21:00:13 <slaweq> #startmeeting networking
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21:00:38 <mlavalle> o/
21:00:46 <slaweq> hi
21:00:54 <bcafarel> o/
21:01:13 <haleyb> hi
21:01:50 <slaweq> ok, lets start
21:01:58 <slaweq> #topic Announcements
21:02:16 <slaweq> important dates in comming weeks:
21:02:28 <slaweq> Ussuri final RC is next week and Ussuri release in 2 weeks
21:02:38 <slaweq> so we are close to the next stable version :)
21:02:55 <slaweq> last week we released rc1 for neutron and all stadium projects
21:03:07 <slaweq> and we created stable/ussuri branches already
21:03:40 <slaweq> if there will be any last minute critical issue this or next week, please let me know about it through email or irc
21:04:04 <slaweq> and also please remember that we will need backport of fix for such issue to stable/ussuri branch
21:04:27 <slaweq> do You have anything related to the stable/ussuri for today?
21:05:09 <bcafarel> nothing on "potential rc2" radar so far I think right?
21:05:39 <slaweq> bcafarel: right
21:05:46 <bcafarel> good :)
21:05:50 <slaweq> at least nothing which I would be aware of
21:06:05 <slaweq> I was checking today list of fresh bugs but I don't see anything like that on it
21:07:06 <slaweq> ok, lets move on
21:07:10 <slaweq> next announcement
21:07:12 <slaweq> Victoria PTG:
21:07:24 <slaweq> planning etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/neutron-victoria-ptg - please add Your topics there :)
21:07:32 <slaweq> I requested time slots for Neutron: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2020-April/014455.html
21:08:07 <slaweq> basically I requested for 11 hours during 4 days
21:08:36 <slaweq> all in "US" and "EU" friendly timezones as that slots were most popular in our doodle
21:09:17 <mlavalle> what does it mean when you say "requested the slots"?
21:09:26 <mlavalle> is that for video channels?
21:09:56 <slaweq> I signed up neutron in https://ethercalc.openstack.org/126u8ek25noy
21:10:11 <slaweq> but I don't know for sure if there will be no any changes to that
21:10:38 <mlavalle> and those rooms are "video rooms"?
21:10:40 <slaweq> I think it will be like we want but I'm not 100% sure
21:10:47 <mlavalle> nvm
21:10:50 <mlavalle> then
21:10:59 <mlavalle> we'll see what happens then
21:10:59 <slaweq> mlavalle: AFAIK tools aren't choosen yet
21:11:05 <mlavalle> ok
21:11:22 <slaweq> but yes, it will be IMO some kind of video rooms for us
21:11:55 <slaweq> Kendall sent today some email with question about tooling sugestions
21:12:09 <slaweq> so You can help to choose good tools if You have some experience with that
21:12:22 <slaweq> see http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2020-April/014481.html
21:12:31 <mlavalle> bluejeans maybe, now that we (Verizon) acquired it?
21:12:41 <slaweq> mlavalle: :)
21:12:44 <mlavalle> just kidding
21:12:48 <mlavalle> :-)
21:13:20 <bcafarel> :)
21:13:45 <slaweq> and that's all announcements from me for today
21:13:53 <slaweq> do You want to add anything?
21:13:59 <mlavalle> yeah
21:14:09 <mlavalle> today is bcafarel's birthday
21:14:19 <mlavalle> Feliciades y que cumplas muchos mas!
21:14:22 <slaweq> mlavalle: right :)
21:14:30 <slaweq> happy birthday bcafarel!!!
21:14:39 <bcafarel> muchas gracias mlavalle slaweq :)
21:15:12 <mlavalle> slaweq: you know what all that means, right? now that dalvarez is your boss
21:15:35 <mlavalle> you should
21:16:55 * njohnston is in suspense
21:17:04 <bcafarel> mlavalle, master of suspense
21:17:06 * mlavalle too
21:17:39 <mlavalle> be happy and have many more birthdays to come
21:17:49 <slaweq> LOL
21:18:07 <slaweq> I though You will say "You should switch official Neutron team language to spanish" :D
21:18:22 <mlavalle> nahhh
21:18:26 <mlavalle> English is fine
21:18:30 <slaweq> uff
21:18:32 <slaweq> :)
21:18:55 <slaweq> I'm always happy (even as Hulk :P)
21:19:13 * slaweq is happy Hulk
21:19:19 * njohnston habla albondigas?
21:19:56 <slaweq> njohnston: what does it mean?
21:19:57 <slaweq> :)
21:20:18 * njohnston speaks meatballs <= the extent of my spanish
21:20:28 <bcafarel> pienso que es algo que se puede comer
21:20:44 <slaweq> LOL
21:21:17 <slaweq> I think we should move on as this is still our weekly meeting and I think it's going out of controll today :P
21:21:47 <mlavalle> yes
21:21:56 <njohnston> +2+W
21:22:06 <slaweq> #topic Blueprints
21:22:19 <slaweq> We basically finished what we planned for RC-1
21:22:32 <slaweq> great job and thank You all for help with those
21:23:17 <slaweq> I don't have too much updates about existing BPs for today, in next 1 or 2 weeks I will start preparing list of BPs for next cycle and we will track them here
21:23:30 <slaweq> do You want to say something about any of BPs today?
