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14:00:49 <bcafarel> o/
14:01:15 <haleyb> hi
14:01:18 <davidsha> o/
14:01:19 <lajoskatona> hi
14:01:26 <rubasov> o/
14:03:01 <mlavalle> #topic Announcements
14:03:48 <mlavalle> Our Stein-3 milestone is around the corner, March 4 - 8
14:04:10 <mlavalle> any other announcements I might be missing?
14:05:11 <amotoki> hi
14:05:16 <mlavalle> ok, let's move on
14:05:27 <mlavalle> #topic Blueprints
14:06:26 <mlavalle> Does anyonbe have any updates on blueprints?
14:07:27 <bcafarel> for subnet onboarding, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/348080/ looks pretty close to merge (I don't see ryan around)
14:07:27 <patchbot> patch 348080 - neutron - Enable adoption of subnets into a subnet pool - 49 patch sets
14:07:47 <bcafarel> but the last issue on engineface looks strange, expert eyes welcome :)
14:08:39 <mlavalle> ok, i'll take a look as soon as possible
14:09:18 <bcafarel> thanks mlavalle
14:09:45 <mlavalle> In regards to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/network-segment-range-management
14:10:08 <mlavalle> I did a round of reviews last week of the two patches:
14:10:22 <mlavalle> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/624708
14:10:23 <patchbot> patch 624708 - neutron - Support Network Segment Range CRUD as extensions - 19 patch sets
14:10:38 <mlavalle> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/624709
14:10:38 <patchbot> patch 624709 - neutron - Use network segment ranges for segment allocation - 19 patch sets
14:11:03 <mlavalle> author responded to that reviews and I encourage the team to take a look at the new revisions
14:12:17 <mlavalle> rubasov, lajoskatona: any quick updates on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/strict-minimum-bandwidth-support?
14:12:34 <rubasov> mlavalle: yes
14:12:52 <rubasov> we have good progress, but reviews are always welcome
14:12:56 <rubasov> here https://review.openstack.org/629142
14:12:57 <patchbot> patch 629142 - tempest - Add QoS policies and minimum bandwidth rule client - 5 patch sets
14:13:07 <rubasov> and here https://review.openstack.org/630999
14:13:08 <patchbot> patch 630999 - neutron - New agent attribute: resources_synced - 6 patch sets
14:13:17 <rubasov> both are change series
14:13:26 <rubasov> one in neutron and the other in tempest
14:13:51 <mlavalle> if we merge these two series, will we be done in Stein?
14:13:58 <rubasov> yes
14:14:04 <mlavalle> ah cool
14:14:12 <mlavalle> I will take a look this week then
14:14:26 <mlavalle> and encourage the team to do the same
14:14:39 <rubasov> the networking guide chapter is still to be written
14:14:42 <mlavalle> thanks for your hard work, rubasov and lajoskatona
14:14:43 <rubasov> I'll do that soon
14:15:04 <mlavalle> rubasov: is gibi back? is he doing well?
14:15:10 <gibi> mlavalle: thanks for asking
14:15:11 <rubasov> of course, thanks everyone for the help
14:15:14 <gibi> mlavalle: I'm back and rocking
14:15:30 <mlavalle> gibi: glad to see you around \o/
14:15:35 <gibi> :)
14:15:38 <lajoskatona> mlavalle: thanks for the support for the whole team
14:17:29 <mlavalle> even though I don't see njohnston_ around, we probably need to take a look at patches related to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/speed-up-neutron-bulk-creation
14:18:19 <mlavalle> Here's the related patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/624815/
14:18:20 <patchbot> patch 624815 - neutron - Utilize bulk port creation ops in ml2 plugin - 31 patch sets
14:18:51 <mlavalle> please take a look
14:19:05 <mlavalle> and we are also making an extra effort with https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/openflow-based-dvr
14:19:56 <mlavalle> Patches are https://review.openstack.org/#/c/528336
14:19:58 <patchbot> patch 528336 - neutron - L3 agent refactor patch - 29 patch sets
14:20:13 <mlavalle> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/472289
14:20:14 <patchbot> patch 472289 - neutron - [POC] Introduction of OpenFlow implementation of DVR. - 17 patch sets
14:20:31 <mlavalle> we had some questions in an ML thread answered last week
14:21:27 <mlavalle> that were answered and igordc indicated he was going to continue based on the answers provided
14:21:39 <mlavalle> so please be on the lookout for the next revision of those patches
14:21:51 <mlavalle> anyhting else with blueprints?
