14:01:11 <ihrachys> #startmeeting networking
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14:01:23 <HenryG> o/
14:01:23 <xgerman> o/
14:01:25 <ihrachys> hi all, thanks for joining in this early hour (for some of you)
14:01:37 <ihrachys> as you now probably know, we are back to doing bi-weekly alternating meetings
14:01:45 <ihrachys> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/272494/
14:01:54 <ihrachys> and today is the first Tue meeting in the new year, yay!
14:02:08 <salv-orlando> aloha
14:02:11 <ihrachys> (thanks everyone to make it revived)
14:02:18 <amotoki> hi
14:02:25 <ihrachys> Armando leans toward delegation [or maybe just some more sleep] :), so today I will run this meeting for you.
14:02:31 <mhickey_> Hello
14:02:39 <ihrachys> and probably some more in the future. We’ll see.
14:02:49 <ihrachys> ok... so...
14:02:52 <ihrachys> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Meetings Agenda
14:02:59 <mhickey_> ihrachys: thanks for reviving!:)
14:03:05 <xgerman> +1
14:03:06 <ihrachys> today we’ll try to keep the meeting focused, as usual
14:03:26 <ihrachys> the main goal for today is to follow up on milestone3 deliverables that we have not managed to cover the previous week
14:03:40 <ihrachys> I hope other sections won’t take much time. But they always say that. ;)
14:03:47 <ihrachys> but first, some announcements
14:03:52 <ihrachys> #topic Announcements
14:04:01 <ihrachys> I remind everyone that we have a neutron mid-cycle in the cold and unforgiving Minnesota end of Feb
14:04:13 <ihrachys> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-January/084672.html
14:04:23 <Sam-I-Am> brrrr
14:04:32 <ihrachys> right. I won't go. :P
14:04:37 <ihrachys> so get some warm clothes and get ready ;)
14:04:49 <rossella_s> :)
14:05:08 <ihrachys> also, we have a code sprint for rolling upgrades, specifically for getting versioned objects for neutron core resources, in Brno mid March
14:05:12 <ihrachys> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-January/085328.html
14:05:27 <ihrachys> I will update the sprint etherpad with some travel tips later today
14:05:30 <mhickey_> how warmer is Brno?! :)
14:05:37 <rossella_s> thanks ihrachys
14:05:41 <ihrachys> that one:
14:05:41 <ihrachys> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/code-sprint-neutron-objects-brno
14:05:42 <salv-orlando> compared to Minnesota is like hot
14:05:58 <ihrachys> mhickey_: it's 12 degrees Celsius right now here, pretty fine for start of Feb :)
14:06:08 <ihrachys> note: it's PLUS ;)
14:06:13 <mhickey_> ihrachys: sure is! :)
14:06:14 <amotoki> :)
14:06:21 <rossella_s> it's pretty warm everywhere in Europe this year
14:06:23 <amotoki> warmer than tokyo
14:06:36 <akamyshnikova> hi, sorry for being late :(
14:06:52 <ihrachys> in March, sometimes you can walk in shorts. but no guarantees attached ;)
14:06:57 <ihrachys> akamyshnikova: hi! :)
14:07:03 <ihrachys> final announcement is: call for papers for Austin is now closed as of yesterday
14:07:13 <ihrachys> next stop: voting for talks and actually delivering them for those who will get through the filter. :)
14:07:16 <mhickey_> ihrachys: closing today
14:07:24 <amotoki> it was extended 1day
14:07:31 <reedip> ihrachys its open till today
14:07:36 <ihrachys> mhickey_: oh? I missed the extension.
14:07:42 <mhickey_> amotoki: yes, thanks
14:07:51 <mhickey_> ihrachys: there was an issue yesterday
14:07:52 <salv-orlando> ihrachys: some issues with the submission website apparently
14:08:15 <ajo> late o/ (sorry)
14:08:31 <ihrachys> ok, then we are still good to do final update.
14:08:42 <ihrachys> ok. it's all from me. no more announcements anyone?
