14:00:03 <slaweq> #startmeeting networking
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14:00:11 <mlavalle> o/
14:00:13 <slaweq> hi everybody
14:00:30 <bcafarel> o/
14:01:07 <haleyb> hi
14:01:31 <amotoki> hi
14:01:52 <slaweq> #topic Announcements
14:02:12 <slaweq> we have couple of annoncements for today
14:02:19 <slaweq> Next milestone is T-3, week of September 9
14:02:25 <slaweq> https://releases.openstack.org/train/schedule.html
14:03:33 <slaweq> according to the same schedule, second annoncement
14:03:40 <slaweq> PTL self nominations are in week of August 26th - if someone considers nominating him self, please be aware of this
14:03:46 <slaweq> https://releases.openstack.org/train/schedule.html#u-ptl-nominations
14:03:52 <mlavalle> or herself
14:03:59 <mlavalle> let's be inclusive
14:04:02 <slaweq> right mlavalle
14:04:04 <slaweq> sorry
14:04:06 <slaweq> :)
14:04:19 <rubasov> late o/
14:04:21 <slaweq> I should say "him/her self" :)
14:04:38 <bcafarel> themselves? everyone in
14:04:44 <slaweq> bcafarel++ :)
14:04:57 <slaweq> ok, next one
14:05:01 <slaweq> We have new member of our core team - welcome on board ralonsoh!
14:05:07 <slaweq> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-August/008409.html
14:05:38 <mlavalle> he is on PTO, isn't he?
14:05:43 <slaweq> yes, he is
14:05:57 <slaweq> first week as core and he is off :P
14:06:14 <bcafarel> lazy cores :)
14:06:19 <slaweq> LOL
14:06:36 <bcafarel> still congratulations are in order, he will quickly catch up next week
14:06:51 <slaweq> ok, lets move on
14:06:55 <slaweq> next one
14:07:05 <slaweq> Poll for U release name is now open: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-August/008432.html
14:07:22 <slaweq> lets vote for Your favorite U name proposal :)
14:07:38 <slaweq> I voted already
14:08:29 <slaweq> next one
14:08:31 <slaweq> Shanghai PTG planning etherpad
14:08:38 <slaweq> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Shanghai-Neutron-Planning
14:08:52 <slaweq> please feel free to propose topics. We don't have deadline for this other than the PTG itself
14:09:06 <slaweq> and the last one, as a reminder
14:09:08 <slaweq> Train PTG summary: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-May/006408.html
14:09:20 <slaweq> ok, that's all annoncements from me for today
14:09:30 <slaweq> anyone have anything else to announce?
14:09:37 <mlavalle> not me
14:10:28 <slaweq> ok, so lets move on
14:10:30 <slaweq> #topic Blueprints
14:10:40 <slaweq> Train-3 blueprints: https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/train-3
14:10:47 <slaweq> any updates?
14:11:51 <rubasov> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/improve-extraroute-api has many changes around in several repos
14:12:27 <rubasov> this topic collects them all: https://review.opendev.org/#/q/status:open+topic:extraroute
14:13:00 <rubasov> the zuul -1s are because the not yet released neutron-lib dependency, but otherwise they should be passing
14:13:30 <slaweq> neutron-lib dependency is this patch https://review.opendev.org/#/c/670849/ right?
14:13:51 <rubasov> slaweq: exactly
14:13:58 <mlavalle> no, that's the api-ref
14:14:04 <mlavalle> isn't it?
14:14:12 <slaweq> mlavalle: api-def
14:14:24 <rubasov> api-def and api-ref in one change :-)
14:14:24 <slaweq> and it also adds api extension definition to neutron-lib
14:14:37 <mlavalle> yeah, I see it now
14:14:47 <mlavalle> ok, I'll review it today
14:14:55 <amotoki> thanks for the update rubasov. I need to check it again soon.
14:15:05 <slaweq> so, when this will be merged we should probably think about new neutron-lib release to not block You with other patches, right rubasov?
