14:00:02 <slaweq> #startmeeting networking
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14:00:10 <mlavalle> o/
14:00:11 <slaweq> hi
14:00:31 <ralonsoh> ji
14:00:33 <ralonsoh> hi
14:01:09 <slaweq> ralonsoh: first version sounds like chineese, are You already practicing before Shanghai? :D
14:01:12 <haleyb> hi
14:01:23 <ralonsoh> slaweq, hahahaha no sorry
14:01:32 <bcafarel> :)
14:01:35 <tidwellr> hi
14:01:35 <bcafarel> hello o/
14:01:44 <amotoki> o/
14:01:49 <njohnston> o/
14:02:28 <slaweq> ok, lets start than
14:02:46 <slaweq> #topic Announcements
14:02:57 <slaweq> Shanghai PTG planning etherpad:
14:03:05 <slaweq> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Shanghai-Neutron-Planning
14:03:24 <slaweq> please add Your ideas about what we can discuss during PTG
14:03:52 <slaweq> next one:
14:03:55 <slaweq> Shanghai Forum sessions:
14:04:15 <slaweq> we discussed if last week and mlavalle proposed 2 sessions
14:04:32 <slaweq> 1. about stadium projects
14:04:33 <liuyulong> hi
14:04:48 <slaweq> 2. about networking-ovn which haleyb will moderate
14:04:51 <slaweq> hi liuyulong
14:05:22 <slaweq> next announcement, probably most important for today
14:05:24 <slaweq> We are in Train RC-1 week now
14:05:34 <slaweq> according to https://releases.openstack.org/train/schedule.html
14:06:36 <slaweq> amotoki: I saw that there are already proposed patches to release rc1 and create stable/train branches
14:07:11 <amotoki> slaweq: yes, they are automatically created by the rel team.
14:07:11 <slaweq> amotoki: should we do anything else except reviewing them?
14:07:36 <amotoki> +1 is required from PTL or release liaison.
14:08:11 <slaweq> amotoki: I already gave +1 to some of them, except those where I thing we may want to have some additional patches merged
14:08:29 <slaweq> amotoki: but please check them too as more experience in this process :)
14:08:35 <amotoki> nice. if we have pending patches, let's leave comments htere.
14:08:40 <amotoki> slaweq: sure, will check it
14:08:46 <slaweq> amotoki: thx a lot
14:09:06 <slaweq> ok, and as the last one, reminder for today:
14:09:11 <slaweq> Train PTG summary: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-May/006408.html
14:09:17 <slaweq> if someone would look for it :)
14:09:25 <rubasov> late o/
14:09:27 <slaweq> that's all announcements from me
14:09:41 <slaweq> any other announcements from the team?
14:09:54 <davidsha> I'm also late o/
14:10:04 <slaweq> hi rubasov and davidsha
14:10:13 <slaweq> ahh, I forgot one thing
14:10:30 <slaweq> I really need to finish about 15 minutes before 5pm my time
14:10:41 <slaweq> so this will be a bit shorter meeting than usual
14:10:46 <slaweq> ok, let's move on
14:10:57 <slaweq> #topic Blueprints
14:11:08 <slaweq> here are things targeted already for rc-1
14:11:10 <slaweq> https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/train-rc1
14:11:48 <slaweq> from this list it looks that we are in pretty good shape
14:12:09 <liuyulong> One of the fix is getting merged now, but still under rechecking...
14:12:18 <slaweq> we are missing 2 patches to be merged now: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/682059/ and  https://review.opendev.org/#/c/682418/
14:12:27 <slaweq> liuyulong: yes, actually both are rechecked
14:12:57 <slaweq> do You have any other bug which is critical and should be targeted to rc-1?
14:13:05 <rubasov> slaweq: IMO 682059 should not hold up the release since it's a tempest test only
14:13:41 <slaweq> rubasov: I though that maybe it would be good to include it in neutron-tempest-plugin 0.6.0 as this is going to be released now with neutron train
14:14:08 <rubasov> slaweq: that's okay too
14:14:09 <slaweq> as feature is in train, it would be good to have test for it in neutron-tempest-plugin also
14:14:37 <rubasov> slaweq: my point is: it's nice to include, but probably not critical
14:14:46 <slaweq> rubasov: yes, I agree
14:14:50 <amotoki> rubasov: I cannot find a relnote on the extraroute stuff, could you add a relnote?
