14:01:18 <rhochmuth> #startmeeting monasca
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14:01:41 <rhochmuth> o/
14:01:42 <witek> hello
14:01:50 <rhochmuth> hi witek
14:02:00 <koji> hi
14:02:02 <rhochmuth> i just realized that i still have a number of reviews to complete
14:02:06 <rhochmuth> hi koji
14:02:20 <kornica> hello
14:02:27 <rhochmuth> hi kornica
14:02:42 <rhochmuth> looks like a pretty small group again
14:02:49 <kornica> pleasure to meet you sire ;)
14:03:11 <rhochmuth> and the agenda is a little light
14:03:17 <kornica> group is small but strong
14:03:54 <rhochmuth> so besides all the stuff that I said I would do last week that I didn't get to, are there other items to cover today
14:04:24 <kornica> I'd mention that we reached a state where we have a gates in place for documentation
14:04:31 <witek> kornica works on publishing docu
14:04:38 <witek> for log-api
14:04:54 <kornica> results can be examined here -> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/437889/
14:05:04 <kornica> witek: yes that's only for log-api, clearing the path
14:05:15 <kornica> api-ref, api-guide, dev docs and releasenotes
14:05:32 <rhochmuth> very impressive
14:05:37 <kornica> what's missing and could be a subject of discussion are install docs, but that's point for agend for another meeting I guess
14:06:07 <kornica> rhochmuth is there any agenda at all, I don't want to jump in front of it
14:06:07 <witek> let's fill this docs with body first
14:07:05 <witek> one thing to mention perhaps
14:07:22 <kornica> witek: btw, I addressed comments here => https://review.openstack.org/#/c/478480/
14:07:23 <witek> CloudKitty started work on integrating with Monasca
14:07:36 <rhochmuth> yes, saw that
14:07:46 <rhochmuth> thanks for answering their questions
14:08:22 <witek> Ashwin and Joseph has given valueable input on using monasca-ceilometer
14:08:36 <witek> for that purpose
14:08:56 <rhochmuth> thanks ashwin and joseph
14:10:55 <witek> I don't have anything else
14:10:59 <kornica> have they uploaded anything to review ?
14:11:21 <witek> I don't think so
14:11:23 <kornica> I mean what's the scope of their integration ? I think I got little behind in that topic
14:11:27 <kornica> :(
14:11:41 <rhochmuth> i don't see anything
14:12:01 <rhochmuth> i'm going to check with the OP5 folks to see if they are going to start joining the meetings
14:12:02 <witek> they want to use Monasca as backend for storing metrics they use in their project
14:12:43 <rhochmuth> i promise i'll get some reviews done this week
14:13:10 <rhochmuth> btw, next week i'll probably be out for July 4th week
14:13:57 <kornica> sure things (from my side I can tell you that keystone_auth and new_client topics) are in fairly good shape, however in new_client[monasca-agent] adrian found a flaw around libvirt and ovs that I need to fix tommorow
14:14:22 <kornica> but apart from those two checks everything is ok (rest of agent, ui and client while used in cli)
14:14:23 <rhochmuth> thx kornica
14:14:52 <rhochmuth> we added rate calculation to monasca-aggregator recently
14:15:14 <rhochmuth> https://github.com/monasca/monasca-aggregator
14:16:06 <rhochmuth> i guess that is it for today
14:16:09 <kornica> oh, it is written in go :)
14:16:19 <rhochmuth> yes i
14:16:20 <kornica> did you check that maybe with newer kafka ?
14:16:21 <witek> does it cover all the functionallity of monasca-transform?
14:16:37 <witek> I mean monasca-aggregator?
14:16:39 <rhochmuth> yes, it covers everything in monasca-transform and more
14:16:47 <kornica> witek: you want to say that it is meant to replace monasca-transform ?
14:17:08 <witek> I'm wondering what should be the future of these two
14:17:28 <rhochmuth> and it is a very easy to deploy/configure, very performant, with guarantees on collection
14:17:41 <kornica> from what I saw they still contribute to monasca-transform, so that's a bid odd from my POV
14:18:05 <witek> what Kafka client do you use?
14:18:06 <rhochmuth> well, monasca-transform was developed and deployed in Helion OpenStack
14:18:29 <rhochmuth> Dependencies: Dependent on only the following Go libraries:
14:18:30 <rhochmuth> •	https://github.com/confluentinc/confluent-kafka-go
14:18:30 <rhochmuth> •	https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang
14:18:30 <rhochmuth> •	https://github.com/sirupsen/logrus
14:18:31 <rhochmuth> •	https://github.com/spf13/viper
14:18:54 <kornica> confluent-
14:18:57 <rhochmuth> there is a nice readme that covers what monasca-aggregator does
14:19:04 <rhochmuth> yes
14:19:22 <kornica> so the same thing that we considered a while ago for the rest of monasca, but that got swallowed by other more important priorities :/
14:19:34 <rhochmuth> right
14:19:40 <kornica> cofluent is async, right ?
14:20:01 <rhochmuth> right
14:20:14 <rhochmuth> it uses librdkafka
14:20:26 <rhochmuth> the go client is written ontop of that
14:20:33 <kornica> having that established, couldn't we simply switch to oslo.messaging[kafka] and use newer kafka from their dependencies that is also async
14:20:42 <kornica> for the rest monasca
14:20:45 <kornica> high-level idea
14:21:48 <rhochmuth> i don't recall all the specific issues, but librdkafka requires a C build of the library
14:22:29 <kornica> kafka in oslo.messaging is I guess the same on as in forked monasca code (what monasca used to use) but newer
14:22:37 <kornica> well, not kafka but kafkaclient
14:25:12 <rhochmuth> anything else?
14:25:49 <kornica> witek: you have something ?
14:25:59 <witek> no, thanks
14:26:09 <rhochmuth> ok, bye everyone
14:26:14 <rhochmuth> small croud
14:26:19 <witek> thank you rhochmuth
14:26:20 <rhochmuth> but twice as big a last week
14:26:26 <koji> thx
14:26:26 <kornica> heh, cya
14:26:28 <rhochmuth> so we are gaining momentum
14:26:29 <witek> thank you everyone
14:26:39 <rhochmuth> 2^2
14:26:44 <witek> haha
14:26:45 <haruki> thank you
14:26:54 <rhochmuth> #endmeeting