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21:01:39 <manjeets> hi
21:01:47 <haleyb> hi
21:01:49 <tidwellr> hi
21:01:58 <njohnston_> o/
21:02:00 <boden> howdy
21:02:19 <bcafarel> o/
21:02:20 <slaweq> hi
21:02:39 <mlavalle> #topic Announcements
21:03:12 <mlavalle> So Team, this is it, we reached the week of Stein-3
21:04:14 <mlavalle> We are almost at the nd of the cycle
21:04:24 <mlavalle> That's the big one for today
21:04:35 <mlavalle> Any other annouuncements from the team?
21:05:35 <mlavalle> ok, let's move on then
21:05:47 <mlavalle> #topic Blueprints
21:06:17 <mlavalle> These are the blueprints that we are targeting for this cycle: https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/stein-3
21:06:44 <mlavalle> tidwellr: we merged the adoption of subnects, didn't we?
21:07:12 <tidwellr> mlavalle: we did, the only missing bit now is updating the networking guide
21:07:44 <mlavalle> are you planning to do any time soon?
21:08:00 <bcafarel> nice, I did not see that one pass (was away last week)
21:08:13 <njohnston> The bulk port creation work is waiting on fixing a few tests but then I think will be ready to go.
21:09:07 <mlavalle> njohnston: yeah I was looking at the patch earlier today. Is it fixing OVN tests?
21:10:26 <njohnston> mlavalle: Yes sir.  I pinged the OVN folks today, will be getting help from them.
21:10:43 <tidwellr> mlavalle: I was going to get the documentation for subnet onboard started, hopefully I can get some help to clean it up and make it presentable :)
21:11:13 <mlavalle> njohnston: ok so I understand that on our side the action item is wait for them
21:11:27 <mlavalle> tidwellr: yes, please push it and wewill help fixing it
21:11:49 <mlavalle> we will be happy to wash and scrub it
21:11:58 <njohnston> mlavalle: I'll work closely with them to fix the issue, since it manifests in OVN but that's not to say that it couldn't be some minor issue in the ML2 changes I am making.
21:12:20 <mlavalle> njohnston: do you need any help?
21:13:21 <njohnston> mlavalle: I would be happy to accept some help, yes
21:13:49 <mlavalle> njohnston: ok, I'll ping you after the meeting to see how to help
21:13:59 <njohnston> mlavalle: Thanks very much!
21:14:09 <mlavalle> in regards to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/strict-minimum-bandwidth-support
21:14:50 <mlavalle> I was looking at the gerrit search that lajoskatona gave us last week: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:minimum-bandwidth-allocation-placement-api+(status:open+OR+status:merged)+status:open++owner:%22Bence+Romsics+%253Cbence.romsics%2540ericsson.com%253E%22
21:15:08 <mlavalle> it seems that there are only a couple of patches left
21:15:59 <mlavalle> do tohers agree with my asssesment
21:16:01 <mlavalle> ?
21:16:13 <mlavalle> or am i missing something?
21:16:37 <slaweq> mlavalle: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:minimum-bandwidth-allocation-placement-api+(status:open+OR+status:merged)+status:open
21:16:44 <slaweq> I think that this is better list
21:17:05 <slaweq> but maybe not all are necessary now
21:17:42 <mlavalle> slaweq: so let's assume this is the list we need to work with this week
21:17:48 <slaweq> ok
21:18:10 <mlavalle> unless rubasov or lajoskatona indicate otherwise
21:18:33 <mlavalle> slaweq: since they are closer to your time zone, would you confirm with them tomorrow morning?
21:19:10 <slaweq> sure
21:19:23 <mlavalle> slaweq: and I'll ping you tomorrow morning
21:19:39 <slaweq> You mean Your morning, right? :)
21:20:15 <mlavalle> slaweq: yeah, that's my hope
21:20:21 <slaweq> :)
21:20:23 <slaweq> ok
21:21:12 <mlavalle> however, there are some patches that seem obvious we need to keep an eye on. For example : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/574783/
21:21:47 <mlavalle> I intend to go over it at the end of this meeting
21:22:24 <mlavalle> if we don't bind ports, we don't have feature ;-)
21:23:31 <mlavalle> as for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/network-segment-range-management
21:23:47 <mlavalle> I went over the three patches before this meeting
21:24:23 <mlavalle> the CRUD / service plugin one is waiting to respond to a comment made by liuyulong
21:25:26 <mlavalle> The with the segment type drivers I +1ed it because we are waiting for results from zuul
21:26:11 <mlavalle> I'll +2 it when zuul finishes
21:26:26 <mlavalle> and there is a patch with a chapter for the networking guide
21:26:48 <mlavalle> I found minor details that need to be fixed, but seems very close
21:27:45 <mlavalle> These are the patches:
21:27:55 <mlavalle> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/624708/ CRUD, service plugin
21:28:17 <mlavalle> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/624709/ segment type drivers
21:28:36 <mlavalle> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/639110/ networking guide chapter
21:29:45 <mlavalle> anything else we should discuss in regards to blueprints?
21:30:56 <mlavalle> #topic Community goals
21:31:17 <mlavalle> Any updates in regards to Python3?
21:32:21 <slaweq> not much
21:32:33 <njohnston> I am doing a sweep of the stadium to identify all the jobs still running on python2.  Some of them need to, like ones keyed specifically to centos 7 (i.e. networking-midonet-tempest-aio-ml2-centos-7) but there are still many that need to be converted.
21:32:47 <slaweq> one thing I would like to mention is fact that now all our job in neutron are finally switched to py3
21:32:52 <njohnston> I plan to have the list complete and send email out by the Neutron CI meeting tomorrow.
