14:01:29 <ihrachys> #startmeeting networking
14:01:29 <xgerman> o/
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14:01:33 <amuller> hiho
14:01:34 <amotoki> o/
14:01:34 <annp> Hi
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14:01:35 <ajo> o/ :)
14:01:35 <johnsom> o/
14:01:36 <scheuran> o/
14:01:36 <vikram_> hi
14:01:38 <jschwarz> \o/
14:01:39 <HenryG> o/
14:01:39 <obondarev> hi
14:01:42 <ihrachys> hello my friends ;)
14:01:44 <haleyb> hi
14:01:47 <rossella_s> hi all
14:01:54 <dasm> o/
14:01:59 * amuller salutes supreme commander chair
14:02:05 <ihrachys> we'll try to have it short today since everyone is deep into mitaka3 pieces ;)
14:02:08 <Sam-I-Am> moo.
14:02:16 <salv-orlando> aloha
14:02:19 <hichihara> hi
14:02:22 <ihrachys> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Meetings Agenda
14:02:23 * ajo unburies head from code
14:02:33 <ihrachys> #topic Announcements
14:02:49 <ihrachys> ok, first thing first, we are approaching Mitaka 3 cut-off day
14:03:02 <ihrachys> if you wonder when it happens for neutron... it's some time this week
14:03:05 <mhickey> Hello
14:03:12 <ihrachys> no exact day known so far
14:03:14 <mestery> I just pushedt he patch
14:03:18 <mestery> OR am pushing
14:03:23 <mestery> So it happens today or tomorrow
14:03:23 <ihrachys> our glorious PTL will make the final judgement
14:03:27 <mhickey> mestery: hurry! :)
14:03:27 <mestery> #link https://review.openstack.org/286609
14:03:53 <ihrachys> right, it usually happens some time around Wed, and probably this time we'll stick to the tradition
14:04:07 <ajo> please wed ;)
14:04:17 <mestery> I see no reason we wouldn't ;)
14:04:17 <ihrachys> though we may accommodate for a bit if there are patches in flight that may be better getting in before the cut-off
14:04:36 <garyk> hi
14:04:39 <reedip__> so its Wednesday UTC ?
14:04:47 <ihrachys> so long story short, you are short on time, so push harder if you want something in
14:04:58 * Sam-I-Am chants mtu
14:05:17 <ihrachys> another thing to note is we not only release neutron server packages (neutron + *aas) but also the client
14:05:21 <ihrachys> probably this week
14:05:36 <amotoki> 4.1.0 is preparing https://review.openstack.org/#/c/286585/
14:05:43 <ihrachys> so if you have pieces in the client for features landed in server side, better hurry
14:05:52 <amotoki> just waiting armando.
14:06:17 <ihrachys> right. our glorious PTL will do the final call here too. :)
14:06:24 <amotoki> perhaps 4.1.0 will be shipped soon and if needed we will release 4.2.0 too
14:06:38 <amotoki> armax and mestery will take care of them :)
14:06:47 <ihrachys> that's fair. client patches are usually more safe-ish than server side
14:07:00 <mestery> amotoki: Some of the changes post 4.1.0 look like we may need to bump the version again, so yes, a 4.2.0 would be the one
14:07:40 <ihrachys> and the final announcement is...
14:07:40 <amotoki> yeah. as far as i see, it is backward-compat.
14:07:41 <ihrachys> as you all probably know, a lot of team members were gathering in Minnesota wilderness the previous week for a midcycle sprint
14:08:01 <ihrachys> we have Armando report from the event on the ML:
14:08:02 <ihrachys> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-February/087693.html
14:08:22 <ihrachys> please make yourself aware of that, and reply if you have questions
14:08:33 <ihrachys> thanks everyone who got there and made progress
14:08:44 <garyk> why was it not in europe? :)
14:08:49 <amotoki> it seems very productive :)
14:09:29 <mestery> garyk: The mid-cycle?
