21:01:46 <kevinbenton> #startmeeting networking
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21:02:02 <haleyb> hi
21:02:02 <kevinbenton> Armando is currently flying
21:02:08 <kevinbenton> so he asked me to step in
21:02:14 <blogan> dear leader can fly?
21:02:29 <dougwig> o/
21:02:43 <kevinbenton> yes
21:02:47 <kevinbenton> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Meetings Agenda
21:02:50 <njohnston> o/
21:03:14 <kevinbenton> #topic Announcements
21:03:36 <kevinbenton> sprint https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Sprints#Newton_sprints
21:03:56 <kevinbenton> Ireland is coming
21:04:07 <kevinbenton> august 17-19
21:04:46 <kevinbenton> anyone else have any announcements?
21:05:20 * kevinbenton hears crickets
21:05:33 <kevinbenton> #topic bugs
21:05:59 <kevinbenton> is the previous bug czar around?
21:06:24 <kevinbenton> it looks like rossella_s is bug czar for this week
21:06:37 <kevinbenton> can someone volunteer for next week?
21:06:38 <rossella_s> kevinbenton, yes :)
21:06:39 <blogan> ill volunteer for next week
21:06:59 <kevinbenton> ok, blogan, can you add your name to "bug deputy" section of https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Meetings
21:07:04 <kevinbenton> with the date for next week
21:07:08 <mlavalle> blogan: I think johndperkins had already volunteered
21:07:10 <johndperkins> I've got the week of july 4th
21:07:14 <blogan> ahhh
21:07:14 <kevinbenton> oh
21:07:16 <blogan> ill do next week then
21:07:19 <blogan> the next week
21:07:22 <kevinbenton> johndperkins: can you add your name to the wiki please?
21:07:28 <kevinbenton> johndperkins: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Meetings
21:07:28 <johndperkins> yep
21:07:36 <kevinbenton> then blogan put yours on
21:07:42 <blogan> kevinbenton: yessir
21:07:58 <kevinbenton> does anyone have any bugs they want to discuss?
21:09:28 <kevinbenton> no bug discussions
21:09:39 <kevinbenton> let's talk about some blueprints then
21:09:47 <kevinbenton> #topic blueprints
21:10:12 <kevinbenton> here are the blueprints targeted to N-2 https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/newton-2
21:10:45 <kevinbenton> anyone have a blueprint that needs some discussion?
21:11:12 <kevinbenton> rossella_s: how is vlan-aware-vms coming along?
21:11:44 <kevinbenton> rossella_s: do you have someone working on the linux bridge imlpementation?
21:12:13 <rossella_s> kevinbenton, good progress, I have a devref that details the ovs agent implementation that it's close to be merged I think https://review.openstack.org/318317
21:12:31 <rossella_s> kevinbenton, nobody is working on the linuxbridge implementation
21:12:42 <kevinbenton> rossella_s: ok, thx for the update
21:12:53 <kevinbenton> rossella_s: still on track for newton, right?
21:13:04 <rossella_s> kevinbenton, yes
21:13:06 <kevinbenton> (except for linux bridge of course)
21:13:10 <rossella_s> right
21:13:19 <kevinbenton> cool
21:13:21 <dougwig> can we complete the bp without linuxbridge?
21:13:25 <kevinbenton> no
21:13:44 <kevinbenton> i will do linux bridge at some point if nobody shows up by end of cycle
21:14:17 <rossella_s> kevinbenton, great! that's the only missing piece I think. I will take care of the OVS agent and the api/db part is already being worked on
21:14:42 <kevinbenton> carl_baldwin: how is routed networks?
21:14:51 <kevinbenton> carl_baldwin: anything that needs wider attention?
21:15:11 <carl_baldwin> kevinbenton: At the moment, going pretty well.
21:15:29 <carl_baldwin> kevinbenton: The hardest parts are the ones that touch Nova.
21:15:48 <carl_baldwin> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/299591/
21:16:10 <carl_baldwin> ^ This one could use some input from nova and neutron alike.
21:16:33 <carl_baldwin> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/routed-provider-networks-notes
21:16:41 <carl_baldwin> ^ This has notes on everything that could use attention.
21:16:44 <kevinbenton> so if that fails to merge, it will mean that nova cannot use a precreated port in a routed networks deployment, right?
21:16:53 <carl_baldwin> kevinbenton: exactly.
21:18:01 <kevinbenton> carl_baldwin: is this an issue of getting the code fixed up or is it too late for nova changes this cycle?
21:18:49 <carl_baldwin> kevinbenton: The bp is approved.  I don't think we're past any code change deadline.
21:19:14 <mlavalle> carl_baldwin, kevinbenton: we are not past any code deadlines
21:19:40 <carl_baldwin> Then there is the whole IP availability aware scheduling.  That is dependent on work going on in Nova.  We're trying to help out where we can.
21:20:16 <carl_baldwin> Good news is that I think we'll get the DHCP on segments part of it wrapped up soon.
21:20:28 <carl_baldwin> kevinbenton: That's about all from me.
