21:00:23 <armax> #startmeeting networking
21:00:24 <sc68cal> hello
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21:00:30 <ZZelle_> Hi!
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21:00:32 <hoangcx> Hi all
21:00:38 <Sukhdev__> salv-orlando: mahalo
21:00:55 <armax> mestery is coming up
21:01:24 <beagles> o/
21:01:31 <dougwig> o/
21:01:36 <salv-orlando> I heard mestery is initiating the docker community to the fine arts of yak shaving and bike shedding
21:01:44 <neiljerram> o/
21:01:49 <armax> #agenda https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Meetings
21:02:03 <armax> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Meetings agenda
21:02:18 <armax> salv-orlando: he is
21:02:28 <armax> but his laptop can’t boot2docker well
21:02:42 <sc68cal> lol
21:02:53 <russellb> o/
21:03:15 <armax> #chair mestery
21:03:15 <openstack> Current chairs: armax mestery
21:03:26 * armax goes to snoring
21:03:30 <salv-orlando> armax: that because your employer makes the laptop you use
21:03:41 <armax> salv-orlando: you know that I don’t work for Apple
21:03:44 <xgerman> o/
21:03:51 * mestery wanders in
21:03:53 <mestery> that was some excellent kool aid!
21:03:53 <mestery> Almost too good ....
21:03:55 <mestery> OK
21:04:03 <mestery> #topic Announcements
21:04:07 <armax> I bow to my my master
21:04:07 <mestery> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Liberty_Release_Schedule
21:04:12 <mestery> Liberty-1 is this week
21:04:16 <mestery> That happened fast
21:04:32 <Sukhdev__> mestery: next time keep in mind cool-aid for you - not others :-)
21:04:39 <mestery> Given we're doing "lazy consensus" release management now, we'l see what landed in Liberty-1 ... once we tag Liberty-1!
21:04:53 <mestery> Sukhdev__: That's a valid point. :)
21:05:09 <mestery> Does anyone know if the IPAM work landed all the way in-tree yet?
21:05:28 <johnbelamaric> mestery: not yet, it is moving along though
21:05:33 <mestery> salv-orlando carl_Baldwin: ^^^^
21:05:37 <mestery> johnbelamaric: yay!
21:05:44 <mestery> #link http://docs.openstack.org/developer/neutron/policies/blueprints.html#neutron-request-for-feature-enhancements RFE Process
21:05:59 <mestery> The drivers team is shooting to reivew all (old-style) specs by this week
21:06:11 <mestery> And we'll be completely in the land of RFEs moving forward (with no deadlines)
21:06:12 <johnbelamaric> mestery: yeah, breaking it into lots of small patches - hope to get as much merged as possible before Wed. then I will be at mid-cycle to see if we can land the rest
21:06:23 <mestery> johnbelamaric: Excellent, thank you!
21:06:53 <mestery> #info The mid-cycle is this week (Wed-Fri)
21:06:55 <mestery> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/neutron-liberty-mid-cycle
21:07:06 <mestery> I look forward to seeing many of you there!
21:07:18 <carl_baldwin> +1
21:07:25 <mestery> #info The QoS mid-cyclce is fast approaching
21:07:27 <mestery> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/neutron-liberty-qos-code-sprint
21:07:30 * mestery waves to carl_baldwin
21:07:53 <mestery> carl_baldwin: I hope you're ready for a bunch of rowdy Neutron developers to descend on HP in Fort Collins
21:07:53 <mestery> :)
21:07:55 * carl_baldwin sorry to be late, didn’t notice IRC was not connected.
21:08:26 <carl_baldwin> We’ve got pads up on the walls and plenty of gloves.
21:08:44 <haleyb> and i connected some hoses this morning... all set
21:09:05 <mestery> rofl
21:09:17 <dougwig> it's colorado.  i'm expecting a keg of red bull and a punchbowl of weed.
21:09:23 * mestery mumbles something about a bike and some yaks
21:09:31 <bgsilva> red bull... hmmm..
21:09:34 * salv-orlando should have gone
21:09:36 <haleyb> Fat Tire
21:09:39 <mestery> lol
21:09:41 <mestery> FAT TIRE!