14:23:17 <mlavalle> ok, let's move on
14:23:33 <mlavalle> #topic Community goals
14:23:48 <mlavalle> slaweq: any comments on Python 3?
14:23:58 <slaweq> hi
14:24:14 <slaweq> basically all my patches were merged
14:24:25 <slaweq> so I think that most of jobs are now on Py3
14:24:35 <bcafarel> yay
14:24:43 <mlavalle> \o/
14:24:53 <amotoki> neutron py3 support is most completed :)
14:25:02 <mlavalle> can we claim victory on this goal yet?
14:25:05 <amotoki> some stadium projects still need py3 work..
14:25:06 <slaweq> I will check and update etherpad today before ci meeting but I'm almost sure that all is fine now
14:25:28 <slaweq> only some experimental jobs are not switched to py3
14:25:38 <slaweq> but that can be handled later IMO
14:25:46 <mlavalle> Great work slaweq. Thank you very much!
14:25:50 <slaweq> ohh, no - we still don't have grenade jobs switched
14:26:07 <slaweq> so, that is still left and I think njohnston_ is assigned to it
14:26:09 <mlavalle> are you going to work on those?
14:26:18 <mlavalle> ack
14:26:38 <slaweq> if njohnston_ will not have time for that, I will probably do it
14:26:44 <slaweq> I will try next week maybe
14:26:52 <mlavalle> good progress on community goals this cycle
14:27:00 <slaweq> +1
14:27:07 <amotoki> +1
14:27:11 <mlavalle> we are up to date with the community
14:27:24 <bcafarel> nice
14:27:30 <amotoki> how about py3 support in stadium projects?
14:27:41 <amotoki> I plan to look into fwaas and vpnaas stuffs
14:27:55 <slaweq> amotoki: I didn't have time to look at stadium at all
14:28:22 <bcafarel> it may be worth start a ML thread on it (aka "hello stadium projects, what is your py3 status?")
14:28:28 <amotoki> slaweq: it is not surprising. you have a lot to do
14:28:29 <slaweq> I can look into dynamic routing when I will have a while :)
14:28:38 <slaweq> amotoki: as any of us :)
14:29:15 <amotoki> I think this is worth checked http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-February/002364.html
14:30:20 <mlavalle> amotoki: when you say look into fwaas and vpnaas, do you intend to work on those py3 convertions?
14:30:49 <amotoki> mlavalle: regarding neutron-fwaas, the func test is failing around oslo.privsep
14:31:16 <amotoki> mlavalle: other stuffs in neutron-fwaas seems to work well at a glance
14:31:56 <amotoki> perhaps py3 convention have been covered.
14:32:18 <amotoki> I haven't checked vpnaas stuffs yet.
14:32:49 <mlavalle> cool, I'll also take a look
14:33:08 <mlavalle> let's move on
14:33:13 <amotoki> one thing
14:33:14 <mlavalle> #topic Bugs
14:33:18 <mlavalle> #undo
14:33:19 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: #topic Bugs
14:33:27 <mlavalle> amotoki: go ahead
14:33:37 <amotoki> regarding policy-in-code, some patches are waiting final reviews
14:33:46 <amotoki> please check open reviews in https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/neutron-policy-in-code+(status:open+OR+status:merged)
14:34:10 <slaweq> I saw Your patches today and I have opened them in tabs but still didn't get to them :/
14:34:18 <slaweq> but I will, I promise :)
14:35:03 <amotoki> slaweq:  thanks. It is an improvement of the policy reference. others need to land to complete the blueprint.
14:35:06 <mlavalle> amotoki: thanks, I will also take a look
14:35:18 <amotoki> that's all from me on policy-in-code.
14:35:58 <mlavalle> #topic Bugs
14:36:11 <mlavalle> Our deputy last week was amotoki
14:36:33 <mlavalle> here's the report: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-February/002597.html
14:36:49 <amotoki> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-February/002599.html is the updated version
14:38:08 <mlavalle> amotoki: so it seems it was a relatively quiet week
14:38:23 <amotoki> yeah, the last week was quiet
14:38:31 <mlavalle> nothing seems on fire
14:39:25 <amotoki> bug 1815463 is worth investigated but I don't think it is critical.