14:14:52 <tidwellr> slaweq: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/652099/ is ready to go into neutron-tempest-plugin
14:15:17 <rubasov> amotoki: I remember adding stuff, will look for it
14:15:36 <mlavalle> yeah I also remember seeing a relnote
14:16:35 <slaweq> tidwellr: do You think we should merge 652099 now, to include it in neutron-tempest-plugin 0.6.0? As same tests will also be in neutron-dynamic-routing stable/train branch
14:16:58 <slaweq> maybe it's better to merge Your patch after this 0.6.0 tag will be created?
14:18:20 <rubasov> amotoki, mlavalle: strange, I'm only finding a one-liner relnote in n-lib, will upload a change with a neutron relnote right after this meeting
14:18:41 <mlavalle> ahhh, that must be it
14:18:55 <tidwellr> slaweq: I see no reason to hold off
14:19:01 <slaweq> tidwellr: ok
14:19:15 <slaweq> so let's go with this one also now
14:19:16 <tidwellr> once merged, removing the tests in neutron-dynamic-routing is trivial
14:19:27 <amotoki> rubasov: neutron-lib release notes is about neutron-lib change which is not a thing that regular users should check.
14:19:42 <slaweq> yes, but my point was that we will not remove it from stable/train branch, right?
14:19:44 <amotoki> rubasov: so we need a release note in the neutron repository for features.
14:20:06 <slaweq> tidwellr: but that shouldn't be problem at all
14:20:08 <rubasov> amotoki: understood, will upload one right after this meeting
14:20:13 <rubasov> amotoki: thanks for catching this
14:20:24 <mlavalle> yeah, that what rubasov said he was going to do. add a relnote for neutron
14:20:25 <amotoki> rubasov: thanks
14:21:03 <slaweq> rubasov: thx, please add me as reviewer to this patch also
14:21:16 <rubasov> amotoki, slaweq: will invite you
14:21:22 <slaweq> thx
14:21:29 <slaweq> so to sum up:
14:22:01 <slaweq> in neutron we need patch  https://review.opendev.org/#/c/682418/ from liuyulong and new patch from rubasov with relnote about extraroute atomix
14:22:04 <slaweq> *atomic
14:22:31 <slaweq> and we can than release rc-1
14:22:33 <slaweq> right?
14:22:54 <ralonsoh> I think so
14:22:57 <rubasov> yep
14:23:06 <slaweq> ok
14:23:10 <amotoki> i think so
14:23:15 <bcafarel> sounds manageable :)
14:23:56 <slaweq> ok, lets move on than
14:23:59 <slaweq> #topic Community goals
14:24:13 <amotoki> note that, re the tempest plugin, there is no branch, so the timing is not so important from the upstreeaam dev POV.
14:24:38 <slaweq> amotoki: ack
14:25:28 <slaweq> ok, any updates about community goals?
14:26:22 <amotoki> nothing from me on PDF goal
14:26:44 <slaweq> amotoki: but we are almost done with this goal, right?
14:26:54 <slaweq> only some stadium projects are not done yet
14:26:57 <amotoki> slaweq: yes, it is almost completed.
14:27:05 <amotoki> https://review.opendev.org/#/q/topic:build-pdf-docs+(status:open+OR+status:merged)+(project:%255Eopenstack/neutron.*+OR+project:%255Eopenstack/networking-.*)
14:27:15 <amotoki> on neutron-vpnaas, i will address slaweq's comment.
14:27:25 <amotoki> on networking-sfc, I will follow it up.
14:27:58 <slaweq> and others needs just some reviews :)
14:29:15 <slaweq> regarding ipv6 only deployments, there are also some patches for stadium projects waiting for review https://review.opendev.org/#/q/topic:ipv6-only-deployment-and-testing+(status:open+OR+status:merged)+(project:%255Eopenstack/neutron.*+OR+project:%255Eopenstack/networking-.*)
14:29:47 <slaweq> I will review them this week but I know some will require more work to make it passing
14:30:55 <slaweq> and regarding python3 goal, I don't have any new updates
14:32:08 <slaweq> ok, moving on
14:32:10 <slaweq> #topic Bugs
14:32:29 <slaweq> yamamoto was bug deputy last week
14:32:35 <slaweq> he sent summary http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-September/009587.html
14:33:07 <slaweq> from what I can say, all bugs from this summary are already at least in progress
14:33:29 <slaweq> any bugs You want to talk about today?