21:09:42 <mestery> OMG!
21:09:44 <mestery> yes!
21:09:51 <mestery> OK
21:09:55 <mestery> any other announcements not related to Fat Tire or Neutron for the team?
21:10:07 <beagles> best ... meeting ... ever
21:10:08 <xgerman> you guys signed up for the brewery tour(s)
21:10:10 <salv-orlando> dougwig: so perhaps it should be fat tire and a punchbowl of weed
21:10:11 <xgerman> ?
21:10:11 <mestery> lol
21:10:24 <mestery> I think we've jumped the shark at this poont
21:10:26 <mestery> *point
21:10:37 * sc68cal has never been so excited for a neutron midcycle
21:10:39 <mestery> Lets move on before dougwig and salv-orlando move us further into debauchery
21:10:42 * dougwig suppresses any more off-topic comments.
21:10:53 <mestery> #topic Bugs
21:10:57 <salv-orlando> mestery: you were about to write "we've jumpet the shark at this pot" - weren't you?
21:11:05 <mestery> salv-orlando: Guilty!
21:11:11 <mestery> armax has some info on the unstable job and pymsql
21:11:15 <mestery> armax: Link?
21:11:28 <mestery> Also: kevinbenton can't be here today but he's been working hard on this as well
21:11:32 <armax> mestery: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-June/066735.html
21:11:34 <mestery> I know, I sat next to the two of them at breakfast
21:11:42 <mestery> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-June/066735.html
21:11:52 <armax> mestery: I’ve just sent an update to the ML
21:12:06 <armax> mestery: might take a minute or two to populate everyone’s inbox
21:12:17 <mestery> armax: Thanks! Do you have a tl;dr summary for the team?
21:12:21 <armax> sure
21:12:44 <armax> in a nutshell the unstable job is up and running
21:12:58 <armax> I have identified the most recurring failure modes
21:13:20 <dougwig> nice work.
21:13:22 <armax> kevinbenton: has an initial fix, we’ll have to experiment a bit more once more data points are available
21:13:50 <armax> no actual fix has merged yet
21:14:04 <armax> I suspect we’ll have to play with this a tad bit longer
21:14:06 <mestery> dougwig: I already bought them breakfast, lets not let it go to their heads :)
21:14:29 <armax> mestery: it was a very fancy breakfast
21:14:35 <mestery> lol
21:14:37 <armax> I feel privileged
21:14:39 <armax> anyhoo
21:14:46 <mestery> Thansk for the update armax
21:14:46 <dougwig> anyone willing to wade into the quagmire of neutron bugs deserves all the kudos we can muster.
21:14:52 <armax> one more thing
21:15:27 <armax> once we manage to go back to sanity, we’ll have both pymysql and multiple api workers available in tree
21:15:47 <armax> knowing that we reverted teh latter right before kilo was cut, I suppose that’s a good thing
21:15:53 <armax> mestery: done
21:16:00 * armax back to snorin
21:16:06 <mestery> thanks armax!
21:16:23 <mestery> Any other bugs the team should be aware of as we enter the "Liberty-1 tag zone" this week?
21:17:23 <mestery> #topic Docs
21:17:25 <mestery> emagana: hi there! Anything for the team this week?
21:17:37 <emagana> Hi There!
21:17:43 <emagana> I am back.. still sleepy but back!
21:17:53 <mestery> :)
21:18:14 <emagana> Just to inform that the neutron-docs meeting has moved from weekly to bi-weekly
21:18:25 <emagana> still same day and time
21:18:40 <mestery> #info Neutron-docs meeting is now bi-weekly
21:18:50 <emagana> no much to report since we have not had a meeting the last two weeks  :-(
21:19:01 <sc68cal> emagana: when is the next meeting? this week?
21:19:11 <emagana> yes, this week. This Friday.
21:19:53 <mestery> Excellent! Any documentation questions from the team?
21:19:56 <HenryG> I noticed the "Agents" API extension (admin only) is not documented in the API guide.
21:20:29 <mestery> HenryG: Egads!
21:20:47 <salv-orlando> HenryG: is that the only one?
21:21:14 <HenryG> Not sure. I shoudl go through them all and check.