14:09:05 <mhickey_> FYI: The new deadline to submit a talk is February 2 at 11:59pm PST (February 3 at 7:59 UTC)
14:09:06 <ihrachys> ok, let’s move on
14:09:12 <ihrachys> mhickey_: thanks
14:09:13 <ihrachys> #topic Bugs
14:09:19 <mlavalle> hi
14:09:24 <ihrachys> mlaville, the stage is yours. anything worth team attention from the previous week?
14:10:01 <ihrachys> sorry, mlavalle
14:10:04 <mlavalle> it was a relatively quiet week.... Many bugs as usual, but not very many of importance
14:10:19 <mlavalle> worth highlighting: https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1540411
14:10:21 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1540411 in neutron "kilo: ValueError: git history requires a target version of pbr.version.SemanticVersion(2015.1.4), but target version is pbr.version.SemanticVersion(2015.1.3)" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to Dave Walker (davewalker)
14:10:46 <mlavalle> we have this critical one. It affects many projects, it is well known an a solution is being worked on
14:10:49 <ihrachys> I think we struggle to merge https://review.openstack.org/271396 now
14:11:07 <ihrachys> because there are some issues with linuxbridge job in both stable branches lately
14:11:16 <ihrachys> I need to look at specific causes
14:11:29 <ihrachys> njohnston_: I see you are the bug deputy for this week. thanks!
14:11:38 <ihrachys> we need more volunteers for the upcoming weeks. anyone willing to cover for the week starting Feb 8? Feb 15?
14:11:52 <njohnston_> ihrachys: my pleasure!
14:11:54 <mhickey_> ihrachys: I can do the week after njohnston_
14:12:03 <ajo> mhickey_++
14:12:10 <ihrachys> mhickey_: ok, please put your name in the Agenda page
14:12:14 <ihrachys> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Meetings
14:12:19 <ajo> njohnston++
14:12:19 <ajo> :)
14:12:23 <ihrachys> specifically, https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Meetings#Bug_deputy
14:12:27 <mhickey_> ihrachys: sure. I am green so may need some help?
14:12:47 <njohnston> mhickey: I'm green too, I'll share what notes I have
14:12:50 <ihrachys> mhickey_: that's fine, let's talk during the week on the way forward. :)
14:12:54 <rossella_s> mhickey_, we can help, no worries. Thanks for stepping up
14:12:54 <ajo> mhickey_, I recommend you syncing with the exiting bug deputy by the end of the week :D
14:12:58 <amotoki> njohnston covers the week of Feb 1. mhickey_ will cover Feb 8.
14:13:06 <ihrachys> anyone for the week starting Feb 15?
14:13:28 <rossella_s> I can take it ihrachys
14:13:36 <ihrachys> rossella_s++
14:13:43 <ihrachys> thanks folks, now we are packed for some more weeks!
14:13:46 <mhickey_> njohnston, ihrachys, rossella_s, ajo: thanks
14:13:48 <mlavalle> mhickey_: There is a nice document in devref that works you through the process. Ping me
14:13:49 <ihrachys> thanks to all volunteers. let’s move on to the juicy bits.
14:13:57 <ihrachys> #topic Docs
14:14:04 <mhickey_> mlavelle: ok, sure, thanks
14:14:06 <ihrachys> Sam-I-Am: anything we should be aware of?
14:14:10 <Sam-I-Am> hey
14:14:13 <ihrachys> hey
14:14:27 <Sam-I-Am> the ongoing mtu stuff
14:14:38 <Sam-I-Am> not necessarily a docs thing, but its what i was working on for a while
14:15:00 <Sam-I-Am> something we should probably solve for mitaka
14:15:06 <ihrachys> Sam-I-Am: ok, I guess we proceed in mailing thread for now and then we'll see what's the way out of the maze, right?
14:15:38 <ihrachys> Sam-I-Am: depending on the scope of the changes. if it's just enforcing same mtu for the whole data path in compute hosts, it may be fine for Mitaka.