14:39:26 <openstack> bug 1815463 in neutron "[dev] Agent RPC version does not auto upgrade if neutron-server restart first" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1815463
14:40:10 <mlavalle> amotoki: ok, will look at it
14:40:33 <mlavalle> and I will ping Sridark regarding the FWaaS bug
14:40:39 <amotoki> mlavalle: I will look into that one this week too. I travelled bus trip last week.
14:40:54 <mlavalle> cool amotoki
14:41:27 <mlavalle> This week our bugs deputy is haleyb
14:41:44 <haleyb> yes, and hopefully it's just not as busy as last week
14:42:07 * mlavalle crosses fingers
14:42:45 <mlavalle> any other bugs we should discuss today?
14:43:52 <mlavalle> ok, let's move on
14:43:59 <mlavalle> #topic neutron-lib
14:44:22 <mlavalle> boden: you around or should I do the update?
14:44:28 <boden> mlavalle here
14:44:33 <mlavalle> go ahead
14:44:40 <boden> 1 quick thing I'd like to mention
14:45:08 <boden> last week we merged my patch to remove neutron.common.rpc in https://review.openstack.org/#/c/634790/
14:45:10 <patchbot> patch 634790 - neutron - remove neutron.common.rpc (MERGED) - 2 patch sets
14:45:27 <boden> unfortunately I missed a few projects; those projects who were not importing neutron.common.rpc, but just mocking it as a string
14:45:41 <boden> I've submitted patches for those here: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:use-lib-rpc+status:open
14:46:10 <boden> I'll try to watch for these types of consumers in the future and hopefully reviewers of my patches can help me double check that I didn't miss anything
14:46:42 <mlavalle> good point
14:46:55 <slaweq> yep, thx boden :)
14:46:57 <mlavalle> yeah, we reviewers share this responsiblity
14:47:01 <boden> IMHO it's better to import and use mock.patch.object() rather than a global mock.patch() with a string package name, but it is what it is
14:47:07 <boden> anyway, that's all I have
14:47:28 <mlavalle> thanks for the update
14:48:08 <mlavalle> #topic On demand agenda
14:48:23 <mlavalle> anything else we should discuss today?
14:49:12 <bcafarel> I may have missed it, but amotoki, did you discuss https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1811352/comments/5 in a previous meeting?
14:49:13 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1811352 in neutron "[RFE] Include neutron CLI floatingip port-forwarding support" [Wishlist,New]
14:49:36 <amotoki> bcafarel: not yet
14:50:04 <amotoki> Do we discuss it now? I can share my point.
14:50:14 <mlavalle> go ahead
14:50:19 <amotoki> sure
14:50:46 <amotoki> As of now, some features in neutron repo are covered by OSC itself and some are covered by OSC neutronclient plugin
14:50:59 <amotoki> examples of the latter are trunk or network log.
14:51:25 <amotoki> but it brings some confusion and the criteria on which route we should go.
14:51:43 <amotoki> so my idea is to implement all neutron features in OSC (+ openstacksdk) first.
14:52:20 <mlavalle> yes, that makes sense
14:52:27 <amotoki> note that all stadium project support will still be implemented by neutronclient OSC plugin.
14:52:41 <slaweq> do we have plans to move existing features from neutronclient to OSC and SDK?
14:53:00 <amotoki> slaweq: good poiint
14:53:32 <amotoki> SDK support is straight-forward, but migration from OSC plugin to OSC needs to be careful.
14:53:49 <amotoki> ideally I would like to move existing features to OSC
14:54:07 <mlavalle> should it be a blueprint for the TRain cycle?
14:54:24 <amotoki> mlavalle: fair enough
14:54:37 <amotoki> it is not targeted to Stein of course :)
14:54:59 <mlavalle> we can declare it an official blueprint, track it weekly and ask for volunteers
14:55:12 <mlavalle> does it make sense?
14:55:14 <slaweq> I can help especially with SDK
14:55:15 <amotoki> +1
14:55:31 <mlavalle> ok, decided
14:55:32 <bcafarel> +1 and hope to have time to help, as I love the idea
14:55:48 <slaweq> +1
14:55:53 <mlavalle> bcafarel, amotoki: thanks for bringing this up
14:56:03 <amotoki> you're welcome
14:56:10 <mlavalle> anything else we should discuss today?
14:56:43 <mlavalle> enjoy the rest of your week!
14:56:48 <mlavalle> and thanks for attending
14:56:53 <slaweq> thx, You too :)
14:56:56 <mlavalle> #endmeeting