14:04:09 <igordcard> #startmeeting network_common_flow_classifier
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14:04:57 <igordcard> agenda:
14:05:02 <igordcard> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Neutron/CommonClassificationFramework#Discussion_Topic_16_May_2017
14:05:48 <igordcard> #topic Spec status
14:06:58 <igordcard> the updated v15 has been reviewed by ihar, sean, louis and thomas... I haven't yet finished replying to everything but hope to do it soon
14:07:22 <igordcard> does anyone want to discuss anything that hasn't been brought up in the spec yet?
14:07:40 <davidsha> I'm good
14:08:12 <bcafarel> same here, did not update as there was nothing to add/-1 for me
14:08:34 <bcafarel> most recent reviews have been close to "looks good"
14:08:51 <reedip_> thats good
14:10:21 <igordcard> good good, I think now is mainly about polishing technical details that might still influence the API or usability
14:11:43 <igordcard> was talking to kevinbenton at the summit, and as soon as there's a general consistent agreement on this spec, it can be merged and the neutron-classifier repo made available
14:12:46 <davidsha> igordcard: So the spec is going to be merged? will we still put it in a dev ref in neutron classifier repo?
14:13:07 <igordcard> davidsha: yes to both I'd say
14:13:20 <davidsha> cool!
14:13:34 <igordcard> davidsha: the dev ref will will evolve to reflect the code
14:13:42 <reedip_> we finalzed reusing the neutron-classifier repo, right ???
14:13:55 <igordcard> davidsha: initially will come from the spec
14:14:23 <igordcard> reedip_: finalized how?
14:15:10 <reedip_> igordcard :  asking if the old neutron classifier repo which was earlier created would be used for CCF Model ?
14:15:11 <davidsha> I guess that we decided if we were just using neutron classifier
14:15:19 <reedip_> okk
14:17:02 <igordcard> reedip_: yes neutron-classifier repo + wiping it is the recommended option
14:17:19 <reedip_> igordcard : yeah thats what I was asking
14:17:44 <igordcard> reedip_: also fine by kevinbenton.. it won't be an actual wipe as anyone can go back in history and retrieve the original neutron-classifier
14:18:11 <reedip_> igordcard : ok, gr8 then :)
14:18:31 <igordcard> moving on..
14:18:46 <igordcard> #topic PoC status
14:19:02 <igordcard> I haven't put my hands in the code yet :(
14:19:12 <igordcard> how's it going davidsha ?
14:19:46 <bcafarel> same here I hoped to look a bit into it but that is still on my todo list :/
14:20:32 <davidsha> So, I've addressed the comments left on the spec, and fleshed out all the resources. just working on the classification groups and then I'll move onto the unit tests and OpenStack client.
14:20:41 <davidsha> left on the PoC*
14:20:45 <davidsha> sorry
14:21:42 <davidsha> Are there any questions on the PoC?
14:23:07 <igordcard> the classification grouping, is it based on the v15 spec or the earlier ones?
14:23:24 <davidsha> Latest one
14:23:31 <igordcard> cool cool
14:24:46 <igordcard> you're the main ccf dev at the moment so feel free to roast the spec if something isn't really attainable or for any other reason
14:25:02 <davidsha> Sure! >:)
14:25:05 <igordcard> :)
14:26:24 <igordcard> while we have no access to the repo, I'd recommend squashing all pending changes in a single patch, I've had the experience in the past of dealing with 4+ dependent patches on gerrit and it's not easy to update/test/repeat
14:26:39 <davidsha> igordcard: ack.
14:27:52 <igordcard> davidsha: that mismatch with the semantic types (like tcp and udp being the same), is it resolved?
14:29:06 <davidsha> igordcard: Yup, took them straight down from the spec.
14:29:25 <igordcard> davidsha: cool cool
14:30:12 <igordcard> I don't have further questions now, I don't see any others, moving on...
14:30:24 <igordcard> #topic Open discussion
14:30:43 <igordcard> I should rename this topic to Coffee time
14:31:00 <davidsha> igordcard: It would be nice ;P
14:31:04 <bcafarel> and you would send coffee to all attendees?
14:31:21 <davidsha> Were there many here at the Summit?
14:31:30 <igordcard> bcafarel: no, that's out of scope... you are expected to go grab some coffee :p
14:32:10 <igordcard> I only met thomas and pcarver
14:32:50 <davidsha> igordcard: Any updates from the summit that could affect work going forward?
14:34:33 <igordcard> davidsha: none that I noticed.. the closest is that yes the spec can be merged even we aren't working directly on neutron, and that later the project could become a stadium project
14:34:52 <davidsha> igordcard: ack
14:35:05 <igordcard> s/could/can
14:37:15 <igordcard> alright, this is all
14:37:31 <igordcard> thank you for attending and see you in the next meeting!
14:37:41 <davidsha> Thanks!
14:38:16 <igordcard> also hope to see you in Denver to discuss post-spec dev and goals
14:38:19 <igordcard> bye
14:38:27 <davidsha> cya
14:38:32 <igordcard> #endmeeting