14:15:39 <Sam-I-Am> i think we know how to fix it for the built-in drivers, it just a matter of... do we need a spec? who does the work? etc
14:16:01 <ihrachys> for the reference, it's around
14:16:03 <Sam-I-Am> there was a spec from a couple releases ago that wasnt fully implemented
14:16:04 <ihrachys> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-January/084241.html
14:16:36 <ihrachys> Sam-I-Am: ok cool, anything else?
14:16:54 <Sam-I-Am> yeah
14:17:12 <Sam-I-Am> for the folks that werent at last weeks meeting, the networking guide is now versioned
14:17:31 <Sam-I-Am> meaning people can go back to versions for prior releases of openstack
14:17:52 <ajo> Sam-I-Am, : very nice
14:17:54 <ihrachys> piece of cake
14:18:15 <amotoki> mitaka version of networking guide is found at http://docs.openstack.org/draft/draft-index.html
14:18:25 <Sam-I-Am> other than that, currently working on updates for mitaka, which includes debating the best way to add provider network support to the existing scenarios
14:18:35 <amotoki> The draft index is not linked from the top page of docs.o.o
14:18:49 <Sam-I-Am> seems like a lot of people want "hybrid" options - boot VMs on provider networks and self-service/private networks
14:19:07 <Sam-I-Am> right now the classic scenarios only support booting VMs on private networks
14:19:18 <ajo> Sam-I-Am, yes, I've listened to that kind of feedback too
14:19:54 <Sam-I-Am> the hybrid scenario gets a bit more complex for first-timers... just another set of diagrams for attaching VMs to provider nets
14:19:55 <ihrachys> Sam-I-Am: some people don't take on the new tenant-y thing real quick
14:20:14 <Sam-I-Am> the other option is making another set of scenarios, but then they just proliferate :/
14:21:02 <mlavalle> Sam-I-Am: I am also working on a chapter for the new external DNS integration functionality. I will push first version for review later this week
14:21:16 <Sam-I-Am> my thinking now is just add on to the existing scenarios, sort of like we do with the install guide... one option built on another or somesuch
14:21:59 <ihrachys> mlavalle: cool
14:22:01 <ihrachys> ok, I guess we need to move. thanks Sam-I-Am. and now for the most juicy part...
14:22:10 <ihrachys> #topic Blueprints
14:22:20 <ihrachys> prev week, we started walking thru the BPs targeted for M3. we have not completed the list though.
14:22:31 <ihrachys> so let’s do it. :)
14:22:36 <ihrachys> #link https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/mitaka-3
14:22:52 <ihrachys> and the first one is
14:22:53 <ihrachys> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/vm-without-l3-address
14:23:13 <ihrachys> ajo: can you update us on ^?
14:23:28 <ihrachys> I see some pieces are merged
14:23:35 <ajo> ihrachys, give me a sec, you got me off guard :)
14:23:45 <ajo> can we move on, and get back to this one in a minute? :)
14:24:01 <ihrachys> ok, let's move. we'll get back to it.
14:24:12 <ihrachys> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/ml2-lb-ratelimit-support
14:24:22 <ihrachys> it's on me (and slawek)
14:24:55 <ihrachys> I think we are still waiting for fullstack resources for linuxbridge, but apart from it, the qos patch itself is good to go. so hopefully we get it in M.
14:25:05 <ihrachys> the next is...
14:25:06 <ihrachys> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/add-tags-to-core-resources
14:25:27 <ihrachys> amotoki: ^ any update?
14:25:40 <amotoki> hichihara volunteered for implementations.
14:25:47 <hichihara> Yes. I guess that the spec will be merged soon.
14:25:56 <amotoki> I need to do the final review on -spec.
14:25:57 <hichihara> I have posted PoC patch
14:26:15 <ihrachys> do we think we get it in M?
14:26:28 <hichihara> ihrachys: Of cource.
14:26:29 <amotoki> I think we can.
14:26:43 <ihrachys> that's cool.
14:27:06 <ihrachys> note everyone M3 is sometime start of March, so we have a month to get clear on all deliverables for M.
14:27:23 <ihrachys> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/add-timestamp-attr
14:27:31 <amotoki> we can revisit the status two weeks later
14:27:43 <ihrachys> I suspect kevinbenton is not here.
