets should not be advanced then
15:15:07 <rhochmuth> ok, that process dump will help
15:15:12 <bklei> it's possible a bug i found in our consumer lag monitoring could have masked that fact, and kafka lag is big for certain partitions of the metrics topic
15:15:16 <bklei> i'll do that
15:15:37 <bklei> i'll have better consumer lag checking in our next week's deploy to prod
15:15:50 <bklei> thx for the help on that one, it's gnarly
15:15:59 <bklei> ok -- next topic?
15:16:06 <bklei> rbak - that's u
15:16:12 <rbak> yep
15:16:17 <rhochmuth> so the only window that we know of where data could be lost is if the persister fails write after a db write
15:16:23 <rhochmuth> that is a succesful db write
15:16:35 <rhochmuth> then you would end-up with duplicate data
15:17:10 <rhochmuth> ok, i'm done, rbak you are up
15:17:17 <rbak> So currently if you submit a datapoint with some dimensions, e.g. hostname, and later add more dimensions, e.g. hostname and region, the first metric becomes impossible to query
15:17:38 <rhochmuth> yeah
15:17:47 <rhochmuth> i don't consider that a bug
15:17:55 <rbak> why not?
15:17:57 <rhochmuth> that is the way influxdb works
15:18:26 <rhochmuth> we removed the ability to return multiple metrics in a query
15:18:31 <rhochmuth> because of influxdb
15:18:39 <rbak> The problem is that it causes grafana to error and display nothing when you hit one of these cases without the merge flag.
15:18:59 <rbak> Because it tries to query every dimension set, but one isn't actually valid
15:19:22 <fabiog> but if you query the one with the hostname and region do you get the data?
15:19:33 <ddieterly> influxdb has peformance issues when we try to sort out the different series based on dimensions
15:19:51 <ddieterly> we might want to see if they fixed that in later releases
15:20:02 <rbak> fabiog: For the metric with both dimensions yes, but not for the metric with only hostname set
15:20:33 <fabiog> rbak: I think it is right, if you want the old too you need to apply the merge flag
15:21:26 <rhochmuth> So, currently the API says you can't get multiple series/metrics back in a single query
15:21:32 <rbak> fabiog: But you might not want to merge if they are separate data
15:21:33 <rhochmuth> Each one needs to be uniquely identified
15:21:53 <s-kawaba_> I tested "GET /v2.0/metrics/names" with dimensions(only one), but I can't get result.
15:22:05 <fabiog> rbak: but they are not, since they have the same hostname
15:22:05 <bklei> seems like at a minimum, we need some error handling around this -- grafana will just barf, yes rbak?
15:22:22 <rhochmuth> We should return an error
15:22:23 <rbak> fabiog: In this example yes, but that isn't always the case
15:22:29 <rbak> bklei: That's correct
15:22:56 <fabiog> rhochmuth: I think a 409 conflict error would be appropriate. You are querying for things that are not unique ...
15:23:21 <bklei> this certainly makes me nervous to add dimensions
15:23:31 <bklei> paints us into a corner
15:24:03 <rhochmuth> so, if you add dimensions, then you've got problems, i agree
15:24:41 <rhochmuth> it is a trivial change for Vertica, but I didn't think that InfluxDB coudl support this
15:24:47 <rhochmuth> which is why we removed from Vertica
15:24:50 <ddieterly> if you add dimensions, is it to the same logical series? if so, then you can use the merge-metrics flag
15:25:24 <rbak> It might be or might not, especially if you are adding dimensions in order to split out the data into something more specific
15:25:26 <bklei> i think it's more an issue when our users build graphs adhoc
15:25:43 <ddieterly> we could give the java api a 'influxdb compatibility mode'
15:26:15 <ddieterly> then we could allow the java api to do the things that twc wants when it is not in influxdb compatibility mode
15:26:30 <bklei> or a metrics list flag that says, ignore un-queryable dimension sets
15:27:09 <bklei> don't want to kill the whole hour on this topic
15:27:18 <ddieterly> maybe we could do a launchpad design sketch for this feature
15:27:25 <bklei> agreed ddieterly
15:27:28 <rbak> That works.
15:27:48 <bklei> next twc topic -- hoping for some support to add start/end time to metric list call
15:27:52 <bklei> here's the scenario
15:28:15 <bklei> a dashboard does a metrics list for a time period, then does a stats call for all dimension sets
15:28:19 <fabiog> bklei: but if your queries you always have the hostname and merge you will always get the right result ..
15:28:41 <bklei> yes fabio, this is a case where we aren't merging
15:29:20 <bklei> so the dashboard ends up querying needlessly for data that isn't there if there aren't measurements
15:29:34 <bklei> this happens a lot for a MaaS dashboard where VMs are short lived
15:29:35 <fabiog> bklei: what I am saying is that forcing the merge does not change the queries that have the least amount of common dimensions ...