14:33:52 <yangjianfeng> Hi, all. I am attending the neutron meeting for the first time
14:33:58 <yangjianfeng> I want to propose two changes in ip availability API
14:34:12 <yangjianfeng> 1. Redefine "total_ips" parameter, The "total_ips" should be the number of vaild address in CIDR.
14:34:23 <ralonsoh> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1843211
14:34:23 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1843211 in neutron "network-ip-availabilities' result is not correct when the subnet has no allocation-pool" [Low,In progress] - Assigned to yangjianfeng (yangjianfeng)
14:34:28 <yangjianfeng> 2. Add "allocable_ips" parameter, it represent the number of the free ips in ip allocation pools.
14:34:36 <slaweq> yangjianfeng: welcome on meeting
14:34:58 <yangjianfeng> thanks
14:36:17 <slaweq> yangjianfeng: basically if You want to change existing API or propose some new one, You should follow our rfe process https://docs.openstack.org/neutron/latest/contributor/policies/blueprints.html#neutron-request-for-feature-enhancements
14:37:09 <ralonsoh> IMO the bug is valid but this implies a change in the API. I would suggest to add a new parameter instead of modifying the existing one
14:37:49 <amotoki> ralonsoh: agree. it sounds reasonable that we need to improved the API in general.
14:38:35 <ralonsoh> yangjianfeng, for next release (T), you can propose a RFE using the existing bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1843211)
14:38:35 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1843211 in neutron "network-ip-availabilities' result is not correct when the subnet has no allocation-pool" [Low,In progress] - Assigned to yangjianfeng (yangjianfeng)
14:38:40 <yangjianfeng> slaweq: ok i will read it after meeting, do I need to resubmit a bug?
14:38:55 <ralonsoh> yangjianfeng, you can use the existing one (I think so)
14:38:57 <mlavalle> yangjianfeng: no, the one you submitted is good
14:39:05 <amotoki> yangjianfeng: no need for a new bug. you can just add "rfe" tag.
14:39:09 <ralonsoh> you need to submit a spec
14:39:09 <slaweq> yangjianfeng: I think we can use current bug
14:39:18 <mlavalle> you actually don't need to do anything to it
14:39:34 <mlavalle> someone in the team will reclassify it as RFE and we'll go from there
14:39:44 <slaweq> mlavalle: thx :)
14:39:46 <slaweq> yes
14:39:56 <slaweq> it actually already have rfe tag added
14:40:08 <yangjianfeng> ralonsoh: ok, thx
14:40:33 <mlavalle> yangjianfeng: the only thing you need to know is that is an upcoming drivers meeting, it will be discussed
14:40:35 <slaweq> I will go through it this week and will try to add it to our drivers team meeting for friday or will write comment what You should add to it
14:40:49 <mlavalle> and most likely approved, given the consensus in the team
14:41:30 <slaweq> #action slaweq to read and triage https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1843211 for drivers meeting
14:41:30 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1843211 in neutron "network-ip-availabilities' result is not correct when the subnet has no allocation-pool" [Low,In progress] - Assigned to yangjianfeng (yangjianfeng)
14:41:44 <mlavalle> yangjianfeng: if you care to participate
14:41:58 <ralonsoh> http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#Neutron_drivers_Meeting
14:41:58 <mlavalle> but you don't have to. the rfe will be discussed anyways
14:42:08 <mlavalle> yangjianfeng: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/#Neutron_drivers_Meeting
14:42:46 <slaweq> yangjianfeng: is that all ok for You?
14:42:59 <yangjianfeng> yes, i am ok
14:43:17 <slaweq> ok, thx
14:43:32 <slaweq> any other bugs team wants to discuss today quickly?
14:44:22 <slaweq> ok
14:44:31 <slaweq> this week our bug debuty is rubasov
14:44:39 <rubasov> ack, working on it
14:44:42 <slaweq> thx
14:44:53 <slaweq> for next week we will start new round
14:45:02 <bcafarel> already?
14:45:04 <slaweq> I will prepare schedule
14:45:12 <slaweq> yes bcafarel and it will be Your turn again :)
14:45:33 <bcafarel> :) I'll be ready!
14:45:37 <slaweq> thx
14:45:52 <slaweq> ok, I really need to finish earlier today
14:46:09 <slaweq> fortunatelly I don't see anything on on demand agenda
14:46:19 <slaweq> so thx for attending and have a great week
14:46:21 <slaweq> o/
14:46:22 <amotoki> slaweq: you can leave in time :)
14:46:22 <bcafarel> o/
14:46:32 <slaweq> #endmeeting