14:27:57 <ihrachys> anyone has the status for the bp?
14:28:17 <ihrachys> I see some 3 patches in review at https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/add-port-timestamp,n,z
14:28:32 <anteaya> week of feb 29 is m3: http://docs.openstack.org/releases/mitaka/schedule.html
14:28:52 <ajo> anteaya, thanks for the reminder
14:28:57 <ihrachys> anteaya: thanks for the correction! so yeah, even less time to push code in.
14:29:17 <anteaya> or review patches, depending on how you look at it
14:29:25 * ajo tightens his seatbelt
14:29:30 <ihrachys> ok, I guess we don't have anyone here to update on the add-port-timestamp spec. let's move on.
14:29:38 <ihrachys> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/network-ip-usage-api
14:29:56 <ihrachys> that's also on kevinbenton
14:30:23 <ihrachys> the patch is under active review
14:30:24 <ihrachys> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/212955/
14:30:38 <ihrachys> and I see the right folks shaving it :)
14:30:53 <ihrachys> ok, next
14:30:55 <ajo> yaks gotta be shaved
14:31:01 <ihrachys> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/improve-dvr-l3-agent-binding
14:31:13 <ihrachys> carl_baldwin: obondarev: what's on that one? ^
14:31:14 <obondarev> implemented
14:31:28 <obondarev> last patch was merged yesterday
14:31:37 <obondarev> thanks to reviewers
14:31:46 <mestery> o/
14:31:47 <amotoki> good to hear that :)
14:32:04 <ajo> :)
14:32:06 <ihrachys> obondarev: what's the https://review.openstack.org/#/c/143169/ then?
14:32:11 <mestery> yay!
14:32:12 <mestery> :)
14:32:20 <ihrachys> it has the topic referring to the bp
14:32:33 <obondarev> ihrachys: it's by mistake I guess
14:32:46 <obondarev> it was based on dvr refactiring
14:33:11 <ihrachys> that's great news actually. thanks to reviewers and obondarev for driving it.
14:33:26 <haleyb> obondarev: that was re-based on top of yours, so maybe picked up the tag
14:33:31 <amotoki> obondarev: could you update the topic of 143169?
14:33:45 <ihrachys> yeah, probably. better clear the topic not to confuse.
14:33:46 <obondarev> amotoki: sure
14:33:59 <ihrachys> ok cool. we have stuff delivered woot.
14:34:03 <ihrachys> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/address-scopes
14:34:20 <ihrachys> I guess carl_baldwin is not here, but salv-orlando is ;)
14:34:28 <ihrachys> salv-orlando: are we far for ^ ?
14:35:33 <amotoki> the whiteboard is too long....
14:35:38 <salv-orlando> We are at the stage where the patches are good to go in
14:35:52 <salv-orlando> and I thought they were already in honestly as they fell off my review dashboard
14:35:57 <ihrachys> salv-orlando: do we have a single topic for all of them? as amotoki noted, the whiteboard is a graveyard
14:36:11 <haleyb> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/address-scopes,n,z shows 3 left, we're pretty close
14:36:17 <salv-orlando> ihrachys: yes, there is ^
14:36:46 <ihrachys> that's an impressive list of patches already merged. I bet you get it in M. :)
14:36:56 <ihrachys> thanks for everyone driving it
14:37:13 <salv-orlando> haleyb: that's 4 actually but besides th3 l3 agent support they're all little things
14:37:36 <salv-orlando> and on the other hand without the l3 agent support the feature is quite... non-existent ;)
14:37:48 <ajo> :)
14:37:54 <haleyb> ah yes, one in merge conflict, the first one is the last big one really
14:38:17 <haleyb> gerrit seems to not be cooperating to look further
14:38:38 <ajo> gerrit--
14:38:44 <haleyb> it's back
14:39:00 <ihrachys> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/lbaas-l7-rules
14:39:18 <ihrachys> I am surprised it's not on dougwig! :) mestery, ^
14:39:45 <xgerman> proceeding nicely
14:39:50 <mestery> :)
14:39:54 <mestery> ihrachys: For that one, I know that sbalukoff was telling me lovely stories abouti t last week
14:40:03 <mestery> xgerman likely also knows the tale I speak of
14:40:13 <ihrachys> that's a huge list of things to merge though:
14:40:14 <xgerman> yeah, we have the code - need to review
14:40:15 <ihrachys> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/lbaas-l7-rules,n,z
14:40:39 <amotoki> I have to comment one thing on l7-rules. it should be implemented as a separate extension
14:40:51 <xgerman> it is
14:41:04 <xgerman> as an extension of LBaaS
14:41:06 <ihrachys> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/148232/42/neutron_lbaas/extensions/l7.py
14:41:11 <xgerman> you mean top-level?