15:30:26 <rhochmuth> so, you are trying to get a list of the metrics that are active in some time period
15:30:29 <bklei> that could be fabiog, well include you in the etherpad discussion on that?
15:30:35 <bklei> yes rhochmuth
15:30:42 <fabiog> bklei: sure
15:31:04 <bklei> this is one of the perf enhancements we'd like to make at twc before going live with maas
15:31:20 <rhochmuth> i'm ok with the change
15:31:28 <bklei> this review isn't done, bug at least works on the vertica side and accomplishes what i'm describing
15:31:34 <bklei> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/241626/
15:31:36 <rhochmuth> probably should have a blueprint
15:31:46 <bklei> i'm just testing the influxdb/python
15:31:47 <rhochmuth> the other issue is Tempest tests and Python API
15:31:51 <bklei> yup
15:31:55 <rhochmuth> awesome
15:32:03 <rhochmuth> do you have the tempest tests working
15:32:17 <bklei> can add tempest too, haven't got that far -- at least not in devstack
15:32:21 <rhochmuth> it should be really easy to add
15:32:27 <rhochmuth> devstack isn't required to run them
15:32:43 <bklei> will do that for sure, and if you want a blueprint i'll start one and link to my review
15:32:57 <rhochmuth> there are directions on how to install/run
15:33:15 <rhochmuth> all that should change is the endpoint and user credentials to match your environment
15:33:16 <bklei> bueno -- i need to ramp up there, so thx for the directions
15:33:28 <bklei> awesome, i'm sure it'll work 1st time :)
15:33:55 <bklei> i think that's it for that topic?
15:34:09 <rhochmuth> ok
15:34:11 <bklei> rbak -- grafana 2.0 update?
15:34:30 <rbak> I have a monasca plugin for grafana 2.5.  The branch here: https://github.com/rbak1/grafana-plugins/tree/master/datasources
15:34:41 <cdupont> Hello everybody
15:34:51 <rhochmuth> hi
15:34:54 <rbak> Feel free to pull it down give me feedback.
15:35:03 <rbak> I'm still making changes, but once it's stable I'll submit a pull request.
15:35:06 <witek> https://github.com/rbak1/grafana-plugins/tree/master/datasources
15:35:29 <rbak> This plugin is for the standalone grafana, and does not currently integrate with horizon.  It needs a keystone token in the datasource to talk to monasca.
15:35:47 <rbak> I'm currently looking at integrating the built in grafana auth with keystone.  That way it can get it's own keystone token.
15:36:03 <rbak> It might also be possible to leverage the grafana concept of "organizations" to provide per tenant dashboards, so I'm looking at this as well.
15:36:30 <rbak> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/monasca/+spec/grafana2x
15:36:36 <rbak> jobrs created a blueprint for this.  I'll try to keep that updated with how things are going.
15:37:02 <rhochmuth> Thanks Ryan.
15:37:03 <fabiog> rhochmuth: rbak: we should see if the grafana community may be interested in supporting a Monasca datasource
15:37:18 <rhochmuth> I think that is the plan
15:37:35 <rbak> fabiog: It should be easy to get this pulled into the plugins repo.
15:37:53 <fabiog> rbak: ok
15:37:59 <rbak> Later we can also try to get into the main repo if we want.  That's what gnocchi is trying to do now
15:38:44 <rhochmuth> Thanks for update ryan, should be move on
15:38:55 <rbak> Sure, that's all I have
15:39:00 <rhochmuth> #topic logging
15:39:17 <rhochmuth> Log-management integration into monasca-vagrant / devstack plugin ?
15:39:26 <witek> we would like to integrate our ansible roles into monasca-vagrant
15:39:45 <rhochmuth> That would be great.
15:39:56 <witek> and then start working on devstack integration
15:40:38 <witek> do Monasca plan to support both installers?
15:40:52 <bklei> should it be the reverse?  i assumed devstack will cause us to deprecate monasca-vagrant?