14:09:31 <ihrachys> garyk: next time let's bug our PTL to get it somewhere in Europe ;)
14:09:39 <garyk> mestery: yes :)
14:09:51 <mestery> garyk: We were not even going to have a mid-cycle, but dougwig and armax decided at the last minute to go ahead with it
14:09:58 <mestery> So I scrambled to find a location on very short notice
14:10:01 <mestery> That's why :)
14:10:13 <mhickey> ihrachys: Lets see how Brno goes! :)
14:10:19 <ihrachys> mestery: yeah, that's one bad thing about the latest midcycle: short notice :)
14:10:29 <mestery> Yes
14:10:29 <dasm> mestery: garyk: True. AFAIR, there was an email in mid-Dec or sth, that there will be no mid-cycle in this release
14:10:29 <ihrachys> mhickey: Brno is limited in the scope and attendance, so it's not the same
14:10:33 * mestery still thinks there should be no mid-cycles
14:10:35 <mhickey> Rochester was very nice.
14:10:41 <mestery> mhickey: It was!
14:10:46 <garyk> i agree with mestery
14:10:49 <amuller> mestery++
14:10:52 <Sam-I-Am> it was nice to see everyone in person
14:11:04 <Sam-I-Am> we get to beat each other up in person
14:11:06 <ihrachys> mestery: I bet then you take part in the thread on splitting the summit, don't you?
14:11:16 <mestery> ihrachys: I'm too old to take part in that thread ;)
14:11:23 <mestery> But yeah, split them up!
14:11:46 <garyk> yeah, it will be like the staidum, split them up and then get them back together and then split them up....
14:11:49 <mhickey> It was good for me to meet people for the first time.
14:11:57 <xgerman> grays +1
14:12:02 <mestery> lol
14:12:06 <xgerman> garyk +1
14:12:10 <reedip__> garyk :+1
14:12:11 <amuller> garyk: it's "agile"
14:12:15 <salv-orlando> sarcasm is great with garyk
14:12:17 <amuller> "iterative"
14:12:17 <ihrachys> garyk: openstack: it's all about process
14:12:23 <garyk> :)
14:12:23 <mestery> garyk: We have no idea what the next PTL will do, do we?
14:12:41 <xgerman> he might run on some stadium platform ;-
14:12:45 <garyk> i hope that she/he does the right thing
14:12:46 <salv-orlando> and indeed I'm sure mestery was very supportive of midcycles 2 years ago
14:12:50 <ihrachys> mestery: unless we keep the one well known to us ;)
14:12:59 * Sam-I-Am runs for PTL
14:13:00 <mestery> salv-orlando: I'm nothing if not a flip-flopper, that's for sure
14:13:21 <Sam-I-Am> mestery: you should run for president
14:13:21 <garyk> garyk: runs from the PTL....
14:13:21 <amuller> mestery: False, I've never once seen you wear flip flops
14:13:25 <salv-orlando> mestery: nah it's just that since you had your 4th your wife has threathened you to not live home anymore
14:13:26 <salv-orlando> leave
14:13:30 <mestery> amuller: lol
14:13:36 <mestery> salv-orlando: ha!
14:13:37 <reedip__> garyk : hehe...
14:13:46 <Sam-I-Am> ptl sounds like such a fun job lol
14:13:53 <mestery> amuller: Challenge accepted for Austin :)
14:14:17 <garyk> i think that it is cheaper to dye ones hair grey
14:14:18 * ihrachys waits until people waste all their jokes for the week
14:14:40 <garyk> i think that we have digressed a little from the agenda
14:14:51 <ihrachys> oh really? ok let's move on then ;)
14:14:58 <ihrachys> #topic Bugs
14:15:01 <Sam-I-Am> we never digress from anything
14:15:07 <xgerman> +1
14:15:11 <Sam-I-Am> its called agile meeting
14:15:18 <xgerman> un conference
14:15:19 <ihrachys> we have two things here. one is dasm report for the prev week
14:15:30 <ihrachys> dasm: anything mind blowing from the week you served?