14:41:27 <amotoki> xgerman: let me check later.
14:41:32 <xgerman> ok
14:41:58 <ihrachys> ok, next
14:42:06 <ihrachys> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/rbac-qos
14:42:41 <ihrachys> hdaniel posted a new lovely metaclass-y patch for db models and objects for RBAC QoS Policy
14:42:56 <ajo> code looks lovely IMHO :)
14:42:57 <ihrachys> but I suspect it's not enough to land it? is it ajo?
14:43:14 <ihrachys> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/250081/
14:43:24 <ajo> ihrachys, I need to do a final pass of review, my initial pass was good
14:43:59 <ihrachys> ok, but do we have client and API covered?
14:44:23 <ajo> ihrachys, I'm unsure if API or clients needed changes, let me check,
14:44:34 <amotoki> note that the client release deadline is earlier than server projects
14:44:39 <ihrachys> I think so. otherwise how would it know which objects support RBAC?
14:44:52 <ihrachys> amotoki: oh. any specific date?
14:44:54 <amotoki> please make sure to land patches before requirement deadline
14:45:03 <amotoki> no specific date
14:45:23 <amotoki> but from past experience it is a bit earilier than X-3 cut.
14:45:42 <ihrachys> ajo: I think that may actually postpone the thing to N. we need to get everything in place in time or we slip forward.
14:45:51 <ihrachys> amotoki: thanks for the heads-up
14:46:17 <ihrachys> ajo: can you work with hdaniel to get it all set?
14:46:36 <ajo> ihrachys, , yes, but we even have API tests
14:46:41 <ajo> so I guess that's all good
14:47:00 <ajo> and I think the neutron client is independent, it will just check the object type through the api request
14:47:08 <ajo> I will double check all that with hdaniel btw
14:47:23 <ihrachys> ajo: ok we need to check, especially the client.
14:47:35 <ihrachys> thanks ajo and hdaniel
14:47:38 <ihrachys> next is...
14:47:38 <ajo> I'm quite sure that's right, but will double check
14:47:42 <amotoki> client support for qos-rbac would be simple, and I have no concern.
14:47:52 <ihrachys> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/vlan-aware-vms
14:48:06 <ihrachys> rossella_s: I bet you can update on vlan awareness
14:48:31 <ajo> who's aware of vlan awareness? O:)
14:48:55 <rossella_s> ihrachys, spec was approved
14:49:02 <rossella_s> ihrachys, it took quite some time
14:49:19 <ihrachys> I suspect it's not M deliverable since only the spec is merged and it sounds like it will require a lot of code changes.
14:49:24 <ihrachys> rossella_s: amirite?
14:49:39 <rossella_s> ihrachys, I think so too
14:49:58 <ihrachys> I wonder whether we should start pushing things like that to N without waiting for M3
14:50:06 <ihrachys> need to check with armax
14:50:18 <ihrachys> ok, back to ajo's bp
14:50:19 <ihrachys> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/vm-without-l3-address
14:50:45 <ihrachys> ajo: give us some hope :)
14:51:12 <ajo> yeah :)
14:51:43 <ajo> ok, the neutron side looks much better after a rearrangement of the limit-portsec field
14:52:10 <ajo> It's in merge conflict state, but yalie addressed all my comments so far, I need to check the latest patch
14:52:25 <ajo> so, the neutron side of things probably will go in M
14:52:36 <ihrachys> do we have client?