15:41:16 <witek> well, but we have ansible roles already
15:41:22 <rhochmuth> well, there is always the possiblity of monasca-vagrant getting deprecated
15:41:30 <rhochmuth> as a result of devstack
15:41:36 <rhochmuth> today we still need it for other reasons
15:41:39 <bklei> ok
15:42:09 <ningy_> what's the current status of devstack plugin? I think rally needs this for adding monasca tests
15:42:23 <bogdan> it's just we had some questions after the summit, on how to install thte logging
15:42:29 <ddieterly> the devstack plugin works with both java and python implementations
15:42:39 <ddieterly> we need to fix up some of the smoke tests at this point
15:43:00 <rhochmuth> Vertica is not supported in DevStack
15:43:14 <fabiog> ddieterly: can you enable different parts, like enable monasca_metrics monasca_events or something like that
15:43:16 <ddieterly> you should be able to run the smoke tests against monasca running from the devstack plugin
15:43:31 <ddieterly> fabiog: no, not at this time
15:43:35 <rhochmuth> As far as the overall DevStack plugin it works, but we are still relatively new to tis DevStack thing, so there could be issues that you run into
15:44:22 <ddieterly> we need to test the vagrant devstack next
15:44:41 <rhochmuth> So, where should the log api devstack plugin live
15:44:56 <rhochmuth> i was thinking in the monasca-log-api repo
15:45:03 <ddieterly> ideally that would be its own plugin
15:45:08 <witek> ok
15:45:46 <witek> i don't know how it works, how it intagrates  with monasca devstack plugin?
15:45:58 <rhochmuth> And for the monasca-vagrat, it would be in ansible-monasca-log-api
15:46:12 <witek> and also monasca-log-agent
15:46:14 <ddieterly> you will need to create a separate plugin that does what the monasca-api devstack/plugin does
15:46:17 <witek> monasca-log-schema
15:46:26 <witek> monasca-elkstack
15:46:50 <rhochmuth> ok
15:46:50 <ddieterly> ideally, each separate repo has a devstack/plugin
15:47:08 <ddieterly> we may need to deviate from the ideal if it makes sense
15:47:31 <witek> ok, additionally should we add monasc-log-api into governance project?
15:47:45 <rhochmuth> yes
15:47:59 <witek> nice
15:48:02 <rhochmuth> i think monasca-log-api should be added
15:48:03 <bogdan> who's doing it? witek?
15:48:22 <witek> i will push the change
15:48:30 <bogdan> great! thanx!
15:48:31 <rhochmuth> thanks witek
15:48:49 <ddieterly> the goal is to have the plugin in a repo be able to run in a gate job
15:49:09 <ddieterly> so that any changes to the repo go thru a suite of integration tests using the plugin to setup the env
15:49:26 <witek> i get it
15:50:21 <witek> ok, i think that's all for logging
15:50:26 <rhochmuth> thx
15:50:39 <rhochmuth> #topic tokyo
15:50:49 <rhochmuth> news from tokyo
15:51:08 <rhochmuth> i think we should reach out to patrick petit from miranis
15:51:38 <ddieterly> why?
15:51:44 <bogdan> He's doing the LMA plugin for Fuel, right?
15:52:29 <bogdan> https://github.com/openstack/fuel-plugin-lma-collector
15:52:53 <rhochmuth> he was doing work with Heka, and seemed interested in Monasca,
15:53:04 <rhochmuth> So, that is one follow-up item I had
15:53:36 <rhochmuth> Fabio has done great work in getting connnected with Congress
15:53:49 <rhochmuth> fabiog: comments
15:53:52 <rhochmuth> ?
15:54:21 <fabiog> yes
15:54:46 <fabiog> what we discussed is the ability for Congress to create alarms in Monasca based on Policies
15:55:14 <fabiog> then Congress will receive Webhook notifications when the alarms go off and act on the related Policy
15:55:28 <fabiog> they liked the idea a lot, but they want to move in steps
15:55:43 <fabiog> so what we agreed at the summit is to start integrating Congress with Monasca using a driver
15:56:00 <fabiog> drivers are their standard polling mechanism to get data out of the Openstack services
15:56:21 <fabiog> I have a WIP around this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/241826/
15:57:11 <fabiog> I will start interacting with them to understand what API they would like to see polling, in my mind Metrics and Statistics (and maybe Alarms) are viable, but Measurements will kill them
15:57:17 <fabiog> they store all this data in SQL ...
15:57:21 <fabiog> any comments?
15:57:46 <rhochmuth> I guess move on then
15:58:09 <rhochmuth> Thanks to all the presenters. Great job.
15:58:23 <bklei> watched most on youtube -- nice work everyone
15:58:40 <bklei> lots of monasca interest there?
15:58:48 <witek> oh yes
15:59:09 <bklei> awesome
15:59:17 <rhochmuth> So, unfortunatley we are going to have to end the meeting
15:59:29 <rhochmuth> Do we need to get togehter outside of weekly meeting?
15:59:30 <ddieterly> ciao!
15:59:34 <fabiog> ciao
15:59:48 <bklei> perhaps mailing list discussions?
15:59:54 <bklei> remind me the mail alias?
16:00:03 <rhochmuth> Sounds good. We need to address your design question
16:00:20 <rhochmuth> #endmeeting