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21:00:34 <slaweq> hi
21:00:46 <tidwellr> hi
21:01:25 <mlavalle> how are y'all?
21:01:50 <tidwellr> slowly thawing from winter
21:01:58 <slaweq> little bit sleepy but fine :)
21:02:12 <mlavalle> yeah, you guys are buried in snow, right, tidwellr?
21:02:24 <mlavalle> any danger of floding around you?
21:02:47 <bcafarel> o/
21:02:54 <tidwellr> mlavalle: we were, but it all melted in a fairly orderly fashion so it wasn't a big deal
21:03:14 <tidwellr> I have 1 tiny pile of snow left in my yard
21:03:26 <mlavalle> cool, I think the problem might be for the states down stream the Mississipi
21:03:41 <mlavalle> as all that snow melts
21:04:04 <tidwellr> let's run all downstream now so I can boat this summer without no-wake restrictions :)
21:04:25 <mlavalle> As always, our agenda is here: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Network/Meetings
21:04:37 <mlavalle> #topic Announcements
21:05:02 <mlavalle> This week is the last one to propose a release candidate
21:05:17 <mlavalle> which as we decided that week, we are not going to do
21:05:30 <mlavalle> so for all practical purposes, we are in Train
21:06:11 <mlavalle> Spealing of which, I want to remind everybody that we 4 weeks away from the Summit and a few days more from the PTG
21:06:15 <slaweq> I even sent today patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/649067/ to add Stein jobs for our tempest plugin :)
21:06:46 <mlavalle> Please remember to porpose topics in https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-networking-train-ptg
21:07:05 <mlavalle> In about a week I'll start grouping the topics in sessions
21:07:10 <mlavalle> so we have an agenda
21:08:08 <dougwig> o/
21:08:09 <mlavalle> For those of you who may remember him, I pinged carl_baldwin last week, who lives about 1 hour North of Denver
21:08:42 <mlavalle> he will be joining us for the team dinner on May 3rd
21:08:50 <mlavalle> I added his name to the etherpad
21:09:17 <mlavalle> Any other announcements I might have missed?
21:09:54 <mlavalle> ok, moving on
21:10:01 <mlavalle> #topic Blueprints
21:10:38 <mlavalle> All I want to say here that at the end of RC-1 this is what our dashboard looked like: https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/stein-rc1
21:11:12 <mlavalle> Pretty good job. Congratulations and thanks to the entire team for all your hard work
21:11:45 <mlavalle> anything else that we should talk about in blueprints?
21:12:28 <mlavalle> #topic Community goals
21:12:54 <mlavalle> Since tomorrow we won't have CI meeting, is there any updates on our progress with python3
21:12:56 <mlavalle> ?
21:13:13 <slaweq> I don't have anything
21:13:14 <mlavalle> I know we met the community goal, but we are doing some additional things
21:13:31 <slaweq> we still have stadium projects to move to py3
21:13:52 <slaweq> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/neutron_stadium_python3_status
21:13:52 <slaweq> here is the etherpad for it
21:14:33 <slaweq> so if someone wants, You can add Your name to some job and propose patch :)
21:14:51 <mlavalle> great. that's what I wanted to get at
21:15:20 <mlavalle> ok, let's move on
21:15:57 <mlavalle> #topic Bugs
21:16:17 <mlavalle> rubasov was our bugs deputy last week
21:16:34 <mlavalle> as customary with him, he did a pretty thorough job:  http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-March/004371.html
21:17:09 <mlavalle> We have no critical bugs this week
21:17:21 <mlavalle> and two high priority
21:17:36 <mlavalle> The first one is https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1821912
21:17:37 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1821912 in neutron "intermittent ssh failures in various scenario tests" [High,Confirmed]
21:18:21 <slaweq> mlavalle: there was also today's update from rubasov http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-April/004411.html
21:19:08 <mlavalle> slaweq: thanks
21:19:39 <mlavalle> slaweq: but if I understand correctly, that critical one is due to a devstack issue
21:19:42 <mlavalle> right?