21:21:20 <emagana> HenryG: Is there a bug for that one?
21:21:21 <salv-orlando> I think the last time I checked I counted more than one.
21:21:43 <HenryG> mestery: give me an AI to file bugs for missing API guides
21:21:45 <mestery> HenryG: Can you file bugs for all the missing ones?
21:21:58 <mestery> #action HenryG to file bugs for all missing API extensions in the documentation
21:22:05 <HenryG> ty
21:22:08 <emagana> HenryG and salv-orlando: Help us by sending me bugs for this and I can help fixing it or getting some extra hands from the rest of the docs team
21:22:36 <HenryG> emagana: sure thing
21:22:46 <HenryG> emagana: thanks
21:22:48 <emagana> HenryG: ;-)
21:22:55 <mestery> teamwork: It's what's for dinner ;)
21:23:00 <mestery> Thanks emagana HenryG salv-orlando!
21:23:37 <mestery> OK
21:23:38 <mestery> lets move on
21:23:46 <mestery> #topic Release models for networking-foo projects
21:23:53 <mestery> I put this on teh agenda
21:24:08 <mestery> The tl;dr is that networking-foo projects should follow semantic versioning
21:24:14 <mestery> Like the servers and the rest of OpenStack do
21:24:23 <mestery> I've created patches for the various repos to do this
21:24:23 <mestery> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:semver-releases+owner:%22Kyle+Mestery%22,n,z
21:24:32 <mestery> Note that some are WIP if they've already released to PyPi
21:24:54 <mestery> #info Before releasing your networking-foo project, please contact mestery or dhellmann so we can put in a pre-version tag to make pbr happy
21:25:12 <mestery> Any questions from anyone?
21:25:17 <mestery> Especially a networking-foo maintainer?
21:25:37 <salv-orlando> mestery: can you quickly tell me why you put in wip the patches for projects already on pypi?
21:25:48 <salv-orlando> I'm too lazy to check it out myself and have to fix vmware-nsx
21:26:29 <mestery> salv-orlando: Absoluitely
21:27:03 <mestery> For those ones, we wanted to wait to merge them until the projects did a release. I'm surprised some of them passed Jenkins to be honest.
21:27:10 <mestery> They had been failing (or some of them).
21:27:42 <mestery> salv-orlando: make sense? It almost does to me ;)
21:27:49 <salv-orlando> mestery: cool. so the point is that you have to release first before switching to semver?
21:28:14 <mestery> salv-orlando: No, we'll switch to semver before we release
21:28:29 <mestery> For those who have already released, we need to add a cap into requirements (dhellmann has more info)
21:29:17 <mestery> Any other questions?
21:29:56 <salv-orlando> mestery: all clear thanks
21:30:12 <mestery> awesome!
21:30:13 <mestery> Moving along
21:30:23 <mestery> #topic Pecan Reviews
21:30:27 * mestery waits for salv-orlando to share a link of actual pecan nut reviews
21:30:31 <mestery> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/neutron+branch:feature/pecan+topic:bp/wsgi-pecan-switch,n,z
21:30:39 <mestery> kevinbenton (who is not here) has been hard at working splitting these patches out
21:30:46 <mestery> He's looking for reviews
21:30:51 <mestery> to start merging these
21:30:54 <mestery> so we can collapse the branch back during Liberty-2
21:31:34 <mestery> I know blogan has been reviewing these (thanks!)
21:31:49 <blogan> yes i have!
21:31:50 * armax wakes up
21:31:51 <salv-orlando> mestery: I am testing those, at some point I will pst a review as well.
21:31:51 <armax> mestery: I promised him I was going to go over those
21:32:02 <mestery> salv-orlando: awesome, armax, also awesome
21:32:07 <armax> I’ve been slow as usual
21:32:12 <mestery> armax: Just stop sleeping this week and you'll have plenty of time
21:32:25 <armax> armax: I know…it’s the change of the season
21:32:42 <blogan> its been raining here a lot, easy to sleep
21:32:57 <mestery> OK, lets see what kind of damage we can do there.