14:15:06 <rubasov> slaweq, mlavalle, amotoki: thank you
14:15:12 <amotoki> rubasov: minor nit: how about using the topic name based on the bp? bp/improve-extraroute-api
14:15:21 <amotoki> but you already have various patches so it is  up to you
14:15:24 <rubasov> slaweq: that would help, yes
14:15:42 <rubasov> amotoki: there's multiple blueprints (neutron and heat)
14:15:53 <rubasov> amotoki: but I wanted to keep all under a common name
14:15:53 <amotoki> rubasov: got it :)
14:16:04 <slaweq> rubasov: ok
14:16:32 <slaweq> mlavalle: amotoki: lets keep it in mind and remember about new release of neutron-lib for rubasov :)
14:16:47 <mlavalle> yes
14:16:54 <amotoki> agree
14:17:03 <rubasov> :-)
14:17:05 <slaweq> thx
14:17:40 <slaweq> any other updates about blueprints?
14:19:20 <slaweq> ok, so lets move on
14:19:34 <slaweq> #topic Community Goals
14:19:55 <slaweq> njohnston is on PTO still
14:20:16 <slaweq> but I have some short update about py3
14:20:18 <slaweq> Etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/neutron_stadium_python3_status
14:20:31 <slaweq> amotoki finished migration for python-neutronclient - thx amotoki
14:20:56 <bcafarel> nice, another down in the list
14:21:08 <slaweq> so we are still missing only 3 projects: networking-bagpipe, networking-midonet and networking-odl
14:21:19 <slaweq> I know that lajoskatona is working on networking-odl
14:21:51 <rubasov> I think he is, but this week he's on PTO too
14:22:50 <slaweq> according to "Support IPv6-Only Deployments" goal
14:23:15 <slaweq> in neutron we are good now, as gmann's patch for neutron is merged - https://review.opendev.org/#/c/671899/
14:23:37 <slaweq> According to my email http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-July/008084.html we should also have similar jobs proposed for some stadium projects
14:23:58 <slaweq> gmann: sent already patches for networking-ovn and networking-odl
14:24:11 <amotoki> they are covered in the update mail http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-August/008280.html
14:24:54 <slaweq> yes
14:25:17 <slaweq> with midonet it may be hard as currently I think there is no any tempest job running in their gate
14:25:56 <slaweq> for neutron-dynamic-routing tidwellr is still working on moving those jobs (and tests) to neutron-tempest-plugin so we would than have zuulv3 job
14:26:31 <slaweq> and I will also try to ping tmorin about networking-bagpipe to take a look
14:26:47 <slaweq> that's basically all from my side about this goal
14:26:58 <slaweq> amotoki any updates about pdf documentation?
14:27:08 <amotoki> no update this week.
14:27:28 <amotoki> there seems no active effort aorund the community recently.
14:27:47 <slaweq> ok, so let's move on to the next topic
14:27:54 <slaweq> #topic Bugs
14:28:03 <slaweq> amotoki: was our bug deputy last week
14:28:14 <slaweq> he sent summary: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-August/008436.html
14:28:27 <slaweq> looks like it was quite week
14:29:32 <amotoki> one thing I would like to ask is https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1834045
14:29:33 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1834045 in neutron (Ubuntu) "Live-migration double binding doesn't work with OVN" [Undecided,New]
14:29:55 <amotoki> mlavalle may be most familiar with it. is there any comment on this?
14:30:08 <gmann> slaweq: amotoki thanks. you almost covered the ipv6 update. moving jobs to zuulv3 will be super helpful for me on those projects. i will also keep eyes on that.
14:30:53 <slaweq> gmann: sure, I will for sure ping You if we will have something new moved to zuulv3 :)
14:31:00 <slaweq> gmann: and thx for working on this
14:31:04 <gmann> thx
14:31:12 <slaweq> mlavalle: what You wanted to ask about it?
14:31:31 <slaweq> I can ping mjozefcz (reported of this bug) to join here if You want
14:31:31 <mlavalle> amotoki wants to ask
14:31:41 <amotoki> netwokring-ovn already has a workaround and I am not sure we need more work in neutron side or not.