21:19:53 <slaweq> mlavalle: yes, and patch on our side is already merged
21:19:59 <slaweq> so we are good with this one
21:20:22 <mlavalle> cool
21:20:58 <mlavalle> so going back to the ssh failures, these are failures where we haven't identified a common pattern
21:21:44 <slaweq> there is one common thing IMO there
21:21:46 <mlavalle> it is meant to be a team effort. So if you have bandwidth and interest, please use the logstash query in the description, find a failure and traige / debug away
21:21:57 <mlavalle> slaweq: shoot
21:22:11 <slaweq> in all (or almost all) cases, vm had access to metadata so I assume that connectivity Vm -- router was fine
21:22:26 <slaweq> and failure is probably somewhere between tempest -- router
21:22:40 <slaweq> or security groups for instance
21:22:51 <slaweq> or something inside router's namespace
21:23:09 <mlavalle> slaweq: it would be good to leave a comment indicating this
21:23:20 <slaweq> I did few minutes ago :)
21:23:25 <mlavalle> ++
21:24:18 <mlavalle> The other high importance one is https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1822256
21:24:19 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1822256 in neutron "Ip segments lost when restart ovs-agent with openvswitch firewall" [High,New]
21:25:27 <mlavalle> what does he mean by ip segment? packets?
21:25:55 <tidwellr> I think he means packets
21:26:30 <slaweq> there is tcpdump in bug report
21:26:32 <slaweq> SSH 16478 Server: [TCP ACKed unseen segment] [TCP Previous segment not captured] , Encrypted packet (len=16412)
21:26:44 <slaweq> so I guess that he is talking about those packets exactly :)
21:26:56 <mlavalle> yeah, that must be it
21:27:34 <mlavalle> I'll try to reproduce it
21:28:40 <mlavalle> slaweq: since we won't have CI meeting tomorrow, is there anythiong we should be paying attention?
21:29:05 <slaweq> mlavalle: I don't have anything new on my list
21:29:38 <slaweq> I think that our main problem is this issue with ssh failures now
21:30:01 <slaweq> there were some errors with grenade jobs, but not related to neutron directly
21:30:02 <mlavalle> so we pass the RC rush and the gate stops mis-behaving. it must be doing it on purpose ;-)
21:30:11 <slaweq> and I know that mriedem is on it
21:30:39 <slaweq> one thing only
21:30:41 <slaweq> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/648924/
21:30:49 <slaweq> I proposed today to make fullstack voting again
21:31:04 <slaweq> I think that we fixed main problems and it should be good to go IMO
21:31:24 <mlavalle> it is probably a good moment to do this
21:31:39 <mriedem> slaweq: fyi on those grenade py3 issues https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bug/1820892+status:open
21:33:26 <mlavalle> mriedem: thanks!
21:33:42 <slaweq> mriedem: thx a lot :)
21:34:29 <mlavalle> slaweq: I just pushed the revert
21:34:41 <slaweq> mlavalle: thx
21:34:58 <mlavalle> ok, any other bugs we should discuss this week?
21:35:50 <mlavalle> cool
21:36:06 <mlavalle> our bugs deputy for this week is bcafarel
21:36:34 <mlavalle> please note that I rolled over the duty schedule
21:36:45 <mlavalle> so take note of your next duty week
21:37:02 <bcafarel> mlavalle: well I know when mine is at least :)
21:37:35 <mlavalle> slaweq: pasuder is scheduled next week. Would you ping him to make sure he will do it?
21:37:49 <slaweq> mlavalle: sure, I will ask him tomorrow
21:38:21 * mlavalle will ping hongbin, since he is scheduled the week of April 15th
21:38:44 <mlavalle> #topic neutron-lib
21:39:05 <mlavalle> boden: any updates?
21:39:09 <boden> hi
21:39:39 <boden> not a ton to report; we are back to landing py code in neutron-lib
21:40:09 <boden> when do you think it'll be safe to release a new lib so we can start to consume?
21:40:25 <boden> should. we wait until Stein is officially out the door?
21:41:02 <mlavalle> boden: yeah, let's wait
21:41:36 <mlavalle> the official release is next week
21:41:45 <boden> ack
21:42:01 <boden> I don't have any other topics, unless others have comments
21:42:16 <mlavalle> did you see rnoriega's email about l2gw, boden?
21:42:24 <mlavalle> he cut the branch
21:42:27 <boden> mlavalle yes and spoke on IRC earlier
21:42:38 <boden> thanks
21:42:39 <mlavalle> great, we are good there right?
21:42:46 <boden> as far as I know
21:42:47 <boden> yes
21:42:51 <mlavalle> cool
21:43:19 <mlavalle> moving on
21:43:28 <mlavalle> #topic On demand agenda
21:43:41 <mlavalle> anythiong else we should discuss today?
21:44:01 <slaweq> nope
21:44:36 <mlavalle> ok, 15 minutes are returned to your agendas
21:44:41 <mlavalle> Have a great week!
21:44:47 <mlavalle> #endmeeting