14:52:38 <ajo> but, the nova side wasn't accepted for this cycle
14:52:55 <ajo> yes: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/218388/
14:53:05 <ajo> being worked out
14:53:43 <ihrachys> I guess that -2 from armax is obsolete?
14:54:28 <amotoki> if server side patch is good enough from secrutiy point of view, I believe he can drop his -2
14:54:39 <ajo> correct, I agree with amotoki
14:54:53 <ajo> but we need to consider his point of view
14:55:00 <ihrachys> ok, I will leave you to push for M3 then :) good luck.
14:55:07 <ihrachys> and... that's about it for bps
14:55:13 <ihrachys> #topic Open Discussion
14:55:29 <ihrachys> we have 5 mins only, but if someone has anything to bring up, you are welcome
14:55:41 <anilvenkata> can someone set milestone for prefix delegation bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1505316
14:55:42 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1505316 in neutron "compute port lose fixed_ips on restart l3-agent if subnet is prefix delegated" [Medium,In progress] - Assigned to venkata anil (anil-venkata)
14:56:04 <amotoki> we have now keystone v3 devstack http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-February/085497.html
14:56:15 <ihrachys> amotoki: v3 only?
14:56:34 <ihrachys> anilvenkata: why do we need a specific milestone? it's not a High prio bug, right?
14:56:45 <ihrachys> (at least not in LP)
14:56:54 <amotoki> it is ongoing. i see problems in some other projects (not neutron)
14:57:19 <amotoki> i don't know the full status on this...
14:57:35 <anilvenkata> ihrachys: prefix delegation is broken, that patch will fix it
14:57:40 <jckasper> FYI:  As far as the mid-cycle meetup in Rochester, MN.   I live there.  Any questions on the location ... can contact me offline.
14:57:54 <ihrachys> anilvenkata: ok, let's raise its Importance then to High I guess
14:57:56 <anteaya> jckasper: thank you
14:58:07 <njohnston> ihrachys: Because this now has the 2 dependencies explicitly listed as dependencies, is the DSCP work eligible for lifting the -2?  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/251738
14:58:10 <amotoki> IIRC now we have keystone v3 by default
14:58:12 <anilvenkata> ihrachys: thanks Ihar
14:58:14 <mhickey_> jckasper: is it as cold as they say?! :)
14:58:14 <ihrachys> jckasper: you can post your name in the etherpad for the event suggesting help there.
14:58:18 <anteaya> I have something I would like to share
14:58:27 <ihrachys> njohnston: it is. I will remove it.
14:58:37 <njohnston> ihrachys: Thanks!
14:58:43 <ihrachys> anteaya: shoot
14:58:47 <anteaya> thank you
14:59:02 <anteaya> I'm concerned with what I percieve to be the splintering of communication
14:59:03 <reedip> amotoki : Yes, v3 is by default enabled.
14:59:19 <anteaya> both within this project and with this project's relationships with other projects
14:59:31 <anteaya> I was surprised to see this meeting take place in this time slot
14:59:48 <anteaya> as well as no mention of items covered in last week's nova mid-cycle
14:59:48 <amotoki> anteaya: why?
14:59:53 <ihrachys> anteaya: why? we had it before at that same time right?
15:00:03 <anteaya> as well as a new mid-cycle announced for march
15:00:17 <anteaya> you are welcome to disagree with me
15:00:18 <amotoki> and we had a good announcement on -dev list
15:00:26 <ihrachys> anteaya: which March midcycle?
15:00:35 <anteaya> but I think neutron is drifting farther and farther away from other projects
15:00:51 <anteaya> ihrachys: how many march mid-cycles were mentioned at this meeting?
15:00:53 <ihrachys> anteaya: ok let me bring it up to armax
15:01:03 <anteaya> I have voiced my concerns
15:01:07 <anteaya> thanks for listening
15:01:07 <ihrachys> anteaya: that's code sprint, it's a bit different in its scope.
15:01:16 <amotoki> it is not mnid-cycle. it is just code sprint for a specific topic
15:01:17 <ihrachys> thanks folks! time to end the meeting
15:01:21 <ihrachys> #endmeeting