21:33:08 <slaweq> we still need to do stadium projects and njohnston is doing that
21:33:24 <mlavalle> slaweq, njohnston: good job
21:33:38 <slaweq> thx :)
21:33:41 <njohnston> thanks!
21:33:46 <mlavalle> yeah, let's see that etherpad in the CI meeting tomorrow
21:34:12 <mlavalle> #topic Bugs
21:34:39 <mlavalle> Our deputy last week was manjeets
21:34:56 <mlavalle> and this is his report: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-March/003461.html
21:35:36 <manjeets> most of bugs look okay and assigned however I'd like attention on two of them
21:35:39 <manjeets> 1.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1818015
21:35:40 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1818015 in neutron "VLAN manager removed external port mapping when it was still in use" [Critical,New]
21:36:03 <manjeets> vlan binding getting removed for external network looks very strange
21:36:10 <manjeets> and its happening on queens deployment
21:36:25 <manjeets> and second  https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1817548
21:36:27 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1817548 in neutron "macvtap: possible race of interfaces scan/deletion at migration" [High,New]
21:37:11 <manjeets> other than these most looked normal and I think are already taken care of by reporters !
21:39:25 <mlavalle> manjeets: I chenged the one about Vlan manager to l3-dvr-backlog
21:39:33 <mlavalle> I mean the tag
21:40:17 <manjeets> could be type driver issue too but not reproduced it yet so that tag should be good for now
21:41:21 <mlavalle> thanks
21:41:51 <mlavalle> manjeets: good job. Thanks for the report
21:42:09 <mlavalle> any other bugs we should discuss today?
21:42:23 <boden> hi, I have one to mention.. I think it can be quick
21:43:01 <boden> last week I think we mentioned https://bugs.launchpad.net/tricircle/+bug/1816644
21:43:02 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1816644 in Tricircle "tempest-dsvm jobs don't pull required projects from source" [Undecided,New]
21:43:40 <boden> while we have a short term solution, I think we need to discuss more about if functional jobs should be testing from master or from latest release of dependencies
21:43:51 <boden> is that something we should discuss at the PTG? or should I bring it to the ML?
21:44:10 <mlavalle> I would say let's start the discussion in the ML
21:44:23 <boden> mlavalle ok I will get something out this week
21:44:24 <mlavalle> and we con close it in the PTG if needed
21:44:24 <boden> thx
21:44:27 <boden> ack
21:45:21 <mlavalle> the deputy for this week is Lujin Luo
21:45:50 <mlavalle> I'll make sure at the end of the meeting she is aware
21:45:59 <mlavalle> #topic neutron-lib
21:46:29 <mlavalle> boden: the stage is yours
21:47:11 <boden> so we released neutron-lib 1.25.0 last week in prep for stein... are there any plans to re-release it or is 1.25.0 still our candidate?
21:47:56 <mlavalle> as far as I an tell, that is our candidate
21:48:05 <boden> I ask because there has been some discussion on reviews about including some of the bp/network-segment-range-management  work... like https://review.openstack.org/#/c/640777/
21:48:06 <mlavalle> unless the team thinks otherwise
21:48:37 <boden> mlavalle ^ is the only thing I'm aware of
21:49:13 <mlavalle> I jut went over the neutron patches of that feature and the neutron-lib patch doesn't seem to be essential
21:49:53 <boden> mlavalle ok if we don't plan to re-release lib then IMO we should not be landing any PY code in lib until we solidify neutron for stein... API ref is OK
21:50:26 <mlavalle> I'm ok with that
21:50:28 <slaweq> if error raised by API will be wrong now, we can temportary handle it on neutron side also, so I think that this can wait
21:50:50 <boden> slaweq ack.. maybe you guys can comment on the patch
21:51:05 <slaweq> boden: I can but tomorrow :)
21:51:19 <mlavalle> no rush slaweq . thanks
21:51:25 <boden> last; I still have a handful (or more) of consumption patches out there... do we want to try and target some for Stein or just go with the flow in terms of what we land?
21:52:05 <mlavalle> it seems we are in good shape, based on the blueprints review
21:52:15 <mlavalle> so let's target some
21:52:44 <boden> mlavalle... ok; let me look through and make a list of some that are realistic
21:52:51 <boden> I'll ping you
21:52:57 <mlavalle> boden: ack
21:53:13 <boden> thanks... and that's all on the neutron-lib side of the house today
21:53:22 <mlavalle> thanks
21:53:37 <mlavalle> #topic On demand agenda
21:53:47 <mlavalle> anything else we want to discuss today?
21:53:58 <slaweq> I would like to ask all of You for review of patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/567369/
21:54:05 <slaweq> In think it is now ready
21:54:18 <slaweq> ironic AFAIK don't need this old option anymore
21:54:48 <slaweq> thx hongbin for help with Ironic :)
21:54:49 <mlavalle> slaweq: ack
21:55:04 <boden> slaweq ack... we have a hit in vmware-nsx... have been held up by other things breacking the UTs tho
21:55:19 <slaweq> I don't know if we can merge it still in Stein or should wait for Train but please take a look if You will have some time
21:55:57 <mlavalle> anything else?
21:56:02 <slaweq> boden: is this option still needed for vmware-nsx?
21:56:33 <boden> slaweq no I have a patch out there to remove it... it just needs to be rebased... but vmware-nsx has been broken by other things the past week so I can't get to it
21:56:41 <boden> I will get to it soon if I can fix the gate
21:56:45 <slaweq> ok, thx :)
21:57:01 <slaweq> if You would have any issues with it, please ping me :)
21:57:12 <boden> slaweq ack and thank you
21:57:26 <slaweq> thanks, that's all from my side
21:57:34 <mlavalle> ok, Thanks for attending
21:57:44 <mlavalle> have a great week!
21:57:49 <mlavalle> #endmeeting