21:20:57 <kevinbenton> ok
21:21:00 <kevinbenton> carl_baldwin: thx
21:21:08 <carl_baldwin> kevinbenton: yw
21:21:23 <kevinbenton> dougwig: yt?
21:21:30 <kevinbenton> dougwig: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/neutron-lib
21:21:35 <kevinbenton> dougwig: is still targeted
21:21:43 <kevinbenton> are there any particular goals for newton
21:21:45 <kevinbenton> ?
21:21:53 <dougwig> it's still chugging along, currently having fun lib type philosophy arguments.
21:22:18 <dougwig> the goal is still to not having lbaas importing neutron, though with lbaas spinning out, we might want to pick a different subproject as our target.
21:22:46 <kevinbenton> dougwig: doesn't the spinout make that even more priority of a target?
21:23:28 <dougwig> kevinbenton: except for the now defunct lbaas agent, less so.  part of the reason for spinning out is that we had two parallel implementations going on, so if we can preserve api parity, one of them simply goes away.
21:23:56 <dougwig> so we're adapting octavia to be able to load lbaasv2 drivers, and putting a pass-through in neutron for /lbaas.
21:24:37 <kevinbenton> dougwig: ok
21:25:09 <dougwig> kevinbenton: it's describe in this spec here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/310805/ , and the particular octavia changes in a link octavia spec in that spec.
21:25:48 <kevinbenton> dougwig: so in neutron-lib meeting maybe we can find a new target
21:26:00 <dougwig> ok
21:26:06 <kevinbenton> ajo: you around?
21:26:35 <kevinbenton> or is someone around that can give an update of l2 agent extensions blueprint?
21:26:39 <kevinbenton> rossella_s: ^^ ?
21:26:50 <kevinbenton> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/l2-api-extensions
21:27:16 <rossella_s> kevinbenton, I don't have any update on that one, sorry
21:27:28 <kevinbenton> no prob
21:27:47 <kevinbenton> how about diagnostics? i don't see amuller online
21:28:44 <kevinbenton> the rest of the blueprints are marked as low priority, does anyone have anything they want to bring up related to another blueprint?
21:29:15 <hichihara> About Support multiple L3 backends? :)
21:29:30 <kevinbenton> oh, that's me
21:29:38 <kevinbenton> i skipped myself :)
21:29:40 <dasm> :)
21:30:00 <hichihara> kevinbenton: Is this on Newton yet?
21:30:01 <kevinbenton> so for neutron multiple l3 backends, i was doing a bunch of work on callback exception handling
21:30:21 <kevinbenton> hichihara: not yet
21:30:32 <kevinbenton> multiple l3 backends will be mostly based on callbacks
21:30:48 <kevinbenton> with a small data model change to associate routers with providers
21:31:49 <kevinbenton> the last remaining question is mainly around agent information retrieval
21:31:58 <kevinbenton> and how to let drivers augment/filter that data
21:32:12 <kevinbenton> but it should still be on track for Newton
21:32:22 <kevinbenton> as for push notifications
21:33:21 <kevinbenton> once this merges https://review.openstack.org/#/c/303966/ we will have revision numbers on objects
21:33:51 <kevinbenton> which can be used by lots of different backends (agents, ML2 drivers, etc) to detect order of updates
21:34:25 <kevinbenton> so the only remaining part there will be starting to leverage the ability to send full objects to agents
21:34:35 <hichihara> Cool
21:34:36 <kevinbenton> also seems to be on track for Newton
21:35:18 <kevinbenton> Who is working on the keystone v3 tenant_id -> project_id transition?
21:35:28 <blogan> dasm is i believe
21:35:30 <HenryG> that's dasm
21:35:35 <dasm> kevinbenton: yep.
21:35:43 <kevinbenton> dasm: how is that going?
21:36:03 <dasm> my plans to send patch in previous week, for db migration failed.
21:36:10 <dasm> but i'm on it for this week.
21:36:28 <kevinbenton> dasm: ack
21:36:36 <kevinbenton> how about the API level stuff?
21:37:06 <dasm> API is planned to tackle after db migration will be in place.
21:37:23 <kevinbenton> ok, sounds good
21:37:23 <dasm> so, probably around July 15.
21:37:32 <kevinbenton> dasm: ping me with API reviews when you start that
21:37:42 <dasm> kevinbenton: sure, thanks.
21:38:04 <kevinbenton> lets switch over to docs
21:38:07 <kevinbenton> #topic docs
21:38:21 <kevinbenton> anyone from docs around?
21:38:32 <kevinbenton> i don't see sam-i-am
21:39:23 <HenryG> he is on vacation
21:39:42 <kevinbenton> ok
21:39:47 <kevinbenton> we can skip on that then
21:39:52 <kevinbenton> #topic Open Discussion
21:40:10 <kevinbenton> anyone have anything else to cover or shall we end this meeting early?
21:41:16 <kevinbenton> ok
21:41:19 <hichihara> +1 to end meeting
21:41:21 <kevinbenton> lets end this early then!
21:41:24 <kevinbenton> bye!
21:41:28 <kevinbenton> #endmeeting