21:33:05 <mestery> OK
21:33:07 <mestery> next up:
21:33:14 <mestery> #topic Should We Translate All The Strings
21:33:17 <mestery> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/185300/
21:33:23 <mestery> I have no idea who put this on the agenda
21:33:24 <mestery> Does anyone?
21:33:54 <mestery> Was this form last week?
21:34:13 <salv-orlando> mestery: idk I have no opinion. No maybe I have one: MEH
21:34:18 <sc68cal> kevinbenton added it
21:34:23 <sc68cal> based on his comment in the review
21:34:34 <salv-orlando> mestery: but this is a great topic for bikeshedding you know?
21:34:41 <mestery> sc68cal: thanks! And kevinbenton isn't even here!
21:35:16 <mestery> So, can someone give me the tl;dr on this issue so I select my color in the argument?
21:35:37 <xgerman> my hunch would be it’s an I18N topic
21:36:15 <mestery> I guess we can leave it on the agenda for next week so kevinbenton can have his air time here :)
21:36:17 <sballe> +1
21:36:22 <sc68cal> +1
21:36:38 <russellb> isn't this an openstack-wide quesiton anyway?
21:36:40 <sc68cal> and tell us which color he likes better
21:36:51 <mestery> russellb: It seems to be, yeah.
21:36:55 <russellb> yeah..
21:37:00 <mestery> russellb: Do you know if there is any stance on this at that level?
21:37:22 <russellb> if there's not a written convention yet, someone should drive one :)
21:37:37 <salv-orlando> I think we should discuss the implication of a neutron-only decision on the rest of openstack projects and what would be the cross interference with i18n.
21:37:54 <russellb> sounds like a good topic for cross project meeting though
21:37:58 <salv-orlando> perhaps we need a working group. a translation working group where we can discuss all the issue pertaning which strings should be translate
21:38:14 <xgerman> and volunteers actually translating
21:38:23 <mestery> russellb: +1
21:38:25 <mestery> xgerman: +100
21:38:38 <salv-orlando> but in all seriousness, why do we need to worry about having a policy to define which strings get translated?
21:38:39 <mestery> #action kevinbenton to propose a cross-project meeting agenda item around translations
21:38:41 <mestery> That should cover it
21:38:50 <russellb> there's already a i18n team
21:38:51 <armax> when we have so many pressing problems, I love it that we take every item so seriously
21:38:58 * armax is so proud
21:39:02 <russellb> there may even be some standards around this, i just don't know off hand
21:39:41 <mestery> Me either
21:39:46 <mestery> We'll ahve kevinbenton take the lead on this
21:40:09 <salv-orlando> mestery: and if he does not deliver, I want his head on a silver plate!
21:40:14 <sc68cal> that'll show him for being AFK
21:40:23 <mestery> :)
21:40:28 <mestery> Well, to be fair, I did buy him breakfast, so he owes me one
21:40:29 <mestery> :)
21:40:35 <armax> apparently kevinbenton is going to china soon
21:40:47 <salv-orlando> I think the core team should be bit like game of thrones. That would be interesting.
21:40:55 <dougwig> the bikeshedding timer has been running for too many minutes on this one...
21:41:02 <beagles> my last name is *NOT* stark
21:41:05 <sc68cal> salv-orlando: that could be taken a couple ways
21:41:08 <mestery> #topic Open Discussion
21:41:23 <mestery> The floor is open, we have 19 minutes or so left.
21:41:34 * russellb dances
21:41:45 <xgerman> so my top worry is the flavor framework
21:41:48 <hoangcx> May i ask to help to get further discussion about "Security Group Logging" and other objects logging #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/132134/
21:41:59 <mestery> xgerman: As it should be
21:42:06 <mestery> xgerman: What is the current implementation status?
21:42:09 <mestery> Does it need reviews?
21:42:16 <hoangcx> We are going to implement logging API as kevinbenton sugguest
21:42:20 <dougwig> xgerman: he's been blocked on me, and it also needs other reviews.
21:42:27 <armax> I glimpsed it
21:42:28 <xgerman> dougwig +1
21:42:31 <dougwig> we should be able to make some progress at the meetup.
21:42:32 <mestery> sc68cal: you ok with that from hoangcx ?
