15:00:24 <witek> #startmeeting monasca
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15:00:37 <witek> hello everyone
15:00:40 <witek> hi dougsz
15:01:16 <witek> agenda is almost empty
15:01:22 <jgrassler> Hello
15:01:28 <witek> some guys still in vacation after labour day
15:01:47 <witek> and golden week in Japan, I guess
15:02:11 <witek> #topic ptg
15:02:41 <witek> I have received 4 votes for yes, we should attend
15:02:48 <witek> and 4 maybes
15:03:16 <witek> I think it's important that Monasca participates
15:03:30 <witek> I know it's not easy to travel
15:04:12 <witek> so, we should definitely make remote session for guys not attending
15:04:28 <dougsz> sounds good, if I can't attend in person I'll join the remote
15:04:40 <jamesgu> yes, the dublin model worked pretty well
15:05:01 <witek> great dougsz, thanks for your contributions
15:05:53 <witek> it also wouldn't be fair for folks based in US, to skip Denver PTG after attending in Dublin
15:05:53 <tobiajo> hi
15:06:01 <witek> hi tobiajo
15:06:08 <jamesgu> witek: good point :-)
15:07:29 <witek> I also encourage those with budget problem to apply for travel support
15:07:46 <sc> hi, I'm late, sorry
15:08:10 <witek> sc: the demo yesterday took too long :)
15:08:25 <sc> ROTFL
15:08:45 <witek> or was it Real - Bayern?
15:09:33 <witek> anything else about ptg?
15:10:11 <witek> we dont't have any more topics on the agenda
15:10:28 <witek> tobiajo: have you managed to solve your problems from last week?
15:11:12 <witek> I have found following in Keystone documentation:
15:11:13 <witek> https://docs.openstack.org/keystone/latest/admin/identity-tokens.html#feature_offline_validation
15:12:58 <witek> not much going on today
15:13:10 <witek> does anyone has a topic to discuss?
15:14:32 <witek> if not, I'll close for today
15:14:39 <tobiajo> witek: thank you, yes we think so, we didn't utlize fernet tokens correctly
15:15:07 <dougsz> thanks witek, until next week..
15:16:26 <witek> tobiajo: OK, good to know, thanks
15:16:43 <witek> thank you everyone for today
15:16:49 <witek> see you next week
15:16:57 <tobiajo> the issue was not related to monasca-api at all. just missconfig of keystone and regarding the "too many connections to memcached" that would be a bug report to keystonemiddleware instead
15:16:59 <tobiajo> bye
15:17:24 <witek> thanks tobiajo
15:17:28 <witek> bye bye
15:17:29 <sc> if I don't forget or got locked in something else ;-)
15:17:40 <witek> sc: :)
15:17:49 <witek> #endmeeting