14:00:36 <davidsha> #startmeeting network_common_flow_classifier
14:00:38 <ruijie_> sorry davidsha :(
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14:00:53 <davidsha> ruijie_: No problem I've made the mistake myself!
14:01:03 <davidsha> Hi everyone!
14:01:06 <igordc> hi davidsha
14:01:19 <bcafarel> hi guys
14:01:25 <igordc> hi bcafarel
14:01:57 <davidsha> we'll wait 2 mins for people to join, then start
14:03:55 <tmorin> o/
14:04:00 <igordc> hi tmorin
14:04:05 <davidsha> Hey :)
14:04:10 <tmorin> hi igor !
14:04:13 <davidsha> Lets start then
14:04:27 <davidsha> #topic CCF v0 - Update
14:04:53 <davidsha> So I need to update: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/499571/
14:05:21 <tmorin> davidsha: yes, I think some improvements are needed
14:05:39 <davidsha> I'll try to draft another patch for functional tests
14:06:12 <tmorin> davidsha: do you think you could finish the functional job checking DB vs. models consistency *before* we merge the models ?
14:07:01 <davidsha> tmorin: thats my plan, but I'll also need to enable functional testing in governance/infra
14:08:31 <davidsha> I'll try to start into that next week.
14:09:24 <davidsha> I'll also try to respond to the comments on the patch soon too :)
14:09:48 <davidsha> I've read them, I just need to reply
14:10:01 * bcafarel still has to finish reading them :/
14:10:23 <tmorin> ok
14:11:14 <davidsha> Are there any questions or anything anyone wants to bring up in regards to V0?
14:11:41 <igordc> all good here
14:12:12 <tmorin> davidsha: there is something I didn't look closely at yet:
14:12:26 <tmorin> davidsha: which is how the OVO objects code is unit-tested
14:12:50 <tmorin> davidsha: I haven't checked how much the unit test proposed in the change covers
14:13:09 <davidsha> tmorin: the only unit test for versioned objects is the hash to version check.
14:13:32 <davidsha> I haven't seen other types of unit tests for versioned objects in neutron.
14:13:57 <tmorin> davidsha: I have to look at this in another context, which might give me ideas (or not)
14:14:10 <tmorin> davidsha: I'll do suggestions if I have any...
14:14:24 <davidsha> tmorin: Cool, thanks!
14:15:14 <davidsha> I was talking to Ihar and he mentioned we should move the models to be more similar to QoS
14:15:57 <igordc> davidsha: in what way?
14:16:44 <davidsha> igordc: basically mapping classifications -> class groups like qos maps rules -> policies
14:17:15 <davidsha> we have a bit of a disconnect between out API and our DB models at the moment.
14:17:51 <davidsha> not in this patch but in this one: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/487182/
14:18:46 <davidsha> basically we don't pipe it straight into an OVO, we have to extract the definition and mess with the API model to make it fit into the OvO
14:19:54 <davidsha> It kind of messes with the point of OVO
14:20:23 <igordc> davidsha: it difficults the grouping and boolean flexibility we have at the moment... but if it's worth it for the sake of getting the OVOs right then fine
14:21:17 <davidsha> igordc: Well we'll need to see as we review it, we might figure something out that makes it work.
14:21:51 <igordc> davidsha: sure.. I'd recommend looking at some of the conversations that were held in the spec with me, ihar, tmorin and others
14:22:00 <davidsha> igordc: kk
14:23:06 <davidsha> Will we move to open discussion?
14:23:22 <bcafarel> nothing to add on v0 here
14:23:29 <igordc> I'm not writing anything else atm :)
14:24:20 <davidsha> kk lets move on
14:24:35 <davidsha> #topic open disscusion
14:25:04 <davidsha> Any topics anyone would like to bring up?
14:26:11 <bcafarel> I guess you Irish folks will make it to the PTG?
14:26:56 <igordc> bcafarel: I probably won't... but I'm also not irish :p..
14:27:20 <bcafarel> s/Irish/working near Dublin/ then? :)
14:27:41 <davidsha> I'm hoping to make it up, we're on the other side of the country though :)
14:28:41 <davidsha> Something else actually, I'm being moved off of OpenStack.
14:30:47 <davidsha> I'm going to try to stick around for reviews beyond the work I'm doing at the moment, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have.
14:31:09 <tmorin> bcafarel: if French Britany qualifies as "near Dublin", then count me !
14:31:26 <tmorin> davidsha: yes, we heard about that... :-/
14:31:33 <igordc> same with me, I've essentially moved off of OpenStack entirely already
14:31:35 <bcafarel> sean-k-mooney mentioned it yes :/
14:31:55 <igordc> the closest to it I'm doing now is in OSM (open source mano)
14:32:59 <davidsha> Kk, Just said I'd make a formal announcement!
14:34:52 <bcafarel> davidsha: well same as when igordc stepped down a bit "thanks for the ccf work!"
14:35:41 <davidsha> bcafarel: Thanks
14:36:02 <davidsha> We can warp up now and get 25 mins back if no one has anything else?
14:36:38 <tmorin> yep
14:36:49 <bcafarel> sounds good to me (and hoping the ccf manages to keep some steam without you guys)
14:36:56 <tmorin> I echo that: thanks guys ! I hope/wish you'll have time to finish some pieces!
14:38:05 <davidsha> Cool, have a good day folks!
14:38:11 <davidsha> #endmeeting