21:42:44 <mestery> dougwig: awesome
21:42:47 <armax> it seems in need of a bit of TLC
21:43:02 <xgerman> I love it all right ;-)
21:43:13 <hoangcx> we need more discussion on this to get approve :)
21:43:15 <sc68cal> As long as it's a separate API endpoint, LGTM
21:43:38 * sc68cal finds himself defending Amazon APIs .... for some reason
21:43:39 <hoangcx> Yes. Thanks sc68cal. I will contact you
21:43:44 * armax wonders if sc68cal is serious
21:43:49 <armax> actually serious
21:43:53 <armax> :)
21:44:04 <sc68cal> armax: like I said at the summit, anything for you :)
21:44:10 <mestery> sc68cal is like the AWS warrior inside of OpenStack!
21:44:19 * sc68cal shudders in horror
21:44:22 <salv-orlando> sc68cal: yeah why? I think we've already diverged so much from EC2 that this defence is a bit pointless now
21:44:47 <sc68cal> salv-orlando: Have we? I know we still have Boto tests that use the EC2 API modules
21:44:48 <xgerman> don’t they all connect at the docker API
21:44:53 <xgerman> \me hides
21:44:53 <salv-orlando> sc68cal: I know armax as some peculiar tastes. you should really shidder.
21:45:24 <salv-orlando> sc68cal: well, that's for the compute part. look at security groups. is there a thing like INGRESS or EGRESS rules in EC2?
21:45:37 <armax> salv-orlando: I like you don’t i?
21:45:41 <sc68cal> salv-orlando: I think for the VPC flavored version of SG
21:45:46 <sc68cal> salv-orlando: there is
21:45:51 <mestery> xgerman: it's pluggable!
21:46:10 <sc68cal> mestery: put an action item for me for that, since i opened my big mouth - research variances in our SG api compared to AWS
21:46:23 <salv-orlando> sc68cal: so we're amazon compatible if one runs VPC but only to the point that you get APIs that semantically work like Amazon's...
21:46:28 <mestery> #action sc68cal to research and present on variances in our SG API compared to AWS
21:46:33 <mestery> sc68cal: done and done sir!
21:46:37 <salv-orlando> but it's not like you can really do anything in neutron with your amazon EC2 client APP
21:47:16 <salv-orlando> sc68cal: I understand your point. And I would totally agree with you if we were declaring some sort of VPC compatibility
21:47:24 <sc68cal> salv-orlando: Depends - there may still be some scaffolding that "get-me-a-network" will help paper over what admins are probably doing today ( creating all the networks, subnets, routers, etc)
21:47:37 <sc68cal> but the SG API hopefully isn't different
21:48:12 <sc68cal> there may be some items that need to be provisioned before the app devs who are using the EC2 libs can start working
21:48:17 <haleyb> you had to mention "get me a network" didn't you :)
21:48:34 * sc68cal gets $1 USD when he mentions his boss' spec or rally
21:48:39 <russellb> lol
21:48:52 <mestery> lol
21:49:02 <mestery> haleyb: Speaking of that, did my comments in the review convince you to be the new official owner?
21:49:15 <salv-orlando> ok so you do have a goal of making an openstack deployment running neutron work with boto or any other EC2 client for the benefit of all the folks that don't care about neutron?
21:49:34 <haleyb> mestery: did you get my beer demand?
21:49:46 <salv-orlando> comeon sc68cal, shave this yak with me!
21:49:53 <mestery> haleyb: I'm happy to buy you as much Fat Tire is required, yes.
21:49:54 <sc68cal> salv-orlando: :)
21:50:12 * mestery hands salv-orlando a blue paint brush and sc68cal a red paint brush
21:50:19 <neiljerram> Continuing the Nova/Neutron VIF type saga, Neutron folk may want to look at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/193668/, which is Dan Berrange's new (and good, IMO) attempt to sort this out...
21:50:23 <sc68cal> mestery: so we want a purple shed eh?
21:50:40 * haleyb can do it, will need help filling-in some of the details in the spec
21:50:57 <neiljerram> Even though this is currently only a Nova spec, it will have non-trivial Neutron impact.