21:23:49 <mlavalle> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/717881/3
21:24:05 <mlavalle> I addressed comments there and is good to go as far as I'm concerned
21:24:31 <mlavalle> and the openstack client patch was pushed last night: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/723280/1
21:24:57 <mlavalle> I didn't catch the functional tests, so I'll fix them tomorrow and should be good to go as well
21:25:59 <slaweq> thx mlavalle
21:27:43 <slaweq> ok, lets move on
21:27:46 <slaweq> #topic Community Goals
21:28:11 <slaweq> I don't have any updates about IPv6-only testing
21:28:44 <slaweq> njohnston: I saw some proposals of new goals for V cycle, do You know when goals will be actually choosen?
21:28:53 <slaweq> will it be before PTG or not?
21:29:46 <njohnston> I would think it would be before the PTG but gmann will know for sure; by the PTG we are already well into the V cycle
21:30:46 <njohnston> I will ask gmann for details and let you know in the CI meeting tomorrow
21:30:46 <slaweq> ok, that's what I though and I added such topic to the Victoria planning etherpad
21:30:56 <slaweq> thx a lot njohnston
21:31:28 <gmann> njohnston: slaweq before PTG is target, we will try to bring more attention in TC on that.
21:31:39 <slaweq> gmann: great, thx
21:32:05 <slaweq> so we should be good to plan what and how to do regaring those goals during the PTG :)
21:34:12 <njohnston> yep!
21:34:17 <slaweq> ok, next topic then :)
21:34:21 <slaweq> #topic Bugs
21:34:28 <slaweq> njohnston was bug deputy last week
21:34:37 <slaweq> his report http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2020-April/014467.html
21:35:54 <njohnston> yes, if anyone can reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1874420 then that would be helpful for triaging; I was not able to
21:35:54 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1874420 in neutron "After the vm unbinds the floating ip, there are residual ip rules in the qrouter namespace" [Undecided,New]
21:36:30 <njohnston> other than that the only one without an assignee is https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1874447
21:36:30 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1874447 in neutron "[OVN] Tempest test neutron_tempest_plugin.scenario.test_trunk.TrunkTest.test_trunk_subport_lifecycle fails randomly" [High,Confirmed]
21:37:23 <njohnston> thats it for me
21:37:25 <slaweq> I can try to reproduce this dvr FIPs issue
21:37:27 <haleyb> njohnston: on that first one, how does the VM unbind the floating IP?  I don't understand, the steps are confusing
21:38:57 <njohnston> haleyb: I assumed it was an openstack floating ip unset --port <port>
21:39:09 <njohnston> perhaps I was wrong about that
21:39:14 <haleyb> njohnston: yes, maybe something lost in translation
21:39:14 <slaweq> hmm, I agree with haleyb, the reproduce steps aren't clear there
21:39:19 <haleyb> i'll ask a question
21:39:26 <slaweq> thx haleyb
21:40:23 <slaweq> and thx njohnston for being bug deputy last week and for the report :)
21:40:33 <slaweq> thix week amotoki is bug deputy
21:40:51 <slaweq> I will ping him tomorrow morning to ensure he remembers that
21:41:05 <slaweq> and next week is mlavalle's turn
21:41:14 <mlavalle> thanks
21:41:21 <slaweq> thx mlavalle :)
21:41:26 <mlavalle> you are sending me an email, right?
21:41:33 <slaweq> yes, I will
21:41:40 <mlavalle> LOL, thanks!
21:41:47 <bcafarel> a promise is a promise
21:41:58 <mlavalle> indeed
21:42:15 <slaweq> :)
21:42:20 <slaweq> sure
21:43:47 <slaweq> any other bugs You want to discuss today?
21:45:24 <slaweq> if not, lets go to the next topic
21:45:42 <slaweq> #topic Neutron performance subteam
21:45:49 <slaweq> mlavalle: any updates about that one?
21:45:55 <mlavalle> I don't have any uopdates here
21:46:03 <mlavalle> I do want to continue this work
21:46:16 <mlavalle> and I'll make progress for the next check point
21:46:23 <slaweq> ok, thx
21:46:38 <njohnston> mlavalle: Did you ever have a chance to look at that one trace dataset I sent you?
21:46:47 <mlavalle> darn, no
21:46:51 <mlavalle> I'll get to it
21:46:56 <njohnston> mlavalle: Thank you!
21:48:20 <slaweq> ok, so that's all from me for today
21:48:36 <slaweq> I think I can give You 12 minutes back
21:48:44 <slaweq> thx for attending the meeting
21:48:51 <slaweq> have a great week o/
21:48:57 <bcafarel> o/
21:49:00 <slaweq> #endmeeting