14:15:34 <dasm> ihrachys: True. There was a very calm week.
14:15:49 <dasm> we had just one big incident with api gate
14:16:04 <dasm> where tempest_lib broke everything and glorious PTL(TM) fixed it
14:16:28 <ihrachys> now that's the Leader!
14:16:32 <dasm> and second one, when by accident neutron-fwaas broke support for postgres
14:16:47 <ihrachys> dasm: ok I guess you tagged all bugs as per rules, and all went smooth
14:16:49 <dasm> and, about this postgres thing. we lack gate for this, because it would be visible earlier
14:17:03 <dasm> ihrachys: i'm still buried under the pile of bugs :D
14:17:08 <dasm> but progressing
14:17:17 <ihrachys> dasm: I think we had postgres jobs before, but they never got enough attention so were dissolved
14:17:37 <xgerman> they come and go
14:17:53 <xgerman> I was for removing but...
14:18:10 <dasm> mhm. in this case at least two different projects noticed problems with db. so, probably we should again think about it
14:18:16 <dasm> just my opinion
14:18:31 <salv-orlando> postgres got "sacrificed" - I believe - to limit gate job sprawl
14:18:35 <ihrachys> dasm: I guess as long as you drive the job and fix it quickly, no one would object more coverage
14:18:59 <ihrachys> if sprawl is the issue, periodic jobs are always there as a mid solution
14:19:12 <amuller> as long as we don't have postgres-dvr, postgres-lb, postgres-*...
14:19:27 <ihrachys> amuller: we should also add python34 to the matrix
14:19:31 <ihrachys> and centos vs. ubuntu maybe
14:19:34 <ihrachys> that would be fun
14:19:39 <ihrachys> ok.
14:19:45 <HenryG> there is some patch out to restore a postgres job somewhere
14:19:50 <salv-orlando> ihrachys: sure. The sacrified happened before people started moving jobs to the periodic queue. a postgres job is useful because there's always the odd failure due to the different default isolation level
14:20:02 <amotoki> iirc there was an idea of a periodic job rather than gate jobs, but I don't know how it goes.
14:20:06 <salv-orlando> and why not batman vs superman?
14:20:11 * salv-orlando disappears
14:20:30 <ihrachys> the 2nd thing on bugs is... we don't have anyone as the bug deputy for the week, neither for the next one.
14:20:45 <HenryG> PG is back in the check queue, non voting. https://review.openstack.org/283812
14:20:55 <ihrachys> so if you feel like you want to please your glorious PTL and the team, it's time to make a step forward
14:21:22 <ihrachys> HenryG: oh cool! thanks for the link
14:21:27 <dasm> HenryG: ++
14:22:00 <ihrachys> anyone for the bug deputy thing?
14:22:26 <dasm> please, take it... it's fun!
14:22:35 <ihrachys> you heard that week was quiet. I bet it's the best time to get in, since I suspect this week to be as quiet as the previous one. ;)
14:23:10 <Sam-I-Am> i cant take on any more stuff right now :/
14:23:29 <ihrachys> note we have a table of people who already served the job for the project
14:23:30 <ihrachys> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Meetings#Bug_deputy
14:24:02 <amotoki> it is now a big table! too wide to my browser
14:24:09 <scheuran> ihrachys, I can take over this week
14:24:16 <dasm> amotoki: buy bigger monitor
14:24:17 <ihrachys> I guess we reach the time when we should wrap up the list
14:24:17 <ihrachys> scheuran: great!
14:24:20 <ihrachys> scheuran: thanks a lot man.
14:24:29 <ihrachys> we also need to cover the next week.
14:24:36 <amotoki> dasm: right solution!
14:24:37 <HenryG> scheuran rocks!
14:25:01 <ihrachys> ok, let me trigger the wrap up, I will take the next week after that.