14:32:10 <slaweq> ah, sorry :)
14:32:26 <mlavalle> mhhh, I will revisit this bug this week
14:32:32 <slaweq> so IIUC this bug than there is some work in neutron required for it
14:33:01 <mlavalle> and will work on it if it is needed
14:33:18 <slaweq> basically now nova is waiting for info that port is UP on host and nova things that this is destination host already
14:33:38 <slaweq> but in fact when You use ML2/OVS it is notification from src host still
14:33:47 <slaweq> and than nova starts migration of vm
14:34:07 <slaweq> as networking-ovn have a b it different workflow it didn't work for them
14:34:22 <slaweq> so IMO it now works "by accident" in ML2/OVS case
14:34:36 <slaweq> but I may missunderstood something there
14:35:07 <mlavalle> so if work is needed, we may need to coordinate with Nova
14:35:16 <mlavalle> we don't want to break them
14:35:16 <slaweq> This is potentially good topic for nova-neutron session on PTG
14:35:31 <slaweq> mlavalle: yes, I agree
14:35:36 <amotoki> agree
14:35:58 <slaweq> mjozefcz will be in Shanghai so he can explain it in details as he spent quite long time on debugging this issue
14:36:18 <slaweq> I don't think it's very urgent for now as this works fine for ML2/OVS and nova
14:36:25 <mlavalle> in the meantime, I'll assign the Neutron bug to me
14:36:27 <slaweq> and networking-ovn also workarounded it for now
14:36:48 <slaweq> that's at least my opinion about this bug
14:36:52 <amotoki> yeah it looks not urgent. I just noticed it because it was assigned to 'neutron' last week.
14:37:05 <amotoki> it was originally assigned to 'neutron (ubuntu)' only.
14:37:51 <mlavalle> done
14:38:04 <mlavalle> gave it priority mediem
14:38:10 <mlavalle> medium
14:38:13 <slaweq> thx mlavalle
14:38:29 <slaweq> after this meeting I will add it to Shanghai etherpad to not forget about it :)
14:38:51 <mlavalle> ++
14:39:08 <slaweq> ok, any other bugs You want to discuss today?
14:40:33 <slaweq> I take it as no :)
14:40:37 <slaweq> so let's move on
14:40:39 <slaweq> #topic neutron-lib
14:40:46 <slaweq> boden is offline still probably
14:41:06 <slaweq> anything You want to talk about related to neutron-lib?
14:41:53 <mlavalle> just to leave in the record that after merging rubasov's patch, we need a release
14:42:01 <slaweq> mlavalle++
14:42:09 <mlavalle> this is the patch: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/670849/
14:42:19 <rubasov> thanks again
14:42:38 <bcafarel> just a small one for me, if someone has stable +2 for https://review.opendev.org/#/c/672165/ (thanks mlavalle for the first one)
14:42:54 <slaweq> bcafarel: thx for mentioning it
14:43:07 <mlavalle> yes, last week we agreed to this
14:43:08 <slaweq> I just wanted to say that we have some patches proposed to stable branches: https://review.opendev.org/#/q/topic:bug/1818943+(status:open+OR+status:merged)
14:43:24 <slaweq> actually for stein only in neutron-lib
14:43:44 <slaweq> so we should probably also release new stein version after this patch will be merged
14:43:59 <slaweq> as I don't think we will have many other patches to this branch soon
14:44:20 <bcafarel> yes neutron-lib backports are rare (which is a good thing)
14:44:42 <mlavalle> indeed
14:46:27 <slaweq> ok, anything else about neutron-lib?
14:47:21 <slaweq> I guess no, so we can move on to the last topic for today
14:47:24 <slaweq> #topic On-demand agenda
14:47:47 <slaweq> there is nothing new on agenda for today's on-demand topic
14:48:01 <slaweq> but maybe someone wants to talk about anything related to neutron?
14:49:14 <bcafarel> not me
14:49:17 <slaweq> if not, I have only one last-minute short announcement
14:49:45 <slaweq> I was just asked by our newest core if I can inform You that today's QoS meeting will be cancelled
14:49:53 <slaweq> so I'm saying that here :)
14:50:02 <slaweq> I also sent email few minutes ago
14:50:03 <mlavalle> thanks for the update
14:50:16 <slaweq> ok, that all from my side
14:50:16 <bcafarel> :)
14:50:44 <slaweq> thx for attending the meeting and see You in couple of weeks as next week I'm on PTO \o/
14:50:49 <slaweq> #endmeeting