21:50:58 <mestery> haleyb: thanks :)
21:51:13 <sc68cal> salv-orlando: I think my goal is just anything that is an API that came from AWS, should stay like the AWS API, and OpenStack should create new compelling APIs to supercede the AWS apis
21:51:14 <mestery> neiljerram: thanks!
21:51:23 <mestery> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/193668/
21:51:31 <salv-orlando> sc68cal: if you want to achieve this goal, we also need a strategy to ensure EC2 compatibility is perpetual, and that strategy in my opinion depends on how nova moves forward. Because the boto user does not even care about neutron APIs. that kind of users expects EC2-compatible APIs on the nova API endpoint, I think
21:51:44 <mestery> #link https://github.com/jaypipes/os_vif
21:51:52 <mestery> neiljerram: in regards to VIF plugging, see the above from jaypipes as well
21:52:07 <neiljerram> mestery: Indeed, I have; thanks.
21:52:15 <mestery> neiljerram: great! :)
21:52:41 <sc68cal> salv-orlando: very true - I know that they have the EC2 compat project now so they could extract it from Nova's codebase
21:52:53 <mestery> 7 minutes left
21:53:11 <salv-orlando> sc68cal: Also I struggle with the thought that I should consider parts of the neutron API as "imported" from AWS. Mostly because that would put a constraint on API evolution that I'm not sure we will be able to honour long time
21:53:20 <salv-orlando> sorry I meant in the long time
21:53:50 <sc68cal> salv-orlando: very true. I'd have to look further, but I think SG is the only real API where we'd have to worry
21:54:01 <sc68cal> salv-orlando: I don't think our API is anything like VPC's - and it isn't labeled as such
21:54:20 <hoangcx> Yes. So that is the reason we need more discussion on there
21:54:21 <sc68cal> s/our/the rest of neutron's api/g
21:54:34 <armax> to salv-orlando’s point this means that basically we can innovate on our own api so long as we have a backward compatible way to expose SG capabilieis via the nova api?
21:54:34 <armax> would that be enought to unlock us from this debate?
21:55:27 <mestery> OK
21:55:28 <hoangcx> sc68cal: we may implement new logging API if it not compatibility for SG API
21:55:32 <sc68cal> armax: I'd probably want to explore more of what you mean by backward compatible way to expose SG capabilities, but overall that sounds reasonable
21:56:20 <sc68cal> hoangcx: Right - I think my only comment was the new logging API just can reference a security group ID (or a rule ID) and that would keep us out of the tar pit of ec2 compatability
21:56:29 <armax> sc68cal: my point is that that if we can expect AWS centric users to use the API from something like Nova
21:56:38 <armax> sc68cal: then we can assume that access can be controlled
21:56:53 <mestery> 3 minutes left
21:56:55 <armax> and hence we can ‘hide’ the non-compatible bits
21:56:58 <sc68cal> armax: ah - very true. that sounds reasonable
21:57:23 <sc68cal> although we'd have to check, since the EC2 API is now outside of Nova
21:57:28 <armax> sc68cal: but I wouldn’t trust what I say if I were you
21:57:35 <armax> thanks for trying though
21:57:45 <sc68cal> think it's https://github.com/stackforge/ec2-api ?
21:58:11 <armax> sc68cal: oh neat
21:58:34 <armax> sc68cal: but once the bits gets deployed it looks just as it did, did it not?
21:58:47 <russellb> old ec2 code still there
21:58:50 <russellb> but that's the future direction
21:59:08 <russellb> afaik
21:59:16 <sc68cal> armax: I think so - so maybe my concerns are overrated and I've wasted some time about these concerns - and we can just make it their problem
21:59:24 <mestery> 30 seconds left
21:59:25 <hoangcx> sc68cal: Yes. so it have more further discussion on this new logging API if we get decision on this
21:59:28 <armax> russellb: thanks, I’ll look into it
21:59:29 <mestery> I suggest continuing in #openstac-neutron
21:59:34 <mestery> Thansk for attending this week folks!
21:59:40 <neiljerram> bye all
21:59:40 <mestery> We'll see you all in the internet
21:59:41 <russellb> bye!
21:59:42 <mestery> #endmeeting