14:25:17 <ajo> we should probably think of reformating that table to something else :)
14:25:26 <rossella_s> ajo++
14:25:26 <HenryG> go ihrachys!
14:25:48 <dasm> ajo: so... you're a volunteer for reformatting?
14:25:56 <ihrachys> #topic Docs
14:26:01 <reedip__> Why do we need a matrix for the table ??
14:26:01 <Sam-I-Am> i recommend a 3-d table :)
14:26:09 <mhickey> scheuran:++
14:26:10 <ihrachys> Sam-I-Am: anything worth noting before Mitaka3 cut off?
14:26:14 <xgerman> 3d +1
14:26:17 <ajo> dasm, :D next time I go for bug deputy I will fix it , I'll be happy to doit after FF
14:26:24 <reedip__> scheuran:+1
14:26:26 <Sam-I-Am> ihrachys: not much. trying to push some patches into the networking guide.
14:26:36 <mhickey> ihrachys: ++
14:26:36 <Sam-I-Am> good to see a lot of contributions from neutrinos
14:27:02 <Sam-I-Am> if we get MTU stuff merged, its probably fewer docs because it Just Works as it should
14:27:06 <Sam-I-Am> rather than being a mess of workarounds
14:27:12 <Sam-I-Am> so, removing docs is nice.
14:27:27 <ihrachys> we'll get there, seems like we are on good track with MTU work
14:27:36 <ihrachys> ok folks, one thing to note here is
14:27:37 <ihrachys> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-February/087837.html
14:27:41 <Sam-I-Am> yep
14:27:54 <ihrachys> ^ Armando posted a reminder on how to handle DocImpact tags
14:28:10 <ihrachys> basically, we don't want to have the tag in each and every patch for a feature
14:28:18 <ihrachys> a single commit with the tag is enough
14:28:30 <hichihara> And we shouldn't add the tag into spec
14:28:40 <ihrachys> and also the tag should give brief clue which changes for docs are expected
14:28:46 <amotoki> you don't need to add DocImpact flag for both server and client changes.
14:29:04 <ihrachys> hichihara: yes, adding it to specs patch is too early, since code may not land
14:30:01 <amotoki> as summary we don't need docimpact for -specs and (in most cases) -client
14:30:11 <ihrachys> #topic i18n liaisonship
14:30:42 <ihrachys> one more thing to note is there was an email from i18n folks that they need a i18n liaison from all projects, including neutron
14:30:47 <ihrachys> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2016-February/087757.html
14:30:54 <ihrachys> we already have amotoki serving for the role for several cycles
14:31:25 <ihrachys> while Akihiro is too kind to serve for more, neither he will be against someone stepping in and freeing him from the obligation
14:31:28 <ihrachys> right amotoki ?
14:32:00 <amotoki> i am working as i18n team as well, so it is not an additional job... but if someone volunteers it, feel free to go!
14:32:42 <ihrachys> great. so if someone is willing to share some burden there, please reach to amotoki or armax or me
14:32:51 <amotoki> perhaps it would be small burden.
14:33:34 <ihrachys> (just an idea) could be a good start for someone not yet too involved into the team business
14:33:38 <ihrachys> ok, moving on
14:33:39 <ihrachys> #topic Open Discussion
14:33:57 <ihrachys> amotoki: wanna reiterate on the client release? or we are good?
14:34:17 <amotoki> i don't want to discuss them again :)
14:34:25 <ihrachys> ok great :)
14:34:38 <ihrachys> anyone has anything to raise in this tight pre-release time?
14:35:37 <ihrachys> ok, I guess the answer is no and we can get back to reviews and coding and drinking coffee
14:35:52 <ihrachys> thanks folks for attending, next time it will finally be US time, Monday
14:36:00 <dasm> thanks all.
14:36:01 <ihrachys> keep up the good work ;)
14:36:04 <ihrachys> #endmeeting